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"Mmmmm…" Dull moaning was heard from the room of Star Butterfly. The room was almost completely pitch black, the lights were off and all the window curtains blocked any sunlight from coming into the room. The only source of light was a familiar purple glow coming from Star's bed. The glow of course coming from Star herself as she laid down in her bed, nearly unmoving as she wrapped herself in a blanket cocoon.

It's been about three days since the whole incident with career day, Tom, and the whole…transformation thing Star was getting into. Needless to say she had to throw away the shirt she was wearing that day. But the whole experience really shook Star up to say the least. She already hated the idea of becoming queen one day, having to become the same dull and near emotionless woman her mom was, was pretty much her worst fear and Tom just dumped salt into that wound.

So ever since then, Star has locked herself away in her room in a funk. Barely able to sleep as her dreams were just filled with the future she feared would come to be. Heck, she even used her wand to create a bathroom in her room so she definitely wouldn't have to leave. She hasn't seen much of the Louds, her classmates, or Jackie for the last few days. The only person that has seen Star during the three days was…

"Hey Star, brought you breakfast," The door to Star's room opened, Star quickly used her blanket to block any light from the house from hitting her face, and from it holding a plate with eggs, bacon, and toast was Lincoln. With Star isolating herself right now, Lincoln was making sure that Star was still eating and making sure she was ok. It really did pain him to see Star in such a state, the usually peppy girl with an endless smile was reduced to a depressed girl who wouldn't get out of bed. "You still doing good?"

"Mmmmm…" Was all Star let out as Lincoln sighed and picked up Star's dirty dinner plate from last night and put down her breakfast. Those moans and groans were usually the most he got out of Star when he tried to talk to her. But Lincoln was just happy to be allowed in the room at all as when his sisters and parents tried to go into Star's room she would just magic them out and block the door with something. While she usually loved the craziness Lincoln's family brought, she just couldn't deal with that sorta stuff right now.

But after three days, Lincoln wasn't just gonna let Star lay here in the dark by herself anymore. He missed the plucky girl she used to be, and Star didn't deserve to have something like this happen to her. While he understood what she was going through and couldn't imagine how she was feeling right now about the whole 'becoming queen' thing he knew from her many rants about it that it was the thing Star hated the most. But there was still time before that, time for Star to just be a kid and have fun.

"Star, look I know you're going through some things now but you've got to pull yourself together." Lincoln encouraged the blond princess as he sat down at the end of her bed, next to her feet. Star groaned a bit as she glowed a bit brighter, she should have known Lincoln was gonna try and give her one of these talks sooner or later…he was a good friend like that. "There's still so much out there to experience. I know you're scared of the future…we all are. It's something unpredictable that we have trouble controlling. But that's why it's so important to live in the present while we have it."

"…It's hard." Star muttered sadly. She wanted to live in the present. She wanted to have fun and just be a teenage girl that messed around with her friends. But the looming presence of her future scared her just like Lincoln said. She was scared right as she started to love something, her future as queen would come and strip it away from her.

"It always is." Lincoln told her as he put a hand on her leg. Lincoln could relate to being afraid of the future. Especially when he was a kid. But as the years went by he grew more confident in himself and his future, and then Star came into his life and that just solidified that as the magical princess quickly became someone important to him and felt like another one of his sisters and one that he spent a ton of time with. "But when it comes to fear, it's better to just run towards it and face it head on. You can't do that locked away in your room like this. You know people are worried about you Star. Me, my sisters, my parents, our friends at school, Jackie."

"Jackie…how is she?" That's one person Star's had her mind on constantly while she was locked in her room. The girl she could count on just as much as Lincoln and the one that confronted Tom about the whole career day thing while she was oblivious to him being involved in anyway. The girl…that always seemed to make her happy.

"She misses and is worried about you Star." Lincoln gently told the blond Butterfly as she whimpered a bit and hugged a pillow tightly. "Please, you gotta come out."

"Can I think about it?" Star asked as she finally raised her head up from the bed and looked at Lincoln. She really wanted to come out but like she said earlier things were just hard for her right now and she wasn't sure she was ready to fave everyone.

Lincoln sighed, wishing Star would have just said yes. But on the bright side her showing her face to him was a positive sign. Who knows she might actually decide to come out. "Yeah, ok," Lincoln gave a small smile to Star and patted her leg again before getting back up and heading towards the exit. "I'll come back up to check on you later ok?"

"Ok, bye," Star simply said as Lincoln made his leave. Star let out another sigh as she started to glow bright, causing her to suddenly sink deeper into her bed as she groaned. "Why is everything so tough…"

Meanwhile with Lincoln, the white-haired boy could be seen pacing back and forth in the living room. Granted he still did make some progress with Star, he still wished Star would finally join him in leaving her room and going outside to have some fun in both school and outside. There had to be some way to get Star to crack and start having some fun like she used to do.


Suddenly Lincoln found himself turning to the source of a sound that has become very familiar to him. Looking back, he saw a fiery portal open up next to the couch and from it like usual stepped out Hekapoo. "Sup Snowball," Lincoln sighed but gave the magical being a smile, Lincoln always enjoyed seeing Hekapoo so this was a nice change of pace after the talk he gave Star. "How's everything going here?"

Lincoln then went back to sighing and putting on a sad face, "Not great," Lincoln said as he took a seat on the couch, Hekapoo sitting next to him with a bit of a worried look on her face. The dimensional scissors creator should have expected something like this. Lincoln explained to her on the phone everything that happened after Jackie confronted Tom. Needless to say, Hekapoo was now mad at Lucitor and worried about Star. Hekapoo also made sure not to tell Moon any of this as…needless to say given their complicated relationship she would just make things worse. "Star's still locking herself in her room, she's still purple, and still just as miserable. She did say she'll think about coming out but I wish she could just come out now."

"I get what you mean snowball, feels so wrong seeing Star like this," Hekapoo stated, the sight and news of Star acting so sad was pretty much an alien feeling to her. While Hekapoo didn't interact much with Star before she started hanging out with Lincoln, she knew that the girl was essentially the definition of endless energy and having blood mostly made of sugar. "I know demons could stoop low but Tom really took it to new levels. Huh, guess Rhina was right for making that spell."

"Huh?" Lincoln asked with a raised brow.

"I'll tell you about it later," Hekapoo brushed it off for now, Lincoln simply shrugging and thinking it wasn't that important. "In the meantime, while Star is going over whether to stay locked up or not, you wanna hit up a tavern I like? It's got some killer milkshakes."

"Um…maybe some other time Hekapoo." Hekapoo frowned a bit at Lincoln's answer. As much as Lincoln wanted to go and hang out with H-Poo whether it was on earth or some other dimension, he just couldn't. Not now while Star needed him. "It does sound like a lot of fun, really, but…I can't leave Star right now. Not with how she is, I would feel terrible if I just left her when she needs me most."

