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Chapter 1: Dawn of X: Five Mysterious Girls

In the vast blue sky, our view soars through the clouds as a seagull flies into view and we follow it through the thick clouds. As the clouds starts to part, it reveals a large metropolitan city with highly advance technology ranging from high-tech cars, monorail trains, and holographic advertising from buildings and a giant projection in the center. People were seen walking on the sidewalk and going on with their daily lives, however, what most people don't know is that this was Tokyo. The capital city of Japan has become the most technologically advanced city ever since the renowned scientist Dr. Archimedes Cain has innovated many modern technologies and was now used to make the lives of Tokyo, now dubbed Neo Tokyo, even better than before.

However, what most don't know is that a tragedy has struck the world some decades before. During the age of the IS, a terrorist group known as Phantom Task has deployed a virus known as the Phantom Virus to steal the IS and use them to control the world. But the plan backfired as the virus was much more powerful than they thought and those caught in its path suffocated to death. Ever since the incident, the IS was now deemed as a danger to the world and were soon scraped so they couldn't be used ever again. Even the scientist who created them, Tabane Shinonono, was now considered a threat for creating the IS in the first place and so she and her family's reputation has been tarnished ever since.

After about 10% of the people had died from the virus, Japan was showing signs of recovery as many of those had survived and, after a century of the incident, the city was now back on its feet and the history of the IS has long been forgotten by much of the world but the deaths of those caught in the virus remained in their memories. So, every year on the day of the incident, a memorial was erected in honor to those who have died from the virus and are forever remembered. The only exception to this is the Shinonono family as Tabane was the creator of the IS and the one responsible for the incident, so as such the family has lost all respect from the people of Japan.

But that's not where our story starts. It really begins with Dr. Cain on an exposition to find a location that was said to have been left behind by the scientist known as Dr. Thomas Light, a renowned robotics scientist who created the very first robots with humanlike traits known as the Robot Masters. It's been rumored that Dr. Light has sealed away a new kind of robot that resembled a human and could make his own choices like a human as well, but was sealed away as he believed the world wasn't ready for his new creation just yet. Soon after the death of Dr. Light, his lab was all but forgotten by the world until it was eventually found by Dr. Cain in a location he believes to be the last known spot of Dr. Light's lab.

In a vast desert, an old man with a white beard was shielding his eyes from the blazing sun as he looks across the desert in search of a location that be believes to be the last known location of it. The man puts his explorer's hat back on his head as he pulls out a device and begins recording a journal as two walker robots scanned the area around him.

"From the journal of Dr. Archimedes Cain, Archeologist…" The man known as Dr. Cain began "April 18, 21XX. Still nothing. I've been shifting through the dirt since March, trying to find a fossil record which would verify my findings." He stops for a moment to scan the area, but all he could find were sand in every direction before returning to his journal. "So far I've come up empty. Tomorrow I'll move my dig to another site. Maybe I'll have better luck." He stops his recording and puts his journal away. "It seems that this location was a bust as well. That's too bad, I thought this had much promise but I suppose that was wishful thinking on my part. Perhaps tomorrow could have better results for me, but I shouldn't hold my breath. If I don't find Dr. Light's lab soon, then all this will be for naught. Here's hoping my luck is better tomorrow."

Dr. Cain returns to his tent to rest up before moving to another dig site in search of Dr. Light's lab. He takes off his backpack and sets it down near the tent's entrance and sits down at a small desk as he scans a map of the desert. There were several red X's on the map which indicates that he's searched there, but found nothing. He takes out a pen and marks his current location with an X to indicate this location was a bust. Dr. Cain picks up a cup of coffee from the coffee maker and takes a sip as he begins to plan his next move in searching for Dr. Light's lab.

The next day, Dr. Cain continued his search for Dr. Light's old lab in a different location from yesterday, but much like yesterday, it was also a dead end as the walkers scanned the surrounding area only to find nothing. Dr. Cain lets out a sigh as he wipes off the sweat from his brow as the sun blazes down on him. He looks down at his tablet device with the screen being projected from the walkers.

