It had been three years since the Superhuman Registration Act had been overturned and a lot had happened since Captain America had won what was known as the Superhuman Civil War. The abuses of power during the time were investigated; those abusing the arrested Superhumans including the staff at Prison 42 were tried and sentenced.

The Superheroes who had initiatively supported the Act had began to change their views after digesting what was revealed to the public about what was to happen to the Superhumans who did not sign up. James Rhodes or War Machine had still been an avid enforcer for the Act during the outcry but had come around.

Ms Marvel Carol Danvers had not and any attempts by her to justify her shocking actions in hunting down Superhumans just bring her reputation down even further. She was persona non grata in the Superhero community and her anger about this caused her to lash out at times which caused her to be discharged from the US Armed forces. She was originally chosen by Tony Stark to take over as field leader of the Avengers after Cap and his forces had been taken care of; but now the Avengers would want nothing to do with her due to how many bridges that she had burned.

Speaking of Cap; he was still the hardworking and popular Director of SHIELD with the trust of the Superhero Community behind him; while Luke Cage and Spidey were officially the field leaders of the Avengers, they all still deterred to him when he was out in the field.

When the Hulk and his Warbound from Saakar with his message about how the Illuminati that Dr Strange, Reed Richards, Professor Xavier and Tony Stark were apart of had sent him into space and caused his wife to die; Cap managed to calm him down and the Hulk still respected him. Dr Strange had gave his apologises and was helping SHIELD find the Warbound a new home. Hulk saw that Professor Xavier was suffering enough with the state that Mutantkind was still in despite Cap's best efforts to lend support and assistance to the X-Men.

This caused the reputations of Tony and Reed to dig even deeper.

There was another crisis with the Skrulls invaded by infiltrating the governments but the Avengers helped bring a stop to it; even taking down the Skrull Queen thanks to Intel provided by Deadpool when he acted as a spy for them in the Skrull Empire.

There were people that refused to relent on their positions on the SHRA and were angry about what they saw as injustice; Maria Hill once the feared and 'respected' SHIELD director was now a level 1 grunt and would likely never see a promotion, especially since she was not silent about how the good guys ultimately lost in the Act's downfall. She had a huge fine against her and it was only because of her record that she even still had any position on SHIELD.

She and a sect of SHIELD officers still loyal to her had been fed up and teamed up the Red Skull's forces in a plan to try and use the Cosmic Cube to brainwash Cap into think that he was a loyal deep sleeper agent of HYDRA since he was a child; it was foiled with the Red Skull, his forces, Hill and her supporters all arrested and tried. She was dishonourably discharged with her supporters and sent to the Raft.

As for Tony Stark; he was booted out of his company and was replaced by Pepper Potts who was doing her best to restore reputation to the company. He went into hiding and there were words saying he was in a personal lab isolated in a remote location. There were words that he was trying to atone for his actions by getting Iron Man suits ready if there was another big catastrophe.

Reed Richards lost everything in the divorce; too focused on trying to work out where he went wrong in his calculations to even try and fight back in the divorce. Susan gained custody of the children; the Baxter Building and everything in it. Reed had gone into a portal to another dimension and disappeared before emerging again as a supervillain calling himself the Maker. He had truly fallen and had convinced himself that the Act was right and just and it was just the fault of the humans for not accepting it; he had come to the conclusion that he needed to take over the Earth to force the change needed to save the Planet.

He had become just another Doctor Doom; only ruling his own city dimension instead of a country.

The remains of the Fantastic Four managed to recover and work for the future; while Spider-Man was helping leading the Avengers, he had managed to do double duty as the new 4th member of the Fantastic Four which led to the creation of the Future Foundation. Susan Storm the Invisible Woman had remained strong and firm in taking over leadership of the FF while also raising her children. She had grown closer to Spidey and had fallen in love with him.

She and Peter Parker had married with Peter managing to a good stepdad to the children.