Hiei The Baby-sitter by SSJAniFan

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Part 1 Suddenly Reliving the Wonder Years

It was a normal day in Sarayashiki. For once, no evil monsters from Makai were off terrorizing the world. No ghosts wandering the area, mourning their deaths. Just peace and quiet... well, as much peace and quiet as one can expect when your name is Urameshi Yusuke or Kuwabara Kazuma.

"Urameshi, why am I here again?," Kuwabara asked, slumping against a wall. "I was going to try and ask Yukina-chan out today."

"You mean on a date?," Yusuke asked, sitting in front of the TV. He had been trying to find something good on, but so far nothing on the 'tube interested him.

"Well, duh! I I've known her for over 3 months now, and I think that it's finally time to work up the courage to ask her out! And then you force me over here!"

"Well, my mom finally met some guy the other day and asked him out. And with her gone, I'm not going to leave the house alone. Do you remember the fire incident a year ago?"

"Ah, I get it! You're paranoid, huh?," Kuwabara said with a snicker.

"SHUT UP!," Yusuke said, growing embarrassed. "I.... just feel it would be better it somebody was watching the place."

"Well, I get why you're staying here, but what does it have to do with me?!"

"Because I don't want to have to do this by myself! If I'm going to get bored, I might as well have someone suffer with me!"

"Why not get Kurama or Hiei then?!" One look from Yusuke was all the answer Kuwabara needed. "Fine. If I have to stay here, do you have anything to eat then?"

"Yeah, in the fridge. Help yourself." While Kuwabara went to get some munchies, Yusuke finally settled on an American show about two F.B.I. agents that investigated government conspiracies and the paranormal. Not that it helped him relieve the boredom. "Man am I bored. Bored, bored, BORED! Why couldn't a youkai or something be attacking right now?! At least then I'd have something to do!"

Just then, a knock on the door occurred, snapping Yusuke out of his boredom rant. "Hello? Somebody there?" -And if I'm not hoping too much, something too end all this boredom?-, Yusuke thought, hoping that maybe he was receiving a new case from Koenma. He went to the door and opened it, looking to see what was outside. However, the only thing there was... a box. "Oh well, maybe it could still be something from that pint-sized boss of mine. Guess I'll find out soon enough."

Yusuke then started tearing the box open. Kuwabara then came in after munching on some chips. "Hey, Urameshi, what's that you got in--" It was then that Yusuke finally opened the box. A white steam started emitting from the package. "What the hell?! What's that crap *cough* coming out of the box?! *cough cough*"

"Damn! It's like somebody *cough* put a smoke bomb *cough* in here!," Yusuke screamed, trying to see through the smoke.

Then something weird happened. Yusuke felt his thoughts leaving him, as if the person he was was now being stripped away. As he tried to get a grip on the world around him, he could have sworn that he was shrinking...


Kurama felt a strange sensation in his head. A spiritual aura- a very familiar spiritual aura that he personally knew- was fading away rapidly. "Yusuke...," he muttered, realizing his friend must be in some sort of danger.

"Yusuke? Is that your friend that you've mentioned before, Suichi?," Kaori asked, trying to ask him the one question currently on her mind.

"Erm, yes, I just remembered something important that I promised to do for him. Don't worry Kaori, it shouldn't take long. I promise I'll come back afterwards," Kurama replied, leaving the slightly disappointed girl alone in the park.

Kurama remembered how he had met Kaori. She had just transferred into his, make that Suichi's, class and he soon realized that she was developing a crush on him. No doubt, she had been trying to ask him out a few seconds ago. Maybe if he hadn't just felt Yusuke's energy depleting he would have agreed to take her out. But if indeed Yusuke, the person who had saved his own life, was in danger, he had to help in some way.

It wasn't long before Kurama felt someone near him. "Hiei," he said, "I see you felt it too."

"Well of course," Hiei replied, following Kurama. "If Yusuke's really in trouble, then that means bad news for the rest of us."

The two of them quickly made their way to the Urameshi residence. "I'll go in first," Kurama said.

"Fine by me," Hiei replied. "Just don't get killed." Kurama then entered Yusuke's house, and Hiei slumped against the back of the building, waiting for Kurama to give off some signal. It didn't take long.

"Hiei! Come here! I think you'll want to see this! I've found Yusuke! Kuwabara's here as well!"

"That dolt," Hiei muttered, hearing Kuwabara's name. "He was probably the reason we felt that power fade away!" He walked up to where Kurama was standing, looking for either of the two. After locating neither, he turned toward the "15-year-old." "Well, where are they?"

Kurama simply pointed to a chair nearby their location. "Over there," he said.

Hiei turned to where Kurama pointed, wondering what had sounded so urgent to him. He soon learned why. Now Hiei was one who usually kept his calm, and did not become suprised very easily. However, the current sight was enough to even shock him. Indeed, Yusuke and Kuwabara were where Kurama had pointed, but that was not the suprising fact. What was suprising was that both Yusuke and Kuwabara were now both three years old...


Well, why are Kuwabara and Yusuke both now kids?! It has something to do with the Idunn Box(that's at least what it's called in the English version), but it's not the entire factor. And who would turn Yusuke and Kuwabara into little kids anyway? While Kurama searches for answers, Hiei is going to have to deal with taking care of the two. Who will snap first: Hiei or the kids?

HIEI: Do you just love to torture me, or am I just always the random victim?

Eh, a little from column A, little from column B. Be on the lookout for part 2: "Nightmares in Toddler Sitting!"

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