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Author's note: This fic is based on the series 'The Duke of Mount Deer', but in modern Slam Dunk style.

~ Wai Siu Poh ~

"Mom, where's Dad?"

At that, the mother looked up from her work to face her cheerful, innocent, bright-eyed, redheaded little son of hers with wide questioning eyes.

"Why did you ask that question?" the mother asked.

"Well, it's because the other kids have fathers and I don't even know if I have one. So where is my father, huh Mom?"

At first she had no idea how to answer him. For how could she tell him that she was once a prostitute, and that she had slept with seven men before she got pregnant and didn't know who the father of her child was? Indeed, how is she going to tell that to her 8 year-old son? Then, an amazing idea came into her head. Smilingly, she told her son the answer.

"Well son, you are one lucky little boy. You see, all the other kids have only ONE father, but you, on the other hand, have SEVEN fathers! Isn't that great!" she answered as cheerfully as her son questioned her.

"Wow, that's really great. To think I have seven dads while the other kids boast to have only one dad. I'm better that all of them. But that doesn't answer my question, where are they?"

"Well Sakuragi, they all died before you were born. They died in various ways sadly and tragically before your little redhead came into this world." His mother answered sadly, almost with a sob in her voice.

"But how and why?" Sakuragi asked with bulging honey-brown eyes.

"Well honey, it's because they have very short life-span, that's why."

"Now how can I be a lucky kid when I have now fathers, since they are all dead." Sobbed the little redhead boy.

"You are still lucky because the other kids follow the characteristics of only one father, but you are following the characteristics of all seven of your fathers," she lied.

"Really!" he yelled.

"Yes indeed. You've got you 1st father's handsome face, your 2nd father's height, your 3rd father's strength and built, your 4th father's athletic skills, your 5th father's dark complexion, your 6th father's honey-brown eyes and your 7th father's fiery red hair. All this in one makes you a perfect son of mine," boasted his mother.

"Boy, I am a lucky boy. I must be the luckiest boy in the world. You know what, Mom?"

"What, honey?"

"I'm going to marry SEVEN wives just like you having seven husbands, Mom. In that way, I can pass down these special characteristics to each of my wives' kids, the way my dads passed them all down to me. Won't that be great?"

"Well, we will see about that."

**************************************************************************** ****************

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