Bella stood on the bottom step of the Cullen's living room stairs. yesterday they had taken a vote for Bella to join their coven as a vampire when she was ready but after what she found out today, she knew all those plans were going to go down the toilet. Besides, she couldn't ruin what she and he had. she just couldn't ruin the relationships she had established once the Cullen's left. It was bad enough she had done damage when she first left for Italy.

Oh, how she knew he must have hurt but she was also angry. He could be such a jerk. A loving…. kind...jerk and she couldn't do this to him. anything but this. He was the love of her life; more then what Edward ever could be. Bella felt her heart sink and the tears form in her eyes. The Cullen family had become a blurry mess. Esme quickly handed her a tissue and she felt jasper send out a wave of calm.

"Thanks, jasper. Um, I know we just all met yesterday and …we took a vote…but… this…afternoon...i found some news… and I will have to refuse to be changed."

A gasp was sounded by the Cullen family.

"Bella? what has brought on this sudden change?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm sorry. I- can't say. All I can say…all I can say is that I love you guys. All of you" she said as she lo Edward "but…my joining your family and that includes in all ways. it won't be happening."

"what? Bella? your confusing us? Are you in danger? Are-"

Alice's questioning was cut off when the sound of a motor was heard.

Bella sighed and it wasn't a tired one. It sounded more like…relief?

"once again. I am sorry for hurting you all. I – I have to go."

With that said, Bella swan ran out of the Cullen home. Tears flowing.