"I have come to tell you that you will soon have Colonel O'Neill back again." Thor said.

"Thor we failed." Daniel whispered with tears in his eyes.

"I do not understand."

"He's dead." Sam looked around the table at everyone there seeing the hurt and pain in their eyes.

"You are mistaken. We revived him a short time ago, and he is currently undertaking our procedure to return him back to his adult self. We currently have his mind up to date however his body is still young."

"You mean he's alive?" Sam asked hopeful.

"Yes he is. There is a problem however."

"What is it?" General Hammond asked.

"The process is done however we could only age his body 33 more earth years. His mind is as it was before he was transformed however his body has lost 9 years."

"You mean gained Thor. Now he looks like he's 36 am I right?" asked Janet.

"You are." Thor said as he bowed his head slightly.

"Can we see him?" Sam asked.

"He is ready." Thor said as he moved his hand over his chairs armrest.

The next thing any of them knew a younger version of Jack was sitting right beside Sam. "Now THAT was different." Jack said smiling.

Sam's face burst into a smile before she threw her arms around Jack. "Your back."

"Yep a little younger but other than that.." Jack trailed off. "Thanks Thor." Jack said smiling.

"It was my pleasure O'Neill." Thor nodded slightly before he was gone in a flash of light.

"Colonel do you know what happened to you." General Hammond asked.

"Kind of sir."

"Care to tell us?" Janet asked.

"Well I remember going to the planet and seeing what looked like my mum. Every once and a while one that planet I remembered things from my life."

"Like what?" Daniel asked after Jack hadn't continued.

"It felt like I relived the night and morning that my mum had died. Everything she said before she left, my dreams that night, the next morning with Marie, and then going to see my mum in the hospital hooked up to all that stuff and what she told me right before she died. The next thing was with Kate the night the Johnson's decided I wasn't the type of kid they wanted, and then playing with lily the new baby right before I went to bed. The last thing I remembered from my childhood is classified so I can't really tell you much." Jack said looking at his hands.

"It's alright Jack you can tell your team if you want." General Hammond said looking at Jack like a father.

"Alright it was at the military Base."

"What happened?" Daniel asked when Jack didn't continue.

"When I was 6 I was recruited or rather taken from the foster house. and Kate" Jack added quietly. "Colonel Sanders was in charge of me."

"Why did they take you?" Daniel asked.

"They wanted to take children that they could mould into the perfect soldiers, my mum had died when I was three and in the three years after I had been with so many foster parents and then given back to Kate they just figured that no one would miss me. All of the other boys were eventually kicked out of the program they were there for the discipline and were not that good. I think it was because I was the youngest they were all over four years older then me so I guess the training worked better on me. I remember when they came to get me, Kate started crying, she felt that because she couldn't adopt me that it was her fault I was going into the military, I remember making her cry even harder when I was hugging her cuz I told her the poem my mum always said to me. Anyways on the planet I remembered it was my 9th birthday and Colonel Sanders came into my sleeping quarters and we talked about how all of the officers treated me different from the other boy's and how they were harder on me not easier so the other boys had nothing to be jealous of. Then Colonel Sanders and some of the other officers had gotten me a new telescope for my birthday, and that was it." Jack looked around at the group forcing a smile for everyone.

"What was the poem?" Daniel asked.

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living'.." Jack trailed off looking at the ground.

"My baby you'll be." Sam finished looking directly into Jack's eye's when his head shot up at her words.

Jack was staring at Sam looking as though he was going to cry but unable to say anything.

"It's all right Colonel what else do you remember?" The General asked.

"I remember going to bed right after that big dinner on the planet and waking up in the middle of the night and seeing what looked like my mum in my room. She started saying something but I couldn't understand what it was. I tired to call for some backup or something but I couldn't move. Everything else is kind of bleary like it happened but yet it was so long ago that its all a little fuzzy."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"Well it's like I had two different childhoods up until I was three, I remember being with my mum but I also remember being with you guys. It sounds crazy I know but what can I say?" Jack asked smiling.

"You remember being with us?" Daniel asked, at Jacks nod he continued. "How does it end?"

"I died." Jack said shrugging his shoulders.

"It was my fault." Sam whispered.

"No Sam, it wasn't your fault, I was stupid. I knew she had a gun. She was so obsessed with being my mother that I didn't think she would use it. It was stupid of me." Jack said placing his hands on Sam's knees.

"You were three you didn't know any better." Sam said with tears coming to her eyes. "I mean you had just started taking that night."

"Sam the only reason I hadn't said anything before was because I didn't have anything to say. You guys were always there and gave me everything I needed. I only started talking that night because she didn't know what I needed, she was taking me away from the people that I loved... To many people have been taken away in my life and I didn't want you to be one of them." Sam nodded her consent and Jack took her in his arms again.

"Never think that it was your fault, besides it let me see my real mum for awhile before the Asgard brought me back." Jack said smiling.

"Alright now that Sg-1 is back together again take some time off to get requited and I'll see you all soon by the way Colonel in the three years that you haven't been with us some rules were changed you and major Carter should read them." General Hammond said smiling.

"Yes you should." Janet said smiling.

"Yeah guys once you get married we already have a room for the little ones." Daniel added.

"It would indeed be most useful for when you reproduce." Teal'c said with a small smile.

"You guys I just got back and you want us to go and make babies?" Jack asked.

"I did enjoy the time spent with the younger version of yourself O'Neill I would be more then willing to spend time with yours and Major Carters offspring."

"Teal'c!" Sam said smiling. "I can't believe this is happing." Sam said putting her head in her hands.

"Come on Sam I want to hold a baby." Janet said whining.

"Well why don't you have one then?"

"We're working on it." Daniel said smiling.

Everyone burst out laughing before Sam suddenly stood up Taking Jack's hand. "Come on we have to make up for lost time they are way ahead of us." Sam said leading him out of the room.

"Sam this isn't a race." Jack said.

"Oh yes it is." Janet said behind him.

"Really?" Both Jack and Daniel asked.

"Yeah it's called who ever gets pregnant first gets all the stuff we bought for you." Janet said smiling.

"I remember some of that stuff. Lets go Sam!!" Jack said running away.

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