The first time I met the pureblooded woman that came to haunt my dreams I was eight years old and was sat beneath my favourite spot in the park near my home. The tree that I claimed as my own helped kept the sun from invading my eye sight as I read my latest book.

Busy as I was I didn't notice anyone until a solid form crashed into me causing my book to land in the mud. Its fragile pages soaking up the dirty water, I felt the pinprick sensation at the back of my eyes but I refused to cry in front of the stranger.

"Watch it will you." The blonde haired boy sneered, brushing his dusty pants down with his blooded hands. His once neat pressed black slacks were smeared with his blood, further causing a mess. "Must you walk around with your bushy head stuck in a book, it is rude to do so."

Ignoring the rude boy I gently scooped the ruined book up from its unfortunate landing.

"Fathers right. Muggles are beyond any hope of civilised conversation. Oi are you deaf or just stupid? Answer me."

Unable to reply, the boy was suddenly cut off from his mutterings as he was pulled harshly by his arm. The man holding a death grip on the shivering boy loomed over him, an unpleasant grin plastered across his thin lips, his steel like grey eyes piercing through my very soul.

"My apologizes, I do hope my son hasn't caused you too much distress my sweetling." A beautiful tall blonde woman smiled warmly as she helped me to my feet. "Oh dear, let me take a look at your book."

The book was beyond repair but something deep inside me refused to allow myself to disobey. I watched in awe as the once sodden lump of mess suddenly pulsed with a strange purple light.

"Here we are my sweetling, good as new." She winked returning the book. "Oh how silly of me. I am Narcissa Malfoy but between you and I, you can call me Cissy sweetling."

The man cleared his throat, gaining the attention of Narcissa. "Must you play nice with peasants dear, we don't have all day and as much as I would like to watch you dirty yourself with filth I do have prior engagements."

The once warm smile slipped from Narcissa's ruby red lips as she turned toward the man. Anger sparkling in her ocean blue eyes. "I suppose you are right husband after all we wouldn't want you to miss your poorly organised meeting with your mistress."

The young boy looked embarrassed from his mother's comment, his pale face turning bright red. He refused to meet my eye.

"See you soon Hermione."

Just like that the three blondes left the park. Glad to see the back of the frightening man but disappointed at Narcissa in leaving. The time I got home, her parting comment finally caught up with me. How on earth did the woman know my name.

The second time happened when I was nine and I had stumbled quite literally upon the tabby cat sitting outside my house. For some strange reason the cat had decided to follow me around when ever I left my neighbourhood. I first met the strange creature when I was three. It had appeared out of nowhere in the backyard.

One day I took the bus to London central and tabby was acting rather strangely. The cat seemed to want me to follow as we went through the crowded streets and into a dingy building. Many of the patrons looked on in curiousity at a young girl following behind a cat.

"No cats allowed." A gruff voice boomed out startling me from my thoughts.

"Sorry Sir, Mr tabby here doesn't like it when I'm out on my own," I politely replied, taking a wide step backwards at seeing his large frame. The man was tall and very overweight, dressed in scruffy clothes and a large coat. His beard taking up most of his face.

The large man broke in a smile. "Don't worry. I know this tabby and she ain't no mister. I is Hagrid." His bowed slightly. I couldn't help giggling at his odd behaviour. "At your service lil girl."

"Hermione kind Sir."

He knelt down stroking tabby with his large hands, the strange creature purring in contentment.

"This here is Minnie, I'm sure she won't mind you calling her that."

Most peculiar thing happened the tabby cat nodded her head as if in agreement. A very human thing to do for a cat.

"Hagrid I wasn't accepting to see the likes of you here," an angelic voice called out from behind me. I turned towards the newcomer about to berate them for speaking so harshly towards such a gentle soul until I realised the woman standing before me.

Hagrid barely spared her a glance. "Not much your business." The smile had vanished, the gentle man had become nervous though I didn't understand why. Narcissa wasn't cruel like her husband nor was she petty like her son.

"Hello sweetling, do you remember me?" Narcissa sounded somewhat shy which took my by surprise. Her stunning blue eyes sparkling under the heated sun.

I nodded enthusiastically, "of course Cissy. How could I forget someone like you. You saved my book from a terrible fate."

Her smile brightened, she stepped closer pulling me into her embrace. She smelt like vanilla and fresh pages of a book. I felt safe and happy in her arms.

"Why don't we go and get lunch together? My treat sweetling." Releasing me and turning to our company behind me.

I jumped at the chance to get to know the kind woman better but Minnie had other ideas though. Her heckles raised and hissing at Narcissa, she slinked her way between us.

"Hush now Minerva we wouldn't want a certain secret to get out now would we." I could just hear her mumble to the tabby. "Hermione is safe with me, is she not?"

The cat shook her head, I swear I could feel her brimming with some kind of energy that seemed to engulf the tabby.

"Nonsense Professor, I shall keep young Hermione safe. I'm not the kind to abandon one so young just because I was afraid to..."

I couldn't hear what Narcissa said as she crouched down forcing Minnie to cower under her sharp gaze.