You Are The Light In My Darkness

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Chapter 5:

With her heart pounding against her chest, Kefla raced from her bed and out of her room, throwing the door open with such force that it created an echoing noise when it made contact with the wall.

"Grandma!", Kefla shouted as she ran in a hurry to the other's room.

The other was wide awake just like Kefla; a hand placed on her chest as she struggled to breath. Wherever that ear-shattering sound had come from it had given the elder woman a impacting shock.

Seeing this, Kefla was quick to move. Going inside the bathroom located within her Grandmother's room, Kefla opened the mirror which led inside the medicine cabinet. Quickly searching she found the couple of prescribed bottles which sat on the highest part of the cabinet.

Filling a small cup with water, Kefla with a pill from one of the bottles in her hand, went over to her Grandmother's bed where she handed over the items to the other.

Kefla's fears continued to rise as her Grandmother had a hard time with the pill and cup, the other's hands were shaking rapidly as she took them. The younger of the two began to consider picking up the phone to call someone. That wasn't necessary however, her Grandmother was able to pull through and put the pill in her mouth, rinsing it down with the water a second later.

Kefla stayed by her Grandmother's side, comforting and assuring her the best she could while at the same time trying to alleviate her own senses of fright and panic. It wasn't easy, and she could only imagine how difficult it probably was for the more fragile of the two.

After a few minutes it appeared to Kefla that her Grandmother was calming down, the only seemingly lingering affects was a bit of shaking plus what she could guess as head pounding due to her Grandmother's fingers placed on the side of her head.

Not wanting to leave her Grandmother's side until she knew for certain that the other was going to be well enough to be by herself while Kefla carefully checked out the situation. Instead, she relaxed with the best effort she could manage, and listened for anything on the outside. When the bang sound had awakened her, Kefla did not have a moment to consider where it had come from. Now that she had the time to reflect, Kefla mentally kicked herself.

"What if it had come from outside", Kefla admonished herself. She winced at how stupid her actions were after hearing the blast in retrospect. If there were potential crooks outside then she and her Grandmother would stand no chance as she had just given away their position on the offhand chance that one of how many there possible were had heard her voice as well as panicking footsteps as she had raced to check on her elder and make sure the other was all right.

Though, as far as Kefla remembered there was no one that had followed her over a repeated amount of time. It was a possibility, as Kefla couldn't have noted everywhere around her and seen someone who had looked suspicious despite how routine it was for her to make sure that she was in clear. However, even if this were true, or if by chance their house had been randomly chosen on a whim, it was all blown out of the water by a couple of key things. The minor of the two was the fact that if these criminals had chosen to rob Kefla and her Grandmother, then Kefla at least, would have heard the sound of one of the doors or even any of the windows being busted in. Although it was likely considering the amount of desperate people there were in the area, the major of the two seemed wary as to Kefla, it would sound stupid to consider the idea of just using a gun for the purpose of breaking in considering the amount of noise such dangerous items would make; especially in an area of such where places where more close together. You'd have to be a real pushover with a happy trigger finger to even believe something like that would work out.

So, theft of another's personal belongings was out, a small amount of the tension was released as something major like that was cut. However, there plenty of other possibilities for why a gunshot could be heard.

Kefla continued to listen, and what she found offered a bit more solace, when the familiar sounds of sirens belonging to authority vehicles pierced her ears. The equally familiar visual of red and blue lights flashing through her Grandmother's window as the cars came by and then quickly stopped, making the lights at least for now, permanently flash back and forth, bathing the two in the room with there glow.

"Are you all right Grandmother?," Kefla asked, lifting her arm up to shield her eyes from the annoying red and blue lights.

The other had to take a couple more breaths before she felt it was okay to talk, when she found the strength Kefla could see her Grandmother's face thanks to the lights from outside and the other's eyes were riddled with fear.

"I'm not sure where it came from," the old woman's voice was a bit raspy which made Kefla get her another glass of water.

Kefla rested a soothing hand on her Grandmother's shoulder, "try to rest okay? I'll check it out."

Her Grandmother looked like she wanted to argue, but Kefla wasn't giving her the opportunity to, standing up and making her way out of the room and towards the stairs.

The Police where still in the early stages of their set up for what had just happened, and it didn't seem likely that they were going to be giving out any detail until a little while longer when they had everything situated and the whole thing became figured out.

Kefla didn't have to wait that long; speaking to one of her neighbors gave her the information she desired.

The woman who told her was a mess, she had been very close to the person, who's body Kefla could see, was now being loaded up. The stain of blood forming on the sheet which covered the body had Kefla's stomach maneuvering awkwardly, and she was afraid she was going to throw-up if she looked at it any longer.

Despite even that, the details the woman gave her were even more horrific. Kefla didn't need to question whether or not what the woman as saying was valid because everyone including Kefla understood implications that led to this. Kefla looked up at the house for a brief moment but had to look back down after seeing a window splattered with blood.

It had finally happened, after such a long battle in dealing with all those negative emotions inside...

Wiping a few tears that came from her own eyes, Kefla offered the woman a few comforting words before making her way back to her own home. She had seen enough.

A few adults asked her questions like how she was here by herself among other things. The majority who had known her for a while didn't ask her things like that, so Kefla just brushed off the newcomers. They would find out sooner or later.

However, she still went home with a quick pace, the cops seeing someone as young as her at a crime scene was a completely different story.

Some time later after it was all over, Kefla was able to get her Grandmother back to bed though it did take some effort.

Once the other was settled in, Kefla went to her own room where she then collapsed on her bed.

Sleep sounded impossible after what she had just gone through, but surprisingly, as soon as her head hit the pillow Kefla found it impossible to keep her eyes open.

And within a minute she was sound asleep.

When the sun began to arise, Kefla heard her alarm clock go off.

Abruptly frustrated when the irritating noise came out of the machine, Kefla threw her pillow at the thing.

It didn't do anything and only continued to beep. Groaning loudly, Kefla reached over to turn it off.

Once it was finally off she tried to go right back to sleep. All she wanted to do today was be in bed, not anywhere else doing any other thing. This was her chance since it was the weekend.

The world seemed to be against her though when her phone started to ring.

Kefla almost screamed when the other piece of tech went off.

Trying her best she was able to let go of some of her anger and calm down enough to answer her phone.

"Hello," Kefla wondered who would call her at this time on a weekend.

Turned out, she should have known better when the voice on the other end got her attention.

"Sally?", Kefla did not expect to hear from her. She had thought the other would be off doing something important to bother.

She was, but this important thing also needed Kefla to be involved.

"Since it's the weekend I thought it would be good to get you out of there and up here a bit because you certainly need it," Sally put some humor into that last part.

Kefla ran a hand through her hair and laughed, "thanks a lot for the offer, but I can't just get up and leave, you know that."

On the other end came a groan, and Kefla soon got an earful from her friend. Not off frustration, but of urging.

Kefla had to admit, she wanted to go because it did sound really exciting. However, she did have responsibilities that took up her time and she couldn't just leave them out of the blue.

Before they could get any further with their discussion, a knock on the door cut them off.

"Come in," Kefla called while covering the phone. Believing it was her Grandmother, Kefla quickly told her best friend to call her back and they could continue the conversation later. The other was hesitant but complied; seeing Kefla wasn't going to given in when something important were to come up.

Hanging up herself, Kefla turned her attention to doorway where her Grandmother stood.

Kefla smiled and was about to speak when from behind the older woman came a grown man.

Her smile fading, Kefla's mouth dropped open and she dropped the phone once her shock at who it was took over.

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