"Hmm… nothing here as well… Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong location again." Dr. Cain said to himself sadly. "I thought changing my location would help in expanding my search for Dr. Light's lab, but it seems that this was a dead end as well. Maybe I should turn in for the night and resume my search in another location tomorrow." He picks up a canteen and opens it as he drinks the water until his device starts beeping. "Hmm? Is that what I think it is?" He brings up the device and checks the screen as the walker scans an area known as E-46. "This must be it, the readings I've been searching for. Of course, it could also be possible that it's just some leftover wreckage from an old crash site, but I'll still scan it to make sure." He presses the screen as the walker's screen switches from a scanner to a camera with searchlight.

Dr. Cain takes control of the walker with his device and directs it towards the location while using the screen to see from the walker's camera feed. As the walker approaches the site, the camera shows Dr. Cain a dark passage as much of the interior is completely dark as much of the structure has collapsed and not much light could enter. So, Dr. Cain switches to night vision to see through the darkness and get a clear view from his tablet.

"Ok, now let's see what we've got here. I just hope this is what I'm looking for and not another dead end." Dr. Cain said with hope as he taps on the screen and the camera extends from the robot as it's much too big to enter. "Hmm… the interior does resemble a lab, but could it really be Dr. Light's lab after he passed away? I better move in further and see for myself." He taps the screen as the camera moves in further into the old lab.

As the camera scans the interior of the lab through the darkness, there were several broken robot parts, scattered paper on the floor, computers with broken screens and overturned furniture. On some of the papers were plans for a humanoid robot that are identical to the plans for Mega Man, but the robot looked like an older version of the previous incarnation with some notable improvements.

"There's no doubt about it, this is Dr. Light's old lab and these must be his plans for a new creation." Dr. Cain said happily. "I was worried that it wasn't his lab, but I'm glad to know I can put those fears to rest. But if Dr. Light was working on a new creation, where would he store it should something unfortunate happen to him? There must be a section of the lab where he could store his most important things to keep safe." He taps the screen as the camera moves in further into the lab until it reaches to a large metal door. "This must be it, Dr. Light's storage unit. This is where his keeps his more important things safe from anyone who would try to steal it. And from the looks of it, I'm gonna have to open it myself and see what's inside. At least this turned out to be better than yesterday, so I'll venture into the lab tomorrow." He taps the screen again as the camera returns to the robot and returns to the campsite.

Later that night

Dr. Cain returns to his tent as he reviews the footage from the camera and sees all of the interior of Dr. Light's lab before stopping at the storage unit. He then takes a sip from his coffee as he pauses the video right where the camera stops at the metal door and zooms in. He sees the control panel on the right side has shorted out and he needs to rewire it in order for it to open.

"After all this time, I've finally found it. Dr. Light's laboratory where he built the first robots with human emotions." Dr. Cain said softly. "It wasn't easy finding it as many old records of his lab were either lost or completely false by those who claimed to have found it, but I know those were only lies. Now all that's left to do is to find that door and open it to see what's inside that storage unit." He takes out his diary and begins recording his findings. "April 9th. Set up camp at the new site and laid out a preliminary gridwork for the dig. I got some odd readings at location E-46. It looks like something metallic is buried several meters below the surface. I think I'll begin there tomorrow." He ends the recording and places his dairy in his pocket before heading for bed to start his dig tomorrow.

The next day, Dr. Cain returns to the site where his robot has discovered the remnants of Dr. Light's lab and decides to investigate it further than he did yesterday. Before entering the ruins, Dr. Cain ties a rope around his waist so that he could find his way back or in case he falls. After securing the other end of the rope to a large rock, Dr. Cain starts his decent into the ruins.

"There, that looks tight enough. Now it's time to make my decent into the ruins." Dr. Cain said with a smile. "If this really is the ruins of Dr. Light's lab, then this'll be the greatest discovery in history. I hope that whatever I find is salvageable." He tightens the rope before making his decent down into the ruins.

As Dr. Cain lowers himself into the ruins, he used some of the fallen structure as a makeshift bridge to help him get across to the flat surface while also keeping a firm grip on the rope. Once he reaches the end of platform, he lowers himself down to the ground before touching down on solid ground. Dr. Cain lets go of the rope and unties himself before activating a small drone with a light that hovers bedside him and scans the area around him.

While much of the upper level of the lab has collapsed in, the lower half was somehow still intact with only some minor damage. Once on solid ground, Dr. Cain begins exploring the lab while the drone lights his way and scans for any important items that were stored away by Dr. Light before his passing.

