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Far, far away, in a magical land called Mewni, lived a Princess named Star Butterfly.

Now before we explain Star, lets go a little into her family's history. Star comes from the Butterfly family, a royal family that has ruled over Mewni for generations with the current ruler being Star's mom, Queen Moon alongside her husband, King River.

Now as for Star, she wasn't exactly your typical princess. Why was that?

She liked having fun!

She likes fighting monsters, taming and riding wild unicorns, and overall, just messing around being a hyperactive and silly girl. And today, that was all going be amped up to 11. Why? Because today is Star Butterfly's 14th birthday.

What was so special about that? Well for the Butterfly family, when the princess turns 14, she inherits Mewni's most sacred treasure. The magic wand. The wand has been around just about as long as Mewni, its creation unknown. What is known about it is that is an extremely powerful item that allows its user to cast spells and all sorts of magic. And now it was Star's turn to wield this powerful magical item.

Currently inside the palace of Mewni, standing in front of her throne was Queen Moon, a woman who stands at 5 foot 7 with blue eyes and pale blue hair done up in a heart shape updo with a golden crown with a purple diamond on top. She had a light blue, periwinkle, and white gown, the skirt somewhat resembling the shape of a heart, with long blue gloves. She also wears light blue and periwinkle lace-up boots under her dress. She also had purple diamond shaped marks on her cheeks.

Standing next to Moon and in front of his own throne was her husband River, a short man with blond hair, mustache, and long beard, blue eyes, and wearing a crown with a pink jewel on his head. He wore a blue ruffled coat with gold shoulder pads and periwinkle tufts, periwinkle cuffs at the end of the sleeves, a blue cape with periwinkle fur, gray pants, and black boots.

The two, along with many nobles of Mewni who lines up on both sides of the path leading up to the throne waited for the Princess to arrive to receive her wand. Suddenly the sound of galloping hooves of what was probably a unicorn was heard outside and two guards were about to open the door but instead the door was busted open by a wild unicorn with none other then Star Butterfly riding it in.

Star was a 5-foot 2 girl with long blond hair, blue eyes, and pink hearts on her cheeks. She currently had a gold crown on her head with pink gems on the tips, and a dress with puffy sleeves, heart patterns on the bottom part, frills as all as dark blue shoes.

The nobles panicked and screamed as Star rode the unicorn into the castle and towards where her parents were. Once Star was in front of Moon and River, she back flipped off the unicorn with her parents having to duck the unicorn jumped over them and crashed through the wall behind the thrones.

Once Star landed and her parents recovered, the youngest Butterfly was hardly able to contain her excitement as she reached out for the wand, which resembled a blue and gold scepter with a crystal heart-shaped crest. Star tried to reach for the wand but her mother pulled it away before telling Star. "Now Star, this want is a big responsibility."

"Yeah!" Star said excitedly as she tried to reach for the wand again only for Moon to once again pull it out of reach.

"If it falls into the hands of evil forces, the universe could be destroyed!" Moon warned her daughter of the immense consequences and responsibility's having this wand held.

However, Star didn't seem to pay attention as she just laughed excitedly and quickly snatched the wand away from her mother. When Star held the wand, it suddenly started to glow and change its form entirely. The wand now was a light purple with white wings attached to the grip. The bell of the wand has a blue circle with a gold star and pink hearts surrounding the crystal star inside. There is now a yellow crown on the tip of the wand, a blue butterfly between the bell and grip, and a yellow tip with a blue heart at the end of the grip.

"Don't worry mom." Star reassured her mother with a wave and confident tone. "I can handle it."


"AAAAAAAAAHHH!" The citizens of Mewni screamed as a giant flaming rainbow covered the kingdom causing chaos threw out with Star walking away nervously as she was the cause of this due to casting her first ever spell with what was now her wand.

Meanwhile, watching from a tower in the palace with binocular's was Star's parents who both watched the chaos she started and said together in unison. "She can't handle it."

"NOOOOOOO!" Star yelled to her parents in a begging position and tone as castle guards loaded up all her stuff into a carriage meant to send her away somewhere. "I can be good! Please! Don't send me to Saint Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses!" Star pulled on the bottom of her mom's dress as she let out a high pitched screamed as she imagined herself being sent to, in her opinion, the worst place in the multiverse.

"Sweet heart, we're not sending you there." River reassured his daughter.

"Oh!" Star said in relief as she quickly perked back up.

"Yet." Moon told Star in a warning tone that made her daughter flinch.

"We're sending you to train in a safer dimension." River explained as Star looked at her father. "A place called earth."

"Earth?" Star asked with a head tilt. She's never heard of that place before, even from her studies and travels to other dimensions and worlds.

"Manfred!" River called out to one of the members of the castle stuff who was standing in front of the chariot Star would be leaving on. "Open the poral." Manfred then pulled from his pockets a pair of scissors. However, these were no ordinary pair of scissors as when Mafred snipped them in the air, a portal big enough for the chariot to go threw was opened.

With the chariot being pulled by some sort of half-lizard half-lion-like creature, it went threw the portal with Star peaking out the window and sighing sadly. "Goodbye, Mewni." Star had to say goodbye to her kingdom and home…unaware that someone was watching her in the bushes.

Earth could be seen as a rather ordinary and magic free dimension. And of all places on earth, we see a town located in the United States of America, in a state called Michigan was Royal Woods. Royal Woods was a nice little town with a few things to offer. It had a nice pizzeria/arcade known as Gus's Games and Grub, a gas station called Flips Food N Fuel with amazing slurpies known as Flippees, even an amusement park known as Dairy Land a few miles away. But today, we aren't looking at any of those. Instead, we see the local middle school of Royal Woods which just so happen to be the location where the chariot Star was in came to.

This thing, and especially the creatures pulling it, caught the eyes of everyone nearby since they had never seen anything like it before. Some tried to take pictures from close up but were immediately roared away by the lion-lizards.

And inside the school, in the office of Principle Ramirez, a Hispanic women with a purple suit, short black hair, and brown eyes, was of course the principle herself along with Queen Moon and King River. "So…" The principle asked in a confused tone and a Hispanic accent. "You say you're from another dimension?"

"Quite correct yes." Moon told her in a professional and regal manner.

