Chapter 7

Chika awoke early in the morning. She looked around and was not surprised to find her roommates still was after all only seven in the morning and breakfast did not start for another two hours.

She cast a few spells to make sure she would not make noise and wake any of the other girls, especially Daphne. That girl seemed to be watching her like a hawk after their conversation at the feast last night. In a way, that was a good thing, she would be able to use her as an alibi in most cases as she would no doubt end up in one mess or another if what Professor McGonagall had said had any truth to it.

Harry Potter had entered the forbidden forest where he met centaurs and a dying unicorn, fought off Voldemort after a series of traps in the third floor corridor and became the youngest seeker in a century all on his first year. In his second year he had become known as the heir of Slytherin, opened the chamber of secrets and rescued Ginny from a Basilisk and a shadow of Voldemort. Third and fourth year he had met face to face with an escaped alleged murderer, one Sirius Black, and joined in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. This kid would no doubt be the center of trouble this year as well and Clyde had already promised his help to the boy-who-lived when speaking to Dumbledore and no doubt had already found him and promised him in person as they are both Gryffindors.

Chika pushed the thoughts to the side, right now she had to manage to get the Tanaka company up and running and she only had about an hour to begin her plan this morning before breakfast,.

She got dressed in a hurry, although made no noise. She gathered all her notes from the night before as she had spent all her time before the feast researching the markets in Japan using the room of requirement's access to all kinds of information. Apparently muggle magazines were easy to acquire should you require them. And after her chat with the Slytherins, especially Greengrass, she would have to make good on her word of owning her own company.

Chika looked around to make sure non of the girls had gotten up in the few minutes she took to get ready, and as they were all still asleep, she left the room.

It was cold down in the dungeons but with a warming spell she no longer felt the chill. She rushed out and found the nearest bathroom. It would do her no good to look a mess, and she could not take the time in her room to get ready properly. She washed her face and combed her hair. Used a very small amount of make up, almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye, but enough to make her look a little brighter. Chika looked at her hair again, not used to this color. Although it didn't look bad at all, she was very glad that Clyde had noticed how insecure she felt in this new body, and took her aside to tell her how breathtakingly beautiful she was. It of course did help to notice all the boys' mouth hang open upon seeing her and the other girls. She also noticed a lot of the girls glancing over at Clyde, but paid no mind to them. It would be a waste of her time to make enemies simply because they liked her fiance.

Once she was ready, she rushed to Professor McGonagall's office, silently as to avoid any of the other professors, ghosts, or the caretaker. She used all the shortcuts she had learned in the past week, including some that did not make sense. How she walked down a set of stairs and ended up three floors higher she would never know, although magic seemed to answer everything around here.

Soon enough she spotted Professor McGonagall stepping out if her office. "Professor," she called out.

Minerva did not seem surprised but Chika managed to notice the tiny hint of her being caught off guard. "Yes Miss Tanaka, how may I assist you?" She asked the young Slytherin.

"I am very sorry to interrupt you so early in the morning," she began, "I just wanted to ask you for assistance, as I do not know any of the other professors, and only you and the Headmaster know of our predicament, I found that only you would be able to assist me."

Minerva looked around and seemed to be deciding on what to do, after a very short pause, she opened her office door again and accepted Chika inside.

"Miss Tanaka, I normally do not accept requests this early in the morning, however I know that you are new to this world and will let it slide this one time. However I would much rather that you made an appointment beforehand, as I do have pressing matters to attend to and will now have to set those aside for this impromptu meeting," she said with a slight glare at Chika.

Chika looked unperturbed and responded, "I assure you professor. I value your time and would not be here if I felt that this was not important. I would like to request your assistance on an important matter. You see the rest of the Slytherins seem to be monitoring my every move so doing this at a later time would be immediately noticed. As for what I'm here about well that's simple. I would like to start a company in Japan, and I need your assistance, as I cannot leave the school." Professor McGonagall seemed a bit taken back at the prospect of this you girl starting a business, but then remembered that they were from a different world and might have a different expectation as to what age people started business ventures.

"Miss Tanaka, I do not know how your world worked but in this world, fifteen year olds do not start companies, furthermore, i do not know how I would be able to assist you in starting a company, and I would much rather help the Order than go off of a business venture," she answered quickly.

"I understand that fifteen year olds do not run their own companies very often if at all in this world," Chika started to explain, "that is why I would like for you to be the one in charge of the company in name only. As for my age, well all five of us are actually much older, and I already run a very successful company back in our world. As for assisting the Order, this would definitely benefit you in that end as well. I have already done all the research that I would need," at this she began pulling out a few folders from her bag and placing them on the professor's desk.