As Dr. Cain ventures into the deeper parts of the ruins, he finds some documents in Dr. Light's old desk and was reading through them. Most were about the older Robot Masters that he had created until he reaches the end where it talks about a new kind of robot. One that could not only display real emotions like a human, but can also make his own choices and grow like a human as well. There were also some references to "THE CAPSULE."

"Amazing. This must've been Dr. Light's last achievement just before his passing." Dr. Cain gasped in awe. "That must mean the storage unit I saw on the footage must be where this new humanlike robot is stored. If I remember correctly, there's bee theories as to why Dr. Light sealed away his creation because he was worried that something bad could happen. But the only way to find out is to release his new creation and see if any of the rumors about it were true." He places the documents in his bag and straps it to his back again before continuing on towards the storage chamber where Dr. Light's last creation is said to be.

After venturing through the ruined lab and finding more documents about this new robot, Dr. Cain eventually arriving at the entrance to the storage chamber where the door seems to have rusted out from its hinges and slightly open. Dr. Cain used whatever strength he could muster to open the door and slip right into the gap and into the chamber. He looks around the more open space as it was more pristine than the rest of the lab and didn't seem to have any damage on the structuring around the room. Dr. Cain takes out his dairy and begins recording his new findings.

"April 10th. I can't believe what I've found! Several meters below the surface were the remains of a lab. Although most of it were damaged, I did manage to find papers that indicate that it belonged to the famous robot designer DR. THOMAS LIGHT. I've begun to review what is left of Dr. Light's notes, and it looks like he was onto a major breakthrough. The notes keeps referring to "THE CAPSULE"…" Dr. Cain recorded as he looks around the chamber. "But I don't see anything that could be this "CAPSULE" it could be referring to. Where is this "CAPSULE"?" His drone also scans the room with its light to find the capsule Dr. Light's notes are referring to.

As Dr. Cain searches around the chamber for the capsule in Dr. Light's notes, the drone's searchlight shines on a metal surface that reflects it back to Dr. Cain and catches his attention as he turns around. He spots a large capsule in the center of the room that, despite having no power in the ruined lab, was somehow still working and keeping whatever its holding inside active. Dr. Cain runs over the capsule and inspects it to see if it's the one mentioned in Dr. Light's notes.

"This must be it. The capsule that was mentioned in the notes." Dr. Cain muttered in amazement. "And even though the rest of the lab doesn't have any sort of power, the capsule seems to keep on running. It must have its own power that keeps it running in case everything else shuts down." He continues inspecting the capsule as he rubs off the fog covered glass to see into the capsule and spots a figure inside it. "There's someone inside the capsule. Could this be the new creation of Dr. Light?" He spots an insignia on the top of the capsule that resembles an X. "X? So that's your name? Let's see if I can get you out of this capsule." He finds a keypad on the side of the capsule and enters a code that was also in Dr. Light's notes.

After entering the code, Dr. Cain steps back as the capsule starts to open its glass door and steam emits from the interior. As Dr. Cain watches, the figure that was inside the capsule opens its eyes and starts to sit upright from the capsule. The figure scans while it stretches out its arms as if it was waking up from a long sleep as Dr. Cain steps forward. He could tell that the figure resembled a young man with green eyes and had mixture of light and dark blue armor with a red jewel on the helmet.

"Amazing. You seem to react the same way how humans would after waking up from a long sleep." Dr. Cain gasped in awe. "And not only that, but you seem to be also running on a separate power source since you don't seem to have any complications with your movement." The figure looks around its surroundings before turning his attention to Dr. Cain. "Ahh… it seems that you've noticed me. It's nice to know your functions are working." The figure looked at him with a curious look that seems no different from a human baby as it inspects the new visitor.

"Who are you?" The robot asked for the first time as Dr. Cain smiled in response to the question.

"Ahh… where are my manners? It'd make sense you'd ask that as you've only just awakened." Dr. Cain smiled as he did some polite hand gestures. "My name is Dr. Archimedes Cain. I'm a world renowned archaeologist and researcher of ancient ruins long forgotten by time. And I have to say that it's incredible to meet the last remnant of Dr. Light in person."

"Dr. Light? Do you know Dr. Light?" The blue robot asked in confusion "Where is he? Is he alright?"

