So, I should probably tell you why I decided to make a new story- yes? Despite having other stories unfinished, or just abandoned, I have been reading some...rather interesting Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger fanfics. While I was reading one I had been interrupted by my cousin as she was watching Twilight giving me an idea- and I don't know if it had been done before.

As you had read in the description, Draco will be a werewolf; yet Hermione is the one who is able to break down his walls and force him to let her help him- even if it is just for someone else to know so he was covered.

-Line break-

Cold air had hit his naked body as he sat in the middle of the forest floor, trying desperately to not allow the horrific pain to take control of his mind and body. Though he knew, it wouldn't make much of a difference when it came to the time of the moon's highest point- the time he would shift fully into a wolf. Often times it was more painful then he thought he could handle, but then he would remember why he had to relax his body to allow the full shift. He was already in his partial shift; he looked the part of a wolf-man. Supposedly, it helps with the pain to be in his partial shift and he had to agree; it helped quite a bit since his wolf was closer to the surface than it had been on his first shift.

The blonde knew that no matter what he would try, nothing would allow him to stay the Draco Malfoy he once was. A plain and normal- if influential- wizard; a student at Hogwarts who didn't have to lie to his parents or his professors. Why was he always out of his dorm on certain nights? Why does he force his friends and bodyguards away? Was he harming himself? He was alone in this, no one would want to be around him if they ever learned his secret. Though, Draco considered telling his father what- no- who he was, but when he had gathered the courage to tell him, he had seen Fenrir Greyback leaving his home. He thought nothing of it since his parents were Death Eaters, but he heard his father say how he thought werewolves were nothing- they were lower than house-elves. His father saying he wished that all weres would drop dead. His mother, the kindest Death Eater he knew, tried to not look hurt by the thoughtlessness of his father.


Draco had been changed when he was a third-year at Hogwarts, luckily it had been during the end of the year, he had time to work out his changes and learn mental control so he didn't accidentally maul someone. But, he had heard that year that his father- and a few other death eaters- were planning to revive the Dark Lord, which he succeeded. Luckily, he was still underage to be given the dark mark- something he knew he would refuse if given the chance.

If he had then he would have no other choice than to follow any orders that he would give him, and that was something he didn't want. He wasn't like his father who would sign himself up to be apart of the dark side; then not be able to accomplish some of the missions. His father was a person who wanted to please his master, even if that included leading a charge that he gave the Dark Lord his assurance that he would succeed.

He wanted nothing to do with it, no, he would prefer being able to make his own choices and fight for what was right. Even a year after the revival, Draco's mind hadn't been changed. So, he decided- his wolf agreed- that he would pack his things the next morning and ask Snape to take him to the Order of the Pheonix's headquarters. He wanted to do good- and if he had to leave his mother to do it, then so be it.

His wolf, who often rested in the back of his mind, whined softly. He wanted to get out and feel the power the moon recharging him and give him strength, but he hated having to cause his human more pain than he already had. Not to forget that his human was in a lot of mental and emotional pain, he felt horrible for his human counterpart. As gentle as his wolf could, Draco felt the sharp tug of his wolf forcing the shift. At least it wasn't the piercing stab at his brain, as it had been the first time.




Draco had changed into a large wolf- his once grey eyes now changing into a blue-green color. The color of an omega- packless and alone. He had seen a wolf with bright red eyes- the alpha as his wolf had mentioned to him- and with warm amber eyes- the betas and knew that his kind was the most commonly found in the werewolf community. Draco just didn't know why that was. He figured that betas were a stronger gene, maybe because out of all the weres he had seen, betas seem to have the most control over themselves than the alphas. He noticed since he was an omega, that he didn't feel the need to rely on a pack. After his first change, Draco might have thought he would need to be quick to find another werewolf to help keep his bloodlust and power under control, but that wasn't the case.

After his change, he was walking in Hogwarts castle- weary and bone-tired- he bumped into Hermione Granger. At first, he was displeased and angry, but the moment his eyes met her brown ones it all went away. Her scent of vanilla and orange calmed his anger- he had pulled her in for a tight hug; he remembered he had begun to shudder with emotion as he let tears fall down his cheeks. He didn't feel so alone after a comforting hug from her, and he treated her and Potter with much more respect. Draco might have respected Weasley, but he had heard the red-head and Potter were arguing with how he was treating both Hermione and Potter, so he resented Weasley even more.

Getting up on his paws when the pain let up, letting his long claws dig into the moist dirt; hearing the satisfying crunch of a pinecone under his hind paw. As one, Draco and his wolf reared their head back and gave a loving howl to the brightly glowing moon. His wolf and he were ready to begin their night as a full were.




Draco ran around the forest floor, hating that he still felt so much pain. He hated how alone he felt in his full shift, but he couldn't do anything about it since he can't change how other packs view an omega- such as himself- as being bad luck to the pack. Nor, could he be close to his Gryffindor packmates to help him through the night, just knowing they would be close to him soon made it a bit more bearable. Instead of dwelling on the thought, he ran all night, hunted once or twice before he went back to where he had first changed. Or that was the plan until he sensed another being. At first, he smelled Hermione Granger, but then it was gone and replaced by the smell of another wolf. He could still smell her, but not as strongly.

