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"Talk" Character talking.

'Think' Character thinking.

"Speak" Deep or bestial voice.

*Sounds* Sound effects.

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Chapter 01: Arrival in the Capital

"Mmnn ... what happened ...?"

Having opened his eyes, he was disturbed by the afternoon light.He felt sleepy, as if he had just woken up from a long sleep.

He got up from the hard ground, stretching his back, then brushed off the dust that had fallen on his clothes.

"Ouch! That hurts!"He complained, feeling strong pain come from his head, bringing his hand to the affected area, stroking it to try to calm the pain a little.

Looking around, as his vision slowly adapted to the new environment.As he did so, he was surprised at where he was.

"Where am I?"I ask now being in the middle of an old looking city and ... Medieval?

The houses and buildings were rectangular in shape, different from the round ones I had seen before.

In this, there were various types of people;atromorphic humans and animals.Well ... nothing out of the ordinary, but what caught his attention were those humans with animal features, some had cat or dog ears, they even had tails.

The clothing was peculiar, similar to that of the people who lived in the small villages, which were far from the big cities.

The streets, instead of seeing flying cars, trucks and motorcycles, were replaced by carriages that were pushed by ...

'Dinosaurs?'He thought, watching a huge lizard with mounts, pulling a wheelbarrow.

Dinosaurs were normally very aggressive creatures, inhabiting desolate areas where the human hand would not dare to touch.But apparently, here they managed to train and live with them.

Still static, thinking about how it had come.I really had no idea where he was and how he had gotten to this new place.

Placing his right hand on his chin and using his left hand for support, he tried to remember what had happened before reaching this situation.

-A few moments before-

The sky shimmered around him, while he was flying, the wind gently hit his face.

He glimpsed the sparkles in the clouds that shone as if they had no end.

Crossingthe immense blue sky, nothing prevented him from enjoying his trip.It wasa beautiful sight, which many would like to admire.

Ridingon a strange golden cloud was a young boy with dark hair like night.Bristling in all directions, palm-like and deep onyx eyes, glowing with excitement and joy, childlike.

Hisname was Son Goku.Wearing his characteristic orange Gi, which represented him as a Kame-Sennin student.Althoughhis teacher stopped teaching him a long time ago ... But he still used it, since he liked the style it had.

Andnow at this moment, traveling at high speed.He was...

"The truth flees to a sudden blow at you ~"

Singing ...

Seeing the scenery, he couldn't help but remember a song that was very popular in the city, was very catchy, and he liked it.

He wasmoving in a hurry, heading to Capsule Corp. Since all his friends would be there waiting for his arrival.

A week hadalreadypassed since his victory in the 23rd Budokai Tenkaichi, where he fought in the grand final against participant Majunia, or better known as, Piccolo Jr.

Theresults of this epic battle, was the total destruction of the city of Papaya Island.But surprising as it may seem, there was not a single victim.How this is possible ... apparently nobody cares.

Now, with the earth saved, without any enemy threatening peace.Bulma decided to throw a big party to celebrate her success.

"I hope there is a lot of food"

At first, Goku didn't seem very enthusiastic about the idea of a party, but he was quickly persuaded with the promise of a great banquet, just for him.

"I can't wait to get there. I'm so excited!"

Her joy was very remarkable, if the big smile on her face wasn't enough of an indication.

In additionto food, he wanted to spend time with his friends.They were 3 long years, in which he did not have contact with them, since he was training in the temple of Kami-Sama.

Hehad met them again at the tournament, after a long time.I really couldn't be happier to see them and a single day was not enough to know what happened in those years.

"Let's go flying cloud!"he exclaimed withgreater encouragement, increased speed to reach his destination.

"Chala Head-Chala! ~"

Arriving was what he had in mind, but unfortunately ... his journey never ended.

"Huh? What's going on ...?"

Without warning, the environment around him began to distort, the sky, the sea, the earth, the clouds and the rays of the sun began to swirl in front of him, in a strange and somewhat unpleasant way.

Suchaberrant mixing resulted in a dark and gross miasma.

Suchdarkness was slowly engulfing him, as if trying to swallow him.

"I have to get away from here soon ... Flying cloud!"

Realizing that he was getting too close, he tried to get away from the strange phenomenon, but it was too late.

He couldfeel the cold running through his entire body.His senses abandoned him.Time seemed to be moving in slow motion, just so he could appreciate the depth and emptiness of such darkness.Hissight slowly blurred, his ears only noticed the blood that was pumped from his heart, not even his sense of smell was helpful at this time.

TheonlythingI could perceive was being surrounded by a mysterious sensation.