"I'm afraid that Dr. Light is no longer of this world. I believe he passed away not long after sealing you away." Dr. Cain answered him with a sad frown. "As for your other question, no, I don't know Dr. Light personally, but I have read about his achievements back when he was alive. One of them being the creation of the Robot Masters that could help humans with tasks that would to dangerous for them to perform. Though there was also the incident with his former colleague Dr. Wily who couldn't stand being in Dr. Light's shadow and decided to ruin his reputation by reprogramming the Robot Masters to attacking humans instead and help Wily take over the world."

"He did? Why would anyone want to do that to Dr. Light?" The robot asked with a gasp of shock.

"Sometimes humans don't always get along and would often go out of their way to ruin the other's reputation." Dr. Cain answered him as he continued. "In the case of Dr. Wily, his pride couldn't handle being second place to Dr. Light and made it his life's goal to make Dr. Light suffer the same humiliation as him. However, what he didn't count on was one of Dr. Light's helper Robot Masters named Rock took a stand to Wily's plans and became the hero known as Mega Man. And I believe that Dr. Light created you as a way to continue the legacy of your predecessor, X."

"X? That's what Dr. Light called me before he sealed me away." The robot knowns as X asked in amazement. "He told me that it represents limitless potential, but he also said that my name carries connotations of danger. After he finished completing my body, that was the last time I saw him as he was getting weaker and was coughing so much. But as he sealed me away, he said that I was the world's one true hope and I plan to keep that promise to him..."

"And I'm sure he wouldn't have it any other way, X. Dr. Light would've been proud of you." Dr. Cain agrees with a smile before seriously adding "However, the reason why he sealed you away was because the world wasn't ready for you just yet. He believed that if people were to know of your potential, then it could lead to lean to others wanting to use that power for their own selfish purposes."

"Oh… so that's what Dr. Light meant when he sealed me away." X said in sadness as he looked down despondently. "He was worried that my potential would be misused by those who only think of themselves. I'm starting to understand why he said that my power not only could help people, but is also a danger if it were misused by those who only think about themselves."

"True, but I'm sure he also has faith in you to never let that happen." Dr. Cain said with a smile of confidence. "He believes that you can use that power to fight for the people and guide them to a bright future. And he believes you can, then so do I."

"Thank you, Dr. Cain. That made me feel better." X smiled in relief. "And you're right, Dr. Light believes that I can use my power to help people and guide them to a better future, then I believe so as well. I promised him that I'll use this power to fight for justice and hope, so I plan to keep that promise to him."

"And I'm sure he wouldn't have it any other way, X." Dr. Cain agrees, smiling as well. "Dr. Light created you to be the symbol for hope much like your predecessor, though I believe he also gave you some advantages over Mega Man. One of them being that you can feel and think like humans as you evolve your power. And I believe I can use you as a template for a new kind of robot that could feel and act much like a human and revolutionizes the future of robotics. May I ask you to help me in creating this new robot?" He held out his hand to X who looks at the old scientist before nodding in response.

"I'd be very happy to help you, Dr. Cain. It would be an honor." X answered him with a smile. "I'll help you in any way I can as you create this new robot of yours." He takes Dr. Cain's hand and both shook hands before exiting out of the storage room and returning to the entrance of the ruins.

After climbing out of the ruins of Dr. Light's lab, X shields his eyes from the sun as this was the first time he's seen it and feeling the wind blowing towards him. Dr. Cain motions him to join him on his jeep and X complies as he jumps into the passenger's seat. Dr. Cain starts up the jeep and drove out of the desert back to civilization while X takes one last look at his late creator's lab as they drive off into the distance.

Sometime later

Upon returning to Neo Tokyo, Dr. Cain brought X to his lab where he can examine X's body to create a new kind of robot based on his design. As they entered the main lab, two people, a young man and a young woman, approached them to greet them. The young man has messy brown hair that reaches to his shoulders, blue jeans pants with sneakers, a blue buttoned collared shirt, a pair of goggles around his neck and blue eyes. The young woman was about the same age as the young man, if not slightly older, with orange hair with long fringes on both sides and a side ponytail, a light green long-sleeved shirt that shows her midriff, white pants with green boots, shades resting on her head and light green eyes. Both were also wearing lab coats with the young man's coat being buttoned at the top half while the young woman's was more open.

"Welcome back, Dr. Cain. We're glad to see that you've returned from your exhibition." The assistants greeted with a smile.

