CHAPTER: Together Again

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Cheers exploded as red, purple and green smoke burst from the ground, concealing the three singers as they got off stage.

"Good job girls." A gangly man with long tied back hair and a soul patch patted the three on their backs as they came off.

"Thanks Billy." Dusk smirked. "This is the last one of our tour then we can go home."

"Yeah. Back to a 'normal' life. Or whatever that is for rock stars like us." Luna added with a wry grin.

Thorn smiled at her friends. She stretched, popping her back and sighed. For about three years now they'd been major celebrates. Things seemed to be going their way, what with C.D. sails through the roof, plenty of adoring fans and now tours that only seemed to heighten their popularity.

As the three started to put away their gear Billy came up to Thorn and handed her a single rose with a note attached. "Hey Thorn. You got another one."

"Another note?" Thorn asked as she took the note and flower. Another thing that had been happening since the start of the tour Thorn had been getting notes and small presents from a guy the band had dubbed Mr. H. Not that original or creative but it worked.

"So. What's it say?" Dusk asked.

Thorn opened the card and read it.

"I've admired you from afar,

As you've begun to glow more brightly and beautiful then any star.

I wish to meet you but am afraid,

But for this rare chance at your feet my question is laid.

A simple meeting is all I lend,

If you wish to agree to this request then send your answer with friend." Thorn raised an eyebrow. "Friend?"

"Aye, madam." A thick Scottish accent made the woman turn. Standing in front of her was a gangly man with short-cropped red hair and sparkling eyebrows. "My friend truly wishes to meet ye."

Thorn thought for a minute. "Is this some sort of date?"

"No Miss. Thorn. As it said in the note this is only a simple meeting."

Thorn looked down at the ring on her finger. 'Jaguar.' "I don't know."

"Come on Thorn. I don't think Jaguar'll mind. You're just going to meet a fan. You're not going to have a date or anythin' like that." Dusk replied.

Though still uncertain the singer agreed. "Great. I'll go and send the word on." He smiled and bowed then quickly left.

"Wait! Where am I supposed to go!?" But the man was all ready gone. "That was strange."

"Yeah. I'll be right back. I just got to go check on something." Luna disappeared in the direction the man had and caught up with him. "So is everything ready?"

"Aye. Everything is set up in the room."

"Good. Hopefully this will make her a little bit happier."

"Same on our side too." The man looked down at his watch. "Oi! I had better go. Bring her to the room in about an hour."

"Right. I'll tell Dusk. See ya Seamus."

"You as well Miss. Luna." Seamus bowed and slinked back into the shadows.

Dusk smiled and looked at her watch. "Oh Thorn is going to be so happy. After she kills us."


The Hex Girls pushed their way into the hotel, sighing with relief when they finally made it into the sanctuary of the blessed lobby.

"Come on girls. Let's go get packed." Thorn replied.

"Oh crap." Dusk said suddenly, hitting her forehead. "Luna. We forgot our stuff back at the concert hall."

"Oh yeah. Damn. Hey Thorn go on up to the room and get started. Me and Dusk'll be right back."

"Are you sure?" Thorn asked.

"Sure we're sure. Go on up." Dusk smirked.

"All right. I'll see you later, Sisters." Thorn turned and began to walk to the elevator while Dusk and Luna made to go back outside. As soon as Thorn was inside the shaft and the door was closed they stopped.

"I am not going back out there."

"Neither am I. Come on. Let's get up to our room and get some sleep. I'm beat." Dusk pulled from her pocket a card key to the other room they had rented out.


Thorn opened the door and sighed, glad to be back in the safety of her room. In two days she'd be back home and return to a half normal life. Back to her own bed in her own house in her own town. The closest thing she could find to real peace.

Looking up the singer stopped dead in her tracks. All around the room were candles of various shapes and sizes, casting the space in a warm glow. On one of the beds, Thorn's to be more precise; there were hundreds of rose petals, covering the bed spread in a blanket of crimson red silk. Next to her bed was a table set up with various types of snacks, like chocolate covered strawberries and grapes, and in a bucket of ice there was a bottle of champagne. The entire room practically screamed romance.

Suddenly strong arms wrapped around the woman's waist and pulled her back into a wall of warm flesh. "I hope you like this surprise." A husky, but all too familiar voice brushed the woman's ear.

Thorn gasped and turned in the arms. Green eyes fell onto a face she'd never thought she see again except in her dreams. "Oh god."

"Hey love."

"Jaguar!" Thorn smiled and threw her arms around the woman's powerful neck. She kissed the tanned flesh under her mouth and nuzzled it. "I can't believe it's you."

"I'm glad to see you too."

