You Are The Light In My Darkness

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Chapter 6:

Flashback: 7 years ago,

"Come on Kefla, we need to get back before it gets too dark."

The boy watched with slipping patience as the young 6 year-old did the complete opposite.

Instead of complying to the his request, she stood her ground, refusing to come down from the playground support that held her high up in the air.

This angered the boy, but he remained calm, not liking the idea of upsetting the girl and causing a scene with the few remaining people still residing in the park along with them.

However, he needed to get her down quickly so they could get home in time. Her father would be all over him if they came home at a time other than the one already established.

"You wouldn't your father to worry would you?", the boy questioned.

What he said appeared to work, as Kefla went down the slide attached to the platform. The boy walked over to the where the slide ended and awaited for Kefla's arrival. Once the girl reached the bottom, she sat there with her arms crossed over her chest, a pouting expression on her face.

"But I don't leave," Kefla said, making it very clear that she was having to much fun to want to leave the park now.

The boy chuckled, "I know how you feel, I was once like that when I was your age. That's why I'm not trying to force you."

Kefla looked up at him, the displeasure she was showing was still there, however it was begging to fade some, "you kinda are in a way. It's unfair that you had to use my father as a way to get me to leave."

"Your right," the boy nodded in agreement. He was surprised that she had picked up on that, but he should have known better. His cousin was far more advanced than most children her age and had proven so many times beforehand, to the point where he shouldn't have been so amazed.

He offered his hand to her, "my apologies. Next time it won't happen I promise."

Kefla took the hand and smiled, "you don't have to make promises to me Marcus, I trust you."

Her words touched her cousin and he replied with his own smile, "I don't believe in telling lies."

Their hands clasped, and Marcus led them off from the park and on the path back to their home.

Flashback ends: Present Day,

"In a way yes, I did break that perspective you had of me."

Wanting to keep away from the gossips that were surely lurking around, Marcus had Kefla and himself sit a table in the very back where he hoped they would have enough space.

He was granted this, as the dinner was not occupied by any more than a handful of other people. Any of whom, where spread out in various areas away from him and Kefla. Although, based on initial impression, they did look like the folk who did much care for anything that didn't revolve around themselves.

To the point, all the better for the two of them, as they had much to discuss.

Though, as timed passed Kefla totally silent. the only movement she made was taking small sips from the drink she had ordered, letting Marcus do all the talking.

Marcus sighed inwardly. Kefla was not even staring at him, her face was to her hands which where held tightly together. Her expression, while seemingly blank, had instances Marcus noted where it had the same tightness as her interlocked hands.

"I suspected your Grandmother didn't tell you the truth because she didn't want more to be added on your shoulders," Marcus believed, "it that's true than I can see why and respect why she did that. I wouldn't want you to know either."

Taking a chance, Marcus reached over and placed his hands on Kefla's.

"The past years have been pretty rough for me as well. However, I won't let it be used as an excuse. Any way that it can be explained I still most likely caused a dent in between us."

What Marcus expected was for Kefla to take her hands away, and unexpectedly explode on him. He wouldn't blame her if she did.

However, just like that memory that was brought up, Kefla did the complete opposite.

"If I were in a completely different world then yes, I would have hated you for sure," Kefla confirmed.

Marcus thought she would continue, and she looked like she was going to, however her expression turned to one that was filled with pain and it wasn't long before Kefla was crying.

"Kefla, what's wrong?", Marcus pleaded. Despite early hunches, he kept his voice low in order to not draw attention.

Although a lot was coming out, Kefla tried to do the same. It took some effort but she was able to get herself back together.

"Thank you," she said, accepting the tissues Marcus gave her to wipe what remained of the tears.

"Your welcome," Marcus took his hands away, "sorry, this is a lot for you no doubt."

Kefla rubbed her head with one of her hands, "don't take it the wrong way. Like I said, if I was like any other naive kid I would have hated you for disappearing on me so suddenly with out any notice. But I understand that you had no choice and it wouldn't be right for me to be bitter after hearing your reasons."

Marcus sighed, "yes but, with how broken everything is...with our family..."

"Did you happen to hear anything about my mother?", Kefla pressed him.

Her question hit Marcus as very odd. He hardly knew the woman as much as Kefla did. And he wanted to be honest, he did not want to keep an ear out for anything about the state of that woman or what circumstances she was involved with these days. Not after what he had caught glimpses of back in his youth.

"I'm sorry, but I haven't," Marcus admitted honestly, "why do you ask?"

kefla gave him a pained smile, "it was a dumb question, but I thought she would have been locked up in one of those places just like you and somehow some word might have caught around."

"Um...", Marcus was stunned. How much did she actually...

Having somehow been able to read his line of thoughts Kefla told him, "before daddy passed away and I was taken to live with Grandmother I finally got him to open up on my mother. It was very hard for him to tell me what he said about the woman that contributed to my existence, and when I think back on it, it was something that I should have left closed. However I wanted to know so badly, have something about her that I could keep with me, so he eventually gave in."

Marcus shook his head, not believing that Kefla's dad would have actually done that, "I-I'm sorry."

This time, Kefla placed her hand on one of Marcus', "don't be. It took some time but I made peace with it. Besides, like you and I, she faced things that unfortunately could not be controlled. At least for my benefit she is far away from me."

Marcus rubbed a hand through his hair, "well, that's a relief. Okay then, if that's taken care of we can continue on because there are some important things I want to tell you."

Kefla eyed him, "what have you got cooked up this time?"

He smiled, "let me explain."

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