Hekapoo slumped down and groaned a little, but she understood snowball's reasons to stick around. "Yeah I guess…" Didn't mean Hekapoo was all too happy about it. She pretty much had nothing going on today and ever since they met, Hekapoo usually used days like this to hang with Lincoln and pass the time having fun. But now it looks like it was back to the old days for today if Lincoln was gonna be stuck at home looking after Star.

"Sorry Hekapoo, some other time I promise," Lincoln reassured Hekapoo, making her give him a small smile.

Just then, coming in from the kitchen with a smoothie in her hands, was Leni. The 19-year-old girl was currently wearing some winter cloths consisting of a seafoam green coat with white fur lining around the sleeves, hood, and bottom part with the fur having a black snowflake pattern. She had a bomber hat with cream colored fur and the rest of it being white. She had thin black snow-pants with little snowmen on them as well as black boots with dark purple fur around the top. "Hey Linky! Hey Hekapoo!" Leni greeted in her usual friendly fashion before taking a drink of her smoothie. Lincoln and Hekapoo gave the fashionista a simple wave as Leni asked the question that was on all of her sisters, and her parents, minds. "How's Star doing?"

"I…made some progress today." Lincoln put a smile on his face as she looked at Leni. Given it was Leni Lincoln wanted to stay on the bright side for her sake. Leni was one of the ones worried about Star the most and tried to offer her help due to her own experiences with…less than polite men. But like the others other than Lincoln Star just locked her out. "I'm sure she'll be back to her old self in no time, don't worry Leni."

"Well that's good to hear," Leni said with a relieved smile, but Lincoln could tell by her face and tone that Leni was still plenty worried and wished she could go check up on Star herself. But considering the last time she tried she ended up covered from head to toe in syrup, she decided against it. "I think I'm just gonna head to the mall, the winter blow out sale is today and I wanna try and find some good deals."

"Good luck sis." Lincoln told his older sister.

"Whatever," Hekapoo let out, not really paying attention to the conversation.

"Hmmmm…" As Leni headed to the door, she kept her eyes on Hekapoo. Specifically her outfit, even as she reached for her keys she never took her eyes off the dress. The only dress she ever saw Hekapoo in since they met around 2 and a half months ago. "Thanks…"

"What?" Hekapoo quickly noticed Leni's gaze and grew annoyed quickly. This was far from the first time this happened. In fact it's happened the last couple of weeks whenever Leni saw her, Leni locking her eyes on her outfit and not saying a single word and almost having a judgy look on her face. "Ok I'm getting kind of sick and tired of you looking at me like that, what's going on?"

"Oh, sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to make it seem mean or anything." Leni quickly apologizing, not wanting to upset Hekapoo/her future sister-in-law. She wasn't trying to be mean or anything but the fashion lover in her couldn't help but point out her lack of outfit diversity. "It's just, I hope this isn't like offensive or anything, but…do you have any other outfits?"

Lincoln's eyes widened slightly as Hekapoo rose a brow and looked over her dress. The dress she's worn since the day Glossaryck created her which was…who knows how long ago. Not even Hekapoo knew how long it's been, especially since she lives in the Neverzone. "What? What's wrong with it?" Hekapoo asked in a confused tone as she looked over her dress. Its done her well through the eons and has certainly given her plenty attention, especially when it comes to a certain snowball.

"Nothing! It looks nice on you!" Leni's compliment and smile were completely genuine, she really did think that the dress looked good on Hekapoo and complimented her well. But still, there could always be a bit more. "I'm just thinking…maybe it wouldn't hurt to expand on your look a little. You've got a lot to offer you know!"

"Oh trust me, I know~" Hekapoo said in a flirty voice as she scooted closer to Lincoln, pressing her chest against his arm a little.

This quickly got Lincoln blushing as he tried scooting away. "Please stop." He said in an embarrassed tone, making Hekapoo laugh.

Meanwhile Leni lightly smirked at this scene, she always enjoyed seeing these moments between her brother and Hekapoo. It was so easy to see how into each other they were. All the more reason to add some new cloths to the mix to really spice up some things. "Well you could use some new cloths to really help them pop up even more!" Leni explained to Hekapoo as she walked up in front of her. Leni then gasped as sparkles appeared in her eyes, a fantastic idea coming to her head. She then grabbed Hekapoo's shoulder and looked right into her eyes. "O-M-Gosh! We should totally go the mall together!"

"Wait, what?" Hekapoo awkwardly looked around, Lincoln simply shrugging in response.

"Come on it'll be super fun!" Leni said as she stood back up straight and looked down on Hekapoo, clapping her hands as she already started to plan what their day will be like. "I could take you cloths shopping and give you a whole new look! Please! Please! Please! It'll be fine to have some girl time."

"Hey that sounds like a great idea," Lincoln said with a smile, Hekapoo's eyes widened in response as she looked to Lincoln. Was he being serious right now? "You've never really spent time with any of my sisters before, even while we were touring around Mewni it was only me, Star, and my parents that stuck around you. It would be nice for you to get to know them better since you spend so much time around here, and hey, can't hurt to get some new cloths either."

"You know I can just magic up new cloths, right?" Hekapoo whispered to Lincoln, Leni thankfully not noticing as she was muttering how her day with Hekapoo could go. "There would be no point."

"Come on, just give her this." Lincoln told Hekapoo as he put a hand on her shoulder. He used his other hand to gesture to Leni and showing Hekapoo how excited the 19-year-old was about the idea of her and Hekapoo hanging out. "And hey, it could be fun. This way you have something to do and I can stick around Star, win-win."

"Hmmmm…" Hekapoo crossed her arms and thought it over. Ultimately, she let out a sigh as she slumped down on the couch. "Fine, I'll go. But if it's a bust you owe me big time,"

"Noted," Lincoln said with a sweat drop and sheepish smile, silently praying this day would go well for her.

Hekapoo grumbled a little bit and jumped off the couch and headed over to Leni, snapping the girl out of her rambling by tugging on the bottom of her coat. "Alright, alright, you win." Hekapoo said with the roll of her eyes, Leni letting out high pitched gasp in response. "We can go to the mall."

"YAY!" Leni let out in an excited tone as she picked up Hekapoo and hugged her close, causing her to start choking due to how tight it was. "This is gonna be totes awesome!"

"Let…me go! Let me go!" Hekapoo gagged out with Leni quickly following through, apologizing with a sheepish smile on her face. "Ugh…little warning next time would be nice."

"Yeah sorry about that," Lincoln couldn't help but chuckle at Hekapoo's little predicament, knowing full well what it's like being in that position. "Leni's a hugger, and when she hugs she puts her all into it."

"Greeeeat…" Hekapoo let out, already regretting this decision.

