She wakes up

Rage and grace

Pulling me closer, pushing away

And me

The sharpest thorn on your vine

Twisting and turning

We're all intertwined

Broken wing

Empty glass

Words that scream and bounce right back

She says, you know

We'd all like to rearrange

I wish I could fix you

And make you how I want you

I wish I could fix you

And I wish you could fix me

March 19th 2010

Embry's POV

"I'm scared. I… I haven't felt this way since Sam." She said with fingers warmed underneath mine. I smiled a comforting smile.

"I know… I've never felt this way, but I cannot imagine anything better, anything more."

"But what if you do? What if tomorrow you imprint tomorrow?" she asked. I could hear the deep seated fear in her eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes looked far older than their nineteen years. I got lost in them for a moment. Looking at this beautiful person, through and through.

"If my eyes betrayed me, I would cut them out for you." I said. Only mostly joking.

"You're full of shit, you'd leave me, just like everyone else."

"I'm not compatible, I'm not fertile, I'm worth no more than a soldier. And not even a good one. The smallest, weakest soldier." She said looking down towards the ground.

"The fastest soldier." I said correcting her.. She scoffed, still looking at the ground. I released her hands and gently wrapped my fingers around her chin, turning it up forcing her to look into my eyes.

"Leah Clearwater, I promise you this. Even if the whole world turns against you, becomes your enemy. I will be your knight." I held her here one large hand engulfing hers, the other holding her chin, our gaze locked, standing in this moment, until a breeze blew up between us, blowing her hair into her face breaking our perfect moment.

She smiled, and the moment somehow got better. I exhaled realizing a was holding on to my breath.

"I would do anything to be the reason you smile like that." I stated. I saw a twinkle in her eyes.

"I'm scared, Embry." Leah said weaving her fingers between mine. I nodded as I gently slid my thumb along the side of her hand.

Up to this moment in my life I had never so desperately wanted to freeze time. Stay in the exact moment.

"I… Can't." She said as tears started to form. They came fast, they came hard, soon she was struggling to breath.

"I… I… I… C...can't. Embry…" she sobbed out. I gently guided her into my arms as I gulped down my own pain. She wrapped herself in my arms but continued to sob.

"I… I want this… I want this so… soo… much… but… and you are so good… I can't… You need better… Deserve better… than this… than… me." I stood silently, forcing my breathing to remain calm, smooth, for her. There would be time for me… but now was for her.

"It's been five years." she said nearly whispering into my chest."

"Five years since he broke me… and… and I'm not ready… Not ready to get broken again." I nodded before realizing she couldn't see me.

"Yeah… I get it Leah…" I said gently padding the back of her head.

"I'm sorry Embry… you should… deserve… better than me." I tried to silence a chuckle but failed.

"Leah, there isn't better than you…" I said. She pushed herself away from me. Looking me in the eye.

"No… I can't do this to you Embry. We can't be… at least… I can be… At least I can do this right."

"What about a promise?" I asked. I asked her, staring into her eyes.

"What?" She asked, confused.

"You said five years later you're not ready… What about in another five years?" I asked.

"Embry… I."

"Leah, I'm not changing, and I know you fear that… but in another five years, March 19th, 2015, 11:02 pm. I'll be here. If you choose me I will be here, and if you don't I'll be happy knowing you found your own happiness."

"Embry… Yes… but… why are you saying this like I'll never see you again?" I smiled despite myself.

"It's time for my own adventure… Time for me to write my own story. My pack has their soulmates, My best friend moved across the country with his ex's family… that kinda weirds me out too. Maybe it's time for Embry Call to write his own destiny."


"And if you need me, if you look for me… I promise you will be able to find me."

New Project, I'd love to work on some of my old projects but I believe that writing something that's half a decade old won't get any reviews. Also I have a lot of time on my hands and trying to connect with people again! If this gets more this is what I'll write instead. That being said this is going to probably be an Action romance story, that will be a little lighter/brighter than the other things. As always if you review I will respond because I love to hear from people who read my stories, If you give me ideas, they might make it into the story, feedback means the world to me so thank you for giving it.