Little less than a year ago, Clyde was unwillingly transported from Earth to Satovia, a world created by a god in secret. This world is just like any other with a few exceptions. First, to any being from any other world, this world would look exactly like an anime. People have big eyes, different colored natural hair, exaggerated expressions are normal, etc. Secondly, magical feats are very possible by humans and monsters alike. And third, gods openly interact with the powerful beings of this world to further their own plans.

This world was chosen by the celestial, once they discovered its existence, as the battlefield for the Stone vs Viper games. These games place two beings from different worlds against each other. For this battle only powerful beings are selected. Clyde was one of these two and was given the title of The Stone.

Clyde, at first, felt out of place and hoped only to to return to Earth. However a system put in place by the celestial continued to give him quests, missions, and objectives to push him to becoming The Stone in all its glory. As he continued in this new world, he met a large array of enemies and friends. The enemies ranged from simple goblins to demons lords to celestials themselves. His friends, not to be upstaged by the villains, ranged from humans to succubi to gods.

As his powers grew, he learned that being The Stone meant that he himself was a God, master of time and space, life and death, however at such a young age, he could only maintain his god mode for a small amount of time, and then had to rest before attempting to use god mode again.

A wonderful part of being a god, meant that polyamory was to be expected, and having powerful wives was a great way to gain power quickly.

Clyde chose to pick his wives for no other reason than love, ignoring weather or not they were powerful. Luckily all his current fiances are more than capable of holding their own. A few examples would be Ruri, a monster-girl. She is the princess of the Hellhounds and as such, holds unimaginable powers, she can fight of angels, demons, and even gods.

Kitome, a magical girl that holds great power when transformed. She has been able to keep up with powerful wizards, androids, and other monsters.

Natalia, a powerful witch, able to bring destruction and chaos with one of her many god tier level spells, although she is an adult, she is cursed with a child form. She struggles to maintain her adult form for longer than a few minutes.

And Ming, the Prophet for Team Stone, she is able to work with Clyde to help him predict dangers that can be avoided or prepared for, while not seeing the future, she is a very popular author.

After fighting to save his new home from the Demon Lord Hades, The Inquisition, and even a trickster god Clyde and his team have enjoyed a well deserved time off. However as being heroes does not always pay the bills, his team is preparing to face yet another powerful opponent. The second semester of College.

Chapter 1

Clyde woke among his many fiances unable to move his arms which were currently held under the bear traps that were Alice and Chika. Tired of Clyde stealing her toothpaste Alice decided that she would definitely wake up at the same time as him and would not let go of his arm until he would wake her and therefore preventing him from using her toothpaste. Chika simply wanted to him to sleep as close as possible to her as she was feeling a little dejected as of late.

With a kiss on each of their foreheads both girls woke up to their loving fiance. They both noticed a bulge in his boxers.

Reading each other's minds, they decided to have some fun with their man before leaving the bed.

"Perverted husband," yelled Natalia as she opened the door. "Dummy dryad lady is bullying me!"

Airi walked into the room with stars in her eyes, "I'm simply asking her questions about the difference in her mental states when she changes forms," pleaded the super-druid. "Seems that some knowledge not accessible to her smaller form opens up to her when she transforms to her older form!"

At this the rest of the girls began to rise from their slumbers, removing any chance Chika and Alice had of being able to have their way with the young man.

An hour later Clyde walked into the living room where Yuki was chastising Neko and Cheshire for what seemed the 100th time to stop going into the kitchen. Both catgirls sat with their ears drooping in a false show of regret knowing full well that they would try again the second she turned her back.

This Sunday being the last day before classes started, had most of Team Stone running all over the place, all the while Chika glared at everyone from her seat in the middle of the living room. As a model student all her supplies were neatly packed and ready for school tomorrow, her business was completed for at least two weeks where at most she would need to pop in for a few minutes if something went wrong, and all other matters were handled to assure her first week back in school would go smoothly.

She even went as far as setting up plans for the rest of team stone to make sure they would also be prepared, mostly so she wouldn't have to run behind them at the last second to get them ready.

"Please Harumi," pleaded Alice, "I know I purchased all my textbooks, someone must have taken them by accident and I don't have time to look for them, please help me find replacement at the bookstore."

Chika had of course purchased extra books for whoever was procrastinating, however after giving her last set to Seth, she didn't have an extra set for Alice, who she knew had already bought hers a week earlier.

