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**************************************************************************** **************** ~ A New Beginning ~

They reached the school just when the bell rang to signal the beginning of class. Holding Youhei's hand, Hanamichi dragged him towards the first year's classrooms with the Gundam running right behind them. They knew their classroom before hand, so they raced towards the classroom marked Year 1 Class 7. Once there, they noticed that everyone there was staring at them. The reason was that they were known to be very famous gangsters during their junior high years, especially Hanamichi. And who could ignore him when he has such red hair to give away his identity.

No sooner did they appear at the door did they hear the teacher's footsteps advancing towards the classroom. They hurriedly found their sits before the teacher came in. The teacher came and began introducing himself before getting on with the preliminary round.

"Sakuragi Hanamichi!"

"Hai, present!"

"I'm sorry, Hanamichi, but you have to dye your hair black. We can't have redhead students roaming around the school."

"But my hair is naturally RED!"

"Oh, really. Don't you dare lie to me now Sakuragi! There is no such thing as a redheaded Japanese!"

"But it's the truth, sir. Hanamichi does have natural red hair. It's in his genes."

"Don't talk to me like that, Youhei! Be silent while I converse with Mr. Sakuragi."

But before he could continue on, he felt a heavy blow on his head as Hanamichi gave him his infamous head-butt. Everyone looked on in awe for they could not believe that Hanamichi would dare head-butt their teacher, except the Sakuragi Gundam. Youhei let out a great sigh as Hanamichi continued to torture the poor teacher, who was now struggling to survive from the blows he's receiving from the redhead boy.

"That's MY Hanamichi," Youhei whispered to the Gundam. That was very true and this was definitely not a very good start for the Sakuragi Gundam.

It was only after many tedious lessons and annoying stares from the other students that the Gundam managed to talk to each other about what extra-curriculum activities they would like to join. They were all gathered at the rooftop to talk things over.

"What do you suggest that I should join to show-off my tensai's skills, huh Youhei?"

"Oh, I don't know. You can join anything you like as long as it makes you happy. Because when you're happy, I'm happy too."

"That's so sweet of you, Youhei. You are my most loved koibito in the whole wide world."

"I suggest that you join the Basketball team. You have the height, strength and speed to qualify. Once you have acquired the skills needed to be a basketball player, maybe you'll become a great basketball player. You may even get to join the NBA!" suggested Noma.

"You're right, Noma. The tensai can do anything, even joining the basketball team. So, what do you think, Youhei dear?"

"It's alright with me."

"Fine, then I will join the basketball team. The first practice is held this afternoon in the basketball court. I'll stay back to register myself. Wish me luck!"

"GOOD LUCK! Hanamichi!"

That afternoon. The Sakuragi Gundam adjourned to the to the basketball court. Hanamichi was wearing his favourite blue shirt and white short pants, which made him, look absolutely sexy and alluring with his skin shining with sweat. Youhei couldn't take his eyes off his handsome koibito. He only wished that no one else would take HIS Hanamichi away from him.

The newly recruited members of the basketball team were asked to line- up in front of the seniors. After introducing themselves to the senior, they began their practice. As we all know, Hanamichi knows nothing, not even a wee bit about basketball, and so he had to have special basic training on his own. But Anzai sensei, the coach, could see a great potential in Hanamichi. He assigned Ayako, the manageress to train him under the supervision of Akagi, the captain.

Nothing went right for Hanamichi. He couldn't get to play together with his teammates and he is always picking a fight with the captain and the other seniors. Luckily there were other seniors by his side, helping him to settle down. Youhei couldn't bear the sight of his poor koibito being tortured, but he knows that Hanamichi was a strong-willed person. Once he has set his mind on something, he will not stop to regret.

But he was not the only one who noticed that great quality in Hanamichi. Someone in the basketball team also noticed that quality in Hanamichi and was also developing feelings for that handsome redheaded boy. HE was definitely going to get that boy's attention, whether it will cost him his reputation or not.

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