Eugene's hands felt clammy as he waited for Rapunzel to open the door.

The door flung open and Rapunzel was standing on the other side of the door. She sported purple overalls with a white crewneck underneath, both covered in random paint spots. "Hey!" Rapunzel pulled him into a hug before taking a step back and gesturing inside, "Come in."

Eugene stepped through and followed her up a set of stairs, "My painting studio is upstairs."

Once upstairs he stood at the entrance to take in the view, the room was massive. Everywhere he turned there was art. Some of it was on canvas, others on paper. Eugene even spotted some pottery in the corner.

"So, what do you think?" Rapunzel asked.

"I don't think I've seen this much art supplies in one room."

"Thanks. What size canvas would you like?" She held up three different sizes. Eugene looked at his options before picking the smallest one. Rapunzel put everything down before setting up an easel for him and pulling a cart full of paint and brushes next to it. "Here you go."

He smiled at her before taking a seat on the stool in front of the blank canvas, "Thanks. What will you be working on?"

Rapunzel interlocked her fingers, "This!" She walked up to one of the walls that had a rather large canvas leaning against it. "It's a commission, and they picked the size," Rapunzel began dragging it to the middle of the room. Eugene immediately got up to help her. "Best part? They gave me creative freedom."

"That's exciting," He said as they set the piece down flatly on the floor.

"Right! Have you made up your mind on what to paint?"

Eugene nervously scratched the back of his head, "Honestly I haven't. I'm thinking of just starting without thinking too much. Freestyling it."

Rapunzel nodded, "That sounds like a plan to me."

They let the silence engulf them as they got to work. Eugene started by covering his canvas in dark blue paint. Once he was satisfied, he looked up to see what Rapunzel was doing. He looked up to see her pour paint on the large canvas before lifting it up and lightly shaking it.

"So," he started, not wanting to waste this time by not saying anything, "Anything exciting happening this week?"

"I have an art event coming up," She answered not looking up from her painting.

Eugene turned back to his piece, "That's cool."

He heard Rapunzel snort causing him to raise an eyebrow, "Oh?"

"The art world is interesting. Snobby for the most part, but interesting. I wouldn't describe it as fun though." She said as she poured another color on a different part.

Eugene shook his head, "Why aren't I surprised that you said snobby?"

"I mean, I'm a part of it along with some of my friends. It wasn't easy getting in though. You need to know the right people. Sometimes I feel like it isn't even about talent." Rapunzel confessed.

"Oh, that's unfortunate. How'd you get in?" Eugene asked. He leaned back looking at the small oval he painted in the middle.

"My professors, they liked my work. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be as successful as I am." Rapunzel took a break to look around her studio, "It didn't hurt that my parents have money."

Eugene proceeded to draw a larger circular cage around the oval, "What do they do?"

"It's old money. My dad's family started Royal Court Bank and my mom's family started Bayangor Airlines," Rapunzel answered, turning her attention back to her painting.

To say Eugene was impressed would be an understatement. He wasn't sure what he expected when she confessed her parents had money. It certainly wasn't hearing that they owned multi-billion-dollar companies. He thought they would've been a middle-class family. "Oh wow, that's impressive."

Rapunzel let out a forced laugh, "Yeah I guess it is." Silence engulfed them until she spoke again, "I don't want you to look at me differently. I'm not mooching off them, I'm a whole ass adult."

Eugene laughed, "Don't worry about it."

"What about your parents…?"

Eugene took in a deep breath in and out before speaking, "My dad and mom owned a small family business together, a jewelry store. Well, that was before the divorce, now my dad is the one who owns it." Eugene was surprised his dad managed to keep the place open even after all the shit that happened. Business isn't exactly booming, but his dad makes a decent living from it. "My mom, on the other hand, works at this corporate office. Fancy stuff"

"Ah, I see. I'm assuming you aren't a mooch?"

Eugene exaggerated a gasp, "Never."

"Want to take a break."

"Oh yeah," Eugene got up to stretch, "My back is killing me."

Rapunzel shook her head and rolled her eyes at his antics, "Let's go downstairs." Rapunzel took his hand and led him downstairs into the kitchen area.

He found out she liked baking. The blueberry muffins they were eating on had been baked by her. "You should've gone to culinary school. These are delicious," Eugene complemented between bites.

Rapunzel laughed. Eugene realized that he could listen to herm laugh over and over again and never get tired of it.

"I just realized you know what I do for a job, but I don't know what you do," Rapunzel noted.

"Besides the orphanage thing?"

"You said that was a second job," she pointed out.

"I work with at-risk youth, I see myself a lot in them. You know a dumb teenager making stupid decisions that could negatively impact life."

