Hello all my faithful readers,

I am so happy you've all stuck with me for the longest of times and that people

still read my fanfic, even though I haven't update for longer then I'd care to recall.

to answer the question:

No, I don't have writer's block

Yes, I will be updating soon (I am working on that right now)

The reason I haven't updated for so long is that my father was gravely ill for about a year during which time my mother, sister and me took care of him. Last june, he succumbed to his illness. During these times, I did not write much because of exhaustion and plain lack of inclination. I hope you'll understand and I want to thank you for loving my stories and sticking with me all this time. I can't believe there are still people reading and reviewing 

Thank you and pretty soon, you'll be seeing a new chapter following this one.

I have even started writing a book 

Lots of hugs,

Niiri (aka Laura)