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Try One: Is this a Joke?!

Aladdin took a deep breath and made eye contact with the scariest thing in the universe, a woman who suspects you're lying to her.

"Ababwa?" Princess Jasmine asked with a gleam in her eyes and a false smile on her face.

"Yes," Aladdin answered in what he hoped was a calm voice.

The princess had challenged Aladdin to point out Ababwa, the country he was supposedly prince of, on a map. Unfortunately, that was impossible, as the genie that Aladdin had found had made up Ababwa when Aladdin had wished to become a prince. Aladdin couldn't ruin things with Jasmine, not when he had become a prince in order to woo her. He couldn't let her find out the truth; he'd have to get Genie to help him out.

"Genie," Aladdin whispered out of the corner of his mouth as he walked toward the princess. "I need to find Ababwa. She has maps. Lots of maps."

He cleared his throat as he reached Jasmine. Picking up a map from the table at random, he tried to ignore the suspicious look the lady was giving him.

"Ababwa. Of course," he said as regally as he could.

Hoping for a magical assist from Genie, he held the map up in the air so that Jasmine couldn't see his face or the front of the map.

"Ababwa..." he said loudly again, stalling for as long as he could.

Immediately, a picture of the genie appeared on the map. Aladdin's face lit up in relief. The genie had this. It was going to be okay.

Quickly though, his look turned into one of annoyance. Instead of simply putting Ababwa on the map, the genie danced around making up fake kingdoms with ridiculous names like DisneyLand, Fantasy Land, or TomorrowLand. What kind of names were those? Finally, a large banner appeared saying "Just Be Yourself".

Aladdin mouthed angry words at him, trying to convince the blue jerk to help him out.

"Have you lost your country?" Jasmine broke in, interrupting Aladdin's dark thoughts of getting revenge on that stupid genie. She pulled the map down so that she was looking him directly in the face.

Aladdin put the map on the table and swallowed hard.

"My country? No, no," he tried. He could see the scepticism in her gaze, however, and knew that he was out of time. "There it is." He jabbed his finger at the map without looking.

Jasmine's face was full of patronizing confidence.

"I don't think so," she replied condescendingly. "I've been-"

But she never finished, for as they both looked at where Aladdin's finger pointed, they saw he was indicating a country unmistakably entitled "Ababwa".

With fresh confidence, Aladdin tapped his finger.

"There it is," he said again, this time sure of himself.

Jasmine's scornful look turned to one of amazement.

"How…?" she stammered. "How did you…?"

Aladdin grinned at her, but his smile froze as he registered the murderous rage forming on Jasmine's face.

"Is this a JOKE?!" she shrieked, grabbing the map in a balled up fist.

Aladdin put his hands up to try and placate her as he slowly began to back away.

"I-" he began, but Jasmine wouldn't even let him try.

"Do you think you can just waltz in here and threaten me like this?!" she continued. "How dare you! I'll have your HEAD for this! GUARDS!"

"Woah, hey! Calm down!" Aladdin tried, still backing toward the balcony. "There's no need for-"

"CALM DOWN?!" Jasmine shouted. "This is a declaration of war, and you want me to calm down?!"

A dozen guards burst into the room and rushed at him. Thinking fast, Aladdin hurtled himself into the open air. Just as he had planned, the magic carpet caught him before he could get close to hitting the ground.

As he flew away into the night, he heard the princess instructing the guards to find him and lock him up for treason.

The genie appeared next to him, flying alongside the carpet.

"Now look what you did," Genie complained. "I had to cut my date short and run off. Because of your stubbornness, neither of us are going to have a chance with those girls again."

"I don't understand," Aladdin moaned. "What did I do? Why did she freak out like that?"

"Ah, yes. Well, unfortunately for you, you didn't point at the open desert. No, you pointed at a country, so in order to save you from looking like an idiot, I switched the country's name to Ababwa. Three guesses on what country you pointed at, and the first two don't count," the genie finished wryly.

Comprehension began to dawn on the fake prince.

"You don't mean…?" he began.

Genie nodded.

"That's right. You just told your crush that you are going to conquer Agrabah and make it your own."

Aladdin groaned.

"Oh, no! She's going to hate me! I really messed up."

"Are you just figuring that out now?" Genie asked rhetorically. "Should have told her the truth to start with."

They lapsed into silence as Aladdin came to terms with the fact that he'd just wrecked any chance of a relationship with Jasmine.

After a long moment, something dawned on him.

"Wait… where's Abu?"

Miles away, Abu, who was still stuck as an elephant, trumpeted sadly as the carpet got smaller and smaller in the distance.

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