Aurora wasn't really sure what to think when Maleficent levitated her into a nest like projection, high above the moors and wrapped close by the fairy's wings.

After all, wasn't Maleficent uncomfortable with touch, or had Aurora just read the fae wrong?


She began, earning a hum in response.

"Thank you. I know I'm too old to be bothered by such things but..."

A sound very similar to a growl told her to be quiet as the arm around her shoulders pulled her closer.

"Everyone becomes frightened at some lpoint, doesn't matter how old one is. As for thanking me, Know that I will always be here for you should you need me. I vowed to protect you and so I shall. "

"Even if the enemy is just images my mind won't shut up about? " Aurora retorted, earning a huff of (what could be called) laughter.

"never heard you speak so harshly, Beastie." Maleficent responded before adding in a much more serious tone.

" And yes, of course. Even if it means I must stay up with you all night. "

Aurora wasn't sure what to say to that, being still too tired and shaken to really form words so she just buried her face against her godmother's side.

She could feel Maleficent run her hand through her hair, the motions almost lulling her to sleep after some time, although as she slipped away she found herself seeing a castle full of fire and bodies, which caused her to gasp awake.

"Aurora, sometimes it helps to talk about things such as this."


Maleficent really wasn't expecting a response, after all, Aurora could be as stubborn as she was kind. However she could think of multiple reasons that the teenager could be having night terrors.

"I keep seeing that night...But..."

The way the girl chokes up broke Maleficent's heart.

Hadn't one of those idiots gifts been that she should never feel sadness?

"They killed you and Diaval. They..."

Maleficent knew the girl was forcing herself to say those words and although she knew that the outcome had been, in fact, possible. She also knew that Aurora wasn't ready to hear the truth yet, to hear about how it was her that turned the tides of that battle.

"Beastie, whenever you have those kinds of dreams come to one of us. If you do not want to wake me, go to Diaval... He usually is human these days. Reassure yourself that we are still here." She responded instead, shifting herself slightly so that she was half sitting and that Aurora was positioned so that she could wrap both arms and wings around her.

"Just focus on my heartbeat for now Beastie. Let that put your mind to ease."

A silence passed over them after that and as Maleficent felt Aurora's breathing finally level out, she allowed her to relax.

Why did she have to be terrible at this sort of thing?


The title jerked her from her thoughts

"What is it?"

Maleficent really hoped she didn't sound too curt.

"Thanks again and I love you."

Those words (although Maleficent knew were true) caused the fairy to forget to breath for a few seconds, before she finally responded

"I love you too, Beastie."