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Chapter Eleven- Pretty Maids all in a Row

                        "What are you doing here, Kallen?" Alyson asked moving away from Jim and kneeling besides Kallen.

            Kallen sniffled, "I'm sorry… sorry to bother you, Alyson… but… but… something terrible has happened!"
            Alyson took the trembling girl into her arms and watched as Jim kneeled besides Kallen as well and place his hand on Kallen's shoulders.

            "What has happened?" Jim asked evenly, "Tell us and we'll do our best to help you…" Jim paused for a moment, remembering the child's name, "Kallen."

            Kallen hick-upped and looked over at Jim with large, trusting eyes, "It's my sister… Lord Rubin's taken her."

            "Taken her…?" Alyson repeated dumbly, "Where, Kallen? And for what reason?"

            "I don't really understand the reason, but before my sister disappeared she told me that after New York had surrendered to Maryland, the king of New York escaped into hiding. My father. My sister told me that our father and some of the other kings that had escaped when Lord Rubin took over their lands are preparing a rebellion against Lord Rubin. It was said they had an army that out-matched Lord Rubin's size and power. My sister also told me that Lord Rubin was afraid he'd lose his power so he ordered all the escaped kings to surrender to him or he'd kill their children. Since Lord Rubin allowed most young people to live, the daughters and sons of the kings he'd waged war against were alive in his palace. He said he'd kill them all if they hadn't surrounded tonight. Since the kings aren't doing that, Lord Rubin's really going to kill them!" Kallen was barely able to explain this before she broke down into sobs.

            Alyson brought Kallen into a hug and said, "But Kallen, you're the daughter of the king of New York, right? Well, why aren't you being sacrificed, too?"

            Kallen looked at Alyson with her tear-filled eyes, "I think because Lord Rubin forgot about me. I was only a baby when New York fell to Maryland and there hadn't been much news of my birth since I was a girl. I pretty much slipped under Lord Rubin's nose and when he came for the heirs. My sister, Clete, hid me so Lord Rubin didn't spare me a thought."

            Jim nodded grimly, "Are you sure that Sir Rubin will kill those boys and girls? Are you positive?" He asked slowly.

            Kallen nodded and looked back over at him, "Yes. I was hiding in a cabinet when he came. He told the heirs themselves that they would die tonight."

            "We have to do something Jim!" Alyson cried, picking Kallen up into her arms. Kallen pressed her face into Alyson's shoulder and sobbed silently.

            Jim frowned at her, "What do you think of your boyfriend now, Professor?" He asked with a sarcastic tone.

            Alyson glared at him and said, "He never was my boyfriend." She growled at the insult. Alyson thought in distress, was I not just kissing you!?

            Jim just shook his head and walked over to Kallen. He gripped the girl's shoulders and forced her to look at him.

            "Kallen," he said in calm, thick voice that had even made Alyson feel soothed, "can you lead the way to where Sir Rubin is talking your sister and the other heirs?"

            For a moment Alyson thought Kallen would shake her head. Not because she didn't know, but because she was afraid. And Alyson couldn't really blame her. She was starting to get scared herself.

            But then Kallen's defiant eyes were sparking back to life and she said, "Yes, it's in a place called Washington D.C."

                        As the moonlight washed over them, Kallen, Alyson and Jim hurried along the asphalt ground of this odd Washington D.C. place. The area looked as old as time and the buildings, mostly painted white, where decaying from standing through harsh weather.

            "Tell me again why Rubin wants to kill your sister and the other heirs here." Alyson muttered and moved closer to Jim, who stood right behind Kallen as the little girl led the way.

            As Alyson leaned in, she caught the whiff of Jim's scent. It was all male and soap. She almost sighed but she shook her head with irritation. Now that she knew she loved Jim, she had no idea how to act around him. How could she act around the man she loved without letting him know she loved him?

            Jim looked over at her and smirked, "Not scared are you?"

            Alyson decided right then it would be for the best if she kept on pretending that she hated him. Better not boost his ego just yet, Alyson thought.

            She glared at him heatedly, "No, I just want to know. I've always been the inquisitive type, Captain."

            Kallen looked over at Alyson, "I think Lord Rubin wanted to do the sacrifice here because this is supposedly where the Tribe of Maryland rose to power. Now quiet! We're getting close."

