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USS Ronald Reagan and USS Seahawk


(Timeline possibilities: Stargate SG1: season 3-10+ after & Stargate Atlantis season 0-4)

Timeline in this story: 2005 — Stargate SG1: season 8, somewhere after episode 3; NCIS: between season 5 - 6 (3 years earlier than NCIS canon)



It has been two month since the new NCIS Director Leon Vance has assigned Tony to the USS Ronald Reagan to be the Agent Afloat. More like send him out of his way. Perhaps Vance hated Tony; perhaps he was afraid that he would find out that he isn't the real Ex-Marine Leon Vance; perhaps he wanted to punish Tony; perhaps the Mossad wanted him to do that or perhaps he wanted to blame Tony for the last Director's actions.

In a different reality, the agent would have been on the USS Ronald Reagan for another month and than be send to the USS Seahawk until Gibbs brought him back to Washington DC because he needed his skills but not the person.

In this reality, things go differently.

In this reality, an Air Force officer lands on the USS Ronald Reagan and meets Very Special Agent Tony DiNozzo and the real Tony.


Brigadier General O'Neill is sitting in a helicopter. He would be rather flying it than being the passagier. There is some problem at the air force base and they now have to make a detour. Originally it was planned that he would take a helicopter DC- Air Force base and than a different plane back to Colorado but they know had to make a pitstop on an ship. Stupid Ship. The copter will be refueled and in some hours they can continue. They land on the USS Ronald Reagan. US Navy ship. Aircraft carrier. After the usual things and the meeting with the Captain, O'Neill wanders through the ship. If he has to wait on this ship for hours, he might as well eat here. He didn't have anything in DC, only meetings.

O'Neill enter the officer's eating place. As a General he could have privileges but he doesn't want them; he misses the mountain where he can sit down with SG1 and they and other officers treat him as one of them, or not differently than as a colonel. Perhaps he shouldn't have taken his recent promotion? No. It was a good decision. He looks around the tables; there isn't a free table left. It will be uncomfortable and tense if he sits down to the other personnel; they ignore him or do the complete opposite. The General looks around again. Uniform, uniform, jeans and hoodie, uniform. There. There is a brown haired man in a jeans sitting alone at a table. He moves there. He thinks that he perhaps is lucky and the man isn't a reporter or a politician. The man looks up when he is about to take the seat and ask: "Do you really want to sit with me? I mean, I'm not against it but the others don't want to because I am the NCIS agent on board. They will think that you are a snitch." O'Neill snaufs and sits down. "I don't care what they think. I am not on board for long. But if you don't want me to sit here?" "No. No. No. I would like it. I haven't eaten with someone since I am on the ship. It would be nice to have someone to talk to.", Agent DiNozzo says and then adds nervously when he realises the rank, "General. If you want to." "Good. And leave the General. I want to enjoy my potatoes and broccoli." Tony smiles.

Tony starts to talk about movies and O'Neill answers it with The Simpsons. "So. How long have you been on the ship?" Tony: "Two month. Before that I was Senior Field Agent on the DC MCRT." O'Neill: "You sound like you are doubting that you were the Senior Field Agent." "That happens when your boss tells the probationary agent and the Mossad officer on the team that they don't have to do what you say.", Tony says sadly without thinking. O'Neill draws his eyebrows together, hearing about the treatment and then asks: "Mossad? Since when do we let foreign spies investigate our affairs? Giving them blackmail material and excess to security. That's stupid and treason!" "Tony laughs: " She isn't that bad." O'Neill: " Spies know how to play you. They would sleep with you or kill their own siblings for the mission." DiNozzo stills. The General hit the bullseye without trying to. "I didn't trust her in the beginning but after 2 years...", Tony trails of. O'Neill says:" Stockholm Syndrome. They do what they have to do to get your trust and if you are nerving them, they manipulate someone else to take care of you and there is no connection to them. Others kill you, frame you or do something else. How did you land on the ship?" Tony takes the new topic: "The new NCIS director broke our team up." New director? There was something about a director. What was it again? " Tony looks at the man before him stunned: "It was on the news. A gas explosion killed her. Do you live under a stone?!" 'Under a mountain' O'Neill thinks and says: "No. What did really happen?" "What? It happened and was on the news." General: "First, I recognise a cover story. Second, I can tell that you are lying about that." DiNozzo looks away. He doesn't know why but he trust this man: "I can't talk about it." O'Neill drops the topic for now and asks: "Why break the team up? Than you're stuck on the ship?" "The director is blaming me. I'm waiting till Gibbs takes me back to DC." They keep talking until they finished eating and then leave the table.