"Alright Hekapoo let's go!" Leni chirped out as she threw up her car keys and caught them. "The more we stay here the less there will be to buy at the mall!"

"Alright already just give me one second," Hekapoo rolled her eyes as she snapped her fingers. Hekapoo was briefly covered in flames causing Leni to wince a bit and look away while Lincoln had no trouble looking at the sight and smiling at what was gonna happen. When the fires went down, Hekapoo was now in her Hailey disguise so she could blend in with humans. "Don't want to attract too much attention to myself."

"Oh wow you look amazing!" Leni said as she looked over Hekapoo's human disguise. It was just as great looking as her normal form and was gonna be heck-of-a-fun when it came to trying on various cloths and maybe some other fun stuff as well. "Now let's go! No more wasting time,"

"Yeah, yeah," Hekapoo crossed her arms as she followed Leni out the door.

Lincoln got up and went over to the door, waving to the two as they drove away in Leni's car. While Hekapoo could have easily portaled them to the mall, the magical being thought she could use the car ride to prepare herself for what was to come with the rest of the day. "Have fun you guys!" Lincoln called out to them as he watched the car they were in disappear into the distance. Meanwhile Lincoln looked up to the sky and saw a nice steady flurry of white powder falling. Due to his town's closeness to the great lakes, every winter they can expect lots and lot of snow. Winter's always been Lincoln's favorite time of the year, yeah school was gone for the summer but the things winter had to offer were truly special. Holidays aside, the snow was always a joy to play around in whether it was snowball fights, building an igloo, snow angels, or making snowmen. There were also the winter treats like cookies, egg nog, and the king of them all Hot Chocolate.

Not to mention how beautiful everything was. Most people when they saw snow, all they saw was white powder that showed how cold everything was. But what Lincoln saw was something that made the whole world around them sparkle and shine brighter. When the sun shined off the large piles of snow, it made the normal white powder sparkle like diamonds. And when the snow was covering something like a tree, it truly brought out its natural beauty.

"Ah, now this is what I call good weather." Lincoln smiled as he held his hands out so he could catch the falling snowflakes in them. When he looked, he noted how the snow quickly melted in his left hand while it was preserved on his right hand. He also had to thank his abilities right now as he didn't have to bother putting on warmer cloths. Taking a deep breath, Lincoln breathed in that refreshing winter air before sighing sadly. "Man I wish Star was seeing this…"

Lincoln then looked up at the top of his house where Star's room was. But as he looked over the castle-like roof, he noticed the balcony around the side of it…big enough to jump out of and towards the ground. With plenty of fresh powder to cushion the fall. "Lightbulb." Lincoln smirked as he walked over to the spot below the balcony of Star's room and started piling snow together.

"Here we are~!" Leni told Hekapoo as the two entered the mall. Hekapoo looked around and it seemed like your average large shopping center. Wasn't Quest Buy large of course but that was ok with Hekapoo as she usually didn't like going to that place as even she could get lost in there. So, something still big but not colossal was a nice thing. Plus, she already saw some things Quest Buy didn't have, not to mention the lack of those stupid sloths. "The Royal Woods Mall! Hehe, this reminds me of when me and my sisters took Star here during the fall."

"Hm, looks nice enough." Hekapoo commented as she and Leni walked next to each other, Hekapoo taking a moment to look over her surroundings and pointing out some specific locations like the food court she could see and smell from upstairs, she saw the game store Lincoln mentioned to her a few times, as well as a few stands that sold stuff like perfume, cell phone cases, candy, and other things. "Kinda weird how snowball never brought me to this place."

At hearing this, Leni stopped in her tracks and gained an expression of disbelief. Did…Did she hear that right? "What-the-what? Lincoln seriously never took you to this place?" Leni asked as Hekapoo rose a brow at her. "Lincoln I thought I knew you…"

"Weirdo…" Hekapoo light commented. While the mall itself was looking pretty decent so far…she was questioning whether or not it was a good idea to go with Leni. She seemed nice, but a little scatter brained. While she certainly had her experience with dum-dums, mainly muscular ones she used for eye candy, but when it came to girls they usually got on her nerves. "Look let's just get this thing started alright?"

"Oh, right, right, my bad," Leni sheepishly apologized before stepping forward and looking in the direction of the stores she had in mind to take Hekapoo to. "Alright what do you wanna do first? Manicures, hair, cloths shopping? And do you need some winter cloths, you don't seem to have a jacket or anything."

"Ok first of all, I don't need winter cloths. I have my own ways of staying warm," Hekapoo explained and demonstrated by lifting her hands up and making little flames erupt from them. Considering her pyrokinetic abilities, the cold wasn't something she had to particularly worry about. "Second of all…what the heck is a manicure?"

"Wait, wait, wait, hold on…you've never heard of a manicure?" Leni just couldn't believe everything she's heard today. First Hekapoo only has one type of outfit, then she's never been to the mall, and now she's never even heard of manicures. Leni clearly had her work cut out for her today. "Ok, I know what we need to do. First, girl, we like gotta get you a manicure. Then we'll get your hair down, with so much of it I bet you can get a totes amazing style, and then we'll decide what cloths will look best with everything."

"Eh, if you say so." Hekapoo didn't really care in what order they did things, she just wanted this whole thing to get started so she could either start enjoying herself, or depending on how things went, get this thing over with as soon as possible. "Alright so where do we go to get these manicures or whatever you call em?"

"Hehehe, well allow me to take you to one of my favorite spots in the mall and one of the spots we took Star to when we first took her to the mall." Leni then gestured Hekapoo to follow her. While she walked, she noticed quite a number of people looking her way, her human disguise certainly kept everyone in the mall from looking her way, her looks and features certainly caused a number of guys and girls to check her out causing Hekapoo to smirk and chuckle a bit. "Heh, pigs."

"Ta-da!" Leni then stopped when she was in front of the first part of her and Hekapoo's trip. The mall's one and only spa. "Trust me, you've, like, never known relaxation till you've been here. They are experts in messages, manicures, facials, and everything in between! You're totes gonna love it!"

Hekapoo hummed a bit and looked inside. The spa certainly looked like a nice and clean establishment, plus there was a nice berry scent coming from inside. "Ok, I'll give this a shot." Hekapoo shrugged and decided this place was worth giving a shot. She just hoped it wasn't anything like the make up stuff Moon had that gives her that absolutely ridiculous hair style.

The two then stepped inside with Leni walking up to a receptionist, a girl about a year older than Leni that had purple dyed hair with red tips done up in a long bob-cut, she had blue eyes and had piercings on her left eyebrow, lip, and ears along with the usual uniform for the spa. "Sup Leni," The girl said in a casual tone, used to seeing the blond fashionist here. "Here for the usual?"

