I move low to the back window, just trying to get a glimpse of what is coming, but what I see surprised me. Headstones and old ones at that. This house was built on a funkin graveyard, Megan and I crawl back and I see the boys had moved to hide closer to us.

I whispered, "Nick, this house was built on a graveyard, the mission is not but what minutes from here,"

Sean smiled, "You thinking what I am thinking,"

Nick beamed, "This house is blessed, baby," but a slight creek had us all looking up as the first gunshot rang out, it hit the table the Nick was under. I cocked the shotgun, Megan pulled two shells out for a faster reload time. Sean flung himself from under the table but the gun was jammed, and now he was a sitting duck for the vampire bitch, "Sean watch out," Nick exposed himself, his gun going off while he covered Sean.

She fired, I watched in absolute horror as it hit Nick in the shoulder, I was nearly frozen in my despair seeing him fall to the floor. He never stopped firing, but now I was pissed and moved faster than Megan who tried to halt me. I stood, 'Hey bitch, that's my boyfriend," I knew how to shoot and she was just as much a target for my anger as those beer bottles we used to use.

The sound vibrated in my ears, but her leg was fucked she stumbled backfiring down on me as I took cover but had to move as Nick was firing taking cover in another area. He and I together fired through the floor until she was falling through the window. "Megan reload now," Sean and Megan are with me, I just get to work.

I removed my bandana it was my aunt's before she passed and carried it ever since as good luck on exams and just being dumb. I glanced around, "Grab that stack of napkins," She moved taking them the gun reloaded for me, I pressed the stack to him. "Sean take the bandana and tie it super tight, the pressure of it will stop the bleeding," we all moved like a well-oiled machine.

I couldn't look at Nick but he wasn't having it, his fingers coated in his blood touched my face. "Thanks, kitten," smiling through tears as the female screaming stops like it was cut off by a knife.

Megan handed me the gun, "Here they come,"

Sean had us stay silent as I moved with Megan closer to the stairs, we moved but the front door swung open and in walked the girl limping and the man, Kit if I remembered correctly. He was handling a shotgun as well, but three guns are better than his one, but factor in he was a vampire he still had the upper hand in this.

His voice rang out clear, "COME TO DADDY,"

Megan and I both made the same face, he gave a single head nod to his girl and she limped over jumping the first counter. Her voice was shrill and filled with pain, "Are you in here little piggies, going to kill the little bitch," well she was the first who had to die, as I was taking it I was the said little bitch.

She was deranged, chanting. "YUM YUM YUM, EAT THEM UP," her face and gun sliding over the banister my cousin was hiding behind. I glanced at the guy he was the bigger threat to us all, he was the one who had to die to save Sean and Megan. He was smelling the air around him and letting her act like a crazed bitch, she was taunting them thinking it would make them jump out at her.

We watched as she slammed her gun against her head, but someone messed up as a small but noticeable click was heard. I tossed a wooden ball in another direction giving Sean or Nick enough time, Megan held the baseball bat ready to strike.

Sean, never seen him act so sure of himself, so badass. His body moved the gun swinging up, and I saw everything in slow motion when it was only seconds long. He aimed and her head was dead center as she had moved to come towards us, without hesitation he pulled the trigger. I've never seen such a sight, gore, in movies it's one thing but real life to see someone's head explode at the close-range shot was disturbing but satisfying because who it had been.

Kit he looked for once deranged, not composed when he yelled out. "NOW THAT'S A BITCH," his eyes on the scattered gory remains of his girl.

I shoved Megan up the stairs as he fired at the stairs, but he missed with intention before he fired at the roof. I was not as stupid as I fired aiming right at him, "WOOOOO," he stammered he avoided the blast, I just let Megan reload.

"Megan, after this want to move in with me and start a new life in California. Sean will be there like you can go to Nursing school and marry Sean,"

"I'm on board with that plan, but first let's make it through this night," she was right no use making roommate plans till we walk from here. We hear so much going on but we stay up here and wait, in time he will come up here.

I give her a look, "So, you're down to marry Sean" waggling my brows at her now crimson face. "Yeah, even though he snores," ahh yes, he does, nothing a breath right strip couldn't help.

Then more gunfire and the shrill manic laugh of Nick, I moved to the door staying low with Megan on the other side. "No Sean," I called seeing him staggering out the door after Kit, my cousin was stupid. "You want to breed with that idiot," I snapped at her, she just sighed shaking her blonde hair.