            Alyson and Jim fell silent as they followed Kallen down the eerie, dark streets of Washington D.C. As they walked, Alyson noticed the ancient ruins of the previous civilization of this area. What caught her attention the most was a white building with huge steps leading up into darkened room with no doors. She was too far away to get a good look of it, but there seemed to be a very large statue of a man sitting in a chair with a somewhat time-destroyed face. Had the situation not been so serious, Alyson would've demanded they stop and look at the statue but she just kept her mouth shut and followed Kallen and Jim.

            Jim has a nice back, Alyson thought and shook her head; keep your mind on what lays ahead! She chided herself.

            Kallen stopped so suddenly Alyson almost crashed into Jim's back but managed to stop herself in the nick of time. She noticed Kallen's eyes seemed to be on an ajar metal door. It looked like it had not been open for a very long time before tonight. From the way it cocked itself against the asphalt, Alyson guessed someone had pushed it off its hinges.

            "This way." Kallen said in a hushed voice, "Lord Rubin's in here with my sister." She, Jim and Alyson edged towards the door.

            Alyson peered into the threshold and gulped, "It's very dark." She mumbled.

            Without a word, Jim reached out and took her hand then he grabbed Kallen's, who looked at him in surprise.

            "Lead the way, Kallen." Jim whispered and then Kallen snapped back to attention and nodded. She turned back to the doorway and stepped into the darkness. Jim gave Alyson's hand a light tug and then they too disappeared into the pitch black.

            Alyson wasn't all that surprised that she was assured by Jim's strong hand cupping her own. After all she loved the man. You would always feel safe with the man you love. It just went like that.

            Shaking her head free from such thoughts, Alyson concentrated on moving forward and not tripping on any rocks or ripping her dress. The dress was starting to frustrate her, she keep almost tripping on it as it got tangled on the rocks on the ground.

            As they walked, Alyson noticed a small light at the end of the tunnel. She thought she heard the eco of a voice, but it was possible she was just imagining it.

            But she had been right and confirming this was Kallen as she stopped and listened to something only her ears could hear. Then she motioned to Jim and Alyson to kneel as she got on her own knees. Alyson frowned and bent down she gripped the fabric of her dress and pulled. The dress tarred soundlessly. Now that the dress skimmed Alyson's knees she could move more freely and crawl on the ground.

            Alyson got on her knees and followed Jim and Kallen, who were a ways ahead of her. Alyson bit back of cry of pain as sharp rocks cut into her hands and legs. She wanted to stand up and walk but they were getting close to the light and it was possible Rubin could notice her if she stood.

            As they light got bigger and brighter, Alyson saw Jim reach out to his back waistband and pull out a small pistol. Alyson blinked and quickened her pace so she was right besides Jim.

            "Where did you get that gun?" Alyson whispered, making sure her voice did not echo across the walls of the cave they were in and alert Rubin of their arrival.

            Jim turned his head and looked at her with an amused look, "Those goons didn't bother to check my body for other guns when we were first captured. I knew it'd come in handy. Always be prepared."

            Alyson wanted to ask Jim why he hadn't used it before, when they were brought to the village, but then Kallen motioned them to be completely silent and then she lowered herself flat on her stomach. Alyson and Jim followed suit and together. Slowly and steadily they skimmed across the ground and closer to the light.

            Alyson blinked as her eyes tried to adjust to the bright light. To her right where stone stairs that seemed to have formed because of wind and time. There were many dark spots in the cave where the light did not touch. Alyson, Jim and Kallen were standing on a cliff that overlooked the room.

            As Alyson surveyed her surroundings she had to bit her lips to stifle a gasp. She saw, at the center of the room, seven silver tables. Each had a person strapped to it with leather. The four boys where naked from the waist up while the girls wore lose belly shirts so their stomach showed. Their eyes were closed as if they were unconscious and they looked extremely venerable. Like china dolls, Alyson thought. Like china dolls all in a row.

            Standing besides the first table in the row, was Sir Rubin. For the first time, Alyson saw what he truly. Evil. In his right hand was a long jagged knife that glittered in the dim candle light. He leaned over the first youth in the row of the silver table and smirked.

            "We'll have to do this fast." Jim mumbled beside her, "He looks ready to do what ever it is he's going to do. Well… at least we have the element of surprise. We'll work that to our advantage."

