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"Mummy I want to travel through the stars when I grow up!" Little Jonathan looked up at his mother as she finished tucking him in to bed.

"Oh really?" She asked as she sat down on his bed.

"Yep!" Jonathan replied happily.

"Well, will you take me with you?" She asked as she pushed a stray piece of hair out of his deep brown eyes.

"Don't worry mummy, I wont leave you behind." Jonathan smiled and hugged his bear tighter.

"Thank you baby, I love you." She said as she hugged her son.

"When will you be back mummy?" Jonathan looked at his mother with tears in his eyes.

"I'll be back before you wake up baby, don't worry, if you need anything Marie is right down stairs ok?" She asked smiling at her 3-year-old son.

"But mummy I'll miss you." Jonathan told his mother as he reached for her arm.

"Come here baby," She took Jonathan into her arms and started to rock him, as she rocked him she sang. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living' my baby you'll be."

"Mummy?" Jonathan asked.

"Yes sweetheart?" She asked as she tucked him back in.

"Love you forever." Jonathan said as his eyes began to close.

"Love you forever baby." She said as she walked out of her son's room, closing the door behind her.

**************************************************************************** ***********************************************

"Now Marie, Jonathan is running a slight fever, he just got over his cold, he should be fine but if anything happens call me right away." She told the girl sitting on the couch as she came into the living room.

"Don't worry Miss O'Neill he'll be fine, He's asleep and you'll be back before he gets up." Marie said standing up to get a drink from the kitchen.

"Yes I should be back before midnight, that's okay right? Not to late?" Miss O'Neill asked as she looked through the closet. "Have you seen my Jacket?" She asked turning in a 360.

"No, it's not to late, it is summer vacation you know, and it's right here." Marie said as she picked up Miss O'Neill's coat from a chair.

"Oh thanks Marie." Miss O'Neill said as she put on the Jacket. "Do you think he'll be okay? I mean I don't want him waking up from a nightmare and I not be there." Miss O'Neill stood by the door and looked down the hall towards her son's room.

"Miss O'Neill he'll be fine, don't worry, that's what I'm here for remember?" Marie asked.

"Yeah, I know your right, Alright I'm going, don't worry if you fall asleep, I'll be home."

"Before Midnight I know now go out and have fun!" Marie said cutting Miss O'Neill off.

"Right okay bye." Miss O'Neill took one last look towards her son's room before heading out the door.

**************************************************************************** ****************************************************************

"Mummy, Mummy, Mummy," Jonathan called as he jumped onto his mothers bed wearing his moons and stars pyjamas still and with his teddy bear clutched tightly under his arm, smiling for all the world.

"Mummy?" Jonathans smile faded as he found her bed empty.

The smile quickly returned as he jumped off the bed and left the room. "Mummy where are you hiding?" Jonathan called as he jumped from black to white tile in the hallway.

"I found you Mummy!" Jonathan yelled as he jumped on the sleeping form under the blankets on the couch.

"Owwww!" the lump said as it rolled over. "Jonathan what are you doing go back to bed." Marie said as she rolled back over.

"But Marie it's morning time." Jonathan said standing in front of the couch.

"No Jonathan it's still night time, so turn out the light." Marie said as she pulled the blanket further over her head.

"No silly! That's the sun!" Jonathan said smiling.

Right after Jonathan's word sunk in Marie flipped into a sitting position, and looked around the house. "Jonathan is your mummy in her room?" Marie asked starting to get a little worried that she was still at their house.

"Marie where's mummy?" Jonathan asked seeing the worry on Marie's Face.

"I'm sure she just went out for a second Jonathan, you know she's always buying you something after she goes out at night, so lets get you dressed and fed before she gets back okay?" Marie said as she picked Jonathan up and carried him to the kitchen.

"Okay what will it be?" Marie asked taking the cereals out of the cabinet.

"This one please." Jonathan said grapping the fruit loops.

"Alright lets get you a bowl, and some milk and your all set." Marie said smiling despite what she was feeling.

**************************************************************************** *****************************************************************

"Marie when is Mummy getting home? She said she'd be here when I woke up." Jonathan said as Marie slipped his shirt over his head.

"She'll be here soon Jonathan don't worry. There." Marie said as she backed up to look at Jonathan in his blue jeans and red fleecy shirt and his brown hair nicely brushed.

"But she said she'd be here when I woke up. I've been up forever where is she?" Jonathan asked. "Today she said she'd take me to see the stars Marie isn't that cool?" Jonathan asked.

"You know Jonathan for a 3 year old your pretty smart." Marie said looking down at him.

Jonathan thought for a moment before he shrugged his shoulder's "Sorry?"

"Don't be sorry Jonathan it's fine." Marie said as she ruffled his hair. Just then the doorbell rang.

"Mummy!" Jonathan yelled as he ran for the door.

The sinking feeling was back in Marie's stomach. "She doesn't ring the bell." Marie said to her self. "Jonathan wait come here." Marie yelled.

"What's wrong Marie?" Jonathan asked as Marie knelt in front of him.

"Stay here Jonathan, I'll get it." Marie said as she got up and walked towards the door, and out of Jonathan's sight.

"Hello?" Jonathan leaned against the door so he could hear Marie and the Visitor better.

"Is this the O'Neill residence?" Jonathan heard a man ask.

"Yes how may I help you?"

"Is your Father available to talk?" A second man asked.

"Mister O'Neill is not my Father." After a pause he heard Marie again. "I'm the babysitter, and No he left them a long time ago."

After another long pause he heard the first man speak. "How many children Miss."

"It's Marie and there's only Jonathan he's three."

"We're going to have to ask you and him to come with us."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Miss please we don't have much time."

It wasn't long before Jonathan heard Marie Call for him. "Marie are they taking us to see Mummy?" Jonathan asked.

"I don't know Jonathan, here put on your Jacket it's a little cold outside." Marie said as she helped him put his jacket on.

As Marie put on her Jacket the officers took Jonathan out to their car. "Do you have a car seat little man?" One of them asked after he picked up Jonathan and rested him on his hip.

"No mummy has the car." Jonathan said shaking his head. "Are you taking Marie and me to see mummy?" Jonathan asked smiling again.

Both Police officers shared a look before the one that was hold him answered. "Yeah buddy we are." He said it so quietly Jonathan almost didn't hear but he knew something was wrong.

**************************************************************************** **************************************************************************** *************

"Mummy?" Jonathan asked as he walked into the small dark room. Jonathan looked around and saw a bed with lots of machines around it, and a person was in the bed to.

"Hey baby." The person said.

"Mummy what are you doing here?" Jonathan asked. "What happed Mummy?" Jonathan asked as he walked beside his mother and saw a bruised face and tubes everywhere he looked.

"Mummy had an accident baby."

"Will you get better soon?" he asked in a whisper afraid if he talked to loud it would hurt her.

"I don't think so Baby."

"Why mummy?"

"Because baby. Mummy has to go soon."

"But I don't want you to go mummy, I need you to stay with me." She could see tears in her son's eyes.

"Come here baby. I'll wait for you in the stars." She said as Jonathan sat on a chair she took his little hand in one of her own and slowly caressed his cheek with the other. "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always...."

The next thing Jonathan knew things were beeping at him all over and people ran into the room. "Mummy?" Jonathan called as a woman in white carried him out of the room.

**************************************************************************** ***************************************************

"May she rest in peace amen."

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