True Parentage

When Carlos gets the idea to use science to find out who their other parents are, everything they thought they knew about themselves are shaken up.

Tags: DNA matching, parentage reveal, post D1 but before D2

I blame Takaraphoenix for all of this because of our conversation about their missing parents.

Chapter 1: The Kids

"What did you want to talk about 'Los?" Jay asked as he dropped down onto Evie's bed, the four were in the girl's room post the coronation. It had been a week or so and things were starting to settle down around them and Carlos felt that it was the right time to bring up an idea he had.

"Have you guys ever wondered who our other parents are?" Carlos blurted out, fingers twisting together as he spoke.

"I mean… Who hasn't at some point?" Evie said carefully and Mal hummed as she aimlessly flipped through her spell book that she had just gotten back from Fairy Godmother.

"What are you getting at?" Jay asked his face twisting up as he thought about Jafar and his unknown mother.

"I think I have a way we can find out, no magic just something they call a DNA test," Carlos explained as he looked at the others. Jay had confusion on his face, Mal had an eyebrow raised as she gave him her full attention and Evie had an understanding look on her face.

"According to the records in the library, before they locked all the Villains up on Isle, they took their DNA and put them in a file… If we compare their DNA against our DNA, the test will tell us who our unknown parent is… I mean if you guys are interested in it. I know our parents no longer rule or define who we are, but I'm just curious I suppose." Carlos carried on, wishing Dude was there but he had taken off for a run with the track team.

"I don't see why not! Not like they can hurt us here after all, more so since everyone saw Mal here take her mom down to the size of an actual lizard." Jay smirked and Mal winked at him playfully while Evie looked thoughtful.

"I think it's a good idea, I mean my mom does not have blue hair and Mal your hair is starting to match mine," Evie touched a blue streak in Mal's purple hair.

"I vaguely remember my father, he left me when I was a baby I think but I suppose it would be nice to have a name to swear and curse at," Mal said as she closed her book and propped herself up into a cross-legged position on her bed.

"Sure why not," Jay huffed not wanting to be left behind and melted a touch at the beaming smile Carlos gave at their answers.

"Trust me guys, this will work."


"I can't believe this worked," Carlos whispered as he clutched at four envelopes as he walked next to Ben who had happily joined Carlos at the lab.

"Are you nervous?" Ben asked softly as they made their way to the boy's dorms where the others were no doubt waiting.

"A bit, I mean what if this tells us something we don't want to hear?" Carlos was now second-guessing himself as his heartbeat fast in his chest.

"You never know until you try, no matter who your other parent is, nothing about you as people will change." Ben said firmly and Carlos nodded, somehow feeling better at the King's words.

"I'll be in my office if you guys want to come and talk or just hang out after," Ben said softly as they stopped outside of Jay and Carlos' door.

"Thanks, Ben," Carlos ducked his head as he tightened his grip on the envelopes. Ben grasped Carlos' shoulder in a silent show of support before he headed down the hall and Carlos took a steadying breath before stepping into his room.

"Finally!" Evie squealed and grabbed the envelopes from Carlos the moment he stepped into the room and handed them out to the others.

"Who wants to go first?" She was all but bouncing on her feet; Mal was glaring at her envelope while Jay twisted it around in his hands.

"I suggested it, I mean how bad can it be right?" Carlos tore open his envelope and pulled out his results and scanned the words.

"Oh, okay, yeah that makes sense in a twisted way… However it's worse." Carlos said faintly as he sank onto his desk chair as he stares at the paper.

"Carlos?" Jay asked slowly at seeing how Carlos' freckles stood out even further from his pale skin.

"So…My dad is… Gaston." Carlos wet his lips as he spoke and looked up at the others.

"Well that explains the bear traps I guess?" Evie offered weakly.

"That means… You're half-brothers with Gil, Gaston Jr and Gaston the Third." Jay realized and Carlos let out a groan as he leaned back in his chair.

"Oh god," Carlos covered his eyes with his hand. "Someone else go, please, I can't think about this too hard,"

"I'll go, I want answers," Evie said firmly as she opened her envelope daintily and quickly scanned her results and her painted lips fell open as she read.

"Oh, oh!" Evie squeaked.

"What?" Mal leaned forward, interest on her face as she took in the shock on Evie's face.

"Hades… My father is Hades, no wonder I have blue hair." Evie whispered as she looked up at the others with wide eyes.

"Okay, this is all making sense now because E… Looks like we're half-sisters." Mal held up her results and laughed when Evie squealed and threw her arms around Mal, hugging her tightly.

"So that's the real reason Evie and EQ were banished that one time." Jay murmured to Carlos while debating if he wanted to see his results or not.

"That does make sense," Carlos whispered back as they watched the newfound sisters cling to each other, their blue hair matching.

"Wait, doesn't Hades' hair you know flame up?" Carlos furrowed his eyebrows as his words caught the girl's attention.