            Alyson turned her head and looked at Jim and Kallen. She offered both a weak smile and nodded. Then she turned back to Rubin.

            Alyson gave a small scream as the rock she was leaning on suddenly moved beneath her fingers. Without warning, the rock gave a jerk and it and Alyson were sent tumbling to the ground. Alyson moaned as her body collided with the hard ground. She opened her shut eyes and watched as Rubin made his way to her, his knife held dangerously in his hand.

            Above her, Alyson heard Jim say with annoyance, "Lost that element."

                        Jim groaned as Sir Rubin grabbed Alyson roughly by the hair and drag her into his arms. He then moved his hand to twist Alyson's arm behind her back. He pressed that very deadly looking knife against the pale column of Alyson's throat.

            Jim stood, the element of surprise he had been hoping for long gone, and said in almost a panic, "Let her go."

            Jim was taken back by how much the threat on Alyson's life affected him. The very thought of Alyson getting hurt had him seeing red. He wanted to seriously hurt Rubin. Sure, he had been angry before but the anger he was feeling now was so possessive. He could hardly keep his control. Why was Alyson's impending doom angering him so much?

            Could he possibly love her?

            Jim almost groaned. Yes, he did love Alyson and wasn't this the perfect time to figure it out? When she was neck-deep in danger, Jim realized he loved her. Why couldn't he figure out he loved her when they had been kissing? Why did his heart go 'oh! I love her' when some sicko had a knife pressed against her throat?

            "Drop your gun, Captain." Rubin said, "Or I'll slit her throat."

            Jim didn't doubt Rubin would. The man had a look in his eyes that told him he would do anything to complete his evil plan. He wasn't doing this just because he said he would, Jim realized, Rubin had blood-lust. He wanted the blood. It gave him power, or so Rubin felt.

            Jim then realized that Rubin was only looking at him. He hadn't spared Kallen a glance. Jim looked over at his side and saw the girl had disappeared. Jim almost sighed in relief. The element of surprise wasn't completely lost. Jim prayed Kallen had some sort of idea to get him and Alyson out of trouble because as long as Rubin held a knife against the throat of the woman he loved, Jim was helpless.

            Jim walked down the stone stairs and moved to the row of tables so Rubin had to turn his back on the stairs. If Kallen had a plan, she would need to be able to sneak up on Rubin and she couldn't do that if he was staring at the stairs.

            "Kick your weapon to me." Rubin growled and Alyson flinched as his grip on her arm tightened.

            Jim did so and then he looked at Alyson. Their eyes locked and Jim said, "You okay?"

            "I'll be fine as long as Rubin doesn't press that knife any closer to my neck." Then she frowned, "I just realized these people never brush their teeth! Jeez, talk about bad breath! Forget my throat being slit; I'll probably suffocate from the smell first." Alyson wrinkled her nose.

            Jim smiled at her. That was his Alyson. Always making jokes in the face of danger. God, he loved her.

            "You should've just stayed in the castle! Why did you follow me here? This didn't concern you!" Rubin said, his voice twisted in anger. In his anger, he kicked Jim's gun into the darkness of the corners and Jim's heart fell. Well, there went his last weapon. Now he would have to do this with his bare hands. Great.

            "Maybe the thought of you killing innocent kids bothered us." Jim replied casually, knowing he had to keep Rubin talking. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small figure dart behind Rubin and knew instantly not to look again. Instead, he asked of Alyson, "Did it bother you, Professor?"

            Alyson's face was very pale from fear for her life but she managed a weak smile for Jim and said, "Quite a bit. Call me new-millennium woman but the thought of innocent children being murdered for someone else's gains bothered me."

            "Who are you to question what has been done for over a thousands years?" Rubin demanded of them, his face going beat red with anger.

            Jim would never get to answer that question because just as Rubin finished talking, Kallen jumped out from behind him. The girl-child wrapped her arms around Rubin's neck and pulled with all her might. Her nails dig into Rubin's neck and blood poured out from beneath Kallen's fingers.

            Rubin howled in pain and dropped Alyson and his knife. Alyson dived to the ground and crawled away. Rubin twirled around, trying to get Kallen from his back, but she held firm. Then Rubin thrust a hand behind his back and caught Kallen's hair. He pulled until Kallen released Rubin's neck. Then Rubin threw Kallen forcefully to the ground. Kallen's head collide with a rock and she lay still.

