I had just come upstairs after having dinner with my daddy. I decided going to bed since there was nothing else to do. I stripped out of my clothes, releasing my rather big boobies from my bra and putting on my tiniest shirt and my baby pink coloured panties. I laid in my bed, but for some reason I was feeling restless.

Since I've turned fourteen ten months ago, I have started to feel a little tingle in my... umm... girly parts... My best friend Angie told me that this feeling is called 'being horny' and it is normal to feel this way at this age, during one of girl talk. She suggested some books I could read and help myself, or see some movies on the internet which can...relieve me. Oh my god! It makes me blush just even thinking about it.

So I decided to be a naughty girl and read some erotica (which I got with Angie's help of course). After making sure daddy was busy with a baseball match, I pushed my t-shirt upward, releasing my titties, circling my penny-shaped areolas and started reading the book I usually keep hidden in the last drawer of nightstand.

Oh my god... I was just two pages in and the itch in my cunny started magnifying. I could feel my juices gathering; making my panties wet, and my clitty throbbing with a vengeance. The urge to rub it was too hard to ignore.

I put my right hand in my panties and started circling my clitty slowly while holding the book in my left hand. My pussy was flooding with juices now, I could hear the sloshing when I moved my fingers through it. Little did I know, my daddy was standing at the door of my room; coming to say good night.

"Isabella Swan! What the hell are you doing? ", daddy shouted.

"Ahh... Daddy... I'm sorry, but I can't stop. This throbbing in my cunny feels too good to stop", I replied, fingering my clitty furiously.

"Bella! Stop this right now so I can tell you something ", daddy said while entering my room.

"Daddy, please! Give me a minute! I'm almost doneeeeee... Don't stop m-ee...please Dad-ddyyyy!" I shouted, cumming hard.

"Bella, baby... What have you done? ", daddy asked, looking at me pityingly.

"I'm sorry, Daddy, but I just couldn't stop once I started ", I started sobbing, worrying that my daddy would punish me now that he's seen what I've done.

"I'm not mad, baby girl. I was stopping to tell you that this tingling in your pussy can be satiated in a better way than what you've been doing ", my daddy said with a chuckle, his eyes lingering in my exposed titties.

" What do you mean daddy? " I asked curiously.

"Well, you feel good when you circle your tits like that, right? " he asked

"Yes", I answered shyly.

"Then tell me, how do you feel when I do this" he said and bent down to take my titties in his mouth.

"Oh my... Daddy! What are you... Ummm...doing... Ahh! " I asked, shocked. But it felt so good that I whimpered when he pulled away.

"So? What did you think? How was it?"

"It was amazing daddy! Can you please do that again?", I begged, wanting his lips back on my titties.

" Sure I can. But you have to promise me to keep this a secret, okay baby girl? No one can know about this", Daddy said.

" I promise I won't say anything, just put your lips on my titties again, please!"

"With pleasure, baby girl." Daddy said and made me stand up in front of him while he sat on my bed. I stood between his legs and jerked his head back to my boobs.

Daddy started sucking my titties hard, grabbing my bum tightly and pulling me as close as he could.

"See baby, how good it feels when I suck you nipples. How do you think it will feel if I suck your clit the same way?", daddy murmured against my left nipple while twisting my right one.

" Oh god! Daddy, can you do that? Can your suck my clitty with your mouth. Please do it!" I pulled his head back by his nape.

"Oh baby, you're going to have such a good time ", daddy grinned and ripped the crotch of my panties, pulling me to him and parting my pussy lips with his tongue. Finding my clitty, he sucked it into his mouth.

"Daddy... Aaahhh... Mmmm... Daadddyy... Never ever stop! " I said incoherently.

"I've no problem with that Bells... Mmm... You taste so good baby" he said, now pistoning his tongue in and out of my opening while his index and middle fingers plucked my clitty. His moustache against my pussy creating the most delicious friction.

Daddy pushed me on the bed, and continued to eat my cunny hungrily for hours. At one point his fingers crept to my rosebud. He kept pushing his tongue as far as he could in my pussy while his hands were busy toying with my clit and asshole.

"Daddy... Oh god!" I keep chanting, pulling his hair and pushing his head between my legs.

"Give daddy your tasty cream honey... Right now! " daddy said, never stopping his relentless mouth.

" Take it daddy, it's yours... Oh Daddyyyy! " I shouted, squirting my juices into his mouth. My daddy gulped everything I gave him.

" yumm, baby girl, you taste so good", daddy said seductively, settling between my parted legs, his delicious weight on me.

"Really? Hmm, let me taste", I said and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth, and massaging my tongue with his.

"I'm going to make you a woman now Bella. Would you like that, baby girl? ", daddy aksed.

"I would love it. I can't wait. " I said happily.

Daddy pulled my shirt off, and stripped down to his boxers. He fell asleep while sucking my nipples while his thick daddy cock rested against my hip.

Hmm... Tomorrow, I'll repay daddy for sure. I can't wait.