Note: I have made a few mistakes it seems.In chapter 3 I mentioned that Col. Potter was in the Calvery, that was SUPPOSED to be Cavalry.sorry about that. Thanks to Marcus Rowland for pointing that out.

Another mistake was also made in Chapter one, it stated that Buffy met the good padre for the first time on November 7, 1997. That scene is supposed to take place shortly after Buffy arrived in Sunnydale and seeing as in Nov of 1997 Buffy was starting grade 11 and season 2 I made a bit of a blunder. It was supposed (in retrospect) to be January 7, 1997.Thanks WhiteWolf

Part 4: Men!

November 24th 1999

Buffy was sprawled out along the front pew on her back, holding up a golden chalice.

"..And what gives him the right to come and spy on me. I mean us breaking up was his idea, not mine."

Father Mulcahy took the chalice from Buffy's hands and placed it back on the alter.

"I'm sure he was just worried about you."

"If he was worried he should have just picked up the phone. I mean god, he's been alive for like ever you would think he would learn the intricacies of the telephone."

The good padre came down and sat beside Buffy, she got to a sitting position.

"Buffy, what really has you upset?"

She sighed.

"Its like this Father, he was my world. Then one day he decides that he no longer wants to be a part of it. So I suck it up, and go on, brave little Buffy. And things get better.more then better."

"And then Angel shows up."

"And then Angel shows up, right. He comes back and starts sneaking around. He doesn't even have the nerve to at least say hi."

Mulcahy put his arm on her shoulder.

"I can only imagine that this is very difficult for you. Unfortunately I can't say from experience." He said with a laugh.

Buffy smiled then continued.

"And it couldn't be at a worse time, I've found someone. Someone solid, someone human, someone who hasn't terrorized Europe, which I might add is definitely a plus in my books."

"Why don't you confront him about this, Angel I mean? If you don't let him know now how this makes you feel, then he's going to think that this is ok for him to do in the future."

"I can't just call him up, that's something that should be said in person. And I am not willing to take a trip down to LA just to see him, that would be too personal, too I don't know, too some thing."

"Weren't you telling me that your father wanted you to come down for a visit?"

Buffy looked up at the padre and smiled.

"Two birds with one stone. Thanks Father."

"Anytime Buffy," The father said with a smile then looked down at this watch. "Speaking of time, don't you have a writing class to get to?"

Buffy offered a quick good bye and was on her feet and running out the door using ever ounce of her slayer speed to get her back on campus before she was later.again.