"See, all I need is for you or someone that you trust, to get in touch with a Mr. Tanaka, I was very lucky to find someone with my same last name who happened to be a lawyer, once you send him this letter," she separated a letter from the rest of the paperwork, "he will be able to begin the foundation of my company. As to how that will help the Order, I am willing to provide the Order with a very generous fifty percent of any profits I make. All startup money will be handled by Clyde of course. It is a zero risk business venture for you, and if it succeeds at all, than the order will have more money for tools, equipment, possibly even a new hideout. And using Mr. Tanaka, will ensure that it doesn't come back to you at all."

Professor McGonagall looked through some of the paper work that Chika had given her. She did not understand half of what she saw but she understood that Chika did and that is all that mattered.

After looking some more though the paperwork she looked up to Chika and answered her, "Miss Tanaka, while I highly appreciate the fifty percent profits going to the Order, I can in no good conscience take advantage of you in this way. I will gladly help you with this, but we cannot abuse our students and take their hard earned money to further our own political goals."

"Professor, I would like to use this as a means of helping the Order, the only reason why I offered fifty percent instead of all, is because I hope to use the other fifty percent to expand the company as quickly as possible, as you may know, Clyde is very wealthy and we have no need for more in this world. However I do not find your group ready to take from students, so a company started with your help should do three things for us. First, it will provide a cover for my story of being a wealthy pure blood for those Slytherin purists. Secondly it will provide a way for us to show how we are getting all the items we have and help the Order as well. And lastly it will allow us to help the Order in such a way, that you will allow us to become official members."

The professor was taken aback by this, she did not expect her new inter-dimensional traveling students to want to be of this much help to the Order, "I can see your points Miss Tanaka. I will help you with your company immediately however I will have to discuss the rest with the Headmaster and the members of the Order."

"Thank you professor," responded Chika as she got up to bow. "I look forward to working with you, I will see you in class."

Chika got up to leave as Professor McGonagall escorted her out, now with the letter in her hand.

Chika made her way back to the dungeons and managed to walk into her room and into their shared bathroom before the rest of the girls got up. She pretended to get ready for a while and finally heard the other girls shuffle in their beds. Daphne was the first to join her in the bathroom, "good morning lady Tanaka," she said while rubbing her eyes.

Chika held down a giggle, "good morning lady Greengrass."

They both brushed their teeth as the other girls finally woke up and joined them. Pansy Parkinson was the only one to not acknowledge Chika, even Millicent grunted in her direction which she assumed was some kind of trollish for good morning.

As she had been up for about an hour now, she was the first to leave, she made her way towards the great hall so that she can join the other four, the only problem would be sitting arrangements, maybe she could start by sitting them at the Slytherin table, that way her house would not think of her as a traitor on the first day.

She entered the great hall which, as every other day, looked spectacular. The ceiling was a nice soft cloudy scene. It was very calming to look at, a calm which immediately abandoned her as the uproar from the Gryffindor table reached her. The red headed twins had a group of first and second years around them, loudly complaining about side effects of some sort, were they asking about them? Or saying they were having them? Other children were excitedly speaking about quidditch and their possibility of being a keeper as Wood was gone. Many other loud conversations were being carried out up and down the table.

Clyde and Alice were seated with a group of fifth years she could only assume were Harry and his friends. She walked over to them, but did not take a seat.

"Good morning Clyde, good morning Alice," she greeted them.

"Good morning Chika," they responded in unison.

"I take it that you two already befriended Harry Potter, which I take that to mean that this is Ron Weasley and Harmione Granger?" She asked.

Ron looked a little annoyed, Harry seemed indifferent but Harmione responded for them, "yes that would be us. Please ignore Ron, his brain doesn't work well this early in the morning and forgets that you aren't like the other Slytherins."

"I can understand where he is coming from," responded Chika, "that's why I'm not sitting with you, if they found me sitting at the Gryffindor table, all my work last night and this morning would be for nothing. Speaking of which, "Clyde, Alice, you are both by business partners as far as Slytherins are concerned and I have received assistance from Professor McGonagall with a new business venture. I expect success within a week."

Clyde and Alice were very used to Chika's impressive accomplishments and figured she would have some kind of business empire by the end of the month. However Harmione seemed shocked, "you have Professor McGonagall helping you with something like that? How did you manage that?"

