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The sickbay doors hissed open and Trip ambled in, looking around. "Hey, Doc? Ya home?"

He turned as Phlox bustled out from behind a curtain, carrying a tray of hyposprays. "Yes, Commander, what can I do for you?" he inquired cheerfully, setting down the tray and fiddling with its contents.

"Um, I just wanted ta know if - if T'Pol was still here," Trip said, avoiding Phlox's eyes.

The doctor straightened up from his work. "Well, no, she went to her quarters about half an hour ago," he told Trip, watching the engineer carefully.

Trip shrugged, attempting to adopt a casual smile. "Oh, all right. That's OK. Thanks, Doc."

Phlox regarded him suspiciously. Trip reminded him of a guilty child, trying to listen in on an adult conversation without getting caught. He decided to get whatever it was out in the open. "Is there something else you'd like to know, Commander?"

Trip looked up. "Um, well-" He glanced around and lowered his voice, definitely looking guilty. "Why'd she, uh - I mean, what was she, ya know..."

"Why was she acting... oddly?" Phlox asked. Trip grinned somewhat sheepishly. "Yeah."

"Well, every seven years, Vulcans go through a cycle called Pon Farr," Phlox began, wondering how he could keep his promise of secrecy to T'Pol and still quench Trip's curiosity. "The microbe that T'Pol picked up on the surface started the cycle early. Symptoms of Pon Farr include violence or-" Phlox hesitated "-outgoing behavior - basically, they lose control of their emotions for a while." There, he decided, that didn't sound too suspect.

"And you were stuck in there with her?" Trip sounded like he was trying to force a casual tone. Phlox wondered what was making the Commander pry into T'Pol's condition, but decided to humour him.

"Yes, but the medication I produced helped her regain some control. The, er, sedatives did the rest."

"Huh." Trip ran a finger over one spotless biobed. "Well, thanks... I better get back to Engineerin', then."

"Good day, Commander." Phlox turned back to his tray, but something occurred to him. "Oh, Mr. Tucker?" he said, looking over his shoulder at the engineer's retreating back.

Trip looked back. "Yeah?"

"T'Pol is fine."

"Really?" Something seemed to brighten in Trip's face and he straightened up a little. "That's good. Thanks, Doc." He hesitated, then grinned and waved, heading out the door towards Engineering.

Phlox chuckled quietly, turning back to his work. When will those two learn, he thought to himself.


Poor old blind Trip. ^_^