"Nah, just a manicure Susan," Leni said, putting a hand on Hekapoo's shoulder. "For both of us, she's with me today. Her name's Heka-Hailey! I mean Hailey!"

Hekapoo narrowed her eyes at Leni nearly blowing her cover, good thing that snowball told Leni about how she was coming to class with him. Susan caught Leni's slip of the tongue but decided to just shrug and that it wasn't important. "Alright then, Francine ain't here though so you'll just be stuck with me and the others, hope that's not a problem."

"Of course not!" Leni smiled as she took out her card and paid for the cost of two manicures. "I know all of you are just as good as Francine herself."

"Heh, I wouldn't go that far but thanks." Susan rolled her eyes playfully as she gestured for the two to follow her inside. "Thankfully today's a bit slow so you won't have to wait, so which one of you wants to be stuck with little ole me?"

"How about Hailey?" Leni suggests as she gestured to the short girl. "This is her first time here so she should get the best experience she can."

"My, really laying on the flattery today huh?" Susan smirked at Leni before looking down at Hekapoo. "How about it hot stuff? Ya mind letting me touch your hands?"

Hekapoo smirked, already liking this girl from her attitude to her appearance. "Heh, depends on what ideas you have with them." Hekapoo teased back, it wasn't like teasing Lincoln but she could still get some enjoyment out of it.

"Ha! I like you," Susan snapped her fingers and pointed at Hekapoo before pointing her thumb to a nearby chair. "Alright, seat of honor's right there. Leni, Robbie will take care of you there." Leni nodded and went over to the free chair Susan pointed out as Hekapoo went to her own seat with Susan attending to her. "So, first time in a spa huh?"

"Yeah, was never really in that frilly girly make up stuff." Hekapoo explained to Susan as the spa worker took out some things. "No offense,"

"Eh, none taken. I used to feel the same way." Susan explained as she turned on the sink in front of Hekapoo's chair and started filling up two little bins with warm water. "But turns out spas are a lot more than just that. I mean I'm working at one ain't I?"

"So prove me wrong piercings," Hekapoo smirked a she leaned back in her chair, deciding to get comfy if this was a place of relaxation. "Give me your best shot."

"Heh, someones asking for it," Susan smirked back at Hekapoo as she finished filling the bins. Once they were full of nice, warm water, Susan took out some special oil and salts and put them in the bins and mixed them up. Susan then pressed a button on each of the arms of Hekapoo's chair causing some holders to slide out that she could place the bins on. "Put your hands in there."

"Ok," Hekapoo shrugged and did so…and immediately felt a strange tingling sensation in her hands. It was a new sensation…but a very nice one that she had no objections to as she sunk her hands in deeper. "Oh…Oh wow. How does warm water feel this good…" Considering Hekapoo usually relaxed with a nice lava bath, it was striking to her how simple warm water felt this good.

"It's the oil and bathing salts," Susan explained as she moved in front of Hekapoo's chair and looked down at her hands. "The oils make your hands softer while the salts help relieve tension and aches, since this is your first time getting a manicure it's best to prep your hands for the feeling."

"Is it gonna hurt?" Hekapoo asked with a raised brow,

"Meh, maybe a little but usually ticklish is the worst it gets as long as someone who knows what they are doing is working on it," Susan explained as she pointed her thumb towards herself, her tone being a bit prideful. "It's why we had to fire Edwardo last week."

"Yikes, don't pity the guy who had to get a session from him," Hekapoo and Susan both had a chuckle at the former's little joke.

"But hard to believe someone like you has never had their nails done before," Susan commented as she pointed as Hekapoo's…distinguishing features. "You'd think a gal like you would wanna make sure every part of her is as stunning as the rest~"

"Hmph, what can I say~" Hekapoo said in a bragging tone as she wriggled her fingers around a bit. "Who needs to focus on little ole fingers when you got all this~?"

"Heh, fair enough," Susan chuckled a bit as she went back over to the sink to get more supplies for the manicure. "Sure whatever guy you have is quite lucky."

"Hmmmm, you could say that," Hekapoo said with a small smirk as she looked to the side. Thinking about all the times she's used her body to make Lincoln red in the face, and she enjoyed every second of it. "He certainly enjoys checking me out when he thinks I'm not looking~"

"Sounds like fun." Susan commented as she pulled out a cuticle clipper and remover. "Now then, let's get down to business."


Back in Star's room, the princess was still locked up in her room, but there were some differences. Star was no longer laying down and was instead sitting in her bed and her glowing had dimmed down a bit. Plus there was a little more light in the room besides the light coming from her as she was using her wand to illuminate the room a little, but she still kept the windows covered.

Currently Star was still thinking over her decision to finally face her problems and leave her room and being around the Loud sisters and her earth friends again. While she was doing so, she was looking at her compact phone and all the selfies she took while on earth. A photo of her and Lincoln with their arms around each other, a selfie with her and Luan putting a bucket of glitter on top of the door to Lucy and Lynn's room, a selfie or her and Leni trying on various outfits together, and then a photo of her and Jackie making peace signs while their cheeks were connected, Star noting she was blushing in the pic causing her to lightly blush as she looked at it.

"Jackie…" Star smiled a bit as she kept her eyes locked on the photo. Words she gave the princess came into her head.

"You're Star Butterfly. As long as I've known you, you've always done things your own crazy way and didn't let anyone tell you otherwise. For the whole monsters thing, I would say just go with your gut. There's always gonna be some bad apples so just deal with those ones if they become a problem, just deal with them and leave the others alone and treat them like you'd treat any other person. As for the whole queen thing, girl when you become queen, you'll be the one in charge. No one, not even your mom, can tell you what to do and how to act. You're still a free woman! Queen or no queen, everyone will just have to deal with it!"

Star let out a sigh as she recalled the memory of Jackie telling her that. She agreed with everything Jackie said, and still does, "But why is it still scary…" Star asked herself as she curled herself into a ball and hugged herself. Even when she does become queen and be able to rule and do whatever she wants, the idea still terrified her. If she had to guess, it was because if anything the Mewmans hated change. They just wanted everything to stay the same from how their lives were…to how their queen should be. And they would probably want her to act just like her mother.

The thought of that causes Star to glow brighter as she gritted her teeth, "No!" Star let out in a growl as she slammed her fist on the bed, causing her entire room to shake a little. "I won't!"

Before Star could do or think anything else, suddenly the door to her room was swung open with Lincoln coming in before Star could say anything about it. A neutral look was on his face as he walked over to where Star's balcony was. "Uh Lincoln what are you-AAAAHHH!" Still without saying anything, Lincoln ripped off the curtains of the balcony and exposed sunlight into the room as well as a glass door Star magiced up so that way the cold wouldn't seep in through it. "Warn me next time would ya?! Ugh my eyes!?