Rapunzel leaned in, "How noble of you. Do tell me more about teenage Eugene."

"It's a grand story."

"Really?" she mused.

"Yes," Eugene loved the fact that she was going along with him. "Teenage Eugene Fitzherbert was a force to be reckoned with. An adult's nightmare."

Rapunzel gasped, "Oh my."

"I know. Anyways, I discovered tagging and did that for a while. My name was Flynn Rider. I would bomb everything. Billboards, trains, buses, semi's, highway bridges. After a while, I got bored with it and picked up the habit of pit pocketing and it led to break-ins."

Rapunzel was no longer smiling. "It was terrible I know," he added, "But, for a kid with nothing to lose, or so I thought, it was fun."

Eugene opened his mouth to add that he only stole from rich people, but remembered she fit into that category, so he decided against it. "I got arrested once and that scared me straight, never did it after that."

"My dad finally sobered up," he continued, wanting Rapunzel to know, "That encouraged me to drop the tagging. In a way, I guess we both had things to overcome."

Rapunzel took his hands, "I'm proud of you."

He looked at their hands before looking up at her, "Me too."

Rapunzel held his hands until she went to reach for another muffin only to find that there were none left. They both laughed, "Guess we should go back upstairs."

He got up from his seat, "Agreed."

He sat down and picked up a paintbrush, ready to get back to it. He wanted to add dimension to it.

Rapunzel, on the other hand, poured one last color on her giant canvas before lifting it and shaking it. A look of satisfaction taking over her face once she set it back down. She walked over to stand behind Eugene, "You mind?"

"No. It's not like you're a well-known artist or anything. Not nerve-racking at all." His tone dripping in sarcasm.

Rapunzel snorted, immediately bringing up her hand to her mouth. "Noted," she started walking around the studio. Tidying up the place.

"Ok," Eugene announced, "It's finished." Rapunzel rushed to his side, "It's pretty."

Eugene looked away from his painting to look at her, "Thanks."

"And you said you weren't a good painter."

"I just didn't want to make you nervous," he joked.

"Right. Anyways, what's the title?"

"I don't know, haven't come up with one yet."

They both admired Eugene's piece before Rapunzel reached her hand out, "C'mon I wanna show you something."

They ended up on her rooftop. Granted it wasn't super high up since the building was only 2 floors, but it had a nice view of the neighborhood and the skyscrapers downtown. They sat on floor pillows that were on a rug that had been covered by a tarp. Well, Rapunzel was sitting, Eugene decided to lay back and rest.

"Can I confess something?" Rapunzel asked.

Eugene got up from laying on his back to resting on his elbow, "Of course."

"You can't freak out or judge me though," she added.

"I won't. I pinky promise," Eugene held up his pinky. She linked her pinky with his before bringing her hand back down.

"My paintings, I get inspiration from a lot of things. Songs, my friends, poems, stories, the people I meet," she started picking at the pillow she was sitting on, "I paint my dreams sometimes too."

"Oh, for real? That's cool."

Rapunzel didn't seem to hear him because she didn't acknowledge his comment. "The painting you bought. That was directly from a dream. The fact that you said it felt like déjà-vu to you. It sparked my interest in you."

Eugene stared at nothing as he processed what she said, "That's…interesting."

Rapunzel mustered up the guts to look at Eugene, "You're judging me."

"I'm not!" He quickly reassured her, "It's just wow. Interesting how, um, life does that."

Rapunzel let out a sigh, running her hands through her hair before resting them against her neck, "Yeah."

"Hey." Eugene sat up. He reached out to Rapunzel taking her chin in his hand and lifting her face. "I think it's cool," he wanted them to have eye contact. "The fact that two different people saw the same thing. It has to mean something. Right?"

Rapunzel broke out into a smile. Eugene relaxed back into the pillows. "Now," he grabbed her arms and pulled her down, "Let's look at the clouds and point out what we see."

She giggled and scooted closer to him.

Eugene was still unsure about how he felt about the whole painting situation. But for now, that didn't matter.

A/N: Can anyone guess what Eugene was painting? Also, the painting technique Rapunzel was doing, not sure if it's an actual thing, but I was watching SATC and in the Models and Mortals episode, Carrie's friend does it and I've found it interesting and it stuck with me. I kept Rapunzel's parents rich. Thought about what would be as rich as a royal family and owning a bank along with an airline seemed to work. Her mom was mentioned to be royalty before she met Frederic. The airline name, Bayangor, is one of the seven kingdoms, and from the outfits, the princesses were wearing in Beginnings it looked similar to Aunt Willow's outfit, despite it being pants and a shirt instead of a dress.