The ships of Outcasts and hunters could be seen in the horizon. Without even needing to be given orders, the Berserkers and Defenders launched their catapults. Several ships were hit by the boulders, though more were lined up behind them. "Take out as many ships as you can. We'll take care of the ones that make it past you to dock." Dagur called up to the vikings. They blasted holes into some more of the ships. Sinking ships scattered around the island, leaving no remnants od what they once were beyond the screams of their crews. Still, more drew closer. "We're running out of boulders!" Vorg told. Mala held up her hand, "Then save them. We shall use arrows for the next assault." A group of Defenders and Berserkers fired a barrage of flaming arrows at the incoming attackers. The flesh of the foes were pierced and the vikings fell on the decks of their ships. Despite this, the blue from the sea itself could not be seen under the layer of vessels which coated it. Soon, the arrows became of short supply. "Some will be on the island within minutes, Dagur." Mala commented. The king nodded, morosely, "Are you ready?" In reply, the queen unsheathed her sword.

When the first hunter stepped his foot onto the island, Throk was there to separate it, ensuring the rest of the hunter stayed elsewhere. Heather was fast to join him, then went to attack several hunters on the west side. When the numbers around the Berserker grew unmanageable, her brother came to her aid. Dagur ran three hunters through and glanced up to the catapults. They were officially out of boulders. Fortunately, fD was not one to lack a back up plan. "Have them use the chains and nets now. We'll use the bolas down here." he instructed. PD took out two more hunters and charged over to his vikings to deliver the message. Immediately, the Defenders and Berserkers changed their load and continued shooting. Gradually, the ocean could again be seen. "There are still a lot, but we're hurting them now." pD smirked to his future self, letting out a depraved laugh. "We just need to keep this up." The chief went to find Mala and slayed any and every hunter who was on the way. The queen was handling her own and did a spin with her blade pointing outwards. The pain filled grunts of the minced hunters led Dagur to the chieftess's location.

"Their numbers are swindling." Mala noted, a small smile forming on her face. "Most likely because of what's been going on here. That was a nice move!" Dagur said. The two tag teamed on the side of the island, eliminating more and more of their enemies. Soon, the ships were almost all destroyed. Only a few outlasted the Defenders' and Berserkers' supply of weaponry, so the main issues were the hunters who had docked. As the royal couple killed their attackers, they noticed Heather moving towards them. In her arms, was a wounded Throk. "He was fighting off seven and they got in too many hits." Heather said. "They got him in the side, but I don't think it went in too far." Concern was still audible in her voice as she helped him stand up. Dagur ducked a punch from a hunter and thought about the guard. The queen looked at the two. "I can help you get back to the huts." she suggested. A nervous pit formed in Dagur's stomach as he mused. "It's too dangerous to get to the huts withthese two unable to fight. No way I'm risking losing them all in one trip." he thought, determined. "No, I'll go with them. I'll send more vikings over here for support." he told. Mala agreed to the plan and kept fighting. Seeing how challenging it was for Heather and Throk to keep the latter upright, Dagur lifted the guard over one shoulder. In his other hand, he kept a blade ready to strike.

"Herald!" Dagur called, "Get to the docks to help Mala." The Berserker brought several warriors with him and aided Mala in her defense. As the queen and her subjects fought, Dagur, Throk, and Heather reached the huts. Throk was placed down in a cot and Heather went over to him. "He won't be able to fight anymore today. I'll be back out after I'm done applying the first aid, though." she said. Dagur shook his head. "You stay here with him. I'll have some vikings come over to make sure no one breaks in and attacks " he told her. The chief left the hut and found three soldiers to give the orders to. They sped off to Throk's hut and Dagur returned to find Mala. As he ran, his heart pounded in his chest. He did not stop worrying until he saw that the chieftess was alive and still fighting. Dagur joined her, being comforted in the lessening noises around them. After a few minutes, the couple had no more opponents to fight. "Is it over?" Mala asked. The two glanced about before heading to see Throk and Heather. Along the way, everything was calm. Hunters were being dragged to the ocean for cleanup and some residents of the island were assessing damage.

When Mala and Dagur got to Throk's hut, they heard their people talking. Though the guard was still injured, Heather had aided him and it looked like he would recover well. "You're all okay." Dagur said, giving Heather a hug. "We thought that we heard the hunters for a moment, but nobody came in." his sister said. "Seems like they kept their focus on the warriors outside." As the king was about to sigh a breath of relief, he balked. "They did come over?" Throk tiredly nodded. "One glanced this way through the door when they entered." He painfully gestured to the three vikings who had come to protect them. Dagur's face turned pale and he went outside. "They must have put something over here." fD commented. PD agreed and they scanned the area closely. Mala exited the hut to see where Dagur had gone and went over to him. "The war is over, Dagur. We can rest." she said. "I can't!" the king exclaimed, "They wouldn't have seen Heather and Throk and just left them alone. Something's here...I just don't kn-" Dagur stopped short and held a finger up to his lips. He could hear a subtle sizzling sound. Following it, he saw that it led across the path to a large barrel. Once he realized what the crate contained, the viking leapt into action. "It's blasting jelly!" he thought. A small string had been lit with fire, but the string extended to go inside of the barrel as well. "At least the jelly's not filled to the top, but that won't leave me much time." The king grabbed the barrel and ran down to the docks. Dagur got on a boat and tried to row as far away as possible. In a split second, he no longer heard a sizzle.

The water around the boat crashed waves everywhere. Pieces of the boat splashed as it broke apart. Amongst the ruins was the barely conscious chief. Dagur barely kept his eyes open, though attempted