"It's time," Lincoln said simply before-


Star suddenly gasped as Lincoln formed an ice fist on his black side and used it to smash the glass door, letting a breeze of cold air in. "Ah! W-W-W-What's g-gotten in-into you?!" Star yelled as she quickly started shivering due the outside weather being let inside. "I-Is a ghost possessing you? You get outta Lincoln n-now you spectral jerk!"

"Not possessed, just doing this for your own good." Lincoln explained to Star as he walked up to the Butterfly girl. Before Star knew it the Loud boy picked her up right off the bed, wrapping his arms around her from behind and locking her in a full nelson. Suddenly the princess winced as Lincoln yelled. "FREEDOM!"

Before Star could start struggling, she watched as Lincoln started booking towards the now open balcony. "Wait Lincoln! Wait! Wait! Stop! Stop! Stop!" But Lincoln didn't stop as he ran outside…and jumped right over the railing of the balcony and starting falling towards the ground. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"


Thankfully the landing was perfectly safe and soft as the two landed in a large pile of fluffy, soft, white snow. "AH! COLD!" Star yelled as she emerged from the pile of snow, feeling a sense of déjà vu come her in the moment. Soon after her, Lincoln emerged from the snow with a cheeky grin on his face as Star turned to him and gave him a bit of a miffed look. "What the heck Lincoln?!"

"Aw come on you gotta admit it was pretty fun." Lincoln chuckled as he emerged fully from the pile. He then laid down on the snow and started to casually make snow angels. "I thought you told me you loved jumping in large piles of snow back on Mewni during the winter."

"Well…yeah it was kinda fun." Star couldn't resist a small smile coming to her face as she moved around in the snow a bit. It was freezing, especially since she wasn't wearing any winter cloths, but it reminded her off all the fun she did have on Mewni during the winter. But Star then shook all the snow out of her hair and emerged from the pile and started walking toward the front of the house. "But I just told you that I want some time to think ok? Thanks for the little snow dive but-"


"Ah!" Star let out as something cold and round hit the back of her head. A snowball. Star's eyes narrowed sharply as she turned back at Lincoln who whistled casually with both arms behind his back. "Lincoln…did you throw a snowball at me?"

"…No." Lincoln innocently answered.

"…" Star narrowed her eyes more before she turned around and began heading back to the house again and just wanting to-


"LINCOLN!" Star yelled as she turned around again after getting hit with a second snowball. Only this time Lincoln wasn't trying to hide it at all as he whistled innocently while tossing a snowball up and down. "Lincoln…don't you dare throw another-"


"…" Star was silent as Lincoln threw the snowball in his hand right at Star's face. The snow splattered all over her and covered must of the princess' face. With one hand, Star wiped off all the snow…and stopped glowing. Lincoln smiled widely as Star finally stopped glowing purple and was back to normal. Wasting no time, Star quickly started to make some snowballs herself. "Oh you better start running son."


"See ya guys later," Susan waved bye to Leni and Hekapoo as the two left the spa after getting their manicures. The two's nails and hands in general were looking practically flawless with Leni having her nails done for the season with them being blue with little white snowflakes on them. Meanwhile Hekapoo went for a fiercer approach and had Susan cut her nails to look more like claws and paint them a pitch black color. "Don't be strangers ya hear?"

"Thanks Susan! You're the best!" Leni waved to the girl with a friendly smile as she looked over her nails on her other hand. "Talk to ya later girl!"

"Ya know, I gotta hand it to ya Leni, that was pretty nice." Hekapoo said with a genuine smile as she looked over her hands and nails before feeling how soft they still were. It was like her hands were made of pillows now and the magical being loved it. "My hands haven't felt like this in eons, and I can't say the nail job's bad either."

"Told ya this place was good, there's no one I trust more with my nails than them." Leni told Hekapoo with a little smirk on her face. While she might be a bit of an airhead, over the years she's learned from her girlfriend on how to read body language and she could tell in the beginning that Hekapoo was expecting this day to totally blow. But she was glad that she was starting to prove Hekapoo wrong and show her a good time. This must have been how Lincoln felt when he first showed her around Royal Woods. "And now that we're done with nails, it's time to go to the only place I trust to have my hair taken care of."

"But doesn't that place also do hair?" Hekapoo asked as she swore she saw someone getting their hair done in the spa. Seemed weird to her that they would go to a completely different place to do that when they could just get it done at the spa as well. "Why are we going somewhere else for it?"

"Well, like, the spa does hair pretty well but I have a better place in mind." Leni explained as she and Hekapoo stepped onto some escalators and headed to an upper floor of the mall. Leni loved the spa and had nothing but respect for the workers there for doing a great job on everything from nails to skin, but when it comes to hair there was a much better place in the mall that could do everything the spa could and then some. "Trust me they are absolute god's with hair."

"Well I guess I'll be the judge of that," Hekapoo said with a smirk as they stepped off the escalator, the magical being following the fashionista to this apparent place of hair Gods. Soon enough they found themselves in front of a store that was a bit small than the spa with a classic Barber Shop swirling pole next to the sign with the name of the shop. "Manny's?"

"Yep! This is the place!" Leni smiled and opened the door, the classic ringing of a bell being heard as both she and Hekapoo stepped inside and it looked…like an average barber shop. There wasn't anything too extraordinary about it. Just an everyday barber shop along with the things you'd normally see in a barber shop. "Hey everyone!"

All the workers in the barber shop looked in her direction and smiled at the sight of the 19-year-old. "Leni!" All the barbers said in unison, giving the girl a warm welcome.

"Heh, someone's certainly miss popular ain't they?" Hekapoo said to Leni with a smirk.

"Well like I said there's no where else I trust to handle my hair." Leni told Hekapoo as the former closed the door. Meanwhile Hekapoo looked around as, after giving Leni a welcome, the barbers who had someone in a chair they were stationed at went back to both working on the person's hair as well as have a conversation with them. Overall Hekapoo could sense a rather friendly atmosphere with them. "So I've gotten to know everyone here pretty well."

"Well, well, if it ain't Leni Loud." A smooth adult voice spoke up. Turning to the direction of the voice, Leni and Hekapoo saw a rather tall and slightly bulky man with dark skin walk up to them. He had green eyes and short black hair and a big bushy beard along with a blue collared shirt and black apron with some hair cutting and care tools in the pocket of it. "That time of the month already?"

"Uh-huh, and I brought a friend!" Leni said with a wide smile as she pushed Hekapoo forward a bit to properly introduce the short girl to the man. "Hailey, meet Manny the head barber here. Manny, this is Hailey a really good friend of my brother."

"Well it's nice to meet you Hailey," Manny greeted the short girl in a friendly manner as he reached out and shook her hand. "Any friend of Leni and her family is a friend of mine."

