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Harry and Severus had hoped by choosing to marry at Christmas they would quell the plans of the women. Surely they could not plan a circus that quickly on them. They had not wished to wait until the summer to marry and Easter would only permit them a short honeymoon. Harry had a few weeks off for winter break from quidditch and after volunteering almost every Christmas since he began teaching Severus was welcome to not chaperone that year. Since his dads were married on Boxing day they planned to marry on Christmas Eve and celebrate early with the family. They didn't wish to share their anniversary with the holiday or his dads. His dads more then approved. The woman had grumbled about being given less then two months to plan the wedding but they had taken it as a challenge it seems. The two grooms threatening to elope helped reign them in a tad. Harry was reminded his dad's elopement ended up being crashed. And while Severus wouldn't mind eloping he knew Harry wanted his family and friends there for him. Remus laughingly told Sirius that was proof that Severus loved their son to put up with it all.

The family celebrated Christmas on the 23rd, the day after winter break started for the school. Harry's dads had decided to take a small trip, just to the Black home in France, on decided to celebrate their anniversary with Harry away.

On the morning of his wedding Harry was getting ready at Grimmauld. "I still think we should have eloped."

Remus laughed as he helped his son do his hair. "It's a bit late for that."

Sirius agreed with his husband. "Your Aunts would hunt you down and force you back after all the work they did."

Harry groaned at the sound. "That's my point."

Fred had come in the door. "We have an exit route if you want."

George added. "Just say the word."

Sirius pointed out. "He would have to marry one of you."

Remus saw his son's confusion. "Your groom is being held prisoner by his best man as we speak."

Harry laughed at that. "I guess we will have to go save him."

Remus reminded Harry as he handed him his cloak. "They really did try and make it a wedding you'd want."

Sirius agreed with him. "Molly helped tone it down for you."

Harry sighed as he put on his cloak. "I guess it's time to see."

Sirius and Remus led their son to the door knowing with a smile he would approve. It was Sirius who had chosen the home. It was one of the smaller Black homes, a favorite of his father's, up in Northumberland. Unlike the over done gardens of many of the other homes, this was far more rustic. They had chosen what was actually a walled passage between two of the main gardens, with a huge stone and metal archway at the other end. Huge silver birch trees were every few feet along the twelve foot brick walls. In warmer months they would have shaded the area, but instead created a snow covered canopy over head. Lights and icicles had been added to the branches. The only flowers that had been added were in the gateway at the other end, where Severus and the minister would be waiting, which were wild flowers and lilies. There was a warming spell over the garden, so the guests felt like they were in a reverse snowglobe, and were warm. It was simple but beautiful.

Harry was in tears as he was lead to the front by his dads. He had been sworn the ladies would be held in check as much as possible but he didn't think it could be done. Severus stood with Lucius and Draco but also Ron and Fred who Harry chose.

The minister smiled when they were at the front. "We have come here to join two men in marriage. Have you both come of your free will?"

Harry and Severus answered together. "Yes."

He turned to those gathered. "Do you all as witnesses of this marriage support the vows that they will now pledge?"

All the guests gathered echoed. "We do."

He turned to Harry's dads. "Who presents the younger groom into union?"

Remus smiled as he did the honors. "His fathers do."

The minister bound their hands with a rope. "The grooms have chosen to make a traditional vow to each other."

Harry and Severus said together. " You are the blood of my blood, the bone of my bone. I give you my body and magic, that we two might be one. I give you spirit, till our life shall be done."

The minister motioned. "The rings."

Lucius handed a ring to Severus who slid it on to Harry. "A symbol of my vow, let it not be broken."

Ron handed a ring to Harry. Harry slid it on Severus. "A symbol of my vow, let it not be broken."

The minister smiled as the rope on their hands disappeared. "As symbolized in their vows, I pronounce them husbands."

Severus drew Harry into his arms for a long passionate kiss as those around them erupted into clapping. Severus led Harry over to where with Lucius and Ron they signed their license before they were surrounded by people for hugs. Harry was amazed when they were led out the gate and instead of find normal grounds they found they were on the edge of a large lake. He was told though not in the estate walls, much of the lake and surrounding grounds, belonged to it. After they took some photos the family insisted on, the two of them were shown a surprise. One of the sleighs had been brought from school for them to have a ride through the snow. There was some warmed wine and strawberries to be shared on board. The others headed inside for some appetizers as they took off.

Severus smiled as he toasted Harry. "To the start of our marriage."

They had considered taking off and not returning for their reception but they didn't. They were reminded the portkey for their wedding was being held hostage by their party planners. Besides they knew they should at least try and enjoy the party planned. The ceremony had not been over the top but they doubted the ceremony would be the same. They headed back to the estate, where after some appetizers with the guests in the hall, they were led into the ballroom to see what was waiting for them there.

They found the theme of outdoors followed here. The tables were done in green and gold, a mix of their house colors. Instead of flowers the center pieces were white branches with candles hung from them. THe ceiling had the spell from school so it felt like it was snowing. There was a band but it was a more popular one and not a string quartet like Narcissa had tried.