"Thank you, you two. It's good to be back." Dr. Cain smiled in gratitude "It's been so long since I've been in my lab, but it's nice to step out and travel the world every once in a while." He looks around the lad to see that everything was neat and in place. "And I see that you two were able to keep the lad spotless and clean. Not even a beaker out of place."

"Yeah, we've been making sure that everything was ready by the time you came back from your trip." The male assistant said with a smile as he rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Your equipment was cleaned, the floors were mopped, the tables dusted and everything else is in working order. So, you won't have to worry about anything blowing up in your face like last time."

"Last time?" X asked while blinking.

"It was really just a small incident that occurred during their first week as my assistants." Dr. Cain answered him with a chuckle. "Let's just say that one of my equipment was acting up and this young fella tried to fix it, but it ended up malfunctioning until it exploded on us. Luckily, we only suffered from minor injuries, but the machine was no longer usable so we had to scrap it." Both assistants nodded as they looked towards X.

"Oh, I see." X nods with a sweat drop.

"So, Dr. Cain, who is this guy? You never mentioned about bringing a guest back to the lab when you returned from your trip." The female assistant said while looking at X which made him nervous.

"Ah yes, I was just about to introduce you kids to him. Believe it or not, he is the last remaining creation of Dr. Light." Dr. Cain smiled as his two assistants gasped in awe and shock. "Jeremy and Sophia, allow me to introduce you to Mega Man X, the last of Dr. Light's creations before his passing." He then turns to X. "X, I would like to introduce you to my assistants, Jeremy Oakland and Sophia Magellan." Both of his assistants smiled and waves at X who returned the gesture.

"Nice to meet you X, I'm Jerry. Jeremy is my full name, but you can call me just Jerry," Jerry greeted.

"Same with me, you can call me just Sophie. A pleasure to meet you, X." Sophia greeted.

"Nice to meet both you as well." X greeted back with a smile. "So, you two are Dr. Cain's assistants? How did you two become his assistants in the first place?"

"You can thank our teacher Dr. O'Neil who recommend us to work under Dr. Cain." Sophie answered him as she explained. "We've just recently graduated from high school and we were wondering what we could do now that we've graduated. So, Dr. O'Neil recommended us to work as Dr. Cain's assistants as a way for us to become scientists like our grandparents."

"It's true, X. These two kids were students of my old colleague Dr. Samson O'Neil." Dr. Cain agrees as he explained "I've been behind on my work as of late, so Dr. O'Neil recommend his students to work as my assistants so that I can have more time developing new projects I've been working on for some time. At first, I wasn't sure about the idea of having assistants, but after some convincing, I accepted them and they've started working here ever since. There may have been a few mishaps here and there, but that's the beauty of teaching eager young minds like these two." Sophie smirked as she placed her hand on Jerry's head.

"Mostly this guy right here, he gets way too eager for his own good." Sophia said with a laugh. "You couldn't count how many times this guy gets really into something and everything just blows up in his face at the end. I have to keep an eye on him if he gets a little too over his head."

"C'mon, it's not my fault that this go haywire. I just missed a few things, that's all." Jerry whined "Besides, I was still able to get them working before they explode on us. I'm still a little slow in progress, but I can get the job done."

"Okay, you two, that's enough. There's no need for arguing here, not in front of our new friend." Dr. Cain stepped in as he said "I can understand being young and eager to help out, but you two need to stay calm and focus on the task. We all make mistakes; it's how we were born to be. But we can also learn from those mistakes that we can better ourselves in the future. So can I ask that you two can do the same?"

"Yes, Dr. Cain." Both assistants nodded.

"Good. Glad to see that we're on the same page." Dr. Cain smiled as he cleared his throat. "And with the introductions out of the way, I believe it's time we got to work. It's about time we finally working on one of the projects I've been working on for some time."

"You mean the one where you were trying to create a robot that can think and act like a human?" Jerry asked, remembering what Dr. Cain said when he and Sophia started working for Dr. Cain.

"Correct. However, since I haven't been working on it for some time, I feared that I wouldn't be able to complete it." Dr. Cain answered him with a grin. "But with X now with us, I believe we should be able to complete it without any setbacks." He then turns to X. "That is, if you're willing to help us, X?"

