Chapter 1 -

"Albus!" Deputy headmistress Minerva McGonagall barged into the headmasters office, shock and panic on her face

"Minerva?" Headmaster Albus Dumbledore blinked at the way his deputy and close friend barged into his office "what, may I ask, is the matter?"

"Harry potter!" McGonagall replied

"Mr Potter?!" Dumbledore jumped to his feet, Harry Potter was the boy-who-lived, the boy responsible for stopping Voldemort and Dumbledore knew he was the boy of the prophecy. He had last seen Harry when he had placed him with his relatives, the Dursleys. Dumbledore had great hopes for Harry, if all went well then Harry would follow on the path of the light before he would sacrifice himself for the greater good, though the last part was such a shame as Harry was such an adorable baby. "What has happened to him?"

"He has sent his Hogwarts letter back, saying he does not wish to attend!" McGonagall replied "Albus, imagine that! Harry Potter, son of Lily and James, not wishing to attend Hogwarts!"

"Worry not Minerva, I shall deal with this." Dumbledore promised her, all the while he was wondering what would cause Harry to refuse. He knew that the boy would likely not have a brilliant life at the Dursleys and expected him to jump at the opportunity to attend a school of magic, even if the Dursley's did treat him kindly he should still want to attend, after all what child wouldn't want to learn magic?

"And another thing" McGonagall continued, not the least bit calmed down by the headmasters words "you had left Mr Potter at the Dursleys?"

"Yes?" Dumbledore nodded

"Then why is the address registered to a warehouse in America?!" McGonagall slammed the letter on the desk, showing the shocked wizard that it had indeed been registered to a warehouse in America.

"How?" Dumbledore whispered to himself as he read the address.

Harry James Potter.

Old Abandoned Factory.

Hell's Kitchen. Manhattan.

New York.

"Is this the place?" Minerva asked as she, Dumbledore arrived inside the warehouse along with potions master and teacher Severus Snape.

"I believe so." Dumbledore nodded as he looked around the warehouse. Grey floors and grey walls, not much colour at all. It was dusty in a lot of places, in fact there was so much dust that Dumbledore couldn't help but wave his wand and vanish it all before he could continue looking around. He saw that some of the windows were covered with cardboard. In the centre of everything was a small cot with a blanket and pillow on top, next to it was an old table and what looked like the container from muggle take out food.

"The Potter brat lives here?" Snape sneered as he looked around. "Shall I assume that sleeping in a bed like a regular person is not good enough for him?" Professor McGonagall was about to respond when a sound caught their attention.

They all turned to see a small monkey walked in, the monkey paused when it saw them it then shifted into an aggressive stance and began making noises at them in an attempt to drive them off. However at it's age and height it didn't seem much of a threat to anyone.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming Loki." A voice called, Dumbledore perked up and waited for the owner of the voice to arrive. He assumed that the monkey was called Loki and if he was correct then the voice belonged to Harry.

Soon Harry came in, wearing a worn out pair of white trainers, black trousers, a light green shirt with an open grey hoodie with red sleeves. None of his clothes looked brand new or expensive, in fact they seemed a bit dirty and uncared for. He also had a black backpack on his back. Harry himself looked a little thinner than the average boy his age but was still a decent height. He had the classic black messy hair of his father and green eyes of his mother along with the lightning bolt car on his forehead from Voldemort just as Albus had expected him to have.

Currently Harry's attention wasn't on Dumbledore, Snape or even McGonagall. It was rather on the deck of cards in his hands that he was shuffling.

"Ahem." Dumbledore cleared his throat, causing Harry to look up at him in surprise.

Harry took a moment to look at these three strangers, first there was the old woman dressed in robes with a pointy hat and small glasses that hanged off the bridge of her nose. Then there was the scowling man with pale skin, a long hook nose, greasy shoulder length hair and covered in black robes that contrasted against his skin in the same way the moon would contrast against the dark of night. Then there was the old man in the centre, the old man had a long crooked nose, a weird hat and was dressed in bright purple robes while also having the biggest beard that Harry had ever seen.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Dumbledore said in the form of a greeting. "I am Albus Dumbledore, these are my colleagues Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape. How are you today?" Dumbledore asked, Harry was silent for several seconds before he finally responded.

"S...sorrrrryyy….no...….no speaka English!" Harry drawled as he slowly backed away from these obviously crazy people. " English speak a English..."