"Well…considering what you've shown me…" Principle Ramirez slowly said as she rubbed her head as the queen and king have done well to prove their story what with the carriage, the beast pulling said carriage, and even showing her a bit of magic. "Normally I'd call people like that whack jobs but it looks like you're telling the truth."

Just then the lights start flickering on and off and all three adults looked to see Star, a green short-sleeved dress with a white collar, white lace on the sleeves and skirt and a cute pink octopus on the front along with pink and orange leggings, dark magenta boots with a rhino design, and a little yellow star-shaped side bag with a face, flicking the light switch on and off. "And you said there was no magic on earth." Star said to her parents with a sly grin, thinking the light switch was a magic device.

"Hmmm…I'm not to sure." Ramirez said with doubt and concern in her voice. "This would be a drastic change in environment for her. Are you sure she could handle it?"

"She may seem a bit…naïve." River said, trying to find the right words. "But trust me, Star is smarter and cleverer than she seems. She can pick up on earth customs quickly I'm sure of it!"

"And as for paying for her education…" Moon said as she brought up a small chest and opened it up to reveal quite the pile of gold coins, jewels, and pearls.

Rameriz's eyes widened at seeing the immense amount of cash in front of her. That…did change her mind a bit. But she had to remain proffesional. So, clearing her throat and collecting herself, the school principle slowly grabbed the chest and placed it below her desk. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give it a try." Just then they all looked to see Star still flickering around with the light switch again causing her mother to sigh. "However, it would probably be best to give her a guide…I know just the person!"

In the biology class, taught by Ms. Pham, was a class room full of students. But there was one that stood out for one reason. His hair. This boy, despite being 14 years old, had snow white hair. His white hair was long and done up in a small pony tail with the front of it being soft and straight that parts from the top of his head to frame both sides of his face reaching his ears with two loose strands over his forehead. He had green eyes and freckles on his face. He wore an orange jacket that reached his abdomen with the initials, L.L. in black on the left sleeve. The jacket was open showing a simple black t-shirt underneath along with blue jeans and black and white sneakers.

This boy's name was Lincoln Loud. Lincoln has quite the life different from probably everyone in Royal Woods. Why may you ask? Because he has 10 sisters. That's right, 10. Although he's only currently living with 9 since his oldest sister Lori was in college at Fairway University. Meanwhile its other oldest sisters, Leni at 19 and Luna at 18 were sticking with community college and still living at home.

And currently, as Lincoln was hard at work on an assignment, suddenly the principles voice was heard through the speaks in the class. "Lincoln Loud to the principal's office. Lincoln Loud to the principal's office." Ramirez said, making Lincoln raise his head and an eyebrow. Why did the principle want him? He didn't do anything wrong…at least as far as he knew.

Other's however, thought otherwise. "Ooooooo! Look who's in trouble." Lincoln's friend Rusty Spokes, who had similar fashion choices with a green short sleeved shirt over a yellow long sleeved one and baggy jeans. However, he did know sported a red beanie on top of his head.

Lincoln simply rolled his eyes in response to his friends teasing as he felt a hand on his shoulder. Lincoln smiled as the source of his hand came from his best friend, Clyde Mcbride who was wearing a blue sweater with a yellow undershirt and black jeans. "Don't worry buddy, I'm sure its nothing serious, and if you need me, I can be your eye witness."

"Thanks Clyde." Lincoln said as he shared a special best friends' handshake with Clyde.

"Clincoln Mcloud!" They both said in unison as they ended the handshake.

Lincoln the made his way towards the Principle's office like he was instructed and once he got there, he found the Mrs. Ramirez standing outside her office door next to Star who seemed to be inspecting a drinking fountain, never seeing one before. "Ah, Lincoln! I'm glad you're here!" The principle told the white head as he approached them. "I'd like you to meet our new foreign exchange student Star Butterfly."

Lincoln looked to said girl and saw her slowly turn the drink fountain on. When water came out, she flinched a little bit before backing away and entering a fighting stance. Lincoln couldn't help but laugh a bit at the scene as his principle spoke up again. "Anyway, I need someone to show her around and show her the ropes. And I need a very responsible and resourceful young man that always puts others first to help her out. And who better then you."

"Aw come on." Lincoln said as the praise the principle gave him caused him to get an embarrassed blush on his face as he scratched the back of his head. "You're embarrassing me."

"Well its true. You have quite the reputation young man." The principle praised yet again as she put her hands on her hips. "So, can I count on you for this?"

"Yes ma'am!" Lincoln told his principle with a salute.

"Excellent! Thank you Lincoln!" Ramirez thanked the boy as she headed back inside her office. "Now if you need any help, my doors always open."

Lincoln gave his principle a thankful nod as she headed back in her office. Just then chewing sounds got the white heads attention as he saw Star now viciously biting the drinking fountain. Lincoln laughed a little bit as he walked up to Star and said. "You know, that meant for drinking, not eating." This caught Star's attention as she removed herself from the fountain to look the new boy in the eyes.

"Oooooooh. I thought some sort of water monster was coming out of it." Star told Lincoln with a wide smile followed by a goofy laugh. "That makes much more sense!"

"Water monster?" Lincoln quietly questioned. Had this girl never seen a drinking fountain before? That was quite weird. Another thing is that she didn't quite look foreign. She actually looked pretty American. Deciding to question about that later, Lincoln simply gave Star a smile and held out his hand. "Well anyway, its nice to meet you Star. I'm Lincoln Loud."

Instead of a normal handshake, Star instead took grabbed Lincolns extended hand with both her hands and rapidly shook Lincoln's hand causing the boy to be tossed around a bit. "Hello Lincoln! Its sooooo awesome to meet you! I can't believe it! I've already made my first earth friend!"

"Wha-a-a-a-a-a-at?" Lincoln said in response to what Star said while Star was still shaking him around. Specifically, he responded to that last part of saying she made her first earth friend. "Sto-o-o-o-op sha-a-a-a-king me-e-e-e-e!"

"Oops! Sorry!" Star apologized with that same goofy smile still on her face as she let go of Lincoln allowing the Loud boy to regain his bearings.

