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Behind the Curtain
Chapter Sixteen

Everything had slowed down to almost a complete stop. At least, that's what reality felt like. Which didn't make much sense to Taichi. His whole life had been in slow motion, so why all of a sudden did it seem to be going much slower? One reason, Yamato. Everything that had happened the past couple of weeks flashed before Taichi's eyes. All the fits Yamato had, all the out comes. Everything. He just knew that if this went badly everything would be over. There was no turning back now.

Taichi held his breath as he watched Yamato. His chocolate brown eyes watching the blonde's every move. What was he going to say? Do? He could see the wheels in Yamato's head turning, debating what to say. Yamato looked down at his gauze covered wrist, he closed his eyes tightly then looked up at Taichi. His eyes were clouded over, hazy. Taichi couldn't tell what the man was thinking. Finally Yamato opened his mouth to reply.

"I hate hospitals," he said, his voice rough.

Okay, so wasn't exactly what Taichi had been expecting, but better than that. Maybe it wasn't even an answer at all, but anything was better than Yamato getting upset.

"I hate hospitals," he said again, but this time as he said each word all the electronics hooked up to him were pulled from his body. "Get this crap off of me."

Taichi was out of this chair in an instant, trying to stop Yamato. Actually, he just stood there staring at the blonde as he pulled everything from his body, freeing himself. Yamato pulled himself out of the hospital bed and stood facing Taichi.

"Take me home." Taichi opened his mouth to reply, but Yamato cut him off. "Please, take me home." Taichi nodded instantly. He arched an eyebrow when Yamato didn't move. "I need clothes first... This," he moved his hands signaling the hospital gown he was in. "Has got to go."

Taichi nodded. "I'll get your clothes."


Once Taichi had gotten Yamato's clothes, which he couldn't remember how he'd gotten them, but once he had - they were out of the hospital and at Taichi's apartment in less than twenty minutes. He hadn't said anything to Yamato the whole way. He was expecting the blonde to make some comment about it now being his apartment but Taichi's - when he specifically said, 'home'. But, nothing ever left Yamato's mouth. Not once. Taichi didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

After a while, Taichi told Yamato he could go to bed. Once the brunet made sure he was in bed and asleep, he went to work. Picking up the phone, he grabbed a phonebook. He searched the phonebook, not really knowing what he was looking for. After much deliberation, he just picked a number and dialed. After the third ring, someone picked up.


"Hi," Taichi said. "I have this... Friend. I think he needs to see a doctor."

"Sir, what do you mean?"

"Um, I think he needs to see a doctor... I think he may have some sort of mental illness."


After what felt like forever, Taichi was finally able to hang up the phone. He had talked to a doctor about Yamato. Taichi had asked him what the blonde might have. Taichi explained Yamato's behavior to the doctor, and the doctor said that it sounded like it was a borderline between Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder. Taichi didn't know what to say to that, he was dumbfounded. He asked the doctor what should be done about treatment. The doctor said that Yamato would probably have to go through psychotherapy, and maybe put on some kind of medication.

Taichi thanked the man and hung up the phone. He sat on the couch staring at the blank television screen, trying to come up with way to talk to Yamato about it. He jumped when Yamato sat down next to him.

"What's wrong?" Yamato asked, arching an eyebrow.

Taichi shook his head. "Nothing, I was just thinking."

Taichi couldn't figure out how to ask... tell... whatever, Yamato about the phone call he made. Maybe he wouldn't have to. Maybe Yamato was okay now, and this incident made him realize how foolish he was acting... Or crazy - whichever.

Before though, he hadn't thought anything about the hospital. Until it hit him, was he supposed to - was he able to take Yamato out of the hospital? Taichi didn't recall ever signing him out and usually if you're in a hospital - in order to leave - you have to sign out. Taichi couldn't recall any of that. Great, now he was going to be hunted down and taken to jail or something. Or, maybe he was overreacting. He'd done what Yamato had wanted, and that's all that mattered.

"The doctor said I should seek professional help," said Yamato, breaking the silence between the two. Taichi snapped out of his thoughts. Yamato continued, "He said that I am mentally ill, and it wasn't just the suicide attempt." Yamato sounded confused and broken; like he never even realized there was a problem till now. "He said that there's something else wrong."

It took everything in Taichi not to say something. Something about the doctor being right because for some reason it felt like now wasn't the time. Instead, Taichi said, "If that's the case, then maybe you should get it checked out." Yamato shook his head.

"Why would I want some asshole judging me, telling me I'm not normal when he's far from normal himself."

What was Taichi supposed to say to that? "Just go get tested. If you're sick then you can get better, right?" He hoped he sounded compassionate. He hoped he wasn't making Yamato feel worse - because he sounded pretty down on himself.

Yamato shrugged. "Tested... Like some sick lab experiment," he replied darkly.

"No, not like that. Just - go talk to a doctor. See if it's different than what you're thinking." Taichi hoped he was doing a good job at convincing Yamato. He hoped he wasn't being suspicious. Yamato stared at Taichi.

"Why do you want me to go so bad? You're plotting something, aren't you?" Yamato accused, his eyes dark as they bore into Taichi's. The brunet shook his head quickly.

