A/N because I can't actually GO to the National Gallery of Art(and yes this is a real piece of art-it's called Multiverse and it's a people mover with programmable lights in the tunnel. It's really cool and fun. If you're ever in DC I recommend it.

Jack sighs and checks his watch one more time. He got suckered into this meet and greet at the National Gallery. It's not that he dislikes museums and art. He enjoys them. Not that Daniel would believe this. But tonight he had a date.

Yeah, it's a video date with his wife, but still it's a date. A beer, pizza, and a video chat with the hottest Colonel in the Air Force doing a crossword puzzle. He couldn't wait. Then this happened. He even tried saying no. Until a three star ordered him to do it.

"Don't tell me you're bored, General," One of the organizers of this shindig approaches him.

O'Neill dredges up a charming smile. "Not at all, Mr. Nils. It's just that I have a conference call scheduled which I need to make." Jack's decided on strategic retreat. He's annoyed with all the chatter and glad handing when he could enjoy the art.

The guy nods like a baseball bobblehead. "Well, we shouldn't keep you." He shakes hands with the guy and finally gets loose of him. Taking the stairs down to the first floor galleries he walks through the concourse and past the waterfall.

Jack steps onto the people mover and sighs in relief. This is his favorite piece of art in the museum. The people mover and surrounding him are the LED lights that blink and follow him down the hall.

He smiles and looks around. He remembers stepping through the gate the first time, the rushing lights, the sensation of moving, but being in one place. He enjoys the sensation again. The block of lights over his head rush forward to the end of the tunnel. The lights to his right blink and ripple chasing him down the hall.

"Gotta get Carter to see this," he mutters. He sighs as he steps off. The stairs in the East Gallery are hell on his knees, but he likes the installation so much he sucks it up.

An hour later, he's home and logged on. Pizza is on the plate, beer in the bottle. Jack sighs with contentment.

"Hi, honey!" he grins into the camera. Sam's grin answers him. She's in her lab at the mountain. He knows the time difference, but still he's not happy she's still at work.

Sam chuckles. "Finally home?"

"The general had to go to a reception." He makes a face into the camera. "Would have been a lot more fun with you," he pouts.

"I'll be there for the holiday, you know." She reminds him.

Jack brightens up. "There's something I want to show you."

Sam cracks up, "I've seen it, already."

Jack blushes. "You have a dirty mind, Colonel!" They laugh together over the video link. "And it's at the National Gallery of Art."

Sam pouts. "Artwork Jack?" She can't keep the pout going and a grin slips through.

Jack ignores her snark. "There's a people mover that reminds me of the good old days."

Even though the line is secure, they're still careful about what they say over the chat.

Sam smiles. "I'll hold you to that. Among other things." Just then the SGC gate alarm goes off. Jack jumps ready for action.

"Relax, Jack. It's just SG-11." Sam assures him. The lab lights blink behind her. He thinks she's running some sort of test. He wants to ask, but he knows better by this time.

He nods. "Right standard op." He remembers the week schedule. SG-11 and 18 had standard survey missions. Even after all these years they're still exploring some of the planets he input into the database way back in the early years.

They spend the next few hours doing a crossword puzzle together and just talking. It was Sam's idea for these video dates. They get food, do an activity and just talk. It's not the same as sharing the same house, anymore, but it's better than the years before where they both thought being together was hopeless.

Carter yawns again.

"Okay Sam, head home." Jack puts down his pencil.

Sam shakes her head. "I'm fine."

He raises an eyebrow. "You're still on base." He points out.

"Okay." Carter yawns once more. "I'm going."

"Call me when you get home." Jack says.

"Orders, General?" she says lightly.

"Just a concerned husband, Colonel." As always that makes them both smile.

Almost an hour later his phone rings. "O'Neill," he says sleepily.

"Carter." He hears. He grins.

"Home safe?"

"Safe and sound." Jack hears the excited barking of the dog. He chuckles.

"Yes, I hear. Sleep well. I love you."

"I love you." She answers.

The dog barks into the phone. "Yes, I love you too, pup." He wanted to bring the dog, but practically it wasn't happening, so he had to leave his second best girl in Colorado. Luckily she adores Carter.

"She got two treats tonight. 1 from you and 1 from me." Carter assures him.

Jack chuckles. "Spoiled girl."

"We both are," Carter assures him.

"Sleep well."

"You too, Jack. See you soon.

He hangs up his phone and is finally able to sleep.