Mai Valentine, the sophisticated blonde duelist had beaten many amatuer duelists on the island easily. She had won so quickly that the hardly remembered them afterwards.

Her plan was to defeat the weakest opponents as quickly as possible so she could get into the castle and face Pegasus. The man that created the 'Duel Monsters' card game. After defeating him she'd win the prize money and spend it on luxuries and shopping sprees. It'd be great, not only would she be rich but word would spread like wildfire and soon she'd also be famous. She might even be asked to pose for the cover of her favourite magazine 'Doll'. She smiled at the thought and looked at the star chips on her dueling glove.

She had just beaten anouther foolish boy who dared call himself a duelist when she heard a few familiar voices approach. It was Yugi Motto, the short guy who had supposedly defeated the former champion Seto Kaiba. He was with his companions Tea, Tristan and Joey. She figured that duelling Yugi would be too risky however Joey Wheeler should be easy to defeat.

The tall girl flicked her long wavy hair and challenged Joey to a duel. Joey agreed but his friends tried to get him to change his mind. He was determined so the two duelists took their place at the arena.

It seemed like she had the upper hand with her Harpies Lady and her magic cards taking his monsters with ease. Joey was confused by the fact that she knew what cards she played without looking. She had told him that she was psychic. After some time with support from his companions he closed his eyes and realised that Mai had sprayed different perfumes on the cards.

Just because he figured out her trick didn't mean he was going to win, or so she thought. Yugi gave him some advice during the duel telling him to trust in his deck of cards. Joey then pulled out Time Wizard which he used to make his Baby Dragon more powerful and at the same time make her Harpies Ladies weaken with age. It was a terrible loss and one that she wouldn't forget.

Mai often thought of that duel with Joey. One thing that stayed tucked away in her memories was something he said during the duel. He had said that he was duelling for his sister Serenity. It was a very honourable cause. Mai realised that she admired Joey Wheeler, but she'd never admit to it. The blonde duelist blushed at the thought and went off to find another weakling to defeat in a duel.


Author's note:

This was an idea that I just had to get down. I haven't watched many episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh but I quite like it so I thought I'd write a short story based on Mai.

I personally think that she and Joey would make a cute couple but anyway, what do you guys think of this story? I hope you like it and even if you don't could you review? All feedback is much appreciated!

Thanking you in advance for reading this story.