It was really freezing and chilling, like being hit by the cold of winter.As he felt a cold breath in his ear, as if someone was whispering to him.

He knewthat someone was there, right in front of him, to be more precise, this person was hugging him in a somewhat uncomfortable way, trying to convey some kind of feeling.

"W-Who are you ...?"Gathering all the forces he could, he wanted to know who he was with.

Butbefore hearing an answer, the air hit his face hard, as the ground slowly approached.

Hehadalreadyregained his senses, but before he could understand what was happening ...


-Right now-

"Ahhh ... That happened". He said looking back, it seemed to have been a bad dream.Maybe you ate something you disliked?

"No ... that was real"

With his hands, he ran his arms, face, and torso.Realizing they were cold, almost frozen, even her skin was a little pale, it looked like it had come out of a refrigerator.

'How cold!' He thought, hugging himself, to give himself some warmth.

He wanted to keep thinking about what had happened, but was interrupted by the feeling of being watched.

He looked up, only to meet a large crowd of people, all gathered around him, with looks of amazement and disbelief and some even seemed to be afraid.

Each and every one of them fixed on it.

"Why are you looking at me? Do I have something on my face?"

He didn't know what the cause was and hadn't done anything yet.He was just standing there without disturbing anyone.

But there was something strange about where he was standing.He felt less ... Stop.

"Ohhh ..." He said looking down, finding a hole at least 30 centimeters deep and the particular thing was that it was just the same size and shape as it was.

"Hahaha! That explains everything". He laughed, his hand ruffling his hair.

Coming out of the hole he had created, he began to walk away from the crowd that was still gaping at what he had seen.

He was beginning to feel somewhat uncomfortable with so much attention received.He wanted to get away from there as soon as possible.

The crowd just watched as the strange boy fell from the sky, just like a meteor.Impacting with great force against the earth.And if that wasn't enough, he walked away calmly, as if nothing had happened to him.

Goku was wandering around the city, exploring its surroundings, curious about everything he saw.

There were several shops, stores with curious objects, some of clothing and others of food.

There was even a smithy with various weapons and armor.Wondering who would wear armor to fight.From their point of view, they were only an obstacle, since they reduced mobility and speed to the user.They were more in the way than they protected.


The people around him just looked at him re-eye, like it was something strange and unusual.He didn't know why, to him, everyone looked weird and even a little funny.


It was the first time I visited this place.So I enjoyed being a "tourist" in this new place.


In his childhood, he had traveled the world and thought that there were no more places to explore.


But apparently he was wrong and now he had no idea where he was.But that was the least that mattered to him, his instinct for adventure had been activated.

*Swinging* *Swinging* *Swinging*

"Who's there?"I ask turning quickly.He wanted to know what was bothering him.It had been a while since he felt something move behind him.

"Ehh ...?"

But I don't know how he met anyone in his rear.


Again he was there, now his gaze went to her back, encountering something he had lost a long time ago.

"My tail!"It was his cry of joy and amazement, seeing that his tail had grown again.

Long ago it was cut by Kami-Sama, as she wanted to bring back the moon.He didn't know what the relationship of his tail and the moon was, but Kami-Sama argued that it would only hinder him in their battles.

And now with his tail back, he felt stronger and more energetic.He had really missed her so much.

"Hey boy!"

His bubble of joy burst, bringing him back to reality.To one side of it was a small fruit stand and inside was a burly-looking guy with a serious look.

"Hi! I'm Goku" he introduced himself with his hand up, giving a casual greeting.

The vendor ignored the boy's greeting, going straight to what interests him.

"Welcome to my store, would you be interested in taking some abble?"

"Abble? What is that?"

The seller was a little surprised by the silly question.

'Ahh ... Another alien.And this one seems to be more idiotic than the previous one'

"Look, this is it" he said, taking an abble, showing it to the curious boy.

"That's an apple ... why do you call it that?"I ask with narrowed eyes, in a tone of disbelief.

The seller did not take this in a good way.It seemed like the boy just wanted to tease him.

"What the hell are you talking about? Are you going to buy something or are you just going to keep bothering?"The man asked with a frown.

'How bitter' Thought the Son.He had no idea how he managed to sell his merchandise with that attitude.And her appearance was not helpful.

Checking his shirt, he looked for some money he had saved in case he wanted to eat something.Pulling out a 10 thousand zenis bill, maybe that would be enough to buy something decent.

"I don't know what the hell is that. If you don't have copper or at least silver coins, I won't give you anything"

"Coins? No, I don't have any."

"Then get the hell out of here, you scare me away from the clientele!"the seller shouted, in a rude and demanding tone.While waving his hand, like he scared away an animal.