Lincoln was a bit dizzy at first, but managed to pull himself together before smiling. "Well, glad to see your excited about meeting me." Lincoln said before managing to stand up straight again. "Alright, let me show you around the school."

"Okie doki!" Star chirped happily as she followed Lincoln by skipping around him and looking at every inch of her new environment.

And it pretty much stayed that way as Lincoln showed her around every place he was allowed to show her from the lunchroom, to the various classrooms, and the outside area. All of which Star took in with extreme fascination. Granted there were some close calls with Star getting a little spooked by something causing her to aim her wand and it ready to fire. Thankfully Lincoln was able to keep her from doing it, all the while being confused as to why she was pointing what looked like a rattle to him at stuff.

As they were touring, Lincoln suddenly felt like his pony tail being flicked around and turned his head to see Star was indeed flickering it as she looked at it with sparkling eyes and a goofy grin. "Something up?" Lincoln asked her.

"Hehehe, you got a man-pony." Star giggled causing Lincoln to simply smirk and roll his eyes. "So cute!"

"Yeah, chose this style about five months ago, I think. My sister Leni was the one who did it, at first I wasn't sure about making my hair so long and in a pony tail no less, but it kinda grew on me ya know." Lincoln explained to Star who nodded as she listened.

"Woooooow! I'm jealous you decided on an exact style like that!" Star told Lincoln as she waved her wand over her head. "Sometimes I have trouble deciding on going with pigtails or a pony tail myself." Just then Lincoln eyes widened as he saw Star tapped her head with her wand rapidly causing her hair to constantly switch between pigtails and a pony tail. "Pigtails! Pony tail! Pig tails! Pony tail! Sometimes I just can't decide!"

"W-Whoa…" Lincoln stuttered as he watched what Star did with that little rattle. Now only one question was on his mind. "How…how'd you do that?"

"Do that?" Star said with a naïve smile as she tilted her head.

"The…thing with her hair." Lincoln asked as he pointed to his own hair for emphasize. "How did you just switch it around like that?"

"Ooooooh! With my magic wand of course!" Star happily explained as she held her wand up in the air.

"Magic…wand?" Lincoln said with doubt in his voice. He was no Lisa when it came to pretty much worshiping science and all that, but he was pretty sure magic wasn't a thing.

"Yep!" Star confirmed as she rapidly nodded her head. As a butterfly flew past them. "Look!" Just then Star fired a beam of magic at the butterfly. Lincoln was then left speechless when the butterfly turned into some sort of butterfly monster that roared at Lincoln and Star before crashing through a nearby window and flying into the sky.

Well…he's been wrong before.

"So…who are you exactly?" Lincoln asked Star, despite knowing her name he now knew there was more to this girl then simply meets the eye.

"I'm a magical princess from another dimension~" Star said in a sing-song voice as she twirled around and swiped her wand above her creating a rainbow and many small adorable creatures…before the rainbow was set ablaze.

Lincoln acted quick and grabbed a fire extinguisher that was on the wall nearby and put the rainbow out. Once the fire was dealt with, Lincoln looked at Star again with a raised eyebrow. "So, wait…you're actually magic? Magic actually exists?"

"Yeppidy! Yep! Yep!" Star confirmed for Lincoln once again as she never stopped smiling. "I'm the princess of another world called Mewni! My parents sent me here since its mostly magic free to train my magic!"

"So that kinda stuff happens to you all the time?" Lincoln asked as he gestured his head to the window the butterfly monster crashed through.

"Pretty much." Star said with a nod.

Lincoln was silent for a moment before laughing a bit and giving Star a smile. "Ya know Star, you're really cool." Lincoln complimented the blond teenager.

"Aw, thanks." Star said as she gave Lincoln a light punch to the shoulder. "I think you're pretty cool to new friend!"

"You can just call me Lincoln." Lincoln told her with another laugh. "Well, Star welcome to earth. Great to have you hear." Most people would probably be freaking out right now. I mean finding out the girl you were touring around school could use magic and was essentially an alien would be a lot for one person to take in, but Lincoln was just a little different then most. He already had a pretty crazy life what with having so many sisters, so this honestly didn't affect him that much. Heck, he thought it was honestly really cool!

Just then, after Lincoln said that, he was given a bone crushing hug by Star, but luckily, he was used to receiving hugs like that. "Aaaaw! Thank you!" Star kept hugging Lincoln for about two minutes until she finally let him go.

"So Star," Lincoln began once he took a few deep breathes of air. "Where are you staying? Foreign exchange students usually stay with a family of someone going to the same school."

"Oh my gosh, you never gonna believe this! Its such a coincidence!" Star begun explaining in an extremely giddy tone. "But I'm staying with a family that has the same last name as you! Loud! Do all humans have the last name Loud is this just funny?"

Lincoln once again found himself laughing a little. Looks like he was going to have to teach Star a bit about earth customs and stuff. Especially since she was staying with his family. "Actually Star, it looks like you'll be staying with me and my family. I'm the only person in school with the last name Loud."

Star let out a loud gasp as she covered both her cheeks with her hands. "No. Way!" Star said with a somehow even happier and more energetic tone as she started bouncing up and down with sparkles in her eyes. "That means we can have sleep overs every night! Go on adventures! Do magic stuff! And have fun together every day!"

"You're always looking on the bright side of things, aren't you?" Lincoln asked Star with a smile. His response was Star giving him a peppy grin and nodding her head rapidly. "Well I like that, always staying optimistic. Come on, the school days over anyway, I'll take you to my house. I'm sure you're gonna love it."

"I'm loving it already!" Star cheered as she rose her hands in the air and skipped after Lincoln as they two excited the school. "This is gonna be so much fun!"

But as they left, the didn't notice a creature watching them from a tree. The creature laughed as he took out a pair of dimensional scissors and cut out a portal right next to him to him and stepped through it.

Back on Mewni, in an area quite far away from the Queen Moon's castle, was another castle that scored far higher on the creepy scale. Dead trees surrounding it with a dark sky above, skulls decorating the perimeter, a moat and drawbridge with a gargoyle statue above the entrance and tall towers.

