Early Morning Fog

By: Angela M
Email: Angela_tenshi@yahoo.com

Notes: There are mentions of the events that take place in the final episode of Buffy.

Description: Buffy goes to visit the old priest on the outskirts of town following the events of the series finally. Crossover with M*A*S*H


May 12, 2003

Buffy entered the old church alone, she had told the others that she would meet them all in Los Angeles in another day, she had last minute business.

"Buffy, I'm so pleased that you made it out of there alive."

"It was pretty close this time Father."

"Come inside and tell me about it."

Father Mulcahy was an elderly catholic priest in his 90's, and he's been hard of hearing since the Korean War, but he was still as sharp as a tack, and probably the most compassionate man Buffy had ever met.

They first met during one of Buffy's early patrols in Sunnydale.


November 7, 1997

She had been tracking the demon for hours and finally found it hiding in an Old Catholic church just outside city limits. The demon that's name Buffy hadn't been able to pronounce had been killing and feeding off of the elderly on the west side of town.

Slowly she entered the church, and raised her crossbow slightly. The demon was standing before the large cross hanging on the wall shouting at it in its unrecognizable language, mocking.

Buffy took aim, just as the demon turned to face her, having smelt her enter the church. She was about to fire when she saw the old priest that the demon held in its hands.

"Go, or god-man die." The demon croaked out.

"You'll kill him anyways, so I think I'll take my chances." She fired the crossbow at the demons left knee, which was the knee farthest away from the priest.

The Demon released the priest and fell to his knees screaming in pain, then keeled over and died. The priest looked wide eyed at the demon, and then turned to face Buffy.

"Buffy Summers, I've been waiting for you."