O'Neill calls Walter and Carter who find out what really is going on at NCIS and then some other things. O'Neill goes to the communication centre and gets a fax. Then he goes to the deck and searches for an agent afloat.

Tony is standing at the railing when the General steps next to him. "What some company?", asks O'Neill. " I would love it." O'Neill: "Do you have time? There is something that I would like to talk about." O'Neill leads Tony DiNozzo to a conference room. After he closes the door, he sets the fax on the table. "Read it!" Tony starts reading and then looks up, shocked: "This is... This is allowing me to talk about it?!" "Yes.", O'Neill says cheekily, " I have a higher security clearance than your director. That cover up shouldn't have happened. At least, not that way. I want you to tell me what really happened. And technically, that is an order to tell me about it. And I think you need to talk about it to someone. " Tony hangs his head and then nods. He tells O'Neill, with the general asking pointed questions, about the protection detail, about having orders to leave the director, about the scene, the shooting, about the director's past mission, about the others reactions and the new director and about how he thinks that it is his fault. He talks about the illegal undercover mission with the frog, the time without Gibbs and then being back in his old job — more or less, about Gibbs' anger at him, the head slaps, the framed murder, his suspicions about Ziva at the beginning; somehow the last years just spill out after O'Neill explains that it isn't Tony's fault. He talks about his isolation on the ship and how he feels unwanted and thrown away. Unwanted. Worthless. How he stays with Gibbs because in Baltimore Gibbs said that he 'was good' and how he doesn't know what to do.

Tony takes a big breath and stops. His environment comes back into his focus. He hasn't realised that while he talked, the General had pushed a hot instant cocoa into his hands which he has been drinking. The General's hand was still on Tony's forearm. The older man has a worried and sympathetic expression on his face; it isn't pity. Tony relaxes.

"Sometimes I think Gibbs only hired me because I punched him in Baltimore or because he had to hire someone.", Tony admits.

O'Neill isn't coddling him and answer the unvoiced question: " Perhaps. Perhaps not. If he did, than he is an idiot, well, a bigger idiot that he already is. I saw your file. You real unredacted file. You were disowned at 14 years old. What do you even call that...that man?" "Senior. If I have to." O'Neill: "You paid for your college and managed after your money was cut and instead of mopping about not being able to go to college after your undergraduate, you became a cop. I love cops! They are a lot better than that sneaking fucking bigtoe agencies. You worked fast through the ranks and had a high solve rate and conviction rate. The thing with the Mafia — brilliant. And NCIS's MCRT solve rate has gone up since you work there and thee conviction rate almost skyrocketed. The Captain of this ship is impressed with you. You are very good at investigating and other things. If I would have crime at my base, I would steal you." Tony looks at him, not secure if the general means it.

"Gibbs sounds like a bastard who is using you, playing on your insecurities. And perhaps likes you a little. At least, until the bomb. It sounds like he connected everything good that you and he had and your skills with this McGee person and added that greenhorns problems to you. He even threatened some parties who wanted you.

McGee sounds like a highschool bully who pushes others down because he isn't good enough. I know how important scientists can be or ,in this case, a computer guy but I know that a gun doesn't care if you went to MIT. Even though, I'm a bit spoiled: next to the guys I work with he is a dumb person. I'm serious and literary there. It sounds like he programmed that office screen clicker to e difficult, so he is needed.

And the spy. Mossad really did it smartly this time. With their director's assassin daughter in MCRT, they have the Navy and Marine informations, some under cover identities, new spy informations, the courses that our ships use and incriminating and personal informations about navy and marine personnel and their partners and children at addresses. They using the Navy's Intelligence Information and secret knowledge. That's spy paradise. In addition, there are the ties to Army and Air Force. They have some information about the Army through the Marines and the Air Force through the Navy. We are lucky that it is only some information. They have profiles about the ex team and major players. One can buy Gibbs profile for 1.000 US$. There will be may new moles in NCIS. The last director wanted La' Grenouli and sold NCIS out. Information for Information and a spy on the team. The spy played you all. She is known for seduction, assassinations, torture, blackmail and manipulations. I fucking hate spies. Sometimes I wish that would pack them into a racket and launch to the moon.