"Now I know that this may seem intimidating Harry but I assure you that we mean you no harm." Dumbledore said with a small smile, his eyes twinkled, a classic technique of his to help calm people down and let them drop their guards and trust him. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work on Harry who had just put his cards away as he scooped up Loki in one arm.

"Sorrrrrryyy…" Harry drawled once more. " speak a English!"

"Harry, I..."

"Sorry no speak a English!"

"Harry it's fine, we just..."

"Sorry!" Harry said before he turned and tried to run away, he was about to reach the door when it suddenly closed. He stopped before he crashed into it, he closed his eyes and groaned before turning back to the others. "Alright, what do you want?" Harry asked them in a tired voice.

"Oh, so now you speak English?" Snape said sarcastically.

"I'm a quick learner, now what do you lot want? If it's money then I'm afraid you are very much barking up the wrong tree."

"We are not after your money Harry." Dumbledore said. "You were sent a letter a few days ago."

"Oh yeah," Harry nodded before he placed Loki on top of his head and walked towards the cot, he sat on it before placing his backpack on the floor, he then grabbed Loki and transferred him from the top of Harry's head to the table. "I remember saying no." Harry said as he scratched Loki behind the ears. "Now who doesn't speak English?"

"We've come to talk to you about it Mr Potter, you see your name has been down since birth. Both of your parents attended Hogwarts."

"It is true, they were both Gryffindor's, member of my house." McGonagall said proudly.

"Yes, well I'm not really interested." Harry said. "I mean I've kind of got a good life here."

"My boy, it seems to me that you are in fact homeless." Dumbledore said as he gestured around him.

"Yep, by the way, I feel like I should let you know that in these parts the only people your age that talk to boys my age in that way that you do are those that want to play mummy and daddy without the mummy parts. And no offence, but I am not calling you daddy." Harry replied. Dumbledore frowned for a second before realisation hit him like a train and he understood what Harry was saying, he seemed to be about three seconds behind Snape and a second behind Minerva. "Besides, I am homeless but I like my life, so does Loki, don't you boy?" Harry asked Loki who made a noise of agreement before rubbing his head against Harry's hand.

"Well the brat clearly doesn't want to go," Snape said to McGonagall and Dumbledore. "I suggest we leave him here."

"Vampire McBlack over there is right, bye-bye now." Harry said as he pulled out what appeared to be a milk bottle from his bag. He opened it and then picked up Loki in his hands, he placed the bottle near Loki's mouth so he could start drinking out of it.

"Mr Potter, if you come to Hogwarts then you will be given shelter and free food for all of your time there." McGonagall said. Harry did his best to keep his expression neutral but at this point he was very tempted to just say yes so he could get some fresh food.

"I get free food here. I mean...not good food seeing as a lot of it comes out of bins but..."

"Mr Potter, I am sorry but you shouldn't even be in this country. If it was discovered that you were here then they would send you back to Britian." Dumbledore said. "It is also the law for a British born magical student to attend Hogwarts at least until their owl exams."

"Owl exams? Is that exams done by an owl? Or on an owl? Or with an owl? Do I have to fight an owl?"

"No, it's just the name of the exam." McGonagall explained. "It stands for Ordinary Wizarding Level examinations. I'm afraid that the professor is right, you must come back and attend Hogwarts. It is for your own good."

"You know that if you were so concerned for my good then you could give me all of your money." Harry replied. "What happens if I don't go?"

"Then someone will come from the ministry and make you go." Snape said, impatiently, waiting for this to finish so he could get away from the Potter brat.

"Well that's not nice."

"It is for your own good Harry." Dumbledore said.

"I was talking about his breath." Harry said as he gestured to Snape. "Fine," Harry sighed before Snape could respond. "If I'm going then Loki is coming too."

"That will be a problem, monkey's are not allowed at Hogwarts." Dumbledore replied.

"Well Hogwarts is going to have to make an exception or it can forget having me attend." Harry replied.

"Very well," Dumbledore said before Snape could start going on about Potters demanding special attention. In all honesty it didn't bother Dumbledore much if Harry had a monkey, plus he was the headmaster and more than capable of making changes if they suited his needs. "Loki can attend. You will not have to worry about payment either, your parents had already paid for it when you were a baby."

"Well...that's good planning." Harry said as he stood up and picked up his back pack. "Okay I've got all my stuff now." Harry said as he picked up Loki.

"That is all of your stuff?" Dumbledore asked.

"No I forgot my solid bars of gold." Harry said sarcastically.