Inside the castle, the portal that resembled the one the creature on earth opened appeared and stepped through it was the creature himself. He resembles a a large pale green humanoid frog with yellow eyes, dark green lips, and webbed wings on each side of his head. He has a bulky upper body, but disproportionately short legs. He wore a spiked circular shoulder pads, a dark green tunic with a winged eyeball on it on it, and a black belt.

The frog creature puffed out his chest and pounded it with each arm before letting out a loud croak and speaking with a thick Russian accent. "Ludo, master. I've tracked down Star Butterfly. They've hidden her in the Earth dimension, unguarded."

Evil laughter was then heard from the throne the frog creature stood in front of. The throne was incredibly tall with two monsters wielding hammers in front of it, acting as guards. The throne then turned around to reveal…a short, green bird-like monster sitting on a stack of pillows placed on the throne. He also had a skull hat on his head. "Excellent work, Buff Frog!" The monster known as Ludo said to the frog monster now known as Buff Frog. "I knew they couldn't hide that royal brat from me for long. Soon the wand will be mine. And then the universe! And then…nah actually the universe should do it."

"I'm coming for you, Princess Butterfly!"

The Loud House had its name for two reasons. One, the family actually had the last name Loud. Two…it was easily the loudest house in Royal Woods in terms of volume. Afterall, having 11 kids throughout the years, with the current number being a still pretty big 10, can cause plenty of chaos around the town from being banned at every pool, to causing a power outage, and just generally being, well, LOUD!

The current residents of this house included, not counting Lincoln, the parents Rita and Lynn Loud Sr.

The 19-year-old Leni Loud, who was now a few inches taller then she was 3 years ago, was now wearing crescent shaped glasses with seafoam green rims, her light blond hair was now cut midway to her neck and she had pink earrings with long and thing jewels, a seafoam green long sleeved jacket with white buttons, a long dark green shirt and white high heels. Leni was currently the oldest sister living in the house and while she wasn't the brightest person, she had a heart of gold and an incredible fashion sense.

Next was the Rockstar and musician of the family that truly lived up the name Loud, Luna Loud. The 18-year-old Luna who was still sporting her paperclip earrings, her hair was similar to what it was 15 years ago but was a bit shorter and messier, along with a purple streak in it along with a nose piercing. She wore a purple shirt with ripped off sleeves and a torn off bottom half causing her belly to be exposed with the back of the shirt saying "The Royal Shredders" the name of Luna's band. She had long purple boots that went just below her knees along with fish net stockings that went all the way up her legs along with a skirt similar to the one she had when she was 15. Also, on her right shoulder was a tattoo of heart with the face of a girl with blond hair with a streak in it.

Then there was the family comedian and funny women known for making bad puns whenever she could, the 17-year-old Luan Loud. Luan had lost her braces and as well as, similar to Lincoln, her buck teeth. Her pony tail was now done in a more poufy style. She now had a yellow sweater and still had her signature red flower on herself with her skirt, shoes, and socks being more or less the same as they were when she was 14.

Next up was the 16-year-old athlete Lynn Loud Jr, named after her father. She no longer wore her hair in a pony tail and was simply cut to where it went a little below her neck, she wore a red sports jacket with white buttons and the initials for Royal Woods on the upper left part of the chest as well as white sleeves. She had red basketball shorts with black highlights and white whites with two red stripes at the top and black cleats.

Moving onto the Loud sisters young then Lincoln was the 11-year-old known for her love of the dark and all things spooky and scary, Lucy Loud. Lucy's hair was now a little longer than it had been 3 years ago with her bangs done up so that only her right eye was exposed. She had a white headband, and clip on bat earrings. She wore a black gothic dress with the sleeves having spider web patterns and the bottom of the dress resembling tendrils of sorts that made it look like she was floating when she walked.

Next up were the two 9-year-old twins, Lana and Lola. Lana was still the tomboy the family knew and loved and still sported her red cape. She had a racing jacket with the logo of her favorite racer, Bobbie Fletcher wrapped around her wait with Lana wearing a simple dark blue tank top and jeans with oil stains on them. She also had a full mouth of teeth.

Also now having all her teeth was Lana's twin Lola. Like how Lana was still a tomboy, Lola was still the same pageant princess she's always been. Her hair had a pink bow in it and went down past her waist, she had a pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets as well her signature tiara on her head. She had a light pink shirt with a long dark pink skirt and pink high tops.

As the second youngest at 7-year-olds is the smartest member of the Loud House Lisa. Lisa's hair was long, but it was done up in a tight bun and she still had her large round glasses. She wore a white lab coat with a green shirt underneath with a picture of a black atom on it as well as lightly baggy brown jeans and black tops.

Lastly is the youngest member of the Loud House at four-year-old, Lily Loud. Now that she was 4, Lily could now probably speak words, no longer needed a diaper, and was just a little bundle of energy. Her light blond hair was done in a tiny ponytail, she had a light purple vest with a black shirt underneath, a light purple skirt, light purple socks, and black slip-on's.

Also worth noting was that all the blond members of the family as well as Lucy had blue eyes, the brown haired members had brown eyes, and Lincoln was the only one with green eyes.

And currently all the members of the family were hard at work setting up a little welcoming party for the exchange student they would be hosting. When they got the call from Lincoln's principle about, Rita was a little unsure about hosting someone due to the limited space in their house, but her husband insisted on doing so since he knew what it felt like to be a foreign exchange student as he spent a semester in Europe in his high school days. So Rita eventually gave in and allowed it.

Plus, the kids seemed to be excited about it and were happily getting ready to make a good first impression to the new student. Leni was excited to hopefully share the latest trends fashion with her, Luna wanted to learn what kind of music she liked, Luan hoped she had a good sense of humor, Lynn hoped they were into sports, Lucy was hoping to share her love with the paranormal with the exchange student, Lana was looking forward to show off all her exotic pets while Lola was hoping they shared interest in the kind of princess stuff she was, Lisa wasn't really excited but she was still helping out and could maybe do some experiments on, er, with her. And Lily was just excited at meeting someone new.

"Everything all good out here honey?" Rita asked her husband as she stuck her head out the back door leading to the backyard. Currently Lynn Sr was hard at work on the grill, planning on surprising the exchange student with a barbecue.

