Bruce Wayne was sitting on the couch in the living room watching the news on his 75 inch television screen.

His face was pretty battered from the previous night's excursions and his arm was in a sling. He was very much feeling his age right then. He had taken several pain pills and still the pain had not completely subsided. Even with all the aches he felt, he still couldn't help but feel accomplished. The night had ended with a resounding win for the good guys.

Some things had of course been left unresolved. When the police had been apprised of Hugo Strange's dealings at Arkham Asylum, they went there to arrest him only to find the facility on fire and Hugo murdered by his own shock therapy machine. The Joker had no doubt been involved and was still out there somewhere. Bruce was confident that in time he would be dealt with though.

Vicki Vale soon came onto the television screen, dressed immaculately in a white dress, looking as beautiful as ever. She was on location at the Falcone Estate and several body bags could be seen getting loaded on vans behind her.

Vicki Vale held the microphone to her mouth as she spoke:

"Last night several revelations were revealed here at the Falcone Estate. Mayor Carmine Falcone was arrested after The Batman aided in giving irrefutable evidence of many crimes that Mayor Falcone had committed recently and of crimes that had been committed many years back.

"He has been implicated in the murders of Harvey Dent and his wife Grace Dent as well as the murder of a Gotham City citizen named Selina Kyle who it turns out was Mayor Falcone's long lost daughter. He was also involved in the attempted murder of their son Harvey Dent, Jr. as well.

"Most shocking of all was the admission of a murder he had committed more than fifty years ago. Carmine Falcone had the beloved Gotham City couple Thomas and Martha Wayne murdered on his command. All these years it was believed that they had been the victims of a simple mugging gone wrong. With all these charges lined up I'd say that Carmine Falcone will be looking at the remainder of his life behind a set of prison bars.

"Last night Harvey Dent, Jr. had tried enacting revenge against Falcone and in doing so had taken the lives of several of Falcone's bodyguards. He was safely apprehended by Batman and admitted to Arkham Asylum for further treatment.

"Commissioner Ellen Yindel was revealed last night to be the daughter of Carmine Falcone and proof has been given that has implicated her in several of his criminal dealings, including the murder of her sister, Selina Kyle. She has been indefinitely suspended from the Police Force and she is currently locked up at GCPD where she will be awaiting trial."

"Thats a lot of shocking facts to be unloaded on Gothamites all at one time."

Bruce turned around to see his son, Damian Kyle, standing behind him, holding a file.

"They can handle it," Bruce said as he switched the television off.

Damian walked around the couch and sat beside his father. He seemed to be contemplative for a moment and then handed Bruce the file.

"What's this?" Bruce asked.

"Request for a name change?" Damian answered.

Bruce opened the file and saw that it was indeed a request for a name change. He looked up and smiled at his son fondly. "Damian Wayne, huh? Are you sure you want all the responsibilities that come along with that name?"

Damian shrugged. "I'm not sure what to think of it, just yet. What I do know is that if I don't step up then you'll keep going out there as Batman and end up getting yourself killed. I can't have that happen when I'm just now getting to know my father."

Bruce stood up and extended his hand. "Welcome to the family, Mr. Wayne."

Damian took the proffered hand and stood to his feet as well. "What's next?"

"Well, I'm not going to be your butler if that's what you're thinking," Bruce joked.

Just then they both saw something out of the window that hadn't been seen in a very long time.

The Batsignal had lit up in the night sky.

Both father and son stared out at the signal as it's light illuminated onto both of their faces.

Bruce said in a serious tone. "It's time to get to work."


Commissioner Barbara Gordon stood atop the roof of the GCPD, waiting and hoping that Batman would see the signal and come to meet with her.

A lot of fast moving events had happened to her that day. When she woke up that morning she had been the police captain of the Metropolis Police Department. With all the scandals that had unraveled so quickly in Gotham, she had been offered the position of Commissioner and she just as quickly had accepted it. She considered it a great honor to be Commissioner in the same city that her father had served as Commissioner for so long.

As her first act as Commissioner she intended on resuming a relationship with the Dark Knight just as her father had done. Batman had done a lot of good for the city in just a few short days of resurfacing after being absent for so long and she intended to let him know that he'd have the full support of the GCPD.

She heard a rustling behind her and turned to see that Batman had arrived. What she saw wasn't what she had expected.

It was definitely Batman standing their but he had a completely different suit. It was all black with a large red bat emblem across the chest. The mask completely covered his head and face. The only thing visible was the eyes which were hidden behind a solid white visor that looked to be possibly mechanically connected to a computer.

"Looks like you upgraded." Was all Barbara could think to say.

Batman nodded. "Looks like you downgraded, Commissioner Gordon. You sure you want to leave the bright sunny streets of Metropolis for the Dark streets of Gotham?"

Barbara could tell by the voice that the Batman before her was somebody new. The voice was too young to be that of the original Batman that had worked with her father in the past.

"Gotham City has always been my home," Barbara said. "My father and Batman worked hard to make Gotham a place worth living once upon a time. I know that you're not the same Batman underneath that mask, but perhaps together we can work to achieve the same great things that they once had done years ago."

Batman extended his hand toward her. "To a brighter future beyond what Gotham once was."

Commissioner Barbara Gordon took the proffered hand and shook it. "Well, as a good starting point we have an issue that needs to be handled sooner rather than later."

"What's the issue?" Batman asked.

"A new nut claiming to be The Joker has threatened to poison the Gotham City Reservoir. Think you can handle it?"

Batman nodded. "I'm on it."