She had known that Stefan was heartless and lacked common human decency but never in a thousand years did she expect for him to do something like this.

No, She didn't expect for some random teenager to end up on her doorstep claiming to be her goddaughter.

Who even thought that would be a good idea?

Firstly, she had no idea how to care for a child and secondly she was in no condition to keep up with one.

Especially not the spawn of Satan incarnated.

However, she also wasn't the kind to kick a literal child into the street so instead she left the girl in a spare room to unpack before locking herself into her own room to try to process all of this.

And try to figure out how she was going to survive the summer with the girl underfoot.

After all, once school started it wouldn't be so bad as the girl could be encouraged to join after school programs.

Cursing under her breath Maleficent leaned back into the chair, closing her eyes as she tried to count backward from one thousand.

She wasn't sure how long she had sat there when she heard a faint knock cone at her doorframe, causing her to look up

"Um...Godmother? My aunts told me to give you this."

Aurora held out a (obviously aged) orange envelope, causing Maleficent to sigh once again.

"Well bring it here, I'm not going to bite, you know."

The girl sent her a sheepish grin before walking over to her.

"Thank you. Now, while I try to make sense of all of this why don't you go explore the place?"

Maleficent hoped that the request wasn't harsh or rude because in all honesty, she just wanted to read whatever the papers were without worrying about making the girl feel even more unwelcome than she most likely already did.

"Yes ma'am."

The response caused Maleficent to arch a brow because while she was glad the girl at least was polite, being called ma'am just rubbed her the wrong way.

"And stop being so formal, you're not in trouble. Maleficent will do."

She added although Aurora just sent her a quizzical look.

" What about calling you Godmother?"

Maleficent bit back another sigh.

"Yes, that is alright, I suppose."

Once her self proclaimed ward had left the room, Maleficent opened up the envelope, only to find exactly the info she was wanting and to her surprise it wasn't Stefan who had he wicked sense of humor but Leia, his wife.

The wife that had died shortly after Aurora's fourth birthday.

The revelation caused her to swear loudly (and hope Aurora was far enough away that she didn't hear).

"Leia, you have really tied my hands. Why in the world did you think that I would make a good guardian?" She said aloud before pushing herself to her feet using her cane

I know nothing about kids. I may have wanted one at one point but that doesn't mean I do now.

she thought as she set out to find her new charge.