"What the hell?" Harry said, shaking his head after he arrived in England along with the three Professors thanks to a portkey.

"That was a portkey," Dumbledore explained. "it is a magical device that allows a person to travel long distances. Of course it can be uncomfortable the first time but you can get used to them."

"Fat chance." Harry said under his breath as he began petting Loki who looked like he hated travelling by portkey even more than Harry. "It's alright." Harry whispered into his ear. "It's alright boy."

"What's the matter Potter? Your monkey can't handle it?" Snape sneered.

"No my monkey is rather bothered by the smell in the air." Harry said before making a show of holding Loki in a way so he faces away from Snape.

"Now Harry, you will be taken to get your school supplies with Hagrid." Dumbledore said.

"Who the hell is Hagrid?" Harry asked as Loki made his way out of Harry's arms so he was now on Harry's right shoulder.

"Ah, here he is now." Dumbledore said as he gestured to an approaching man, one who was the largest that Harry had ever seen.

"That's a huge motherfucker." Harry couldn't help but blurt out.

"Mr Potter, language!" McGonagall said.

"English." Harry replied.

"Hagrid," Dumbledore said before anyone else could reply. "I trust that you recognise young Mr Potter."

"Blimey!" Hagrid said when he caught sight of Harry, he stopped just in front of Harry. "Why, I haven't seen you since you were a baby Harry."

"And you saw me when I was a baby because..." Harry trailed off, waiting for the giant man to finish for him.

"I knew your parents." Hagrid smiled. "James and Lily, best wizard and witch I had ever met." Hagrid said, Snape made a snort of disagreement. "Ah, and who is this cute little fellow?" Hagrid said, gesturing to Loki.

"That's Loki." Harry answered.

"Hagrid, I would like you to take young Harry to go and get his school supplies." Dumbledore said as he handed Hagrid a list.

"No problem sir." Hagrid said.

"I'm sorry, what do you teach?" Harry asked.

"Oh...I'm not a teacher." Hagrid said. "I'm the gamekeeper."

"Okay...and do you do this for all students?" Harry asked.

" really." Hagrid admitted.

"Hagrid will be more than capable for this task." Dumbledore said before gesturing Hagrid to come closer, Hagrid bent down so Dumbledore could whisper in his ear and hand him something that Hagrid slid into the inside of his coat.

"Oh, lovers." Harry said as he gestured between the two.

"No, they are not." McGonagall said, frowning at Harry.

"Oh drug dealers then." Harry replied. "What?" He said when he saw the look on McGonagall's face. "I don't judge."

"Well Harry, here's the Leaky Cauldron." Hagrid said as the two entered the Leaky Cauldron, a wizarding pub that you could walk through to get to Diagon Alley.

"Alright Hagrid," Tom, the bartender, said when Hagrid and Harry entered. "the usual?" Tom asked.

"No thanks Tom, I'm afraid I'm here on official Hogwarts business, taking young Harry here to get his supplies.

"Bless my soul, it's Harry Potter!" Tom said in a surprised voice, suddenly all talking and sound was removed as everyone looked towards Harry.

"It's Harry Potter!" Several people shouted as the whole crowd moved towards him.

Harry immediately decided that he hated it here, he felt himself get pushed around a lot as various people began touching him and shaking his hand. He heard different people say various things but he couldn't really hear as they all kept speaking at the same time. Harry's patience had gone out the window when he heard Loki cry in fright.

"That's it!" Harry snapped as he reached and grabbed a bottle from the bar, he smashed the bottom half on the bar, frightening those near him and began pointing the broken bottle at everyone near him. "Alright back up! Back up! Now! Back witch! Get back!"

"But why?!" One asked. "We're not doing anything wrong! We just..."

"You all were suffocating me!" Harry said as he glared at them all. "I don't appreciate being pushed around like a rag doll! I don't even know who any of you are!"

"The boy's right," Tom said. "stop crowding the poor kid! He finally comes back to the wizarding world and the first thing you all do is start going after him like he's a toy?!" Tom demanded, many of the members lowered their heads but they all looked embarrassing.

"Also why the hell are you all crowding around me for? How the hell do you all know who I am?!" Harry asked while Loki buried his face into Harry's hair.

"Of course we know who you are!" One of them said.

"You're Harry Potter!" A different person said. "Defeater of you-know-who!"

"I...I don't know who. Who the hell did I defeat?"

"He-who-must-not-be-named." Another answered.

