Deal with the devil

Chapter 1 Across the Hall

From across the hall she watched him, Draco Malfoy, sitting at the Slytherin table.

Her eyes followed his every move, his every breath.

Ginny Weasley was all grown up, top of her classes, and had developed an exotic beauty all her own.

Yet she did not have everything; her clothes were still hand-me-down and at age sixteen this was a problem far greater than it should be.

She had no money and no means of acquiring it any time soon.

She was tired of the other girls giggling about her robes behind her back, tired of being poor.

Tired of being of being a poor goody-goody with beauty no one saw, no one appreciated, no one defined.

Tired of being ignored.

And there sat her ticket out of poverty, Draco Malfoy, the richest guy in school.

Not that Harry wasn't rich, but for her plan she couldn't have Ron finding out what she was doing. Not that it mattered, Harry would probably only be shocked by her proposal.

But Draco Malfoy, evilness extraordinair, would not be so easily shocked.

Tonight she would go to him, tonight she would play........

Tonight, she would win.


He could feel her eyes on him; she had been watching him all night.

He smiled mirthlessly, what was she up to?

Well, he would no doubt find out soon.

Unabashed he studied her, the fiery red hair caressing her face, her eyes shadowed by the dim light in the hall, her full lips shimmering with the liquid she had just drank.

What was she up to?

Deciding to skip desert, he got up and walked out of the hall.

He could feel her eyes follow him and smirked at himself.

Oh yes cherie! Come out and play.....

He had of course noticed how beautiful she had become, though not many others had seen it. Not that she could ever be his, but he still appreciated beauty when he saw it.

He could hear footsteps behind him: good, so she followed, now to see what she wanted.....

And maybe, he would give it to her.


Ginny bore her eyes into Draco's back, willing him to stop.

And he did. Somehow he had felt her plea. He turned around and waited for her to catch up.

She stopped beside him, then motioned for him to follow her, which surprisingly, he did. She had probably just surprised him though, or maybe he had plans of his own.....

She made it to an abandoned classroom, walked into it and sat on the desk.

He sat across her and she studied his face, seeing the shadows of the impending darkness caress the planes.

He looked so much in place here, in the semi-darkness, the impending night shifting about him like it was his to command.

And maybe it was......

"I have a proposition for you."

He raised his brows as if to say, 'So speak.'

"First you will have to promise me that what is said here will not leave this room, in any form or fashion."

"And what makes you think you can trust me?"

"I'm willing to trust you and that is the very thing that makes you trustworthy."

He grinned at her logic, then inclined his head and held up his hand, sealing his oath.

"I am willing to become your mistress. In exchange you will give me proper clothing, money and of course the occasional jewelry. Maybe even some other presents."

He smirked at her, "My mistress hmn? Are you a virgin little girl?"

Her eyes narrowed, "Of course I am. And I recon that alone is worth a lot, don't you?"

His smirk deepened and he inclined his head, his eyes grazing her preditorial.

"I will consent to this on two conditions. One, you will not even look at another as long as I want to keep you. Two, you will be on call whenever I want you, wherever I want you."

She, in her turn, inclined her head.

Her hair caressed her face, her eyes sparkling in the darkness.

His eyes gleamed, "Do I get a sample of the goods?"

Her lips curved, "You get to see, but not to touch...... yet."

Her robe dropped on the floor.

All Draco did was stare, desire plainly written in his face.

"You will receive new clothes as soon as possible."

And thus, a deal with the devil was struck.


And this is the first chapter of my very first Harry Potter fan fic. Hold in mind that it was forged in the dark chasms of my mind.....

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