"I get why mine doesn't, my fae DNA from my mom must cancel that side of me out," Mal said thoughtfully before her eyes drifted to the red heart necklace Evie never took off.

"Do you ever take that off?" Mal asked curiously pointing to the necklace that Evie grabbed a moment later.

"No, mother told me never to take it off… You don't think… It's some sort of charm?" Evie whispered in realization.

"Only one way to find out," Mal suggested and Evie got off of the bed and pulled the long-chain up around her neck. The moment it left her, her eyes glowed blue and her blue hair all but flamed to life.

"Oh my god!" Evie screeched as she caught the sight of her flaming hair in the mirror and gingerly touched it, not getting burned.

"Okay, that's badass." Jay whistled impressed while Carlos watched with his mouth open and Mal was nodding almost proudly at the sight.

"Jay, you're next," Mal said after a moment of watching Evie's burning hair and eyes and the thief shifted on his bed as he looked at the envelope before setting his face and tearing it open.

"No, this can't be right… There's no way," Jay whispered a horrified look on his face, his hands shaking as he re-read the words on the paper.

"Come on Jay, it can't be as bad as Hades and Gaston," Carlos said soothingly as he got off of the desk chair, moving closer to the shaken form of Jay.

"No, it's worse… Jafar isn't my biological father…" Jay whispered and the others gasped at his words.

"My biological parents are… Aladdin and Jasmine." Jay whispered, fear and horror in his voice as he dropped the paper like it burned him.

"Oh my god, the lost prince… We learned about it in history… Aladdin and Jasmine's firstborn was taken one night, never to be seen from again… Jafar took you from them that night," Evie clapped her hands together as she spoke, looking confused as Mal's eyes began to burn bright green.

"This test is accurate, it's not just some trick right Carlos?" Mal turned his eyes on her and he cringed back a bit before straightening up.

"Ben and I watched the lab do the tests in person, these are the real results," Carlos confirmed, wincing as it suddenly hit him that his father had tried to kill Ben's dad and tried to marry his mom. Sickness and guilt coiled in his stomach but he focused on the shaking form of Jay and hugged the thief tightly, seeing how shaken up he was by it because Jay didn't wrestle him instead he sagged into Carlos' embrace.

"What do we do now?" Evie whispered as she touched her flaming hair once more as her eyes darted to the charm that suppressed the Hades, no the demigod in her.

"We have two options. One we keep this to ourselves and tell Ben that they were some no-name random minor villains or… We tell him and we tell Aladdin and Jasmine, that part is up to Jay." Mal said as she reached out and smiled when Evie's flaming hair didn't burn her either, she was trying to process she and Evie were half-sisters. They always had felt like sisters, more so since they left the Isle but now they were bound by blood and it was a nice feeling.

"What if they don't want me? I was raised by Jafar of all people and I'm a thief from the Isle." Jay blurted out as he pulled his beanie off his head to run his fingers through his long hair, still leaning against Carlos.

"Aladdin was a thief and a street rat before he met Jasmine and the genie, they won't condemn you for that or who raised you as you had no say in the matter," Carlos said confidently as he remembered the stories about Aladdin and the genie.

"They still celebrate your birthday in Agrabah and they mourn the day you were taken, everyone in Agrabah does," Evie said quietly as she recalled her history lesson about Agrabah.

"They still care then… That's weird," Jay wrinkled his nose before letting out a sigh.

"I knew you were too good looking to be Jafar's kid," Evie teased and her comment got a laugh from them all before Jay stood up from the bed and put his beanie back on his head and sent them all cocky grin.

"Let's go see Ben then, see what he can do about all of this." Jay waved his hand at the four of them and Mal made a face as she held the heart necklace up for Evie. Evie sighed but looped the chain back around her neck and her eyes and hair returned to normal.

"I feel a weight now like it's on my very soul," Evie commented as she clutched the necklace.

"When we figure this out, we can practice getting all that fire under control… As sisters." Mal promised and Evie just beamed and Mal couldn't stop her smile as the two stood up to join Jay.

"You guys go without me," Carlos twisted the comforter in his hands, not looking up from the bedding.

"Carlos…" Mal started but stopped when Carlos shook his head.

"It was fine when I was just my mother's son, but being Gaston's son? No way Ben or his parents will accept me, they'll ship me back to the Isle." Carlos whispered allowing his fears to bubble forth.

"It's like you never met Ben, he won't care and neither will his parents because they all know you, Carlos. They won't see your parents they'll see you," Evie said kindly and held her hand out to Carlos who let her words wash over him.

"Besides if they try then they will have to go through us and I'm pretty sure being a lost prince of Agrabah will trump you being Gaston's kid," Jay smirked and Carlos let out a small chuckle. Carlos took Evie's hand and let her pull him over to the others.

"Remember, we're rotten…" Mal held her hand out.

"To the core," The others sang as they placed their hands on top of Mal's.