Ron seemed to forget that she was a Slytherin and instead looked up to the beautiful girl in front of him and waited for her response. She looked directly at Harmione as to ignore Ron, leaned forward, and whispered, "I told her that the money would go toward the Order, as Clyde is filthy rich so we don't need money, however this gives us an excuse to be filthy rich."

"That's brilliant," responded Harmione.

"Well I should go," said Chika as she looked at her watch, "the Slytherins should be coming down any second now, and I want to grab Airi and Harumi to talk to them at the Slytherin Table."

At this Ron remembered that she was a Slytherin and scowled, receiving an elbow to the ribs from Harmione who acknowledged her departure, "I hope to see you around. I have tons of questions for you."

Chika went over to Airi who was talking to a younger looking girl with dirty blonde hair. They seem to be speaking about Crumple-Horned Snorkacks, which Airi seemed immensely interested in.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but would it be possible for me to steal my friend for a bit?" She asked the blonde.

"If you are going to give her back, it would be more borrowing then stealing," she responded without looking up at the new arrival. Although she is welcome to go wherever she likes as long as she tells me if she happens to find any of the creatures on the list I gave her."

Airi got up to leave with Chika, "I'll see you later Luna, and I promise to share anything I find with you as long as you do the same."

The girl named Luna waved at them and went back to eating however she was inspecting everything she would eat with a small red monocle before actually putting it in her mouth.

Next up would be Harumi, she had just walked through the doors with two other Hufflepuff girls at her flanks and a boy who seemed to be trying to get her attention.

She looked up to see Chika and Airi, excused herself from her group and walked over to them, "I'm glad to see you two, that boy is insistent of talking to me, I hope he isn't trying to get me to date him."

Airi hid a small laugh, while Chika looked over at an empty spot in the Slytherin table and guided them to sit. She quickly summarized what she told Daphne, explained why Clyde and Alice were still at the Gryffindor table, and told them their roles in her plan, no sooner did she finish then Draco walked in with Crabbe and Goyle, Pansy right behind them, the rest of the Slytherins walked in a different groups slightly behind them. Draco looked over at the three girls and bee lined towards them.

"What, did the rest of the Slytherins figure out you're a fake and abandon you?" He asked without waiting for an answer, "I would ask that you please not dirty our table with a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, at the very least you didn't bring any Gryffindor trash here."

Daphne chose that moment to sit next to Harumi and across from Chika, the rest of her group sat very close by as well, "I am sorry Draco, this is a business meeting, if you could please excuse us," Daphne waved him off and turned to Harumi, "Chika says that you are working with her and that Airi here controls the branches in China, is that correct?"

"Yes, that would be correct," she responded.

Daphne looked over to Airi, "and what do you do in China for the company?"

Airi, having experience in BSing her way into anything responded, "I look for talent from young wizards and witches, I also scout the muggle population for businesses that can better help our main company, finding cheaper alternatives or better services for us is always a win. As my family has always had a large presence in China and South Korea, who better than I for this?"

Daphne seemed less suspicious at having the other two girls back up Chika but they knew that they would need solid proof to get her on their side. The others like Tracey seemed to follow along with whatever Draco or Daphne said so they were not that important.

"I'm opening a new more public branch soon," Chika said to the group, "I'll show you how well a new Tanaka line works and then you can decide from there, and if you decide to work with us, I'll see if your up to the challenge of being partners with us."

The group of power hungry Slytherins looked excitedly at each other, Daphne seemed to relax a bit.

"Furthermore, I would like to remind you that we are from Mahoutokoro, and we do not divide ourselves by houses, so if you see me at any of the other tables, or see them at this table, just know that either we are discussing business, or we are talking with our friends who have been in our life since any of us can remember," that last bit was a lie of course but Chika imagined her life before Team Stone as being nothing compared to it after joining. She had finally made more friends, opened up to people, she had started her own company, she was engaged, as she thought that, she absentmindedly looked down at her ring.

Daphne, not one to miss a single detail immediately asked, "I've been meaning to ask, are you engaged?"

The rest of the table looked over at her, she wasn't worried though, she figured someone would ask eventually.

She looked over at the other two girls and finally responded, "well, Alice, Harumi, and I were promised to Clyde before we were born," it was something common both in Japan and in the wizarding world for parents to decide on their kids future spouses so it was the story they had agreed on to tell the other students, "we haven't really gotten too much into that however as we are all just friends at the moment. We can figure out the marriage stuff later."

Daphne stole a glance a Draco, "my parents were thinking of something similar, but if I ever ended up engaged to a certain someone, I would probably end up a widow not too long after."