"Grilling up nice and hot out here Rita." Lynn Sr reassured his wife in a confident tone. Lynn Sr's cooking skills have improved even more after owning what has become a very successful restaurant in the last three years and he was gonna give this new student a feast to never forget.

"Ok, Lincoln just texted me and said he should be here with Star in 5 minutes." Rita explained to Lynn Sr as she pulled up a phone of Lincoln saying exactly what Rita told her husband.

"Well she's certainly in for the best barbecue ever!" Lynn Sr stated with as he quickly pumped up his free hand.

Inside the house, Leni and Luna were currently putting up a sign saying 'Welcome Star' in big, pink glittery letters made by the pink expert Lola who was currently telling Luna and Leni how to see it up. "Ok, a little more to the left…little lower Luna…and…perfect!"

"Finally." Luna sighed as she was finally able to lower her arms as the sign was set up in the exact way Lola instructed.

"I'm totes excited for the new student to arrive!" Leni said excitedly as she clapped her hands. However, she then frowned as she looked down. "I'm sad one of us is going though."

"What?" Lana, who was walking by carrying a 6 pack of soda's for the party questioned as everyone nearby gave Leni a confused look.

"Well yeah! She's an exchange student." Leni explained to her siblings. "So who are we exchanging for her?"

Everyone either rolled their eyes or face palmed at Leni's usual ditzyness as Lisa, being the genius of the family, came up to the 19-year-old and explained to her. "Leni, an exchange student is a student sent from another country to study from a school and live with a native family. None of us are leaving."

"Oh good." Leni breathed a sigh of relief. "I wasn't ready to lose another one of my siblings."

Meanwhile Lily was pressing her face against the window, constantly looking in both directions and looking for any signs of her brother and the girl he would be bringing home. She practically exploded in excitement when her mom announced to everyone that they would be hosting an exchange student girl named Star would be living with them.

"You excited Lily?" Luan asked as she walked up behind her youngest sister.

"Uh-huh!" Lily excitedly said, still pressing her head to the window. "I wanna be ready for when big brother comes home with the girl! I bet she's beautiful."

"I bet we'll have plenty of fun exchanges! Hahaha! Get it?" Luan punned with her signature laugh.

This finally got Lily to remove her head from the window, but only to look at Luan with a deadpanned look. "No." Lily simply said before returning her face to the window.

"Uuuuh, Luce?" Lynn questioned as she looked at her roommate lighting some candles on the dining room table as well as a crystal ball. "What're you doing?"

"I'm preparing to give the new student a seance." Lucy explained as she finished lighting the candles. "I wish to gaze into the spirit of her."

"Yeah…let's not try to scare her off when she gets her." Lynn told Lucy in a blank tone.

And just when everyone was making some last-minute adjustments, mainly bring food out to the backyard and putting up some extra decorations, Lily announced…


"Woooooow." Star said with sparkles in her eyes as she looked at Lincoln's house. "So this is an earth house!"

"Yeah, sorry if its not what your used." Lincoln sheepishly apologized to Star as he scratched the back of his head. "I bet my house is a bit of a downgrade from living in a castle."

"Whaaaaat? No way!" Star reassured Lincoln with a wide smile. "The castle is nice and all, but its mostly just big empty space with not too much to do. I bet your place is way more exciting! Especially with ten sisters!"

"Well, only nine are living her right now." Lincoln explained as on the way home he had told Star about his rather large family, though it seemed Star had forgotten how he mentioned Lori was away at Great Lakes City with her boyfriend Bobby and his family the Casagrande's attending college. "But yeah, things are still rather crazy. I think you'll like it."

"Well then what are we waiting for?!" Star enthusiastically said as she grabbed Lincoln's wrist and started running towards the front door with him in tow. "I wanna meet em!"

"Ok, ok, ok." Lincoln laughed as they reached the front door with Star bouncing up and down in excitement. "Alright Star Butterfly, welcome to the Loud House!" Lincoln then opened the door and-


Star gasped excitedly as she witnessed Lincoln's family all in front of her bellow a sparkly pink sign that welcomed her. "Oh my gosh!" Star clapped as she viewed the entire family. "This is so sweet!"

Most of the Loud family gave Star a wide smile as Rita walked up to Star and shook her hand. "Hello there, you must be Star Butterfly." Rita said, getting a happy nod from Star. "Hello there, I'm Rita Loud and this is my husband Lynn."

"Hello their Star!" Lynn Sr happily welcome Star with a wide smile of its own. "May I say its an honor to get to host you here! I was once an exchange student myself in my high school days."

"Really?!" Star said in an amazed tone. "Your parents sent you to another dimension to?"

The entire family gave Star a confused look as she said that. "Uh, pardon?" Lynn Sr asked in a confused tone.

Lincoln gently tugged at Star's sleeves to pull the blond towards him to whisper into her ear. "They don't know about any of that stuff remember? Most people on earth don't."

"Oooooooh. I got ya." Star said with a nod as she lightly poked Lincoln's chest with her wand.

"Wooooow." Lily let out as she walked up to Star. "You're so pretty!"

"Aaaaaw, well aren't you a little cutie!" Star gush as she picked Lily up and tossed her in the air a bit, getting some giggles from the youngest Loud child. "Tell me, if magic was 'real' want would you want?"

"Star? What are you planning?" Lincoln asked as he had a sneaking thought that Star might introduce his family to magic much sooner rather then later. Which he wasn't sure how most of them would react…he was sure that Lisa's reaction should be funny.

"That's an odd question dude." Luna said as she scratched the back of her head. Maybe Star just liked interacting with little kids like that, in that case she could end up being a great baby sitter. Not just for Lily.

"Hmmmm…" Lily hummed as she actually thought about Star's question for a bit. And the 4-year-olds answer, "Puppies!"

Star let out a happy gasp as stars filled her eyes as she looked Lily in the eye with a giant grin on her face. "I love puppies!" Star then set Lily down and grabbed her wand with both her hands. Before any of the Louds could question what Star was about to do with that rattle-like object in her hand, suddenly Star fired a beam of magic in front of the ground and the Louds watched with widened eyes as a pack of 8 puppies appeared in front of them.

"WHAT THE?!" 9 of the Louds let out in unison.