"Of course, Dr. Cain. I'd be more than happy to help you." X answered him with a smile. "I did say that I'd help you in any way I can, so I'm more than willing to help you on your project. Just tell me what I need to do and I'll be sure to do whatever I can." Dr. Cain smiled at this while both Jerry and Sophie double high-fived each other.

"Thank you, X. We really appreciate you helping us." Dr. Cain smiled. "I can see why Dr. Light made you think like a human, your kindness knows no bounds." He turns around and starts walking to the next room. "Now let's head for the next room and start there. We'll need to scan your body and get a general idea of your makeup. After that, we'll incorporate it into the blueprints and we'll work from there." The trio all nodded as they followed him into the next room to begin work on the new project.


Upon arriving in the next room, Dr. Cain instructed X to lay down on an adjustable table to begin the process of scanning his body and creating a robot based on his design. Jerry and Sophie were behind a control panel where the former pushes a few buttons that adjusts the table into an angled position while a scanner extends out and points at him.

"Now try to hold still, X. We're going to scan your body and use it as a template for the project." Dr. Cain instructed as he typed away. "Once that's complete, we'll begin the next step of the project in creating a new robot. Now if you're ready to begin, we can start with the process." X thinks for a moment before turning to Dr. Cain and nods.

"Yes, I'm more than ready, Dr. Cain. I gave you my word to help you and plan to keep it." X smiled softly with confidence. "Dr. Light sealed me away because he was worried that the world wasn't ready for me yet, but I believe he knew that someone would find me and release me from my suspended animation. And if someone had to find Dr. Light's lab, I'm glad it was you that found his lab."

"Thank you, X. That means a lot for me to hear you say those kind words." Dr. Cain said, smiling softly as well. "I can definitely see that Dr. Light has such high hopes for you to lead the world to a bright future and I can believe that he made the right choice." X nods in agreement as Dr. Cain turns to his assistants who both were ready to begin. "You two ready to begin?"

"We're ready, Dr. Cain. Just gives us the word and we can begin." Jerry answered with a thumbs up.

"Then let's start the process." Dr. Cain instructed as Jerry pressed the start button to begin the scanning process.

The scanner positions itself where it points down at X before emitting a green light from the barrel that surrounds X. On the screen, Sophie presses some buttons on the control panel as an image of X appears on the screen while the scanning works its way up his body. Dr. Cain watches from beside X as the scanner reaches his head where Jerry deactivates it. Once the scanner has been deactivated, he readjusts the table to allow X to stand up as Dr. Cain walks over to him.

"And I believe that we have completed the first part of the project." Dr. Cain said, feeling proud that he, his assistants and his new friend X have done phase 1 of the project they're working on. "We gathered all the data from your body and were able to create a digital copy of you as a template for the next step. Now I believe we're ready to begin the second part of the project by using your digital copy as a blueprint to create the new robot. Shall we be begin with the process?" HIs two assistants and X all nodded in agreement as Jerry downloads the image of X's body into the main computer as they all returned to the main lab.

As they returned to the main lab, Sophie was able to access the downloaded copy of X's body and uses it to create a 3D image of said individual before sending it to Dr. Cain where he examines the image. Once he's finished, Dr. Cain calls upon his robot helpers to bring him the parts he needs to create his new robot and some tools as well. Once all the equipment were gathered, Dr. Cain and his assistants began constructing the robot while X watches.

Over the next few hours, Dr. Cain and his assistants worked hard to create their new robot to the exact specs of X and with the same kind of emotion that of a human. Jerry worked on the lower torso to make sure the armor was not only lightweight, but study enough to handle not to severe damage. Sophie worked on the upper torso to make sure that it can control the other body parts like normal and move with ease. Dr. Cain worked on the head where the face can display emotions much like a human and even giving almost humanlike features while also applying the helmet.

Once all the sections were complete, it was time to connect them to each other and see if it can move, think and act like a human. Jerry slides the lower half of the body to the upper half of the body and Sophie connects them around the waistline. Once that's done, Dr. Cain adds the head to the neck area and screws it tightly so that it wouldn't get loose.

Soon after the robot was complete, the table adjusts to the upward position while the robot was not whole but not yet activated just yet. X joins the three scientists as they marvel at the new robot in front of them as all their hard work has finally paid off and the first robot to ever think like a human was now complete.