"Well a name would be good right now!" Harry said in an exasperated tone.

"You mean you don't know?!" Tom blurted out in shock.

"Know what?!" Harry demanded.

"You defeated V...V...Voldemort." Tom said, he along with everyone else in the room apart from Harry shuddered. "The worst dark lord that the world had ever seen."

"I'm pretty sure I didn't." Harry replied.

"No but you have!" Another cried. "Everyone knows it! You defeated him when you were a baby!"

"Alright you all have clearly had too much to drink, I think it's time you all go home." Harry said with Loki nodding in agreement. "How could a baby defeat the supposed 'worst dark lord that the world had ever seen'?"

"Alright, that's enough of that." Hagrid said to the others before turning to Harry. "Come on Harry." Hagrid said before guiding Harry out of the Leaky Cauldron. "you really didn't know?" Hagrid asked with a frown.

"Fuck it," Harry said as he rolled his eyes and tossed the broken bottle away. "if nobody's going to talk and give me a straight answer then I'll just go and find out somewhere else. If it's as big of a deal as people say then I'll just find a book."

"I can tell you about it if you want." Hagrid offered. "I can..."

"I have made up my mind," Harry said, cutting him off. "do not make me change it."

"O...kay." Hagrid said just as they entered the Diagon alley.

Harry looked around, he saw a lot of witches and wizards moving around. He also noticed that they were all pretty much wearing robes, or at least all of the adults apart from a select few. Harry followed Hagrid down the alley, looking around as he did so. Harry caught the attention of quite a few people, partially because he wasn't wearing robes like a lot of them and also because he had a monkey on his head. A minute or so later they entered Gringotts bank.

"Okay what the hell are those?" Harry whispered to Hagrid as he gestured to the small humanoid shaped creatures with long, pointy noses and ears.

"Goblins Harry, smart and crafty creatures but not the most friendly of beasts, best stay close." Hagrid advised as they made their way up to a booth. "Mr Harry Potter wishes to make a withdrawal." Hagrid said to the goblin, the goblin looked up at Hagrid before staring at Harry in a slightly creepy way.

"And does Mr Potter have his key?" The goblin asked.

"Oh's the little devil." Hagrid said as he pulled out a key.

"Hold up, what's that?" Harry said as he pointed to the key.

"It's a key Harry."

"I know that," Harry said as he rolled his eyes. "but the key to what?"

"Your vault."

"My vault?" Harry repeated. "So this key is the key to a vault with a lot of money?"

"Yes." Hagrid nodded.

"Okay so why the hell do you have my key?!" Harry demanded as he looked at the key like a goblin would look at gold.

"Professor Dumbledore gave it to me." Hagrid replied.

"Why does he have my key?" Harry asked without missing a beat. "It's my key. Shouldn't I have my key?"

"You were not aware that the headmaster possessed your key?" The goblin asked with a frown, at least it looked like a frown, Harry wasn't entirely sure.

"I didn't even know the headmaster before today." Harry admitted.

"Hmm," The goblin hummed. "I think it's best that you talk with one of our employees. Do you have time to spare today?"

"Yep," Harry nodded, Loki climbed on top of his head and nodded along with him. "sooner the better please. I want my key and I want my money."

"Very well," The goblin nodded,. "Griphook!" The goblin called and a second later another goblin arrived. "Escort Mr Potter to meeting room three and then call the goblin in charge of the Potter family."

"Now wait here," Hagrid said. "Dumbledore told me to..."

"That is not my concern." The goblin cut Hagrid off. "Now do you have any other business with Gringotts?"

Harry didn't get to hear Hagrid's answer as he had walked after Griphook, he didn't want to lose the goblin because despite not wanting to sound racist they all looked the same to him.

An hour later Harry had left Gringotts bank, he was rather happy about what had happened as the goblin had explained several things such as how the money system worked, and unlike the other people in the pub they straight out told him why he was famous and gave him a recommended list of books to read. Plus they had sorted out the business with his key and vaults, the only reason he wasn't currently going after Dumbledore and kicking the shit out of him was because the man hadn't stolen any of his money.

"I don't know what Hagrid was on about," Harry said to Loki, who was sat on his shoulder. "those goblins were quite nice, weren't they?" Loki agreed and made a small noise of agreement. He then tapped Harry on the head and gestured to the exit of Gringotts and saw Hagrid coming out.

"Harry!" Hagrid said as he rushed towards him. "Are you alright?!" He asked and looked him over.