"Wha-how-why-huh…" Lisa actually stuttered as she was suddenly at a loss for words at what she saw.

"YAY! PUPPIES!" Lily squealed in happiness as she quickly jumped towards all the little dogs. She loves their dog Charles and all the pets they have in the house, but how could she not react like that when she was in front of a group of super adorable big-eyed puppies! But it stop there as suddenly, as the puppies barked, red lasers suddenly shot out of their eyes.

"AH!" Lola screamed as she ducked under a laser.

"Hit the deck dudes!" Luna yelled as she dodged another laser.

"I don't remember this from when I was an exchange student!" Lynn Sr yelled as he hid behind the couch to avoid the laser barrage.

"Laser puppies?! Even better!" Lily happily yelled as she hugged as many of the puppies as she could as all of them went over to her to lick her face with Lily responding in a fit of giggles.

"Well, guess the cats out of the bag." Lincoln said with as he gave Star a little smirk as he picked up and petted one of the laser puppies with Star grinning sheepishly.

"Lincoln…" Rita said to her only son as his family came out of whatever cover they had to look at him in Star with widened eyes and surprised expression. "What's going on?"

"Well, you were all gonna find out anyway so no use hiding it now." Lincoln said as, similar to when she first met Lincoln, Star twirled around to show off her wand as Lincoln explained. "May I introduce to all of you, Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension!"

"Aw, I wanted to say it!" Star pouted at Lincoln cutely.

"I'm sorry…what?" Lynn asked with a raised brow of confusion.

"Did…you say a princess?" Lola asked as she suddenly gained sparkles in her eyes as she looked at Star.

"Magic?" Lucy asked with some piqued interest. While Star's energy and peppiness…wasn't exactly her style, magic certainly was something that got her attention.

"Ok, I think we're gonna need an explanation here." Rita said as while she normally wouldn't eve n start to believe that magic exists, seeing this girl just make a group of puppies appear out of nowhere, with the puppies having actual laser eyes no less, did do a bit to prove it.

"Now hold on one second." Being the woman of science in the house, Lisa was quick to dismiss the idea of magic even being somewhat probable. "I find it extremely unlikely, practically impossible, that this girl is either a princess, magic, or from another dimension. The first two are simply impossible and the first is simply unlikely."

"You doubt me eh?" Star said to Lisa while pointing her wand at the 7-year-old genius.

"I don't know Lis, I mean look." Luna said as she held up one of the laser puppies with the puppy barking and shooting lasers out of its eyes. "Seems pretty magical to me."

"Yeah Lisa! Don't be so ruff around the edges!" Luan punned as she also grabbed a laser puppy and held it up for emphasize with all her family except Lynn Sr groaning. "Hahahaha! Get it!"

"I do! Hahahahaha!" Star laughed hard at Luan's pun, making the comedian smirk a bit in satisfaction. "Do another! Do another!"

"Ok! Um…" Luan thought of another dog pun to make and then took notice of Lucy, still having her usual blank expression on her face, and got the perfect one as she held the laser puppy against Lucy's cheek. "Come on Luce! You like magic right? Isn't your favorite book series Harry Paw-ter?"

"Please stop. Your puns are torturing my soul. And not in the good way." Lucy groaned as Star simply laughed even harder to the point of holding her stomach.

"Well at least one of you is a good audience." Luan said in victory as Star wiped a tear of laughter from her eye.

"Well anyway, I know just what to do to prove to you all that I'm magic!" Star claimed as she quickly bolted upstairs.

"Lincoln, what is she about to do?" Rita asked in a bit of a concerned tone.

"Weeeeee should probably follow her." Lincoln said the family quickly followed the princess up the stairs and saw her staring at the stairs leading up to the attic with fascination.

"Magic stairs…" Star let out with sparkling eyes as she started to go up into the attic.

"Pretty sure they're just normal stairs." Lana stated as she was the first one to followed Star up.

"Who's the one who left the attic open?" Lynn Sr asked his kids with none of them speaking up.

"Oooooo! Is this my room?!" Star asked enthusiastically as she looked around the box filled attic. "I think I can work with this!"

"Actually Star, this is just the attic." Rita explained as she and the rest of the family stepped into the attic along with Star. "We were actually planning on you rooming with Leni, the attic is just so cramped and the basement just doesn't seem like-"

However, Star wasn't even paying attention to Rita as the blond princess waved her wand in the air. "Sparkle Glitter Bomb Expand!" Star's wand then glowed brightly when-


Suddenly, with a pink glittery explosion, the attic of the Loud House was turned into a tall and expansive castle loft. The entire family was speechless as they witness the large, multistory room around them. Star didn't seem to notice and simply used more of her magic to transport more of her things brought from Mewni into her room before finally making a decently sized bed with a canopy that Star happily started bouncing on. "Aaah! That's better!"

"That. Was. Awesome!" Lincoln cheered as he joined in on bouncing on Star's bed.

"She really is a magic princess!" Lola squealed like a fangirl. This was easily the best day ever for the pageant princess.

"Uh…Lisa?" Lily said to her older sister as Lisa seemed to not respond to anything as the genius's face was frozen in shock with her eyes widened beyond belief and her jaw dropped as much as realistically possible. "You ok sis?"

"I think she's broken." Lana said as she snapped her fingers in front of Lisa and got no response.

"This is incredible." Lynn Sr commented as he looked all around Star's new room.

"See! Told ya I was magic!" Star said as she and Lincoln stopped bouncing with Star confidently twirling her wand around.

"Yeah you are! This is sweet!" Lynn said as she walked up to Star and gave her a friendly punch to the shoulder. "Way to go princess!"

"We're having a magical princess staying with us." Rita whispered to herself before sighing. "I guess this just means even more craziness for our family."

"Alright gang!" Lynn Sr clapped his hands to get everyones attention. "We can all ask Star questions about this later but for now, I believe I have a barbecue set up for our guest of honor!"

Star let out a happy gasp as she started to bounce on her bed again in excitement. "A barbecue! You made a barbecue for me!?" Star happily asked as well as asking, "What's a barbecue?"

Star would learn what a barbecue was in a few minutes and instantly come to love them. The entire Loud family, sans Lisa who was laying down in her and Lily's room to process everything, was in the backyard enjoying the delicious cooking of Lynn Sr.

