Chapter Seventeen

The Dimmest Star In The Heavens

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Glory stood in the doorway of the hotel room as the two blondes stared her way.

"So, you think you could just walk in here and take away my key and I wouldn't notice? Get real girlfriend. That is so not going to happen."

"And what makes you think you can stop me Glory?"

"Buffy," Glory scoffed making her way into the room. "Do I really need to remind you that I am a God. I don't 'think' I can stop you. I 'know' I can. And you better think twice before trying to mess with me." Glory placed her hands on her hips.

"Glory for someone with so much power you're really not that smart are you? Look around. Do you see anyone standing with you? No. You are alone. That's the difference between you and me. I have may not always need it but I have friends and family. You, you have nothing."

"Oh scary. But where are your friends and family when you need them most? Like right now huh? I don't see anyone but a badly beaten up vampire in your corner deary. Look who's all alone now." Glory mocked.

"I beg to differ." A voice from behind Glory spoke. She turned around to find Giles, Dawn, Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya standing in the doorway blocking any way of escape for her.

Glory mearly laughed at the sight. "You think a bunch of mortals are going to scare me? Think again. They are nothing to me. Just like you. No hand over my key."

Glory lunged towards Buffy trying to pry Spike from her arms. Just as she reached them, Willow shouted an incantation and pulled Glory away from the two. Dawn stepped out from the group and made her way to Glory. Buffy started to speak, trying to get Dawn out of there.

"You think you are so tough. Think again." With that Dawn proceded to kick Glory sending her flying across the room. Buffy stood back and watched the younger Summers beat the God to a bloody pulp. A few dozen punches later and Glory turned into Ben.

"Glory is Ben?" Xander exclaimed.

Ben coughed trying to sit in an upright position. "I'm sorry. I never meant. She...I'm..." Buffy the cut off his babble.

"Tell her it's over. She had her shot and it's gone. If she ever comes near myself or my friends again..."

"We won't. I promise. I'm sorry."

Buffy walked over to Spike and gathered him up. The two blondes left the hotel without another word being spoken. Tara and Willow followed, with Giles, Anya, Xander and Dawn closely behind.

Riley walked back into the room and stared at a broken Ben. Ben looked at Riley with confusion on his face.

"She didn't kill me." It was more of a observation than a question.

"Buffy's not like that. She's not like you and me." Riley stated taking Ben's head in his hands examining his wounds on his face.

"What do you mean?" Ben's face now completely covered with confusion. Just as he was about to speak again, Riley quickly moved his hands in opposite directions causing a large crack to be heard. Ben's head went limp as Riley placed it back on the ground.

"She's better than that. Better than either of us." With that Riley left.

Spike lay in Buffy's bed aching from his Glory and Riley encounter. He told Buffy all about the little heart-to-heart he had with the soldier. Buffy smiled sweetly back at her lover stoking his hair with the tips of her fingers.

"I love you." Buffy whispered gently leaning down to brush his lips with hers. Well it was meant to just be a brush but Spike had other plans. He pulled her head down to his and deepened the kiss with all the intensity he could muster after his tiring ordeal. Buffy broke away fromt he kiss and rested her head on his forehead. "You should probably rest now. You need to heal." She said never taking her eyes off of his intense blue ones.

"Don't wanna. I got other plans in mind pet." Spike said with a devilish grin.

"As tempting as that is. I really think we should wait until you get better."

"Alright luv. We do have all the time for those plans don't we? How long do you think we have?"

"How about forever? Does forever sound good to you?"

"Yeah forever sounds like a plan pet."

At that the two blondes fell into a deep sleep never to wake again...just kidding! They lived happily ever after...well as happy as Buffy and Spike can be together..which is pretty damn happy!!!!

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