*A note of the utmost importance : This is not gonna be a real fanfic. I am mainly writing this for two reasons. 1) to get rid of that annoying cliché of ´ this is my first fanfic, please don't flame me ! ª . I really don't care who reviews, whatever you send is a matter of your own personal opinions, and I'm actually just writing this for fun and to annoy the friend who is mentioned in the story. 2) I am totally bored and the teacher in here says that I have to do SOMETHING with my spare time

Disclaimer : I wish I owned Inuyasha, I sure don't own Kanika, and I thank god every day that I don't own Mrs. Janis or Pepper. I do own my cat Frisk who is not even mentioned in this story but you never know

One sunny day, Kanika (the friend whom I am getting back at) was walking cheerfully through the woods in Feudal Japan. (Please don't ask me how she got there, I am sure that she has several secrets that she does not wish to share with any of us.) As stated, she was enjoying herself walking alone through the woods ( yes I know that it sounds kind of weird, but then again, nobody is perfect). All of a sudden, little Kanika heard a loud whooshing noise. Yes, it was Naraku's evil minion ( I like that word) Mrs. Janis, my Civics teacher. ( This woman may not exactly be in league with Naraku, I just don't like her). Mrs. Janis, however, was not looking to kidnap Kanika (it's not her style) she just whooshed by, causing Kanika to fall to the ground by the after effects of her evilness. Sadly, Kanika broke her arm, and she did what she swore she would never do. Kanika cried. Yes, the great and mighty karate Kanika broke down crying. Then she realized that it was pretty stupid to be sitting on the ground alone in the woods, so she got up and kept on walking ( and yes her arm is still broken).

As she trudged along (hehehe trudged is a cool word), she smelled something positively dreadful on the breeze. Fearing that it could possibly be the return of Mrs. Janis or something equally large and smelly, she hid in a convenient hole that was lying by the side of the path. Unfortunately for Kanika, this hole was a trap. (I'm not quite sure for what, because what stupid animal is gonna fall into an uncovered hole ?) Looking down the very deep hole, Kanika saw that there were sharp sticks at the bottom of the hole. She screamed but she kept on falling (remember : she's ALONE in the woods). When she hit the bottom, she landed on the sharp sticks. ( I never said they were sticking up to impale anything, I just said they were there). Kanika yelled and screamed and lots of other verbs that are in the thesaurus under yelling', and eventually she was heard.

A pair of cute little white ears pricked up, some where else in the woods and their owner immediately dashed off to investigate. When our hero reached the hole that it was obvious only a stupid person would fall into, he thought Maybe it's my Kikyo'. Alas, it was only Kanika. ´ Help, Help ª she yelled. You're not Kikyo', said Inuyasha, stating the obvious. Of course I'm not !', Kanika stated, thouroughly miffed that anyone would think her screaming sounded remotely like Kikyo ( I'm not sure I've ever heard Kikyo scream, but let's just pretend that they sound quite alike.) Well, if you're going to be so rude, then you can just stay there , said Inuyasha, bounding away gracefully and oh so sexily. Aw, shoot,' said Kanika, I was rude and now everybody's leaving me alone.' (Get over it, Kanika. It was just one person)

So Kanika sat there for a week and eventually she realized that there was a downside to living in a hole in the woods. When it rained, she got wet. Very wet. Yes, Kanika was swimming in a hole in the woods. (hahaha she's gonna kill me). All off a sudden (things happen suddenly in the shows. There's not really all that much room for dawdling. Stupid commercials. I could watch Inuyasha dawdle around all day. On to the story I'm getting sidetracked), Kanika heard a squelching noise. Se got really freaked out but eventually (think two hours later) she realized that mud isn't supposed to fall down like rain does (oh, she's a bright one, our Kanika is). She looked up to see none other than Shippo throwing mud at her. Boy, Inuyasha was right when he said you were thick !'

He called me thick ?'

Yeah, and stupid too.'

Wow, that is so romantic !'

NO actually, he was calling you some pretty bad names that my mommy said that I should never repeat if I heard them said'

well could you stop throwing mud at me ?'


And so Kanika sat in her hole for three more days. And Shippo threw mud at her and then when the mud dried, he started throwing rocks at her. Kanika finally realized that she could retaliate by throwing the sharp and pointy sticks at Shippo. However, there were not as many sticks as there were rocks. Shippo finally realized that he needed some sleep, so he went to sleep. By now the water left in the hole was only up to Kanika's ankles, and she was able to take a nap without worrying about whether or not she would get hit by a rock. But the little fox up at the top of the hole was not really Shippo. In truth, it was Miroku (He's also got some secrets about what he can do and can't so there.) Miroku walked away after he was sure that Kanika was asleep, saying that he had done the impossible by finding a girl who he would never ask to bear his child. Kanika sighed. It must be the ho-pants.' (She woke up while Miroku was mumbling to himself. Yes I know you missed it. Bad you.)

Our exceptionally bright friend in the hole (Kanika) sat there thinking (for once). She decided that she probably ought to look around the rest of the hole that she was trapped in. Looking around, she saw the amazingly large anchor in the hole which could easily work as a grappling hook. So she threw it up , but it fell on her head and knocked her out.(have y'all ever seen a real anchor ? Those things are BIG !) When she woke up, she repeated the process and consequently got knocked out. She did this for several times (I told you she was bright).

When eventually our sort-of heroine woke up, she realized that there was something nibbling on her ankles. She figured that it was probably a ferret and went back to sleep. When she woke up again, she felt something gnawing on her knees. Deciding that she ought to tell this ferret what's what, she looked down only to meet a horrible sight that she had hoped never to see again in this lifetime. It was Pepper. (For all of you who haven't stopped reading this story yet, Pepper is a rabbit. She is probably seven years old by now and I have known all along that she is a demon rabbit. She is a school rabbit and belongs to the science teachers. Every summer in elementary school, the teachers let the students take the animals home so that if the animals died, the blame wouldn't fall upon our sadistic teachers. My friend took Pepper home over the summer and Pepper lived in her bathroom. Whenever my friend sat down to use the toilet, Pepper would sneak out from behind the tank and bite her ankles. Pepper was a demon rabbit.) When Kanika looked down, she realized that Pepper was eating her and had already swallowed her legs and was still going. Kanika struggled but to no avail. Pepper was hungry and wasn't going to let go. Soon a very fat Pepper was hopping around the hole in the forest and Kanika was no more.