The girls all laughed at his expression, he seemed to have moved away when everyone ignored him and sat down with some of the older Slytherin.

"Don't worry Greengrass," he spat out, "we wouldn't stoop so low as to arrange a marriage with an unworthy house."

From the faces of those around him, it seemed that he had just made a huge mistake with that comment. If Chika understood these pure bloods, then every Slytherin of any ancient house would be sending owls of at the earliest possibility to notify their parents of this exchange. Speaking badly of the other ancient houses was a taboo of sorts.

Daphne smirked and ignored him, where Chika stood, she felt that Daphne had won. And as Daphne was the one who she was after, it meant that her side was winning.

For the rest of breakfast the girls conversed with the other Slytherins about classes, their family histories, and Mahoutokoro, good thing they researched that school so much.

After breakfast she followed the rest of the Slytherin fifth years as they went to Herbology, where they got a chance to learn about plants that needed to be kept at exactly forty four degrees Celsius for one hundred eleven days. After which they would bloom into a dragon shaped violet flower. This flower would then be able to be used in a large number of ways, one of which was a potion to help a person have better memory for a short period of time. Professor Sprout had given them the option of taking care of one each, and whoever managed to keep theirs until it bloomed, would be able to use it during their Herbology finals exam. Of course there was much more to caring for one then just keeping it at the right temperature, water had to be given to it once every three days, no more no less. The plant would have to move to different soil once the soil itself started to smell like vanilla. And finally, no fire could be within two meters of it at any given time except during a full moon, at which it requires the warmth of a fire to survive.

Chika did not need a potion to remember, and would ace the class no matter what, however she would not back down from a challenge. She took her plant, and placed inside a small box, she enchanted the box to maintain the desired temperature, she then placed an enchantment on the box to make it have a five meter by five meter by five meter space. She then placed a large container of water attached to a small device which would water the plant every three days. Finally she enchanted the box to not allow anyone other than her into the box, with that she was confident that all she would have to do was check the soil for the vanilla smell and bring a flame on the full moon.

Professor Sprout was walking around from one student to the next correcting them on their notes, how they were handling the plants, even what type of soil they were using when she finally walked up to Chika.

"Chika, is that device going to water your plant for you?" She asked.

"Yes professor," Chika responded.

"How will it know when to water it?"

"I have it set up so that it takes seventy two rotations for it to activate, each rotation is set up to be complete every hour, so once it finishes its rotations, three days will have passed and will deposit a pre-measured amount of water, once complete, everything will reset itself and the container will refill with the same amount of water and the wheel will begin its seventy two rotations again."

Professor Sprout could not hide her surprise and squeaked, "did you think of this by yourself?"

Chika nodded, "yes professor, I have many things to do this year, so I needed something to help me take care of the plant."

Professor Sprout seemed very proud of Chika, "fifteen points to Slytherin, this is very impressive. Not even Neville has thought of something like this."

The rest of the Slytherins were caught between wanting to make fun of her for doing so well in Herbology and being impressed that she came up with such a solution to her dilemma. Eventually Daphne congratulated her and most of the Slytherins followed suit.

Daphne walked over to Chika after Professor Sprout moved on to the next student, "so you're going to help me with those crazy spells right?"

"Well I could probably teach them to you, but I won't do them for you if that's what you're asking," Chika responded while double checking her work.

After a second Daphne continued, "well of course I wouldn't ask you to do it for me, but that is some advanced magic, it would be great if I could learn from such a talented witch."

Chika finally turned to the Slytherin girl, "good, because aside from Airi, all of us had the top scores in our year for our houses, and that has all been due to my study plans. Those three would not be as successful without me, and now that I have the chance, I will make sure that Airi joins us for the top five scores in the school. So, like them, I would prefer to have you learn yourself even if it is under my direction, rather than me just doing it all for you."

Daphne snorted, which made her hide her face behind her hands for a second before composing herself again, "I'm sorry but as much as it pains me to say it, that mud-blood Granger will be hard to beat, she has perfect scores across the board on every subject, she even takes extra classes for fun."

"I hope you're right, I would like at least somewhat of a challenge this time around, aside of course from Clyde Harumi and Alice," she said absentmindedly. "Now which spell would you like to learn first?"

"Well, first I would like to learn how to make that contraption I guess," Daphne responded, seemingly dropping her guard around Chika for the first time.

The two girls worked on their plants together for the rest of the class, and finally agreed to practice some of the spells in their room later that night.