"No," he said quickly. "Stop being so paranoid, it's stupid. Everyone's not out to get you." Taichi bit his lip, wishing the sentences had never left his mouth. He first instinct was to counteract what he said, but thought against it - that would only make it worse. Yamato never said a word though. He looked as if he were contemplating what Taichi said. Maybe he was - the average person's definition of - 'normal' now because Taichi knew first hand that this was not normal behavior for Yamato. Normal behavior would be yelling and throwing Taichi against walls. That would be normal... For Yamato at least.

But, Yamato said nothing. Taichi was starting to think that the blonde ignored the comments completely. The two fell into silence. The longer the silence got the more nervous Taichi got.

"Do you think I should?" Yamato asked, finally breaking the silence that Taichi thought would swallow them both whole. Taichi shrugged.

"What does it matter what I think..." he muttered under his breath.

"Whatever." Yamato snapped back.

The word made Taichi's head snap back like he'd been smacked. Which, maybe he had. His face was hot and stinging. Taichi looked at Yamato, the blonde's glare intense.

After a few moments of staring at Yamato, Taichi grabbed the blonde's shoulders. Yamato arched an eyebrow at the brunet's actions just as Taichi's lips met his. Yamato tensed immediately, and Taichi started to regret his decision. But before Taichi could pull away Yamato started kissing back, his body relaxing. Taichi's hands moved into the blonde's unruly hair. He licked at Yamato's bottom lip, asking for entrance with his tongue - Yamato's lips parting immediately.

Taichi pushed Yamato back on the couch - straddling his waist, but never breaking the kiss.

When Daisuke walked into Taichi had his hand down Yamato's pants, both men's shirts were on the floor.

"Hey, Taich--!" he started. Taichi jumped instantly, his body surging backwards and off the couch; he hit the floor with a thud. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" Daisuke said quickly, his eyes wide.

Yamato buttoned his jeans quickly, and grabbed his shirt - pulling it on as well. Taichi jumped up, face flushed, and stared at Daisuke.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "You don't know how to knock?"

Daisuke looked down sheepishly. "I didn't think I needed to. I have been staying here after all." Taichi shrugged.

"Was there something you needed?"

"Yeah, I just came to grab my things. I'm not going to stay here anymore, but I'll call you later."

"Okay, be careful," Taichi said with a nod. "You had better call me." Daisuke nodded in return. He grabbed his things - not like he had many.

"Well, go 'head and get back to... Um... Your business," he said awkwardly as he walked out the door, locking it behind him.

Taichi let out a exasperated sigh and looked over at Yamato. The blonde was standing in the bedroom doorway, leaning against the doorframe - his arms crossed over his chest.

"That kid annoys me," he said simply. Taichi nodded.

"Me too, sometimes."

Sitting on the couch, Taichi sighed again. He looked over at Yamato. "You really want to know what I think?" he asked. Yamato nodded. "I think you should just go talk to a doctor and see what's going on. Take a few tests if you have to."

"What makes you so sure?" Yamato asked back, accusation could be heard in his tone. Taichi sighed.

"Can't you just do it, instead of questioning everyone? If there's anyone you can trust about this it's me, right?" Yamato rolled his eyes at Taichi and arched an eyebrow. This angered Taichi. He stood up abruptly and pointed an accusing finger at Yamato. "You know, I've dealt with your shit enough to know that maybe you do need to seek medical help. It might be hard to believe but Takeru cares about you, and not just him, but me as well. Hell, if I didn't would I have stuck around this long? Dealing with all the shit you came with."

Yamato's eyes darkened. Taking a step towards Taichi, he pushed his hand to the side, then pushed Taichi himself. He pushed him against the wall, and growled in his face. "Don't even say that you were there the whole time. Fuck you, were you there when I took that razor to my skin? Fuck no. I've only known you a month an a half, so don't say you know enough. You don't know shit. If you don't like the baggage then leave me the hell alone, for some reason you're the one that keeps coming back. I don't need you."

Taichi wasn't scared, not like he usually was. This was going to have to happen if they were going to move past it, and it took him this long to realize it.

"I called a doctor and talked to him about you," he started honestly. "He said that if it's what he thinks it is you'll have to go through psychotherapy. Let me help you, Yama. Please, if you just let me. If we can just work through this out together." Yamato pushed off the wall, away from Taichi.

"No," he said. "I don't want anything to do with you." Taichi would have believe him, but there was no conviction behind the words. He pushed off the wall as well, decreasing the space between them. When Taichi's lips met his once again, Yamato didn't put up a fight. The brunet broke the kiss and stared at Yamato.

"C'mon, Yama. All you have to do it go see a doctor. That's all." Yamato swallowed, then nodded. Taichi grinned and leaned in for another kiss. He grabbed the blonde's hand and pulled him into the bedroom.


Taichi stood outside where Yamato's psychotherapy would be taking place. It had only been a week an a half since he'd convinced Yamato to see a doctor, and here they were. Yamato stood next to him. Taichi glanced over at the blonde and sent him a grin. "C'mon, Yama," he said, grabbing his arm and walking towards the building. Taichi knew this was the first step to recovery, and not just for Yamato; but for himself too.

Let's just say his mother will be happy the next time he calls her, which will be that night. Yes, very happy.


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