Curiously, Draco followed his nose to where the scent was strongest but daylight was coming quickly. When he saw a small Timber Wolf she-wolf, he tilted his head gently to the side, allowing himself to change on the spot. When he was human once more, he noticed the she-wolf also seemed alarmed to see him. Draco sighed and ran a hand through his blonde hair, his grey eyes- that still had a green-blue tint to them- gazed directly into the wolf's brown eyes. Sitting down on the forest floor- as he had earlier last evening- he reached his hand over to grab his clothes.

The she-wolf whined loudly before turning her back towards him. He chuckled lightly.

"Sorry," he said in a gentle tone, "I'm just used to being alone after a full moon. You can turn around now."

The wolf glanced at him slowly, cautious of being lied to. When she saw Draco was fully dressed, she faced him fully. "What are you doing out here? I know you're not a werewolf or a normal wolf, so that must mean you are an animagus."

Seeing as she nodded her head, the wolf moved slightly closer to him. "Why are you out here?"

He never expected an answer, but when the she-wolf huffed and glanced behind her with a glower. "I'm assuming you needed to get away from something?" A nod, "well, I will be going away from the Dark Lord soon. I plan on asking my godfather to help me get into the Order, I don't want to be on the dark side."

The she-wolf seemed to consider his reply, but to him, it looked as though she believed him. "You know, I know most of the people who are in the Order. I just hope they will allow me to join them." She-wolf yipped softly, tilting her head to the right; her brown eyes narrowed as if asking why. "It's hard to explain, but I figured I could give them some useful information to help bring him down."

He watched as she stayed still, but as time passed he noticed the sun was higher in the sky. Snape would be over soon, so he supposed he should pack up in case he is able to convince Snape to help him. Letting the animagus know just that he turned on his heel, back towards his family home, miles away. If he was able to change into his wolf form, he would be back at the manor in a matter of seconds, rather he was stuck with having to walk for close to twenty minutes to get back. Luckily, it was just after five in the morning so he would still be able to pack and eat something as well as some pain relief potion.

As soon as he was in his room, Draco took a shower and readied himself for the day. He pulled a pair of dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and topped with a black hoodie. He didn't take long to prepare himself, which he was glad about, but he now had to ask a house-elf to shrink his luggage so he could put it inside his muggle clothes. He had to admit, the muggles knew how to style and make the clothes comfortable. Really, Draco thinks he wouldn't mind making a clothes shop based on what he sees from the muggle world and set it up in Diagon Alley so wizards could get the same types of clothes and be able to blend in with the muggles. Though, Draco would have to make the clothes more magic resistant similar to the robes they have.

Distracted by his thoughts, Draco had bumped into the Dark Lord which had him losing his balance ever so slightly. Grey eyes met blood red ones, Draco gulped as he glanced around the room for someone to help him; he wasn't lucky for there was only he and the Dark Lord.

"Forgive me, My Lord, I was lost in thought," Draco said in a soft tone. He kept his eyes from roaming to keep from having to look at those red eyes.

"Yes," the Dark Lord said in a hiss, "it would appear you are not all there. Tell me, boy, what had you so lost in thought?"

"Potter." Thank Merlin Snape had taught him how to master occlumency last year. Flooding his thoughts on old memories on how he thought how to beat the best seeker Hogwarts had seen in years and how he wanted to up Potter.

"Ah," he breathed; his breath smelling made Draco want to vomit, "he will be the key to our success. If Potter were to die sooner, then we will win this war sooner. I believe you weren't thinking of that though, were you?"

With a shake of his head, "I was thinking of how to beat him at finding the Snitch."

"Menial things," the Dark Lord spat. "If you are to become a death eater, then you will need to be more concerned with how to play your role in this. You know your mission was to keep an eye on Potter and his two friends, you can't do that if you are more concerned with an unimportant sport."

"Forgive me, My Lord," he said with an emotionless tone. Bowing, Draco waited until he heard the soft footfalls of Voldemort. "Forgive me for not caring..."

He said it so lightly that he wasn't worried about being caught about what he had said. He walked into the kitchen seeing Snape there.

"Snape," Draco said with a welcomed tone, "I was hoping to have a stroll in the gardens."

Without a word, Snape whisked past Draco to the door where the gardens were. His godfather looked as though he hadn't gotten much sleep in days, which was possibly quite true. The two had walked as far away from the manor so not a person would hear them. When he stopped in the middle of the stroll, Draco looked a small vanilla flower and thought of Hermione. A smile bloomed on his lips as he thought of her.

I want to get out of here and fight with Potter and his friends. Can you help me?

Snape's eyes went wide as he heard Draco's request. He had thought that Malfoy would have wanted to join the Dark Lord, but he wasn't displeased. It makes keeping the young Malfoy from harm easier, especially with how he was made to have an unbreakable vow with Narcissa to do just that.

"Why, Draco, would you want this?"

Draco shrugged as he finally plucked the vanilla flower. "I want to fight for what's right. What he wants isn't right."

He watched as his godfather nodded his head, "matter of opinion, I suppose." Taking a deep breath, "get your things, Draco, we'll leave now."

Smirking, Draco brought out his shrunken luggage to his godfather. "I already am."