"Still alive." Harry shrugged. "Loki's alive too in case you're interested."

"Oh merlin, I need a drink." Hagrid sighed.

"Go and have one then." Harry replied.

"I can't." Hagrid said, shaking his head. "I've got to help you get your supplies and..."

"Hagrid me and Loki will be fine, won't we Loki?" Harry said, adding the last part to Loki who grunted in agreement as he nodded his head.

"Well..." Hagrid looked unsure.

"Come on Hagrid, please!" Harry begged with puppy dog eyes, Hagrid looked like he was about to agree but still looked unsure so Loki decided to help by also giving Hagrid the puppy dog eyes as well.

"Oh...alright..." Hagrid said, handing Harry the list. "I'll take a quick drink then I'll be off to find ya."

"Lovely." Harry said as he took the list and walked off. "Can't believe that that worked." Harry whispered to Loki.

"Come in dear," Madam Malikin, the owner of the robe shot, said when Harry walked in. "oh my, what a cute little animal." She said when she saw Loki.

"Thank you but I'd prefer not be called an animal." Harry replied.

"Um...right...well you're here for some Hogwarts robes, correct?"

"Yes ma'am." Harry nodded.

"Ah that's good, just stand on the stool there, you'll have to wait for a moment before someone gets around to you. There are two other people here."

Harry nodded and stepped up on stool, he looked at the other two people. One was a blonde boy with grey who looked was trying to make conversation with the other person, the other was a pretty girl with black hair and blue eyes and looked extremely bored. There was two assistants working on their robes. The two quickly noticed him though.

"Who are you?" The boy drawled and sneered, with that Harry had already decided that he didn't like him.

"Well that's the question isn't it?" Harry responded but didn't say anything else.

"Well are you going to answer my question?" The boy said impatiently.

"I haven't decided yet." Harry responded, earning a soft snort of amusement from the girl.

"What is that filthy beast?" The boy said, looking at Loki.

"," Harry said, talking to him like he was an unintelligent by talking as slowly as he could possibly talk. ""

"How dare you?!" The boy turned red while the girl placed a hand over her mouth to hold back laughter as the employees acted like they couldn't hear anything, even thought the slight curves on their lips gave them away. "Do you know who I am?!"

"You might be my monkey's cousin." Harry shrugged. "I mean you look the same...well not really...Loki over here looks better than you."

"Loki?" The girl asked.

"The monkey." Harry said.

"I am Draco Malfoy!" The boy said bringing his attention back to himself.

"Well isn't that nice?" Harry asked in an uninterested voice. Loki let out an amused noise and clapped his hands together.

"He's cute." The girl smiled, her smile became wider when Loki stood on Harry's head before puffing his chest out and beating his chest with his paws, causing the girl to giggle.

"Great," Harry sighed. "now he's going to get an ego."

"Don't ignore me!" Malfoy said.

"I'm sorry, I forgot your name." Harry said to Malfoy.

"It's Draco Malfoy!"

"Drayo Mafoy?"

"No! Draco Malfoy!"

"That's an odd name." Harry said before turning to the girl. "And what's your name?"

"Lisa, Lisa Swan." The girl answered. "And may I ask your name?"

"Alright, you're finished." The employee who was working on Draco said. Draco nodded before getting off his stool, he sneered at Harry before turning back to Lisa.

"I shall see you at school Lisa, hopefully there we can spend time in better company." He said, he gave one last look to Harry before leaving.

"My name is Harry," Harry said to Lisa, pretending that the part with Malfoy didn't happen. "Harry Potter." He added, earning a gasp from the nearby employees while Lisa merely widened her eyes slightly.

"Really?" She said.

"Apparently." Harry shrugged.

"Do you know any magic yet?" She asked.

"I know some."

"Can you show me some?" She asked.

"Pick a card." Harry said, pulling out a deck of cards and spreading it out.

"Are you serious?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Does it look like I'm not?" Harry raised an eyebrow in return.

"Fine." She said before taking out a random card.

"Is that your final choice?" He asked.

"Yes." She nodded.

"Alright now place it in the deck." Harry said, she nodded once more before putting the card in the deck. Harry began shuffling it. "So how are you?"

"I'm fine."

"Looking forward to Hogwarts?"

"Yes, what about you?" She asked.

"Meh." Harry shrugged as he handed the deck to Loki who began shuffling it for him. "I suppose I'll see how good it is when I get there. Now," Harry said as he took the deck back from Loki, he removed the top card and showed it to her. "Is this your card?" He asked.