"Sup Manny," Hekapoo gave her usual casual greeting to Manny. "So I take it you own the place."

"Hehe, yep. This barbershop is owned by yours truly," Manny said with a small chuckle before gesturing to an empty chair. "So you want the usual done Leni?"

"Well actually, since this is Hailey's first time here, I'm thinking she could go first." Leni told Manny as Hekapoo's eyes slightly widened. Leni could have told her that she was planning to do this. Hekapoo wasn't entirely prepared to go first and wanted to see them do Leni first to try and see how the process would go. "Would that be ok with you?"

"Well if it's cool with Hailey it's cool with me," Manny said as he looked down at the much shorter girl. "What do you think?"

"Um, well…" Hekapoo awkwardly looked away a bit before her eyes turned to Leni who gave her a double thumbs up. Hekapoo ultimately let out a sigh and walked towards the chair. "Alright, fine. I'll go first."

"Heh, that's the spirit," Manny smiled a little at Hekapoo's attitude, this was certainly gonna be an interesting hair cutting. "Just sit there and let me take car of everything." Hekapoo did as such and sat down in the barber chair, Manny raised it up due to Hekapoo's height and then proceeded to put a chair cloth on her. With the prep all done, the cutting could start. "So Hailey, what kind of style do ya want? With all this hair there's a lot of possibilities."

"Um…I…don't know…" Truth be told Hekapoo really had no idea what to do with her hair. Similar to her outfit her hair has been like this for her whole life and when she says she's had a long life, that in of itself was an understatement. The most she's ever had to do was clean it when it got dirty but she never even thought about different styles. "Something…different yet the same I guess."

"Ah I see, I get it," Manny smirked and immediately got to work, pulling out a comb and a small pair of scissors and got to work. But despite Hekapoo's words Manny figured by the end of this she could end with a far different style. He's met people like this before and knew exactly what to say. "Why so tense right now? Something wrong?"

"No, not really," Hekapoo answered as she just decided to get comfy in her chair and just let Manny do…whatever he was gonna do with her hair. But if she ended up looking stupid in the end, there was gonna be hell to pay. "I mean…I guess something's been on my mind for the past few weeks."

"Oh really?" Manny said in an interested tone as he snipped off some of Hekapoo's hair. "What kinda stuff? Might help to talk about it with someone new?"

"Well…maybe…" Hekapoo wasn't sure about it but…maybe it would be nice to talk about this to someone she's just met. The thing on her mind being the whole…monster thing she talked about with Lincoln during Mewnipendance Day. For her whole life she's always had the same mindset towards monsters, them being pure evil and just a menace to Mewni. But then Lincoln brought up his points like how it was Mewmans who took the land from them and how morality and such isn't determined by species and how it turns out humans, who she used to think of as just harmless wads of meat, were also capable of truly horrible acts. Heck, Lincoln ended up showing her more of human history such as how humans like his best friend Clyde and the man cutting her hair right now used to and sometimes still do receive the same kind of bigotry she's shown monsters. "I guess I'm just…starting to question things lately…"

"Ah I see, something got the gears in your mind turning?" Manny guess as he pulled out a spray bottle and started to spray Hekapoo's hair with water. "I get it, happens to me sometimes too. Let me guess, something you've believed for a while being called into question?"

"Yes! Exactly!" Hekapoo let out before sighing. Honestly it surprised her that she was already getting this deep into the conversation. She didn't wanna talk to Lincoln about this due to him being the one that already messed with her brain in the first place, and talking with her co-workers was certainly a no-no. So something like this was…nice. And she just kept going. "It's kinda…complicated. But it's like you said, there's this thing that I've been pretty…invested in for a long time. Pretty much my whole life but then…someone told me some things and now it's all like…ugh! It's just become a whole thing."

"Uh-huh…" Manny let out as he continued to work with her hair. He knew exactly what her problem was. "I think I know what's going on."

"Really?" Hekapoo asked with a raised brow.

"You're scared of change." Manny said bluntly with a small smirk on his face as Hekapoo's eyes widened. "Am I right?"

"W-W-What?" Hekapoo stuttered a bit, clearly embarrassed by the claim and tried to deny it. "N-No I'm not!"

"Riiiiiight…" Manny said with an amused smirk. Yep, she was afraid of chance alright. "Then why is it so hard for you to accept these questions in your beliefs?"

"W-Well I-I…it's just…I…" Hekapoo stammered and tried to think of something, anything to back up her claims of not being afraid of chance. But…she couldn't think of anything. Now that she's though of it…not much in her life as a part of the Magical High Commission has changed. They would help the queens, deal with the monsters, have long boring meetings, rinse wash and repeat. Sure there were some changes like a few queens being less for the bigotry of monsters and some who were all for it to the point of going to war, that she usually encouraged. But those moments that there were change…it made her feel uncomfortable. "…Dang it…"

"Hey, it's cool. You shouldn't feel embarrassed about it. Everyones afraid of change in some ways." Manny reassured Hekapoo with a calm and friendly tone. Change was usually one of the most feared things for humans. Something in their life drastically changing to the point where it might never be the same. The thought of that was usually really terrifying. "In fact I was the same way."

"Really? How?" Hekapoo asked, legitimately curious as to what Manny meant.

"Believe it or not, this job right here." Manny explained with a fond smile on his face. "I used to be in the Marines but when the time came for me to retire, I had no idea what to do with the rest of my life. I tried out a bunch of hobbies like painting, chess, writing, heh, my wife even tried to get me into gardening. And during that time, I was scared of what the future was gonna hold. I didn't like any of the things I was trying, and it felt like I was doomed to just lay around doing nothing for the rest of my life."

Hekapoo looked around, sympathizing with Manny's situation a bit before asking, "So…what happened next?"

"Well, my mom got sick and had to go to the hospital, and it became tough to help pay her bills." Manny explained as he snipped off more of Hekapoo's hair, the red hair really started to pile on the floor. "I had to take up a job to help pay for the bills and I saw a position for a barber's shop. For my first two years in the army I did haircuts to new recruits. So I decided to take that experience and apply it there. I got the job and, well, here I am a decade later with my own shop."

Hekapoo was silent at first but couldn't help but smile at the story. "Wow…that's actually really cool." The magical being said, rather impressed with how this human took his life. From what she's experienced, Mewmans absolutely hated it when any aspect of their life changed and refused to accept it. She remembered the riots that were started when Moon's mother tried to make peace with monsters. "Ya know it's weird, normally I'd never think of talking to anyone about this kinda stuff but something about being in this chair just makes me wanna talk."

"That's the power of the chair!" Manny said with an enthusiastic smile. The power a barber shop chair had on the people who sat in it was probably his favorite thing about this job. "It's why I love this job so much. I can get to meet and talk with a lot of interesting people, just like Leni and just like you,"

"Heh, thanks," Hekapoo said with a smile before she looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Hey…about my hair style…feel free to change things up a little. Maybe something unique."

