2. April. 2020


After the fanfiction story:

In episode time/ canon time:

In this chapter you can read the REAL time which happens inside the episode. I don't mean the airdate of the episodes but the actual time that passes inside the episode.



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• It matches greatly: There were in 1969 around 4. August and approximately 10 months later it is around the time that Tony was born. Only it is the wrong year.





Timeline: canon; NCIS: season 2 episode 22


Tony DiNozzo is sick. He has the lung pest which is an Middle Ages illness, in Europe. The illness is there on other continents. It is a illness which some persons are going to have in China in 2019.

Tony DiNozzo is sick and stares at the blue llights which are there to kill the bacteria in the air. Will they kill Agent Todd's cold infection somethings too or will her cold infect Tony and hurt him more? Tony has problems breathing. Stupid letter and stupid powder.

An hour later

Gibbs is in the hospital and is running to DiNozzo's room. He is almost there when somebody bumps into him. Gibbs wants to shout at the person when he sees that it is his female agent. She tells him that some military doctor threw her and the others out of the isolation area. A group dressed in complete biohazard suits took control of Tony's treatment. They transported Tony away. The doctor told Todd clearly that it isn't nice to tell a sick person that it is their fault that someone else is infected and that her standing near him with a cold could have injured him more. Gibbs is angry that he can't find his agent. Almost 50 minutes ago Tony DiNozzo opened his eyes and sees someone that he hasn't seen for 2 years: Jack O'Neill. "Hey. Did you think that we wouldn't come. Your name pinged the system.", the Colonel said. Tony smiled. Gibbs won't find out who the group was.

The group left and a SGC nurse stayed behind to collect more information. She hears Gibbs talk about the bacteria and informs Dr. Fraiser that the bacteria has a kill switch after 48 hours. Outside the hospital Selmak heals Tony with the healing device to a degree. He will heal the rest later.

Tony calls Gibbs 2 hours after Gibbs ran to the hospital.


I know that it is short but you have the timeline and I write at the new, longer chapter like Chapter 5.


Timeline: (till season 6/ 7)


Season 1:

Episode 1: 2003


EP.8: 2003

EP.16: 2003

EP.19: 2004 (2003)

EP.20: 2004

EP.23: 2004

Season 2:


EP.2: 2004

EP.4: 2004

EP.5: 2004

EP.8: 2004

EP.11: 2004

EP.17: 2005 (2004)

EP.18: 2005

EP.22: 2005 (around 8th/10th May)

EP.23: 24th May 2005

Season 3:

EP.1: 2005

EP.2: 2005

EP.3: 2005

EP.4: 2005 (1. - 24. June)

EP.9: 2005

EP.15: 2005

EP.17: (2005, before 9. December)

EP.19: 2006, March

EP.22: 2006

EP.24: 2006 (March)

Season 4:

EP.1: 2006 (1. week in June)

EP.3: 2006

EP.6: 2006, end October

EP.10: 2006

EP.15: 2007, around/before 14th February

EP.18: 2007

EP.23: 2007

EP.24: 2007

Season 5:

EP.1: 2007

EP.2: 2007

EP.6: 2007

EP.14: 2008

EP.18: 2008

Season 6:

EP.1: 2008

EP.2: 2008

EP.11: 2008

EP.15: 2009

Ep.16: 2009

EP.23: 2009

EP.25: 2009

Season 7:

Ep.1: 2009

EP.5: 2010/2009

EP.6: 2010/2009

EP.8: 2010/2009

EP.10: 2010/2009, around Christmas

EP.12: (2010/2011)

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