"Come one," began Chika, "I'll take you, I need to buy a few advanced books for an extra class I'll be taking anyways."

Realization shot through Harumi and Clyde that if she had signed up for an extra class, she would have signed them up for it as well.

"Chika, can you get me a copy too?" Asked Clyde.

"Don't worry Clyde, I'll go with them and get you one," responded Harumi.

"I need to get some books from the secret bookstore underneath the mall anyways," said Airi as she walked into the living room, "so I'll tag along."

Clyde could not pass up a secret bookstore, why hadn't he heard of it. Surely Tear and her network should have told him about it, surely they know everything going on in the city, right?

[They know but you never asked them baka]

Thank you system, thought Clyde. But this was great news, maybe he could find more books regarding secret Ki techniques.

"I'll definitely go to a secret book store!" Exclaimed Clyde.

Natalia anime-dived from the couch toward Clyde and yelled, "take me too husbando-"

With a quickness that Clyde could barely follow, Tear snatched up the small loli from the air.

"Must I remind you that you and I have business to attend to today, plus you haven't even began preparing for the class you're supposed to teach tomorrow," chastised Tear.

With an apologetic look Harumi waved at the small form of Natalia who was crying trying to pull away from Tear and then followed Clyde, Chika, Airi, and Alice outside.

They jumped quickly to the North-side Lotcity Mall and began shopping for their books. They stopped to get some drinks at the most popular coffee place in the mall.

Once they finished their drinks, they followed Airi towards the secret entrance to the secret bookshop, a dark door on a small corner of the mall. It looked like a janitors closet and would have been missed by the entire party if Airi had not bee-lined for it.

As they entered what looked like a small hallway, a space much larger then the two stores at either side of the door appeared before them. Rows upon rows of bookcases filled with thousands of books, books on history and geography, mathematics and science. Books on dragons, elves, and other magical beasts. Books on space travel, time travel, and inter-dimensional travel. Anything you could think of was here. The bookcases went as far as the eye could see and were at least twenty meters high.

Airi looked in wonder at all these books that belonged in her room but she had yet to posses.

Her eyes lit up and she was gone in a flurry of wonder, asking herself millions of questions, trying to decide what topic she would like to research next. Chika had moved over to a large section on Entrepreneurs her eyes fixed on a book titled Greatest Entrepreneurs in the Multiverse and Their Final Mistakes. Doubtful that she would ever make a mistake, however knowing what caused others to fail would only increase your chances of success.

Harumi glanced at a large collection of comics with a boy dressed in orange and a large Orange nine tailed fox behind him, seemingly annoyed at the portrayal of what a nine tailed fox would look like.

Alice absentmindedly walked through rows of books glancing at book titles, some for an instant, others for a few seconds before moving on.

Clyde didn't know where to start. Space travel seemed interesting, time travel seems too complicated as a time paradox would not help anyone. And finally decided to look for books that would further his current skills.

Hours went by and Clyde grew worried that Airi would never return, and decided to go look for her. Alice, Chika, and Harumi followed along trying to restrain themselves from looking for more books as they had already spent a fortune in the first few bookcases alone. Thankfully Clyde's storage space was able to assist them in carrying all those books.

After a 25 minute walk (did this place have an end?) they finally found Airi reading an old book labeled 1000 Herbs and Fungi by Phillida Spore.

"Airi," began Clyde, "I know that you crave information more than anything but we really should get back so we can purchase your books before they close the store."

Without glancing up Airi responded, "wait! I've never came across any of these plants in this book throughout all my travels, there must be a book telling me where to find any of these plants."

She glanced towards a section that was roped off with a sign labeled RESTRICTED.

"It must be in this section," she continued, "it calls to me." And she walked over the rope.

Clyde knew better then to argue, so she let her go, however, a loud POP and a bright flash pulled his attention and he could not see his favorite Druid anymore. The girls immediately ran towards where they last saw Airi, ready for battle with Clyde in the lead, when a loud POP and a bright flash consumed them. As they staggered looking around, they noticed Airi safe and sound.

Without wanting to stay to find out what just happened Clyde turned around calling his party, "let's go. I dont know what that was but I'd rather not find out so lets-" the words lost in his throat as he stared at a wall of smooth stone. Come to think of it, the room was a lot darker as instead of lights, small candles illuminated the bookshelves now. And something else was off. Was he imagining it or did Airi not look so... Anime?