"That's what I was hoping to hear," Manny grinned, already knowing what style to give Hekapoo. "And hey, about your stuff, all I can tell you is to listen to your heart to decide on what the truly right thing to do is. It never stir me wrong, and I'm sure it won't stir you wrong either."

"My heart huh?" Hekapoo asked as she looked down a bit and thought about it. "Yeah…you're right. Thanks Manny."

"It's why I'm here," Manny said as he got to work on Hekapoo's hair again. "Now let's make some magic."


"Alright…where'd that orange boy go…" Star whispered to herself as she crawled through the snow, a snowball in one hand and her wand in the other. She was now wearing winter cloths that she magiced onto herself which consisted of a pink hat with a light pink fur rim and a white ball on top, a coat that matched her hat along with two white balls attached to strings on the zipper, pink mitts, darker pink snow pants, and light pink boots. "Come out come out whereever you are."


"Ah-ha!" Star heard a footstep in the snow and quickly through the ball in that direction. Only it wasn't Lincoln that she threw the ball at.

"Ah!" Glossarcyk of all people let out as he dunked under the snowball before it could hit him, the little blue man wearing some winter cloths Leni made him that resembled a Santa outfit, along with the hat. "Wait! Don't fire on me! I'm a consciousness objector!"

"Oops, sorry Glossaryck," Star apologized with a sheepish smile on her face before going into war mode and started crawling through the snow again while making another snowball. "Now where is he…"


"Ah! An air strike!" Star yelled as she felt a snowball hit the top of her head from above. Star looked and saw more snowballs coming and quickly started crawling away for any sort of cover. "Sanctuary!" Star eventually found cover behind the tree in the back yard and quickly started to regain her breath while stocking up/making ammo. Taking a quick peak, Star saw Lincoln perched on top of her room's roof. "Oh playing dirty are we?"

Star then twirled her wand and aimed at the spot in front of the tree. "Super Freeze-Freeze Snow Fort!"Star then fired a blue beam out of her wand and proceeded to create a recently sized snow fort that the princess quickly jumped into along with her snowballs. "Viva-La Snow Day!"

"What's she doing?" Lincoln asked, unable to see what Star was doing inside of her fort. But he watched with widened eyes as a giant ball of snow was flung into the sky and aimed itself right at him. "SWEET TADPOLE MARY!" Lincoln quickly jumped off the roof of his house to avoid the giant snowball and aimed his black hand at the ground. "Ice Castle!" Lincoln then used his powers to make himself a fort resembling a little ice castle. "FOR THE HONOR OF LINCTOPIA!"

Lincoln then aimed his ice arm right at Star and was able to use it to fire snowballs right at Star and her fort at a rate similar to a machine gun. "Ah!" Star yelled as she quickly ducked down into her fort to avoid the snow barrage. She then started piling snow into the catapult she made so she could fire another giant snowball at Lincoln. "REVENGE!"

"Uh-oh…" Lincoln let out as he saw another giant ball of snow coming down right at him. "Crapbaskets…"


"Ahahahaha!" Star let out a maniacal laugh after seeing Lincoln being covered head to toy in snow. "Feel my wrath little boy!"

"Oh you wanna see wrath…" Lincoln said with a with playful grin as he emerged from the pile and held his black hand up high. "SNOW WAVE!" Star then watched with a slightly dropped jaw as Lincoln made a massive wave of snowballs emerge from his hand.

"Oh wow…" Star let out as she ducked into her fort as the wave came to her. "HA! You missed me!" Star emerged once the wave passed and claimed to have gotten out of it scott free…not noticing the massive pile of snow on her head. She then watched as Lincoln fired rapid fire snowballs at her and was unable to dodge in time. "AAAAAAAHHH!"

Meanwhile, Glossarcyk was happily humming to himself as he was busy finishing up his snowman. "Ah it's the little things in the winter that are the best." Glossaryck smiled as he pulled out a scarf out of nowhere and wrapped it around the snowman. The snowman was about three times taller than Glossaryck and had buttons of coal, a red and white stripped scarf, a carrot nose, a smile made of pudding, and eyes made of pudding cups. "Welcome to the world Chilly Billy!"


Glossaryck let out a horrified gasp as one of Lincoln's snowballs grazed by…and knocked Chilly Billy's head off. "No!" Glossaryck screamed with teary eyes as he picked up Chilly Billy's head. "Speak to me Billy! Speak to me please!" Unfortunately, Glossaryck watched as Chilly Billy's head melted in his hands.



"Thanks Manny! You're the best!" Leni told the friendly barber as she made sure to give him an extra big tip. Leni's hair was now wavy and shiny with small, braided bangs on the side of her face. "An A+ job like always."

"Hey, I always enjoy doing your hair," Manny smiled as he gave Leni a pat on the shoulder. He then looked to Hekapoo and gave the magical being a smile. "And feel free to come back anytime if you need your hair done and someone to talk to."

"I will, thanks. For everything." Hekapoo smiled as she admired her new hairdo in a mirror. Hekapoo now sported a chic asymmetrical haircut consisting of having the left half of her head being mostly shaved giving it a punk vibe, meanwhile the right side of her head was now wavey and shorter than it used to be, going over a little past her neck with her right eye still being covered by a bang that was now done to be straighter and longer, going almost to her chin. "Man I look good,"

"See, this is what happens when you change things up a bit," Manny smirked as he put his hands on his hips. "Ya might find something you really love."

"…Yeah, you're right," Hekapoo looked up at Manny and gave him a respectful nod, Manny returning it as Leni and Hekapoo made their way out of the shop. "Catch ya on the flip dude."

Manny then waved to the two girls as they left the shop, Leni and Hekapoo showing off their new do's as they made their way to the last thing on their list. "Cloth's shopping." Leni excitedly said with stars in her eyes. "This is gonna be awesome~!"

"Well someones excited," Hekapoo said with an amused smirk before looking down at her dress. Maybe…some new cloths would be a nice change of pace. Something to go along with the new hair style. "Guess a change in wardrobe wouldn't be the worst thing. Hehehe, certainly give Lincoln something to look at and get him red~"

Leni smirked as Hekapoo said that, it was just so beyond obvious that she had a thing for her brother. It was a mystery to her why they haven't gotten together yet. So as the two entered the cloths store and entered the girls section, Leni decided to question Hekapoo on the matter. "You really enjoy hanging out with my brother don't you H-Poo?"

