HEXED WOLF: A Streak in the Night

AUTHOR: IrishTomboy@attbi.com


PAIRING: Thorn/OC, Daphne/Freddy (of course)

DISCLAMIER: I own none of them except Jaguar and CĂș, though I wish I did.


WARNING: If love between two women bothers you then get out NOW!

A streak through the night was the only disturbance of the dark. A creature, not man nor creature ran through the trees. Trying to escape or chase something it was unclear but what was, was that it was running with all its spirit. A howl rolls over the forest, muffling out any sounds of the nightlife. Its face was contorted to what outsiders would see as an unrivaled fury but to those that now the language of the night, of the mood and appearances of the shadows, knew the real truth behind the look.
As it came to just the edge of the woodland it stopped and looked out at the animals that were beyond. Drool dripped down its muzzle and like a lightening flash it darted from the shade and took its prey.