WARNING: Mature Themes

I had this idea while I was on a 9 hour flight. Tell me what you think, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Female SI sorta kinda Dragonborn. Very hard smut. Vaguely follows Skyrim storylines. I don't want to have to take this story seriously, it's just for fun. The smut will come more so later on (hehe) but I gotta set up everything. Please excuse me as these first few chapters will be the setup. I'll post more quickly if I get some feedback


What is … this? I thought as I pulled some leaves out of my mouth. It crunched up and left some dirt covered leaf bits in my mouth, leaving me sputtering and spitting. I suspiciously looked around to find myself somewhere completely unfamiliar.

In the middle of a goddamn forest.

I jumped up, heart racing as thoughts flashed through my mind quicker than I could keep up with. This is a dream, my shoulders are super stiff, no its not, no dream ever feels like this, where am I, where is everyone, who did this, am I kidnapped, I must have been kidnapped, oh god why am I naked?!?

Now knowing that I was kidnapped and that I'm naked, I quickly spun around looking in every direction for someone to jump out and molest me, covering my most visible bits. Oh god, oh god. The wind suddenly nipped at me, raising goosebumps all over my body and causing me to shiver violently both from the slight cold and my overwhelming adrenaline. Oh god. I thought, as I came to a new realization. I threw my hands up, no longer concerned for my modesty, to feel my completely smooth head tickled by the wind.

Why me?! Who would shave me!! It was all suddenly too much, I was kidnapped, I don't know where I am, I'm naked, some crazy fucker who shaved my head is going to jump out of the woods any moment and molest me. I would have fallen to my knees and began sobbing, but the adrenaline and fear coursing through me required action. I chose a direction and started sprinting away, concerned not for my poor spoiled feet and only about getting away from my potential molester. I got about 100 meters away, my fear telling me constantly he's right behind you! And not daring to look back in case I was right, I stumbled onto a dirt path…

Full of men with metal fucking armor that looked straight out of a really expensive medieval cosplay. I froze, they froze, neither moving a muscle for fear of bringing the other to action. We must have stood like that for a few minutes, or 30 seconds, stretching into eternity. One of them made a sudden noise, making me flinch, until I realized the walking tin man was clearing his throat.

"Ma'am, why are you naked?" In an authoritative yet embarrassed tone. Suddenly my adrenaline decided to leave me, letting me fall to my knees slowly, shaking violently. The other two tin cans moved to help me up, while one turned and ran back down the road after the first whispered in his ear.

"Who are you?" I asked, fearful of their answer.

"We are Falkreath Hold guards, assigned to Helgen and sworn to protect its people. But the real question is, who are you?" Answered the one to my right, who was taking the brunt of my weight. I felt dizzy for a second, not knowing how to answer, forgetting my name for a second. Then I slowly, cautiously asked "Helgen guards? What does that mean?" realizing that they were cosplaying from Skyrim. And of all things, Helgen guards.

They shifted, perplexed. The first one who spoke said "We asked you your name." With the same tone as before.

I drew a blank for a moment, before answering "um... It's Lilly.. Lilly. Yeah."