I screamed "Behind you," Kit had come from nowhere, he was now behind my cousin as I fired, I could have hurt Sean but that was a risk I had to be willing to take. The blast hit his shoulder and the door frame as Sean covered his head.

Kit glanced up at us, "Yeah, fuck you," I fired again but he moved faster than I thought. Megan pulled me back, we needed to figure out how to kill this motherfucker. Nick was down and soon so would Sean, we had to help but didn't know how to.

"Hey, wing it," she smiled at me her voice was low. "Sounds like a plan," this had been hours of fight and flight, Nick was down there bleeding, Sean was hurt, and Kit was hunting them.

Megan looked close to tears, "He is coming, I can sense him. Smell Sean bleeding," I handed her the gun. "He thinks I have it,"

I moved from her with the bat, I might have a single chance hiding behind the door, she was hiding behind the bed. It felt like hours hearing him walking up the stairs chanting, "Here daddy comes," The fear traveled in my veins but never made it to my facial muscles or skin. My complexion remained pale and matt, eyes as steady as if we were shopping for shoes. I held the wooden weapon like a lifeline, I stay in the darkness just waiting until she had his full attention.

Kit walked in, "Hey there blondie, you'll do and so will the little fiery vixen. I need a new girlfriend," Megan spat at him. "No fucking chance," she nearly growled out as he moved into the room fully, she fired and missed nearly killing me, so she dropped the gun and charged him.

I swung right than nailing him in the top of his spine, I used every ounce of strength and he fell. I just swung again while he was down but he yanked Megan and with great strength, she went sailing out the door, her body nailed the banister before it broke, she was clinging to, I should have stayed and hit him a few more times, but I scrambled to Megan taking her hand trying to pull her up. "Hold on Megan," sweat beading my head.

"Drop me," she groaned, I looked around she could live after the fall, but I swung her aiming for the sectional sofa at least. He was on me, yanking. "come to daddy, sugar,"

I bellowed letting Megan go, her small scream was heard. "You ain't my daddy, bitch,"

I'm not sure I ever understood what assault was or is until now... now that he tore my top off and placed his teeth to my left breast, I shove and it doesn't move him and he gives a small simple bite. It burns as I screamed than his weight is gone. Rolling into the wall I see it is Nick, he just lays into Kit.

Kit is holding Nick by the throat, Nick was willing to die to save me, but now I can't think straight as Nick looks at the bite mark. My body was sweating, and I could feel the blood pulsing in Nick's veins, I wanted it. I see Megan crying and looking for someoneā€¦.Sean, she was looking for Sean.

God, he was turning me. Chanting in my head, do it, do it. My body slammed into Kit, he was surprised as we both went over the railing crashing to the floor below us I nailed the table while he was just in front of the countertop. I can't stop the shaking even when Megan pulled me from the table checking me over, "He bit you, hold on," she covered my face with her body as Sean drove through the wall the Nova slamming into Kit.


I just know, the sun was his downfall and it was thanks to Sean and his resilience. I was covered in blood but the shaking stopped, EMT'S came, Sean, pointed to the dead body of the girl and two guys outside, he was very good we are Hero's they had been looking for a group of killers on a rampage for a long time.

I passed out only to wake up, with tubes in my nose and Megan at my side. "Finally, Sean and Nick vanished. Nick left a note, and so did Sean,"

I moved feeling a little pain, "How long they go,"

"Nick yesterday, and Sean today," not long we could find them.

I tore Sean's open.


Nick left, we killed the wrong vampire he is still infected. I am going to find Nick and try and help him. I love you, take care of Megan for me.- Sean

Nick his dear John was next.


By the time you read this, I will be on the road once again.

Sean, Megan, and your fight is over, but mine ain't. Turns out he wasn't the one I was looking for, but you guessed that by now. Mine is still out there somewhere but the way I figure it if I can find one, I can find another. They might be bad motherfuckers but we're not talking brain surgeons. Kitten, I can't see you the pills are starting to wear off faster and faster, please don't forget me. I love you-Nick

I knew I was crying when Megan spoke, "Noelle, you're pregnant and so am I. I don't know if the venom affected the baby, but you're in danger since we killed the wrong vampire.+," now I was about to faint, I have sex once and this happened, then logic came to me, we used no protection.

I unhooked my IV and stood, "You ready Megan?"

"Let's do this,"

Together we left the hospital.