Severus led Harry to the head table which was in front of the fireplace. "Okay not too bad."

Narcissa looked hurt as she was just down the table. "Is that the thanks for all the work we did?"

Harry ignored the woman. "We haven't seen the menu yet. It could be ten courses."

Sirius laughed and assured his son. "It's only four courses including the dessert."

Lucius added. "And even you two complainers should approve of the food choices."

The Malfoys and Tonks sat on Severus' side of the table and Harry's dads and Molly and Arthur sat on Harry's side. Draco, Ron and Fred were sitting at the other tables. The guest list was just friends and family, many of the staff for Severus from school. The dinner was a simple meal with a steak and potato main course which made them happy. There was dancing after the first three courses. Harry and Severus were more then happy to share their first dance married. Molly and Narcissa though claimed them for the second dance, standing in place of mothers, as they helped plan the wedding. Harry could admit even if more then wanted, it all meant a lot.

The twins ended the wedding for them as they would have wanted. After they finished their cake, they all headed outside where the twins did an amazing display of fireworks for the two of them. They were handed a portkey and their bags as the show ended.

Harry was amazed when he opened his eyes after the portkey arrived. "Where are we?"

Severus was steadying his husband but he looked around. "I am not sure but far warmer then home."

Harry saw they were at some kind of resort and motioned to the desk. "Likely where to start."

The gentleman at the desk greeted them. "You must be our honeymooners. We were told to expect you just before midnight."

Severus smiled. "We are. We are grateful to be able to check in so late."

The man motioned to a bellhop. "Nonsense it is Christmas eve no one sleeps early here tonight. Juan will show you to your suite."

Harry grabbed a brochure and showed Severus as they followed the bellhop. It seems they were at a five star resort on Tennerife in the Canary Islands. They found themselves led to an amazing suite with sitting room and bedroom, and a private veranda which had a sunken hot tub on it. It had the most stunning views of the sea. They could hear music playing below. They knew they would be having a late night but they would not be going to the music any time soon.

Severus led him out onto the balcony and cast a privacy spell. "So we can enjoy the music."

Harry found himself lowered onto a deck chair. "There is a whole bed back there."

Severus lowered himself over his husband. "I recall promising you never to let you grow bored."

Harry groaned as his husband's mouth began exploring his neck. Thought you may have grown bored of me as a married man."

Severus pulled back and smirked. "On our wedding night? Oh I don't think I will ever grow bored of you."

Harry gasped as Severus sunk his teeth into his earlobe. "Bonded for life so you better not."

Severus did not respond as he was lost in proving to Harry that marriage would not slow them. Not just on their wedding night or honeymoon. Harry lost himself soon in the first and second round of love making, they drawing apart only long enough to eventually retire to the massive king size bed before another round. They may have been told no one slept early on Christmas eve there but they put a whole new meaning to that. They did eventually drift off to sleep just before the sun was rising in the sky.

When they did wake it was nearly lunch time. They found an early brunch had been ordered for them and was waiting for them out on the veranda. Harry found his camera as well, and a note from his dads that they thought such a holiday would suit them both.

Harry looked through the pamphlets as they ate some of the fruit. "Plenty to try."

Severus looked out at the water. "I hope you don't think I am going out in that."

Harry laughed. "Maybe on a boat. But there is plenty else to do here. Swim with sea lions."

Severus snorted. "I have enough lions in my life. Though perhaps I will watch and take a photo for you."

Harry liked that compromise. "I will get you on a camel."

Severus didn't find that funny. "I may have a migraine for the trip."

Harry pouted but they made some plans they both would like for the day. They finished their meal and after one last round of love making they had a shower and headed into town. They headed along the shore for a bit where they saw some of the most amazing sand sculptures including a nativity scene and enjoyed some of the live concerts. They even had some ice cream. They ventured into the Christmas market, reminded of his dad's wedding, in search mainly of food but some souvenirs as well. Severus didn't like his husband's look when he chose a little stuffed camel for his goddaughter. He had not forgotten the discussion from earlier that day.

They did hit the water but as promised they stuck to a boat. They headed for a private boat ride at sunset that evening. They saw some dolphins close along the boat and other whales off in the distance. Even Severus could admit he enjoyed it.

They had a late dinner at the resort. Harry motioned to the wine. "I think it is my turn."

Severus smiled as he picked up his glass. "Indeed."

Harry groaned but he smiled again. "To new adventures as husbands. Both in and out of bed."

Severus reached over and kissed him. "As long as you don't think it will involve camels."

Harry and Severus enjoyed their dinner and did go for a time and listen to the band down along the pool that evening. There was a night club but it was really not either of their taste. They headed back to their suite eventually and fell back into another long round of love making. Though their relationship had shifted and come out of the bedroom, the passion had remained intense. They made it out to watch the sunrise the next morning on the balcony. Harry admitted out loud he never thought to be so happy. Or with a Slytherin.

Severus smirked but he turned his husband and kissed him. "I don't think I ever thanked Nott enough for a little persuasion."