Legacy of Batman (Revised Edition)

I really poured my heart and soul into this story that I conceived back in 2017 as I had always wanted another Michael Keaton Batman story from the Burtonverse. A story that would pick up some odd twenty-seven years after BATMAN RETURNS and thirty years after the original BATMAN. My goal had been to have it finished and published by June of 2019 in time for the thirtieth anniversary of Tim Burton's original movie but I was too slow and had set the project down for a while.

But eventually I finally completed it by May of 2020. Covid19 was in full swing and I had plenty of time to finally finish the project. That's one reason why I am so proud of this story because I actually managed to finish it and with me that's quite an accomplishment because my mind tends to wander off in a million directions sometimes which usually leaves me with a lot of unfinished stories. My other fanfiction project, Deadpool and the Atrocious X-Men Timeline story is a prime example of one of my unfinished projects. Speaking of which, I do hope to get back into that story one day.

But anyway, I knew that when I completed LEGACY OF BATMAN that it was still missing something. Towards the end I kind of rushed it to completion just to get it out there and out of my head for a while. I stayed up long hours thinking about this story and writing this story and I needed a break from it desperately.

So, towards the end of 2020 I became inspired to dive back into the story after having a decent break away from it. Part of that inspiration comes from the knowledge that their is a pretty good chance that Michael Keaton will be returning as Batman in 2022 in THE FLASH movie. It's not been confirmed as a sure fact just yet but I'm optimistic.

I was going to do a complete revised edition of the story and had even posted it on fanfiction but eventually decided against doing everything over again. Instead I decided to add the additional material to the story that I've already published.

I have written a new subplot that pops up in chapter nine and it carries on through chapter twelve.

It involves a classic character popping back up and expands on the character of Derek Powers and a quick little segment where I had Bruce Wayne return to Wayne Enterprises. Rereading the story, I felt that the Wayne Enterprises scene in chapter ten just kind of came out of the blue and didn't really serve a purpose to the overall story. It either needed to be deleted from the story or expanded upon. I decided to add more and I am really glad that I did. In my bias opinion, it made the story all the more better.

Anybody interested in this story keep in mind that BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN did not happen in this universe. This is Tim Burton's world and there is no room for campiness and batnipples in it. This story is my take on the completion of a Batman trilogy from the Burtonverse. Those movies are:

BATMAN (1989)