When he was kicked out of the place, he continued on his way, while in his hands he observed a bill with the image of a rare subject with a gas mask.

If he remembered correctly, his name was Tori-bot.Who the guy was, never took it for granted.

Just a few steps ahead, there was a small alley.

Sunlight hardly reached the place, making it look dark and lonely.It was almost empty, there were only a few wooden boxes at the end of this one.

He paused for a moment, managing to see what a young boy was sitting at the end of.

His appearance seemed curious, even his clothes seemed familiar.I try to get closer and talk to him, but I abandoned that idea when noticing that the boy was busy talking to himself, rather, he was shouting things without any sense, in what seemed to be a tantrum.

'The best thing is for me to leave here'

Not wanting to get involved with the young man's problem, he continued on his way, in a little more haste.

He kept walking, paying no attention to his path.He had his arms behind his head and his eyes were on the sky.

"It seems that my money is useless to me"

Goku was not the type of person who gave importance to money.In his childhood, living far from civilization, I never need it.

"Get out of my way!"

He heard a loud scream, which was approaching him.It was sharp and feminine, to what seemed to be the voice of a girl.

Without bothering to look, he only took a step to his right, to give the young girl free way.

A yellow blur passed him at full speed.Whoever it was, it was very fast, but nothing compared to what he had seen before.

Even with that, his gaze did not drop from the blue sky.Just looking at the clouds helped him think.

"I believed that Zeni was accepted everywhere."

Zeni was the currency that circulated around the world.There was not a single place where they will not use this monetary system.

"Now I need to get copper or silver coins to buy food" he said with a long sigh, he got a little annoyed why now he had to find a way to make some money.

"But ... how much do I need to buy food?"He asked the air, while he stopped.

That was a good question.He barely knew the value of Zeni, and its value only mediates him depending on how much food he could devour.And now...

"Ahhh, I have no idea!"groaning with her hands to her head, she shook herself in frustration.

Earning the curious glances of some passers-by, who turned away when noticing his strange behavior.

"Mommy! Mommy! What's wrong with the funny-haired ni-chan?"It was the question of a little girl, who was holding her mother's hand.

"Nothing darling, the best thing would be for us to stay away. It won't be contagious" the woman replied, looking away from the strange orange boy.He didn't want his daughter to be around a madman.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I'll just go out and hunt for something to eat," the Son concluded as calmly as if the above had never happened.

Things like food were easy for him to get.If he was hungry, all he had to do was hunt or fish.There were many animals on Paoz Mountain, so their food source would not end so easily.

"Please make way!"

I hear a new voice.Unlike the previous one, it is soft and mature at the same time.

"In this city, everyone seems to be in a hurry," he complained exasperated, taking a step to his left, giving way to the girl and at that moment, a silver flash passed by him.

I blink for a moment, turning around, glimpse beautiful silver hair pulling away, as she got lost mingling in the crowd.


It was a fleeting thought, so quick that he would easily forget.A word that was never used before, but right now, he couldn't find a better one to explain what he had seen.

The girl for a moment turned her beautiful face, fixing her bright violet eyes on him.I could see a glow of curiosity and something I can't figure out in them.

It was only in fractions of a second that their eyes met, then lost.

He just stood still for a moment, as he continued to watch the direction the girl was following.

His appearance seemed intriguing to her and the color of her hair stood out in the crowd.

But somehow ... he liked it.

Still exploring, he planned to find his way out of the city.He could see the sun as it slowly hid on the horizon.Giving it a reddish orange color, announcing the arrival of the darkness of the night.

The city was huge, so walking aimlessly was not a good idea.I try to ask some people, but you are just ignoring it or walking away from it.

Some were kind enough to help him.Mostly they were the elderly who found their appearance adorable or the children, who found their hair funny.

After having gathered enough information, he knew the name and where he was.

The Capital of Lugnica.The Dragon Kingdom.

'A dragon ... Perhaps it will be Sheng-Long?' Remembering the magic dragon, perhaps, in this kingdom they worshiped it or something similar.

Also that this country is located to the east of the continent.

This had confused him a little.He knew that to the east was one of the capitals;East City, plus there were also the Paoz Mountains, the place where he lives.But the existence of an entire country ...


As he continued to be trapped in his thoughts, he heard the voice of a young man just a few steps ahead of him.

He paid no attention and without further ado, he just jumped on the young man, clearing his way.

The young man was surprised by what was done.It was a somewhat rude way of ignoring someone.But still, it didn't seem to have bothered him.

He approached the orange boy again, firmly grasping his right shoulder to attract his attention.

Goku realizing this, turned to meet the subject.

