First class of the new school year and he had already had a cauldron nearly blow up on him. Severus groaned as he had rescued his students from the potion. He expected such from his younger students but this was his seventh year potions class. He blamed it on Albus and his ridiculous idea that Severus needed to allow those with only an E on OWLS to move on in the class. There was a reason that he had such strict standards in the past. Thankfully the likes of Weasley and Longbottom were no longer gracing his class. But some how Potter and a few others had made it in. He had no idea why Potter was still in the class. Lupin had told him that Potter didn't plan to be an auror any more so he didn't need the class. The war had ended after fifth year and it seemed the boy was looking at quidditch or teaching. Severus truly hoped quidditch as the last thing he needed was the boy here. It was bad enough he had not one but two of the marauders at school. Remus had returned to teaching and Sirius covered for him on full moons.

He had done the pairings. He had been 'suggested' by Albus that he should mix the houses as they needed to get along better. He assumed it would at least make the classroom slightly safer. His godson and Potter were paired and Miss Granger was with Miss Parkinson. It was Nott who was paired with Miss Bones who had nearly blown up their potion. Nott was the only Slytherin whose parents had been given the kiss. He was now living with an Uncle. Even Severus had found him to be a nuisance as of late and had to give him detentions.

Draco looked over at Harry. "Are you done with the fig?"

Harry turned to him and handed him the board. "Here."

Draco smiled and started adding it. "Can you start on the petals?"

Harry turned towards the task. "We're almost done."

Draco agreed. "Looks like we may be one of the only ones to complete it."

Harry motioned his head over his shoulder. "I feel bad for Susan. I thought you guys were all good in potions."

"Just because our head of house is a potions master doesn't mean we are all good. Are all lions good at transfiguration?"

Harry laughed and reminded him. "Neville and Ron are signs no."

They could hear Nott grumbling in the back. Draco sighed. "I might pay a lion to flush his head."

Harry shrugged. "Could always do it yourself. Think you could take him."

Severus eyed the two of them as they were joking at the table. Lucius and Narcissa had been spies and Lucius had saved Sirius in the ministry. Harry and Draco had become reluctant potions partners and seemed to have made friends as of late. Harry had been surprised when he had been made head boy over Draco. Albus had reminded him that it wasn't always top marks and Harry should have been a prefect. Severus heard Draco remind Harry even if there was not house loyalty, that he was a prefect. Harry suggested he could borrow Harry's cloak so no one would know. From the look on his godson's face the idea seemed to have some merit. Severus chose to ignore it and go back to his own potion. He could admit it might not do the brat too much harm to happen. Severus did encourage house unity but it really only went so far.

Nott had come to the front to get some more ingredients. He was grumbling about getting the potion done. Really if he wasn't fooling around he could almost complete the potion in the time that was left. Thankfully for Susan, they would still get points even if not done.

Nott looked at the two. "Look at the two little lover boys."

Draco smirked and whispered to Harry. "I may borrow the cloak."

Harry pointed to the back. "You may want to get back. Although Susan may wish you didn't."

"That damn little badger blew up our potion." Nott spat.

"That little badger is the only thing keeping you from flunking out." Draco corrected him.

Severus called from the front. "Perhaps you should return to your potion Mr. Nott."

Theodore turned back to him. "Of course Professor."

Nott stopped at their table and they didn't notice as he grabbed something. "I'd watch your back."

Draco saw his eyes were on him and not Harry. He laughed. "Oh I will be sure to watch my back."

Nott dumped something into the cauldron when neither were looking. Harry and Draco were working on their task and at first noticed no change. But suddenly their attention went to their cauldron as there were huge popping sounds and something had seriously gone wrong with the potion. Neither had any idea what was going on as they had not touched the potion. Draco had added everything to control Harry.

Draco looked at his godfather. "Professor."

Severus came over and he glared at Harry. "What did you put in?"

Harry shook his head in denial. "Nothing I swear."

Draco defended him but he noticed something. "How did those pods get in?"

Severus looked at the bowl. "How many pods?"

Draco shook his head. "We hadn't touched them."

Severus shot a look at Nott. "You dumped them in?"

Nott looked innocent. "I was just trying to be helpful."

Severus grabbed the boys. "Get down, everyone get down."

The other kids all ducked for cover under their desks but Harry and Draco were not able to get out of the way. Severus did his best to cover the boys but they were all soaked in part by the potion. Their heads were not hit but though their robes protected them from the heat, they could feel the liquid soaking into their skin. Severus looked at the boys and he knew this was not good. He had to get them all up to the hospital wing.

Draco looked anxiously at his Uncle when he said it. "What is it? What will the potion do to us?"

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