"," Lisa shook her head. "that's an ace, my card was the queen of hearts."

"Really?" Harry blinked as he looked at the card. "Huh, that usually works. Wait...I think I know what went wrong."


"Terrorists." Harry answered, earing a surprised look from the girl.

"Terrorists?" She repeated slowly. "Terrorists ruined your trick?"

"Either that or Satan got bored." Harry replied.

" was nice to meet you." She said as she hopped down the stool after the employees were finished with her robes. "I guess I will see you at Hogwarts."

"Guess so." Harry said. "Bye." He added and waved at her as she left.

"So...I guess nobody's here." Harry said when he entered the Olivander wand shop, he looked around and saw a large collection of wands but no employees. Harry sighed and decided to just wait for a bit.

"Hello Mr Potter." A voice said from behind Harry, Harry and Loki suddenly became aware of someone standing behind him. They both reacted differently, Loki jumped and hid his head in Harry's hair while Harry span around and elbowed whoever was behind him on the nose. The person, who was an old man, stumbled back and brought his hands up to his face.

"You hit me in the nose!" The old man shouted through his hands.

"You snuck up on me you perv!" Harry shouted back.

"You hit me in the nose!"

"You snuck up on me!"

"You actually hit me in the nose!"

"You hit me in my nose!" Harry replied.

"You...what? No I didn't!"

"That's because you were too busy sneaking up on me! Who the hell are you anyway?!"

"I am Mr Olivander," The old man said as he pulled out a wand and waved it to fix his nose. "I run this shop."

"Look old man, just give me a damn wand so I can leave." Harry said while rolling his eyes for the who knows how many time.

"Very well." Olivander sighed before he began looking through wands.

One long hour, one bored Loki and a bored Harry later, Olivander had found a wand that fit Harry.

"11 inches long, made of holly, and the with a phoenix feather for a core." Olivander said as he handed Harry the wand, Harry took it in his hand, the wand glowed brightly and gave Harry a nice feeling of warmth before it died down. "Curious." Olivander said.

"What's curious?" Harry asked.

"I remember every wand I ever sold Mr Potter, and it happens that the phoenix whose tail feather resides in your wand gave one other, just one other. It's curious that you should be destined for this wand when it's brother, gave you that scar." Olivander said, pointing at the lightning shaped scar on Harry's forehead.

"Right...well...goodbye then." Harry said before he put some money on the counter before walking out and walking away. "Loki," Harry said. "remind me to never go to that shop again, and if I absolutely have to then remind me to bring a whistle and pepper spray." Harry said before walking off. "Well I'm hungry now, you want to stop for a snack?" Harry asked Loki who nodded and chirped in agreement. "Good," Harry said as he pulled out a couple of galleons. "we should probably thank Malfoy for paying for our food..." Harry said as he tossed Malfoy's galleons up in the air before catching them. "...nah."

"That'd would be one galleon Mr Malfoy." The shop clerk said to Malfoy.

"Wait there," Malfoy said as he reached into his pocket. "the bloody hell?" Malfoy blurted out as he couldn't find his galleons.

"Draco, what is going on?" Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother asked when she arrived and saw her son checking and rechecking his pockets.

"I believe your son has lost some galleons Mrs Malfoy." The shop clerk said.

"Draco, we didn't give you those galleon for you to lose!"

"I didn't lose them!" A red faced Draco responded.

"Where are they then?"

"I don't know!"

"Your father will hear about this."

"Lisa darling, show me your robes." Lisa's mother said when Lisa and her father had gotten home.

"Here they are mother." Lisa said, pulling her robes out and showing them to her mother.

"Well they are satisfactory." Her mother sniffed.

"I don't know why she insisted on going to that shop when we could've had the best tailors in the country make her the best robes in the country." Her father added.

"Because everyone else buys from there dad." Lisa rolled her eyes.

"And what is this?" Her mother asked as she looked at the back of the robes.

"I believe the answer is robes mother." Lisa said sarcastically.

"Not that, I meant this." Lisa's mother said as she turned the robes around and showed Lisa the back of it.

"What?!" Lisa blurted out in shock as she took the robe and looked at the back. Right in the middle of the back of her robes was a card, not just any card but the queen of hearts. She took the card off the robes and took a closer look and turned it around when she something written on the back of it.

I was bored.

Love from Satan.

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