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Mewchild: Thanks for the review! You know, I had totally forgotten about Naraku..I'm just gonna twist your idea around a little, okay? Oh and since you were the ONLY reviewer who sent me an idea as to what to do with Kanika, you get a pair of my favorite dancing socks!!! *hands over the magical socks Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naraku, but sometimes he lets me borrow his cape.

When our story last left off, a perky and carefree Kanika was whistling her way from the Clearing of Doom (as a special note to all Kouga lovers: I don't really have anything against him, he just wasn't doing his part to move the story along). Kanika whistled the song "I Like My Head" as she strolled through the woods (full explanation at the end of the story), wandering aimlessly and occasionally walking into trees. Suddenly (not slowly), she stopped her whistling. Who could be calling her name? Everyone that she knew in this time had either left her in a hole or had been eaten. Deciding that it was her imagination (hey, um, it wasn't. to all those who hadn't picked up on that yet.), she continued on her way to wherever she was going (because I sure as heck don't know). While meandering, she was pleased to have finally figured out that her best friend the author wasn't going to kill her off. In the middle of this happy thought, she came upon another clearing (she ought to realize by now that these clearings are all bad things). However, what was in this clearing was definitely a vast improvement over her past encounters (look, I know it says encounters like there were more but just imagine that there were more).
For in this clearing, was Naraku. (To most of us, he's sorts of the bad guy/villain/ scoundrel/blackguard/knave/rascal/rouge/evildoer/I'm copying all this out of my thesaurus.but to Kanika, that albino orangutan cape/cloak/mantle/robe/burnoose/domino/shield/disguise/concealment was the sexiest outfit in the world. Oh yes. Please don't ask why; I have no answers.) And Naraku was doing Kanika's favorite pastime (ewwwww! No it's not that you dirty-minded pervs!) -the hokey pokey. You see, when Naraku says "Kukukuku" all the time, it's really his personal theme song. And where else does a theme song go better than with your own favorite dance? So Naraku jumped and shook and turned himself around (did anything but dance.) while singing "Kukukuku" and providing Kanika with glimpses of what's really under the albino orangutan skin (i.e. nothing). "Oh," said Kanika, "So that's what it's all about." (hahaha get it? Well, I think it's a good joke.)
Kanika was suddenly filled with a sudden urge (lust? I hope not) to dance (oh, god, no!). And so she pulled out her matching albino orangutan skin and starting hokey-pokeying right along with Naraku. Eventually, they hokeyed and pokeyed themselves out and fell in a heap in the middle of the clearing . Naraku rolled over and (sucked her brains out) started whispering sweet nothings into her ear. (no just kidding about the brain thing; I already said that I wouldn't kill her. I was just thinking that would be a good ending to the story.sigh.)(okay, here's yet another of my notes: I'm just gonna let y'all insert what you want to happen here. I was gonna make it lemony or even limey but that isn't going to happen because Kanika would definitely kill me tomorrow and not give me that CD that she promised me she would burn for me.so, create your own scenarios and remember, imagination is good for the mind, hehehehe) After that little interlude, Kanika sat up with Naraku, who had gone and plastered himself to her side (do any of y'all know how hard it is to get plaster off your skin? I had to help my aunt plaster her basement walls and that stuff really sticks to ya. Soap and water isn't good enough for it; nooooooo, we had to 1)go all the way to Home Depot
2)show them my plasteriness
3)buy PLASTER SOLVENT betcha didn't know there was such a thing
4)burn my arms off this stuff is like acid
5)find out that it's poisonous if you let it sit on your skin
6)call 911 to find out what to do
7)wait 4 days for the solvent coughpoisoncough to get out of my system
8)chip the crud off my arms, legs, hands, and feet um, where was I in my story?)
So Naraku plastered himself to Kanika's side and they both struck off into the woods singing "Kukukuku" and dancing the dance of eternal love (you put your right foot in.) when the mood hit them (whack! Owww..)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The End!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Okay, here is the I Like My Head song, with all appropriate hand gestures:

I like my head, How 'bout you? It lets me know I'm alive, How many things can you do with your head? I can surely do at least five. (while you sing this part, put your hands spread out on both sides of your head and rotate your head from side to side with your fingers spread out)

Oh I can laugh-haha! I can cry-boohoo! I can listen, I can wink, I can sneeze-achoo! All of these things I can do with my head I can do them, how about you? (on the haha part, move your hands from front to back; on the boohoo part, curl your hands into fists and move them like you're revving a motorcycle. remember to keep them at the sides of your head! On the listen part, make your hands like elephant ears; on the wink part, take only your pointer finger and your, um, "flicking" finger, point them forward while keeping the rest of your fingers curled up into the fist, and move them up and down to the beat of the song. On the achoo part, make your hands all spread out again and bob your head forwards as you fake sneeze. Got it? Good.)

Count to ten, Say 'em again! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! ( in this part, all the singers should move their hands in circles as they sign the count-to-ten part. now repeat all of what you just sang, starting at the laugh part. Repeat as many times as is necessary.)

Okay, the whole story behind this song is that we were at a sleepover a t Kanika's house and what she's done is taped all the Inuyasha episodes over these old Barney shows from when she was like three. Well, the taping job was really crummy, so interspersed between the Inuyasha is tidbits of Barney (sounds like an appetizer at a snooty restaurant). One of these tidbits is a song called "I Like My Head". Oh they sing and dance and generally make fools of themselves so obviously my friends and I went and memorized the song and accompanying hand motions to this wonderful song. Oh yes, it was fun.
I would like to thank my personal friend, Roget, the thesaurus maker for helping me infinitely with the creation of this story. It could not have been done without his help (oh, okay, it probably could have, but anyways.)
Well thanks so much for reading this little piece of my insanity! Look for my next story maybe in July. (family-togetherness vacation. Woohoo! Three whole weeks! I may commit suicide! Yay!) Anyways, have a good day and remember, dancing barefoot in your socks is not to be done on newly polished hardwood floors.