"High school is today! Oh gosh..." Nikki said to herself. Middle school was rough, but high school?! She was really nervous. Soon the bus arrived. Nikki got on the bus and saw Brandon. Nikki blushed. Brandon's here?! Yay! Nikki sat next to Brandon.

"Hey Brandon!" She smiled.

"Oh hey Nikki!" Said Brandon.

The bus arrives at the high school. Everyone gets off the bus. While Nikki is walking to her locker, she sees her enemy. Mackenzie?! Why?!

Mackenzie also saw Nikki. "Ugh. It's her. What is she doing here?" Mackenzie said to herself.

In class Nikki sits next to a girl with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail with a blue sweatshirt, Jean shorts, and sandals.

"Hi! I'm Nikki!" She said.

"Oh hey! I'm Bridgette. Nice to meet you." Bridgette said.

Later everyone takes a pretest. Mackenzie is sitting behind Nikki and throws a paper airplane at her. It hits Nikki's head. "Hm?" She wonders.

"Maxwell! Why are you making paper airplanes?" The teacher asked.

"Sorry Miss Mason!" Nikki said. Miss Mason took the piece of paper and threw it away. At lunch Nikki and Bridgette can talk to each other.

"So Mackenzie Hollister is your enemy?" Bridgette asked.


"It must be hard having the most popular girls hate you...maybe I can help you stop them!" Bridgette suggested.


"Totally! First, I'll go talk to her." Bridgette walks up to Mackenzie and her friends.

"Hey Mackenzie? Can you please stop bullying Nikki? It's not good, nobody likes it, Nikki never did anything wrong, and you're wasting your time!" Bridgette tried to get her to stop.

"Never did anything wrong?! She's better than me, and she stole my crush! Don't you know how it feels?!" Mackenzie said.

"Well, no..."

"Now I hate you too!" Mackenzie's friend Mandy tried to calm her down. Angelica didn't.

"I know how you tried to stop Mackenzie. It probably won't work. She hates Nikki no matter what. She's a spoiled brat!" Angelica said. "But I could try to talk to her. I don't really like Mackenzie either. Wanna be friends?"

"Uhh...okay." Bridgette said. Angelica and Bridgette walked back to Nikki.

"Um, hey Angelica?" Nikki said confused.

"Angelica's our friend now. She's against Mackenzie." Bridgette answered. The three became best friends. Angelica tried to talk to Mackenzie, but it didn't work.

Weeks passed and soon it was the homecoming dance. Nikki really wanted to ask Brandon, but she was really nervous.

"Hey Nikki?" Brandon asked. Nikki's face lit up.


"You know that test coming up?" Nikki was disappointed the question was not about the dance.