Hekapoo groaned a bit at Leni using that name, obviously getting it from snowball. "Ok first of all, don't call me H-Poo," She said in an annoyed tone as she grabbed some pants that looked nice. "Second of all, well yeah. He's fun. Before we met I didn't have much to pass the time between boring meetings and more boring meetings,"

"Hmmmm, I see~" Leni said in a bit of a teasing voice as she picked out some shirts, both girls already gathering a pile of cloths in their arms. "So you got a crush on him~?"

Hekapoo nearly tripped in surprise from the question, barely managing to not drop the cloths in her hand as she glared at Leni, but not being able to stop the blush coming to her face. "W-What?!" Hekapoo let out, not at all expecting that completely out of left field question. "No I don't!"

"Are you suuuuuure~?" Leni asked, persisting on the subject as she rolled her tongue a little. "You really seem to like hanging out with him~"

"Well like I just told you, it's because he's fun." Hekapoo restated while looking away at Leni, knowing that the girl was giving her a smug look due to her blush that she couldn't keep under control no matter how much she slapped her cheeks to try and get them to go away. "That's all ok,"

"Then why do you always tease him?" Leni asked with a smirk, already seeing that Hekapoo was a terrible liar. "You always enjoy showing off your body and making his face red~"

"Pfft, of course," Hekapoo said with a smirk, taking pride in the fact that she could get Lincoln going like that. With either her words or her body that she knew he couldn't get enough of. "He's cute when he blushes like that~" Hekapoo quickly realized what she said and covered her mouth!

"Ah! Ah-ha! You called him cute!" Leni yelled out, getting a few people to look towards them, as she pointed at Hekapoo. "You do like him!"

"No! No I don't!" Hekapoo claimed defensivally, her blush only growing due to all this. "I did not call him cute! You were hearing things!"

"Uh-huh, suuuure~" Leni let out with a smug tone as Hekapoo growled at her. "Ok then, we both know he looks at you when he thinks you aren't looking. But how about you, I see you looking at him sometimes~"

"Hah, there isn't a lot to look at," Hekapoo laughed out, thinking that Leni was finally starting to lose the ground on their discussion of that matter. "He's kind of a string bean,"

"Then why do you stare at him?" Leni asked with a smirk, knowing full well that Hekapoo also kept her eyes on Lincoln. She kept close eyes on the two whenever they hung out together at home and she noticed Hekapoo checking her brother out. "Even when we were leaving today, I know where those eyes were~"

"…..You're not gonna let this go are you?" Hekapoo asked with a deadpanned tone.

"Nope!" Leni chirped with a big smile.

"Ok, I do not like him like that, end of story." Hekapoo said with a glare before taking the cloths Leni picked out and heading towards the changing room they were now in front of. "So, I'm gonna try on these cloths, pick out which ones I like, and we're not gonna talk about this anymore."

"Oh fine, party pooper." Hekapoo groaned as she entered the room, but before she did, Leni caught something quite interesting. The flame that's usually above Hekapoo's head in her normal form reappeared briefly…in the shape of a heart. "…She likes him."


Back at the Loud House, Star and Lincoln were now inside. Having had their fun outside, the two friends decided it was time to warm up. So they had big comfy blankets around them like cocoons along with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands. While they were doing this there was an old black and white movie on the TV they were watching. "What do we do, Chadley? I thought they were dead!" The woman on the TV said as a horde of zombies approached her and a guy.

"Far worse, Trixandra!" Chadley said with horrible dramatic acting. "They're...Nearly Almost Dead But Not Quite!" After Chadley said that the title card of the movie appeared on screen, the title being the words Chadley used to describe the zombie.

Meanwhile Star and Lincoln just laughed at the movie's awful quality. "Man, they always save the worst movies for after Halloween," Lincoln chuckled as he took a sip of cocoa. While Lincoln still to this day hated watching real horror movies, when it came to cheesy and bad ones like these, they were absolutely hilarious to watch.

"They're slow!" Star yelled at the screen with an amused smile. "Just power-walk away from them!"

"How much you want to bet that guy dies first?" Lincoln asked with a smirk as he pointed to Chadley.

As if on cue the two watched as he was being devoured by zombies. "Aah! My face is being eaten a lot!"

The two simply laughed at the scene as Star shook her head. "Chadley ain't pretty no more." Star and Lincoln laughed some more before the former turned to the latter with a grateful expression. "Hey Lincoln…thanks for everything today. I needed this."

Lincoln gave Star a warm smile and nodded at her. "What are brothers for?" Star smiled widely at the statement and, for that moment, felt all her worries go away. "So you're coming back to school?"

"Totally!" Star reassured the Loud boy, now feeling ready to take on the world again. "I can't wait to see everyone again!"

As the two began talking about that subject, the door opened and the two watched as Leni came back in, returning from the mall. "We're back~!" Leni announced as she showed off her new hair style and nails. "What do you think?"

"Wow! You look great Leni!" Star said with a wide smile, thinking she should have a beauty day as well and get her hair and nails done.

"Yeah totally!" Lincoln told his sister, Leni blushing at praise. But Lincoln couldn't help but wonder something. "But where's Heka-" Lincoln soon cut himself off and began to heavily blush after seeing the next person to come into the house.

"Like what you see snowball~?" Hekapoo, who was now back in her normal form, asked with a sly tone and smirk and she posed a little to show off her new hair style as well as her new cloths. Hekapoo was now wearing skintight black leather pants along with matching heels, she wore a shirt that slightly showed off her belly with the shirt being dark red and sleeveless with the words "Hot Stuff" on it in dark purple on the front and a dragon symbol on the back also in dark purple. The shirt was also quite tight on Hekapoo, especially around the chest area which is where Lincoln's eyes were now. "Ooooo, someone's enjoying themselves~"

"Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh, y-y-you l-look r-r-really gr-great!" Lincoln heavily stuttered as his entire face went red. He struggled to take his eyes off the magical being as Leni and Star chuckled a bit at the scene. "Really…Really great…"

"Aw, you're sweet~" Hekapoo said as she walked towards Lincoln, swaying her hips for added effect that just made him blush even more. "Whatcha guys doin?"

"Just watching a movie," Star said as she gestured the TV screen. Hekapoo was glad to see Star out of her room, but one thing at a time for her and right now she had a snowball to make red. "Wanna join?"

"Don't mind if I do!" Hekapoo said as she jumped up…and sat down right on Lincoln's lap. Lincoln went stiff and tensed up a bit…but made no attempts to get Hekapoo off him. Even when she adjusted herself a bit on him and leaned close. "Hehe, best seat in the house~"

"Well you all just enjoy yourselves~ I'll put all of Hekapoo's cloths in Lincoln's room~" Leni said as she reached outside and grabbed a bunch of bags filled with all the cloths Hekapoo decided to get. She then made her way upstairs, but not before taking another peak at Lincoln and Hekapoo. Seeing the flame above Hekapoo's head briefly turning into a heart once again. "It's only a matter of time~"

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