The young man was slightly taller than he and was slim.He had fire red hair, crystalline blue eyes, his white dress could be seen that it was from someone of the upper class and on his waist he had a white case with gold details with a strange sword.

"Hello, may I help you?"

Still with my hand on his shoulder, he looked carefully at the young man in front of him.I didn't know who he was, but just by looking at him I knew one very important thing.

It was strong, not just strong, very strong.A great deal of power emanated from him, which he could not measure with certainty.

Instinctively tensing his muscles.She had gotten too close to him and didn't feel him in the least.It was only until he was touching it that he realized its existence.

This in no way would look good, preparing for the possible actions of the newcomer.

The young man, noticing that he was making the boy uncomfortable, withdrew his hand and walked away a bit, not wanting to make a bad impression.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything to you. I just wanted to get your attention" the young man calmed, making an apologetic gesture.

"You surprised me. I really didn't realize your presence" Goku replied, more relaxed.He seemed like a good person, perhaps his reaction was exaggerated.

"My name is Reinhard Van Astrea, nice to meet you" introducing himself casually and kindly, he extended his hand, waiting for his answer.

"Hi, I'm Goku. Nice to meet you" He smiled and returned the gesture.Giving you a handshake.

With this Reinhard's expression changed to an unreadable one, but he quickly abandoned it.Goku noticed this fleeting change, but refrained from commenting.

"I was going through these sides and I couldn't help but notice that you seemed lost."

"Hahaha, it's very obvious, isn't it?"

"I'd rather say."

It wasn't like it was a secret.He had been walking aimlessly for 2 hours and saying that he was lost was not enough.

"Actually, it is the first time that I am here"

"I see. And tell me, what brought you to the capital of Lugnica?"

"Mmm... Nothing in particular, I'm just passing through"

"Well, it's very nice this time of year" added the red-haired, in a friendly tone."But it seems unusual to me that you have managed to enter the capital."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing important, don't worry"

Lugnica is currently not in good condition.So it is strange to meet foreigners visiting the place.

"And then Goku, is there somewhere you're going?"

"I want to get to the Western Capital, but I got a little disoriented and I ended up here, hehehe" explained the black-haired man, scratching his cheek, laughing a little.He felt a little embarrassed to admit it.

"Capital of the West? It is the first time that I hear that they call it that, I think you are referring to Kararagi," said the knight, looking from head to toe to Gi Orange, his clothes had certain similarities with those of the country of the West. ."Maybe you're from there?"I continue with the certainty of being right.

'Kararagi?I haven't heard that name before'. Hethought."I don't think so. I live in the mountains of the East," said the jet.

Reinhard was surprised by what he had said, his words were sincere, he doubted that he was lying.But something of what he had said caught his attention.

"To the east? Lugnica is the easternmost country on the continent. After that is the Great Waterfall."

Goku's spirits faded upon hearing those words.

"What !? Really?"The Son expressed his doubt.'Fence ... Then I haven't made any progress'. He thought.

"Goku, if you are in trouble, I could offer you my help"

"Don't worry, I can solve this" rejected the young man with a tail, with his optimistic attitude back.

I knew this problem was not something to worry about, I could fix it in a jiffy ... Maybe.

"I will trust your words, but if you need my help, you can ask for me at the Knights Station"

"Okay! Thanks for the help". He thanked turning to continue on his way."Now I have to go. We won't see you later, Reinhard!" And with this he ran, like a soul carried by the wind.

"Goodbye Goku, good luck" the blue-eyed said goodbye, watching him run with his hand up, swinging it from side to side, while he had a big smile on his face.

When she watched him disappear into the crowd, her expression changed to a more serious and concerned one.For some reason, he couldn't help but feel uneasy.

She had her suspicions of the boy.I was hoping I was wrong, but ... you're alone, they claimed, to their bad luck.

"It seems that I will not be able to relax on my day off" he said to no one in particular, watching the horizon as the sun was slowly setting.

And with this he resumed his walk, thinking about how the day will end.

By nightfall, Goku was on the edge of the city, sitting on a huge wall that completely surrounded her.

The structure and construction it had was incredible, taking the shape of a hexagon and in the center of everything was a huge castle, which was by far bigger and better than Pilaf's.

It was time for him to leave, he had a matter that could not wait any longer."If I'm late Bulma will kill me ..." I mumble with a little fear in her voice.

She remembered her talk with Reinhard, she knew he was strong.For the next time they meet, I would challenge him to a fight.

Excited by the idea, he would look forward to their reunion, but for now the party was paramount.

"Snow?" He was surprised to notice the sudden arrival of a snowfall.