Abruptly Thorn pulled back and hit Jaguar squarely in the shoulder. The Hunter yelped, more in surprise then pain. "What was that for?"

"You're Mr. H?"

"Excuse me?" The blonde woman's voice was laced with a laugh.

"All this time you were sending me those gifts and notes." Jaguar nodded with a small smile on her lips. "Don't do that! God I felt bad promising that I was yours then coming here." The twinkle in the emerald eyes took out most of the sting.

"Then why did you come?" A silvery eyebrow rose.

"I..." But the woman didn't truly know why.

Jaguar saw her lover's dilemma and laughed. "It's fine. I'm glad to know that you still consider yourself mine. Like I consider myself yours." She placed a gently kiss on the singer's lips.

Even after all these years Thorn was surprised at the sensuality and tenderness that the Hunter could display. Here was a woman that had probably seen things that the singer could only have nightmares about, who knew how to fight tooth and claw and yet her kisses and touches were like a butterfly's wing against her skin.

Jaguar picked the woman up and carried her over to the bed. Laying her down Jaguar stripped off her jacket to expose nothing more then a muscle t. She placed a knee on the bed and leaned forward. Grabbing a handful of petals she brought them over Thorn's exposed abdomen and let the natural scarlet silk float down to the alabaster skin, caressing it and sending pleasurable jolts through the younger woman. Jaguar let her hand follow trail, fingertips stroking the skin almost reverently.

"Still beautiful as ever." The Hunter whispered, as if afraid speaking too loud would break the moment.

"I was about to say the same for you." Thorn pulled Jaguar down for a kiss. It started out slow but passion intervened. The Hunter's tongue traced the singer's full bottom lips, asking silently for entrance, which was easily given. Both women moaned at the feeling of their lover's tongue rubbing and dancing against their own.

Soon the need for air became a necessity and they pulled away from each other. Their foreheads touched and for a moment they only looked into one another's eyes.

Thorn finally took the time to study her lover's face. Her face seemed harder, and a faint scar was apparent but the eyes that she last remembered being haunted were now full of love. Reaching up she traced the scar with her fingertips, tracing it down to the woman's full lips.

Jaguar closed her eyes, both enjoying the contact and willing away the memory of the scar. 'This isn't the time or place to remember things like that Jaguar. You have the woman you love in your arms. Don't think about it!' Opening golden eyes back up the Hunter was caught in an emerald gaze.

The singer leaned forward for another kiss, this time rolling over so they were both on their side and reached for the clasp on her dress, slipping it from her body. "I've missed you so much Jaguar."

Without having to say it the Hunter understood and leaned forward, her body wanting just as much as what her lover did.


After an hour of love making the two lay quietly in the bed, Jaguar spooned against Thorn's back. Both felt content for the first time in a long time.

The Hunter looked down at the woman in her arms and couldn't help but feel happiness fill her heart. She leaned forward and kissed Thorn's shoulder, smiling at the goose bumps that rose there.

"Stop." Thorn laughed quietly and turned over so she was looking at the woman. "That tickles."

"I have to remember that." Jaguar said gently. For a moment they simply stared at one another before the Hunter broke the silence again. "Do you want some champagne?"

"Sure." Both women sat up and Thorn leaned against the wall as Jaguar poured both of them a glass. "Jaguar?"

"Hmm." The Hunter asked after taking a sip.

"Where have you been these past five years?"

"Oh, umm...all around."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Do you still...I don't know how to ask this."

"Then just ask." Jaguar said tenderly.

"All right." Thorn set her glass on the side table and gazed into golden eyes. "Do you have nightmares about the night you fought Cú?"

Jaguar froze, her entire body tensing up. " remember that?"


"But, how?"

"It just slowly came to me over the past couple years. Now answer me. Do you have nightmares?"

Jaguar sighed and leaned back a little. "Yeah. Every once and awhile I get them."

"Do you want to talk about it? And what you've been doing?"

The blonde gazed at the singer. She saw determination and love there that made the Hunter's walls crack. Scratching her forehead she shrugged. "There's not much to say. I traveled back to Rose, Nathaniel and Celeb's home to b-bury them. Then I went back to England and China."

"For what?"

"Thorn can we talk about this another time? I just want to be with you and forget everything else." Thorn nodded. Jaguar smiled and kissed her soundly on the mouth. "Thank you." She took a sip of champagne then set it down on the side table. "C'mere." She gathered the younger woman up in her arms and they both sat back, smiling. Jaguar kissed the singer tenderly on her head and began to rock them both.

Thorn wondered what her lover had been up to for the past few years but knew that that would be a subject for another night. This night was for them and them alone. They were in one another's arms. They were together again and nothing else mattered. Her last though before she allowed herself to sink into sleep was that she was finally where she belonged.

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