            At the same time, Jim lunged and landed on top of Rubin. But, unlike before, Rubin was ready for him. With strength Jim hadn't thought Rubin had, he kicked Jim away from him. Both men stood up and lunged again.

            Rubin's fist connected with Jim's stomach as Jim's fist hit Rubin hard in the face. Their hands gripped each other's arms and they pushed against one another. Each trying to overpower the other and neither giving up.

            Alyson watched this with horror. Her body was still numb from the fear she was going to die. It still hadn't registered that she was safe for the time being. When it did, Alyson realized Jim was the one now in danger and she gave a small cry of pain. She wished she could help Jim but she had no weapon and she'd probably just get in the way. She closed her eyes and prayed for some kind of weapon she could use to help Jim. She opened her eyes and then saw it.

            The gun.

            Rubin had kicked just a few feet away from her. Thanking whoever was looking out for her, Kallen and Jim, Alyson moved for the gun. Just as she wrapped her cold, numb fingers around gun, Jim released a howl and pain.

            Rubin had tripped Jim with his foot and now Rubin had Jim pinned against the ground. With one hand, Rubin searched for his knife, using his legs and other free hand to keep Jim pinned on the ground. Rubin's eyes gleamed with triumphant as he felt the cool hilt of his knife. He grabbed it and raised it high above his head. Then he thrust it at Jim's head. Jim grunted and jerked his whole body to the left so in the end, the knife only sliced into his shoulder. But it still made him howl with pain.

            Rubin growled in annoyance and jerked the knife out of Jim's shoulder. He raised the knife once more but suddenly dropped the knife when he felt the pain burst in his shoulder. He rolled away from Jim and clung to his arm which felt like it was on fire. He saw a black ball wedged deep within his skin. He raised his head and looked at Alyson.

            Alyson was standing on weak legs. The gun she clutched in both of her hands, trembled. Smoke rose from the gun where the bullet had been released. Weakly, from shock at what she had done, she fell to her knees.

            Rubin, anger and hatred pouring in his eyes, reached for his knife. Jim's eyes widened when he realized what the man was planning to do.

            "ALYSON!" Jim cried, as Rubin took aim.

            Alyson raised her head and saw Rubin's plan as well. She raised the gun once more and fired. This time Rubin crashed to the ground, his eyes blanket and dead. The bullet had lodged in his heart this time.

            Alyson, eyes filled with tears, dropped the gun and ran to Jim. Jim sat up and caught Alyson as she fell into his arms. Alyson pressed hot kisses against Jim's face and Jim did so as well. Jim ignored the pain in his shoulder every time Alyson moved. He was too happy to have her in his arms again, pain was hardly a concern.

            Kallen groaned and moved slightly. She sat up and pressed a hand to her head, feeling the wound there. She looked around and when she saw Rubin's bloodied body, she hurried over to the row of tables to unlock them.

            "Jim!" Alyson repeated over and over, "I thought you'd die! You scared me so much you big, horrible, stupid captain!" She buried her face into his shoulder.

            "Aw, come on, Professor." Jim said, enjoying the way Alyson's body pressed against his, "You don't care that much do you? I thought you hated me."

            Alyson's body stiffened and she raised her head to look at him, "Of course, I hate you. I… I just need you to take me home. How can you do that dead?"

            Jim had heard that waver in Alyson's face and smirked, his heart lifting, "You were worried, weren't you, Alyson? Professor, I didn't think you cared."

            Alyson glared at him, "Of course, I don't care you ego-driven, arrogant son of a-" Alyson stopped abruptly when Jim cupped her face and brought her mouth closer to his.

            "I was worried to." He said before he kissed. Alyson sighed as their lips met, wild and hungry, and look at him breathlessly when he pulled away.

            When Jim just stared at her, Alyson leaned against him and said, "You know what, Jim? This is going to sound crazy… I mean, I even think it's crazy… but I think I love you."

            Jim said nothing for a moment but then he pulled Alyson even closer, "I guess we can be crazy together because I think I love you, too."

            Alyson giggled giddily and then smirked as an idea came to her. She said, "Well, Jim, I hope you plan on marrying me."

            Jim blinked and said, "What!?"
            "I certainly don't plan on being your latest floozy." Alyson gave Jim a mock glare, "You're marrying me if you want any more of my kisses."