On a different topic: You told me what you know; I'll tell you what I found out about what's going on at NCIS. Leon Vance is trying to distance himself with everything that would hurt him. The guy is a politician. Gibbs as three new agents and they thinks that one of them is a mole. Miss Mossad Spy is secure in Israel and everything that she did and which is provable will be blamed on this mole."

"How practical!", DiNozzo snaufs. O'Neill: " Very. She is already working on one part ofthis mole problem for Mossad and NCIS." Tony hurt: "She is already back. Gibbs took her back first." O'Neill continues: "Yes and No. It isn't official but Gibbs and Vance has official requests to have her back. The same with Agent McGee. I am sorry but there aren't any paper requests for you. Gibbs is asking about you to Vance when he hits a wall in one of his cases but only then. McGee is on computer duty and searches for the mole there. I guess that both will be back when the mole is found." "You don't think that I will be back. Why wasn't I tasked to search for the mole?", Tony. The General: " It is stupid; you are the investigator on the team. At minimum, you should have been given files to look through on the ship. Something is stinking with Vance. In addition, Vance needed you away where you can't really communicate and defend yourself. He is blaming you and covering up the complete shit. Police and some agencies only know the cover-up with the gas explosion; inside NCIS the director blames you. Completely. No word about her orders and the Mossad officer. The same with the agencies who know about the cover-up. He is protecting the spy and blaming everything on you; he is cleaning the scene. When you return to DC in a year, some month or after you can't take it and quit, nobody will think that you are telling them the truth. And for that to work you will be on sea longer than three month since it happened. So when in one month this ship is docking, taking a break, you will be on a different ship. I looked it up. Vance already signed the papers. USS Seahawk for one year. What I find disgusting too is that the agent who you exchanged on this ship, was transfered 3 month earlier because his parent is some senator and Vance earned himself a favour with it. Politicians.

I am sorry but you are fucked. I thought you deserved to know the truth."

Agent Tony DiNozzo slumps down in his seat. He didn't know why he didn't question the information or wanted evidence but he knows that he can trust O'Neill. Perhaps subconsciously he knows that it is the truth, that they don't want him back in DC, that he is being used and blamed.

"I can't hold it together for a year or longer.", Tony says, " And I can't quit again. I quit the police force before I had 10 years together. I don't think that I will have a retirement package there. I have been with NCIS for around 7 years. What should I do? At least, now I knew what will happen and won't look forward to the docking."

O'Neill has a thoughtful expression on his face. They keep talking about random topics. After Tony calmed down O'Neill asks: "Do you remember when I told you that I would steal you?" "Yes?", Tony says hesitantly. O'Neill says: " What I said about NCIS is the truth. I wasn't trying to manipulate you. ... If you want to, I can add a good word to AFIS, that's Air Force Investigative Services. They would accept you and they would count your NCIS years; you would be a Senior Agent with possible retirement in 13 years. Or the police station in Colorado. Or, if you want to, and you pass the security tests, you could work for me on my base." "I thought you didn't have crime.", Tony says cheekily. O'Neill: " We don't. Not really but there are investigative jobs and other things that you would be good at and our actual job where you would be a very good candidate. You would in general be better with flyboys than grumpy marines."

"I don't know."

"Think about it. I will leave you my number and an postbox address. Call when you know what you want to do. I will let them do the security check anyway.", O'Neill tells him.

They take a walk on deck and then O'Neill leaves. He jumps in the copter and flies home.


One month later the USS Ronald Reagan docks in the port. Agent DiNozzo receivs his new assignment: USS Seahawk. He eats in an real Italian restaurant and then calls the number that General O'Neill gave him. He quits NCIS without the DC office realising it until they search for him for a case. He spents two month as an NCIS agent and then disappears into the Stargate Command and later Atlantis.

This story has two side stories (prequels):


The USS Ronald Reagan actually exists, the USS Seahawk doesn't exist. There is no aircraft carrier with the name but there was a motorboat until 1919. The real Seahawk/ the real ship is/was called the USS Enterprise.

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