Rita was currently next to her husband as he worked hard at the grill to continue supplying food to his family and guest. Lily was laughing and happily tossing piece of meat to all 8 laser puppy's, the Lola was commenting on how disgusting Lana was eating her rips and getting sauce all over herself, Lucy chose to simply sit in the dark shade of the tree writing poems, Lynn was happily eating a hamburger, Luan was cracking more of her jokes which most of the family tried to ignore, Luna was shredding on her axe and providing some music to the party, and Leni was hard at work on her sketch pad and trying to think of designs for princess dress after being inspired by Star.

As for Star herself, she was currently sitting in a lawn chair next to Lincoln eating her barbecue in similar manner to a wild animal. "Heh, relax Star its not going anywhere." Lincoln told Star in a joking tone.

"I can't help it." Star said as she removed her teeth from the rip in her hand, the princess's face covered in barbecue sauce. "Is sooooooo good! The meat on Mewni's got nothing on this!"

"Well you can thank my dad for that." Lincoln explained as they both looked to Lynn Sr who was flipping burgers while singing a little song he made up. "He's a fantastic cook. Even owns his own restaurant, and that sauce is homemade to."

"Wow! Your family is amazing!" Star complicated as she gave each member of Lincoln's family a glance and peppy smile. "It's so much fun!"

"Well then get ready Star, but this is only the beginning." Lincoln told the Mewman princess. "Plus, I bet things are gonna get even more now that you're hear. I mean a magic princess from another dimension staying at my house, I don't think I could have seen that coming. Although, I'm sure things are much more exciting back on Mewni."

"Eh, I guess so." Star said with a shrug that caused Lincoln to raise an eyebrow.

"You guess so?" Lincoln asked with a confused tone. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know." Star said as she twirled some of her hair with her finger. "There is plenty of fun around Mewni, don't get me wrong. Battling monsters, wild unicorns, and whole bunch of other wild stuff!"

"I'm sensing a but here." Lincoln immediately came to that conclusion due to having this type of conversation a few times.

"Well, I guess life in the castle was kinda…lonely." Star slowly explained to the white haired Loud. "Big castle, lots of room…not too many people to have fun with. My dad is pretty fun and I've done lots of stuff with him before, and my mom…not so much. Plus, I don't have any siblings like you. Only child right here."

Lincoln saw Star frown at that last part and was quick to reassure her by putting an arm around the princess's shoulder and pulled her close for a one armed hugged. "Hey, you don't need to worry about that anymore." Lincoln told the blond Mewman. "You got us now and there won't be a second of quietness left in your life. We may duck, dodge, push, and shove, but that's just how we show out love." Star simply looked at Lincoln and gave him a smile before giving him a nice and tight hug. "Hehe, we gotta hugger."

However, as this was happening, suddenly a green and black vortex opening in front of the fence surrounding the Louds backyard. Everyone's attention was drawn to this as Star gasped. "A dimension portal?!" The 14-year-old Butterfly let out, knowing exactly what this was.

The Louds and Star watched as monsters started to come out of the portal and into the Louds backyard. Some like Lily, Lynn Sr, and Lola reacted with fear over the monsters, with the laser puppies surrounding Lily and growling at the approaching monsters.

Meanwhile Leni, Luan, and Lucy didn't really have a reaction as they simply watched the monster's approach.

But Lynn, Luna, Lana, Rita glared back at the monster, sensing the possible outcome of a fight as Lynn grabbed one of her favorite metal baseball bats, Luna cracked her knuckles, Lana gripped a wrench tightly, and Rita got ready to defend her husband in kids if needed.

"Star…what's going on…" Lincoln asked as both he and Star stood up, with Lincoln tightening his fist and Star tightly gripping her wand.

"Star Butterfly!" A voice spoke Star's name as the last one to walk through the portal was none other then Ludo now carrying a staff with his symbol on the top of it. "I finally found you!"

"Pfft, hahahahaha!" Lynn laughed at the sight of Ludo as she pointed her bat at him. "What is you supposed to be the boss or something? You look like one of those off brand plushies you win at carnivals!"

"Hahahahahaha!" Most of the Louds and even Star herself laughed hard at the insult towards Ludo causing the short monster to growl with anger.

"Enough!" Ludo yelled while angrily flailing his arms around.

"So anyway…Ludo!" Star suddenly gained a semi-serious look and tone as she glared hard at the bird-like monster. "How did you know I was here?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Ludo responded back as his monster gang all growled.

"Yes, that's why I asked." Star nodded in response getting a 'really' look from Lincoln.

"Well Buff Frog-Hey! I don't have to tell you anything!" Ludo was able to stop himself from giving her any information. "What matters is that I'm here for your wand! So I suggest you give it up unless you want trouble!"

"Well if you want Star," Lincoln said bravely as he stepped next to Star. "You gotta get through me."

"Me to." Lynn said as she held her bat threateningly.

"Me three dudes." Luna said as she put a hand to her hip.

"Me four." Lana said as she tossed her wrench up and down.

"Fine by me!" Ludo yelled as he pointed to the group that dare oppose him. "Get them!"

"Kids, get inside!" Rita instructed her children that chose not to fight the monsters, with Lynn Sr quickly bolting inside first following by Lola, Lucy, Leni, Luan, and finally Lily and the laser puppies. Once they were all inside, Rita entered by stayed close to the door incase any of the monsters tried to come in.

The first monster of Ludo's gang to charge at the group that remained outside was a red monster that had a boar-like head, but Lynn was more then ready as she smirked and swung her bat right at the monster, dazing it and allowing the athlete to following up with a knee to the gut and then a jumping round house kick, knocking the monster out.

"Woah! You can fight!" Star asked with amazement in her voice.

"Heh, it was nothing." Lynn said in a cool and confident tone.

"Save some for me dude." Luna said as she pushed Lynn out of the way of a bear-like monster with a unicorn horn that was about to attack the 16-year-old and punched it right in the eye. While Luna wasn't an athlete like Lynn, she did know how to protect and defend herself.

Star then gained a wild grin as she ran in front of a bulky monster with blue skin, antlers, and beard and proceeded to punch it in the gut before bopping it over the head with her wand, giving the monster a nasty bump.