The temperature changed rapidly, feeling the icy wind hit her face.Her breath was visible and she couldn't help but tremble from the loss of body heat.

The small snowfall passed almost instantly into a heavy freezing storm.The sky was completely cloudy, hiding the night sky from view.

It was strange, no such abrupt change in weather was possible.Over the course of the day, there was not a single indication of a storm coming.

The snow in a short time had already completely covered the capital, where white was what dominated the view.

Even with his vision clouded by the blizzard, he was still able to see something in the distance.

"What is that?" He asked himself, wanting to know what he was observing.

At the other end of the city was a huge, bestial-looking shadow that had come out of nowhere, just as the storm began.

'Maybe it has something to do with it?' With that doubt in mind, he set out to find an answer and the best way to do it is to go straight to the possible cause.

Running as fast as he could, he returned to the city, seeing around him the changes caused by the storm.

The snow was covering both houses and buildings.Even the stores, which still had the merchandise outside, that were being hidden by the frost.

The streets and roads were blocked by the accumulation of snow.This made it difficult for people to travel and impeded the passage of carriages, so transportation was paralyzed.

I do not know he met any person, possibly you have taken refuge in their homes to protect themselves from the relentless cold that hit them.

With this change, no one could relate it to the busy and bustling city that was in the day, which now silence and emptiness were the only ones present.

He continued on his way to the giant shadow, noticing that the closer he got, the cold was getting more intense.

'This looks bad'. He thought, knowing that if the temperature continued to drop, people in the city would be in serious trouble.

Leaving the commercial area, he had reached the most remote areas, known as the slums.Being able to notice the great difference with respect to the areas that are more central.

What were well-built buildings and houses, now there were only small run-down houses that would fall at some point.

The snow was intensifying, the cold was at a level where a normal person would not survive.Too good he wasn't the normal type.

He continued to survey the area, horrified by the scenery before his eyes.

"W-Who could have done this?"Stuttered shocked by what he was seeing.

Men, women, and even children, all turned into frozen statues.The place looked like a kind of morbid and sick museum, where people were the sculptures for the exhibition.

'I can't feel any Ki'. Hethought, implying that there was no one left alive."Curse!"He yelled furiously, restarting his march towards his target.Whoever has done this will have to pay for their actions.

Closer and closer, he came across more ice statues, but unlike the previous ones these were not civilians.

Upon closer inspection, I notice that they were all men equally uniformed, while in their icy hands, they held a sword as a weapon.Possibly they were the knights, which Reinhard had mentioned earlier.

Each of them surrounding the threat that was falling in the capital, but none was a rival for it.

*Footsteps* *Footsteps* *Footsteps*

'Something is coming'.He heard in the distance as something immense was heading in his direction.

His weight was such that the earth shook with every step he took.As a gigantic shadow slowly grew in size, getting closer.

*¡Footsteps!* *¡Footsteps!* *¡Footsteps!*

The cold grew more and more, his body began to be affected by the low temperatures, the pain that hit him and his skin a little pale, were the first indications that he was falling into hypothermia.

*¡Footsteps!* *¡Footsteps!* *¡Footsteps!*

Ignoring the sensation, he began to focus on what was to come.His gaze was fixed on the dark silhouette, refusing to leave it, his muscles tensed preparing for the fight and with his right hand he held his sacred staff that was tied behind his back, it will be very helpful.


'Here it is!'.When the footsteps stopped, they announced the creature's arrival.

I was shocked to see it.

Its size was almost equal to Piccolo's, when he used his growth technique in the tournament, being able to compare with a building.

Its feline appearance was similar to that of a tiger;enormous fangs as sharp as daggers, claws that would easily cut through meat, gray and white fur that could blend in with the snowy environment, and his sharp golden eyes that shone with contempt and fury.

But there was something that drew his attention to everything else, his Ki, or rather, the lack of it.Despite having it right in front of him, he was not able to feel it, it was as if the huge beast ...

It did not exist.

'What the hell are you?'.With that doubt in mind, he didn't know what he was dealing with.

He was taken out of his thoughts when he caught how the creature opened its jaws showing its sharp canines.

"WWWRRRAAAAAAARRRRRR!"It was the big cat's roar, generating a shock wave that dragged everything in front of it.

The black-haired man covered himself with both arms as he was hit by strong gusts that were able to tear apart the small houses around him.

"It is very strong."He said with a little emotion in his voice.Despite the critical situation he was in, he couldn't stop his desire to fight from calming down.

"Aaaahhhh ...!"It was his battle cry when he ran towards his opponent, being hit by strong winds that did nothing to stop him.

And thus beginning the most intense battle of his life.

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