Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. All rights go to Dreamworks and Netflix. Eventually, the two Dagurs will be called past Dagur pD and future Dagur fD so that there is less confusion on who is speaking.

The time had come again for the Berkians and Berserkers to sign their peace treaty, ensuring that no battling between the two tribes transpire. Such an act should have been unchanging, however, there was a major difference in who would be signing for the latter vikings. Dagur paced back and forth, practicing his snarls. "They're going to have to believe that I killed Dad. Otherwise, they won't respect me as a leader." he thought. Looking at his reflection in some water, his frown deepened until the young viking found it to be menacing enough. "Perfect." Uncomfortable nerves were in his stomach. What if they did not believe him? Stoick would be difficult to deceive and surely Dagur's best friend, Hiccup, would not take him for a coldblooded murderer. Letting out an exasperated roar, the new Berserker chief leaned against the hut's wall. Suddenly, he sensed someone else being around him. Reaching behind his back to grab a knife, a voice calmly said, "No need for that. I'm not here for a fight." Still ready for a battle, Dagur turned to see a muscular viking that was not much taller than he was, had red hair and a beard, a scar along his face, and two sets of blue claw mark tattoos. The younger viking's eyes widened, "Who are you?" Chuckling, the man replied, "That's the harder part to explain." He paused for a moment, "I'm you...from the future."

For several seconds, the two looked at one another. Finally, the elder Dagur spoke again, "I know that it's strange, but I'm telling the truth." The speaking snapped the younger viking back. He began eying the other Berserker, skeptically, "Why should I believe you? So what we have the same tattoos? Anyone could have mimicked the markings." He circled him, "You-or as you claim-I should be taller. What's with the scar and why the haircut?" Sighing, he was given an answer, "That's because of the poor choices I've made in my life. Changes that I'm here to help you prevent." The younger Dagur was still loath to settle for this concept, "I need more than that. Tell me something that only I'd know." Nodding, the elder viking responded, "You didn't kill Oswald. You're just making people believe that because you don't think they'll follow you otherwise. According to you, Ansson's ruined any chance of the other Berserkers seeing you as a respectable leader." Sheepishly, Dagur crossed his arms in front of him, "Fine, so you're from the future. Why'd you pick now to come?" The elder let out a grunt, "I wanted to go even further back-you know, to stop you from sending a certain sister of ours adrift-but this was as far as I could go." The teenager rubbed the back of his neck, "That was an accident." he told, quietly. "Yeah, I know," he was told, "but you won't want to try to explain that in about three years. Follow my path, and you'll have a lot of explaining to do to Heather and not one bit of what you'll have to say will be anything to make her not hate you."

"I need you to be willing to listen to me. Also, keep in mind that other vikings won't actually be able to see me." fD stated. "Why won't they?" pD questioned. "It's the way the time traveling is working. There'd be too many crazy changes if everyone saw. So, only you need to know I'm here. Are you willing to listen?" fD asked. Slowly, pD nodded, "I guess." FD clapped his hands, "Good. The first thing you need to know is that the Berkians do, in fact, have dragons. Not as an army per se, but they still have them." PD frowned, "My sources are right? Well, should I attack?" FD shook his head, "No. That doesn't work." The Berserker sighed, "They're going to lie to you about not training dragons." Rage flashed in pD's eyes, prompting fD to speak again, "But, we kind of deserved that. They lied-or will lie-because they think that if you know, you'll attack them and ruin the peace that's existed for so long. And you can't tell me that you wouldn't attack since I wanted to." PD's eyes shifted downwards, "You might have a point. If they're going to lie and I can't attack, what do I do?" FD gave an encouraging smile, "And here's the hard part for you, you'll need to seem trustworthy and stable. At least stable enough to be told that your allies have fire breathing war machines at their command."

The younger Dagur looked at the older as though he had just been told he could not take down a Monstrous Nightmare and let out a manical laugh, "Seem stable? Maybe you've forgotten, but I'm about to start going by 'Dagur the Deranged'. Hey, do we keep that title or are we too nice and gentle for it in the future?" FD pursed his lips, "We still use it." he replied, curtly, "I'm not telling you to be sane, just to seem stable enough. I'll be there with you to keep you on track. Speaking of that, you should start sailing now." A knock sounded on the door to the hut. "Sir, the ships have been prepared and the vikings are in the vessels." Berserker Harold informed the new chief. "Start getting the sails ready. We're about to leave." Dagur stated. "Of course, Chief." The younger Dagur looked at his older counterpart and put on his helmet. "Convince them that I can be trusted." he intoned, walking to the door, "Shouldn't be too hard." FD gave a smile that faded as soon as pD looked away, "Thor help us."