"They can fight?!" Ludo yelled at Buff Frog as he jumped up to the frog monster and grabbed him by the shirt collar. "You said she was unguarded!" Buff Frog's only response was a shrug.

Lincoln was the next up as a three eyed monster with scales over his body roar and charged at Lincoln. Lincoln had a blank face at first but then smirked confidently and simply side stepped out of the monsters way before slamming his fist down on its forehead and quickly following up with a strong knee to the middle of the monsters back. "Timber." Lincoln joked as the monster fell flat on its face.

"Rainbow Fist Punch!" Lincoln quickly looked behind him and saw a giraffe-like monster approaching him but before it could attack the only Loud son, Star used her wand to send a rainbow fist towards the monsters face causing it to fall to the ground completely dazed.

"Heh, thanks for the save." Lincoln told Star as he chopped the middle of the giraffe monsters' neck for good measure. "Guess I owe you one."

"Eh, what are friends for?" Star shrugged as she punched an approaching monster in the face.

With Lana, she held onto her wrench tightly as a red skinned, two headed monster growled and approached her, but the 9-year-old wasn't intimidated in the slightest as she rose up her tool and slammed it down on the monsters left foot. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" Both heads let out as they hopped on their other foot and held the one Lana just smashed.

"Wow, you guys are lame." Lana deadpanned before slamming her wrench down on the monsters other foot causing the two heads to scream in pain as they landed on their back and held their feet.

"Come on!" Ludo screamed in frustrations at his minion's impotence to take everyone down. "You're all making me look bad! Buff Frog! Go get em!"

Buff Frog saluted Ludo before grabbing a nearby rake and charging at Star ready to attack her, but the young Butterfly reacted quickly as she pointed her wand right in Buff Frogs face and used a spell. "Jelly Bean Hallucination Mist!"

Suddenly Buff Frog was surrounded by a mint green mist surrounded Buff Frog as his eyes sparkled as distorted Jelly Beans surrounded him and looking at his hands, suddenly his face appeared on both of them. "Woah, what is happening…" Buff Frog asked in a trippy tone

"Take this!" Lynn yelled as she struck a chicken-like monster with her bat and sending it back.

After that, Star, Lincoln, Luna, Lynn, and Lana all grouped up as Star smirked held her wand out at all the monsters and cast one last finishing spell. "Mega Narwhal Blast!"

The monsters could only scream as Star sent a barrage of magic narwhals at them. At this point, all the monsters we beaten up, bruised, and certainly at any ego they might have had destroyed. Ludo could only watch with a dropped beak as all of his monsters were defeated. "Ya want some of this Ludo?" Looking back, Ludo saw Star smirking confidently while gripping her wand with the Louds that assisted her at her side.

Ludo simply sighed and slumped down and let out a long, "Noooo…" The leader of the gang then took at his dimensional scissors and started walking away. "You morons see? This is what happens when you don't work out!" Ludo criticized as he opened the portal. "Your muscles are like pudding! Now come on, back in the portal."

Ludo's monster gang eventually manage to pick themselves up despite their injuries and limped back through the portal, with Buff Frog still under the effect of the Jelly Bean Hallucination Mist. "If you ever wanna get your buts kicked again, you know where to find us!" Lynn yelled as held her bat over her shoulder.

Once all the monsters left, with Ludo making a vow to get Star one day, the Louds around Star all cheered. "That was awesome dude!" Luna cheered as she did a little air guitar solo.

"You were awesome Star!" Lana complimented as she looked up at the Mewman. "You're a princess who can kick butt! You have earned my respect!"

"Weren't to bad yourselves guys." Star complimented the three girls around here before turning to Linc. "You got some good moves yourself there Linc!"

"Thanks." Lincoln said back to Star as he put his hands in his pockets. "So quick question, is this gonna happen a lot? Fighting monsters and stuff?"

"Probably!" Star stated with an enthusiastic nod and smile.

"…You know what…I'm really down for that!" Lincoln said with an excited smirk and a pumped-up fist. "I think I could go for a little extra danger in my life."

"Alright!" Star cheered as she pulled Lincoln into another tight hug.

"To Star Butterfly!" Luna yelled out with a raised fist as her sisters cheered for the magical princess that would surly be bring a whole new level of chaos into the already chaotic Louds live.


After the monsters left, the family continued their little party and the ones that fought assured everyone else that they were perfectly fine. So, they all spent more time getting to know a little more about Star. But eventually the sun had to set and the day came to an end with all of the Loud family retiring into bed for the night.

However, still awake was Lincoln as he sat down on the front porch of his house looking up at the starry night sky with a smile on his face. And then suddenly, Lincoln turned his face to the audience and began speaking to them. "Talk about a crazy day, I'm I right?" Lincoln said in a joking tone before looking back up.

"Today alone I learned that magic exists, other dimensions exist, and monsters exist. And just when I thought my life couldn't get any crazier. But you know…I really am excited. Tons of new adventures, an awesome new friend, and the impossible becoming possible. I wasn't able to predict the future before, and now I don't think I could possible guess whats gonna happen next, but I'm looking forward to it. And I'll be ready."

And so we get the start of something awesome!

Just a few things to note, 1. Lincoln's design is based on Future Trunks from DBZ, and the hair style specifically is based around when Trunks left the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber and had his hair in a ponytail.

2. Lucy's dress is based around both Moricia Addam's dress and Grims rope from Grim Adventures. Shout out to Petrus again for thinking of this design.

3. Marco is NOT going to be in this fic. Sorry fans of him, but I honestly hate Marco. He's a horribly written character that is just so frustrating to watch sometimes. At best, he actually does something useful. At middle ground, he's just kinda there for the sake of being there and at worst he makes things much worse. Plus, Starco is honestly my least fav ship in the series, its so generic and feels so forced in the show and takes FOREVER to get there. So this fic is a Marco free zone.

4. I'm not shipping Star and Lincoln. I have different ships in find for both of these characters. Petrus thinking of the one for Star.

So, I believe I've said everything I've wanted to say. So be sure to fav, follow, leave a review telling me what you think and stay tuned for the next chapter...

"Party with a Pony"