            Jim seeing the humor in Alyson eyes, said, "Well… if I have to." In face, Jim was to happy beyond words. Though he hadn't thought about it before, the thought of marrying Alyson was very appealing. In fact, he would be happy to marry the woman he loved. And who wouldn't?

            "Of course you do." Alyson said and brought Jim's lips to her own.

            Before they could get too far into their kiss, Kallen moved up to them with a smile.

            "I want to thank you." She said as Alyson and Jim parted, "I don't know how I would've done this without you."

            Jim helped Alyson up and said, "No problem, Kallen."

            Kallen glanced around at the people on the row of silver tables as they moaned, "Tonight we'll be leaving to go back to our home land. Once Maryland finds out Rubin is dead, a civil war is sure to start. Everyone will want his position. We will return to New York and I suggest that you leave to return home as well. You might be blamed for Rubin's death by his supporters."

            Jim nodded, "We will."

            Alyson looked at Kallen tearfully, "Goodbye, Kallen. I'll miss you so much!" Kallen moved into Alyson's awaiting arms and they shared a tight hug.

            Kallen brushed away tears, "Now, go. You'll want to be gone before dawn."

            Jim smirked at the young girl and took Alyson's hand, "Goodbye, Kallen." He said and dragged Alyson to the stairs.

            Kallen called to them, "Good luck to you and may your union be a happy one."

                        As they walked back to the castle, Alyson leaned against Jim and sighed happily. She wasn't sorry to be leaving Earth, it was a horrible planet. So full of greed and lust of power. She wondered if it had always been like this.

            Instead of dwelling on those thought, Alyson turned and smirked at Jim, "Looks like you won't be getting rid of me so easily, huh Captain?"

            Jim grinned and shrugged, "I guess not. But I think I'll live."

            Alyson sighed, "I really do love you." She said.

            Jim placed his arms around her shoulders, "I love you, too. Why do you think I'm marrying you?"

            Alyson shrugged, "Who knows? You're an odd one, Captain."

            "Look who's talking, Professor. Come on, let's go get the crew and leave. I wanna get home and marry you before you see some reason and decide not to."

            Alyson slipped her hand into Jim's and said with a love-filled voice, "Yes, let's."

            And that was how they walked back to the crew, hand-in-hand. They did not think about the past or what had happened. It was the past and you could not change the past, no matter how hard you tried. Instead they thought about the future.

            Half-way to the castle, Jim could not longer resist. He stopped and brought Alyson into his arms. Her head tipped back and their lips met for the third time in a long list to come.

            And everything was perfect.

                                                The End…

                                                            Or is it?


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Final Nail in the Coffin

            Summary: After six months of marriage, Jim and Alyson Hawkins are finally getting used to a married life. But then Jim is called off to investigate the mysterious murder of Academy professors and at the same time Alyson is asked to travel to a remote planet of ruins. The couple goes separate ways, hoping to see each other in a few weeks' time.

            But, while at the remote planet, Alyson is kidnapped by an old arch-nemesis of Jim's. Pirate Randolph Nathaniel. Hoping to harm Jim greatly, Nathaniel plans to take Alyson back to his hideout and keep her from Jim forever.

            Now Jim must turn to the man he should trust the least to help him get back the woman he loves and capture one of the most dangerous pirates of the time. But one question will constantly float in the mind of James Hawkins: can I trust John Silver?

            "Revenge… it was odd how it could control a man so badly it became an obsession. Even more odd was that it was now his obsession.

            With a sick smirk, he lifted the ale to his lips. He closed his eyes in pleasure as the sweet tasting liquid slid past his tongue and down his throat.

            On to more pressing matters, he thought, how to destroy Captain James Pleiades Hawkins. How could he do it? How could he make Hawkins bleed?

            The answer was simple enough. Before, Jim had been an Untouchable. He had almost no weakness. No way to hurt him except physically, which was very hard to do.

            But now…

            Smirking once more, he fingered the picture in his hand he had cut out of a newspaper. Such a pretty thing… too bad she married the wrong man. Now she would have to pay for her husband's sins. Families had to pay for their family members.

            Professor Alyson Christopher-Hawkins, he mused, what a pity.

            Because if there was one thing he knew, it was that if you wanted to hurt a man right at his core you hurt his woman."

                                                -Final Nail in the Coffin Preview

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