"This is incredible, Dr. Cain. You were able to create a robot that resembles a human with all the data gathered from X." Jerry said in amazement. "Honestly, I had some doubts that this was going to work, but somehow against all odds, you were able to make it happen. You truly are a genius, Dr. Cain."

"True, but I couldn't have done it without you three. This was a team effort and we all managed to make it work." Dr. Cain said with a smile as he gestures towards X who looked away shyly. "X made it possible because he let us use his body as the template for this project and you two were able to help with the other parts to make the workload less difficult. So it was all four of us doing our part in making this project work and now we see the fruits of our labor before us."

"And I'm glad we were able to help you in this project, Dr. Cain." X smiled "Dr. Light would've been proud to see that you were able to create your own robot with the same drive to help others and making their lives easier."

"That he would, my boy. That he would." Dr. Cain agrees.

"So what do you plan to call this new robot, Dr. Cain?" Sophie asked "Since much of it was created using X as a blueprint to create this new robot, what name would be the most fitting for it?"

"Hmm…" Dr. Cain thinks while stroking his beard "That's true, X was used as the template for the project so there should be a name that matches up with how he was created. I've come up with several during the process, but one name manages to stick out among the rest."

"And what name is that, Dr. Cain?" X asked.

"The name I believe suits our new friend best is…Reploid." Dr. Cain answered.

"Reploid? Why that name, Dr. Cain?" Sophie asked in confusion as she crossed her arms and title her head a little in curiousity. "And what's the meaning behind the name that you've chosen?"

"Allow me to explain. We've created this new robot from the data we've gathered from X, correct?" Dr. Cain began as he continued. "And from what we've gathered from said data, X is created to be a robot that could mimic the very traits of us humans. An android, if you will. In the same sense, our new creation is a replica of X that can also mimic those same traits he has. A replica android, if you will."

"Oh, I get it now. You combined the words of replica and android together to create a new word that fits your new robot because it's a replica of X." Jerry said, now understanding the name in Reploid..

"Exactly right, Jerry. You've managed to find the meaning behind the name I chose. You should be proud of yourself." Dr. Cain said with a smile as Jerry rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Correction, we should all be proud as this was a group effort. It's thanks to our teamwork that we were able to accomplish something that would be difficult for a single person to achieve on their own. While there are times where a single person can perform tasks on their own, it doesn't hurt to ask for help every now and then." X and his assistants all nod in agreement as he walks over to the still deactivated Reploid. "And now, I believe it's time we've added the finishing touches to our new friend. Sophia, dear, do you have the chip with X's emotional data?"

"Right here, Dr. Cain. And ready to be installed." Sophie answered as she takes a chip from her pocket.

"Perfect. Now everything's ready for the final phase of the project." Dr. Cain nods with a smile. "Once the chip's installed into his brain, we're ready to activate him and show him to everyone around the world. Jerry, would you kindly bring the rest of the team into the main lab? We'll need to show them our new friend before we show him to the rest of the world."

"Right away, Dr. Cain. I'll be back in a flash." Jerry said with a nod as he exits the lab.

"X, as you are the very first Reploid built by Dr. Light, I believe that you should instruct our new friend in getting used to his new surroundings." Dr. Cain told him as he explains "He'll been needing some guidance from someone who can teach him the ins and outs of being a robot with humanlike emotions and you're the perfect candidate for the job. We'll need him to be ready before we reveal him to the world as we don't want anything bad happen to him or any innocent people."

"Don't worry, Dr. Cain. I'll be sure to teach what he needs to know." X smiled in response. "I'll show him the ropes so that he can have a better understanding of being a Reploid until he's ready to be revealed to the world. You can count on me, Dr. Cain." Dr. Cain smiled at X's statement and nodded just as Jerry returns to the lab.

"Hey, guys! I'm back and I brought the rest of the team!" Jerry said with a grin as other scientists entered the lab and gathered around him, Sophie, X and Dr. Cain.

"Perfect. Then let's get started." Dr. Cain said with a smile "It's time for us to show them our newest creation and see their reaction to him. You three ready to begin?" X, Jerry and Sophie all nodded. "Then let's begin with activating our new friend." X and his assistants all nod and get into position as he steps forward to his team. "Everyone, I'm happy to see that you all took the time to be here on this special occasion. But before I get to the nitty gritty, I'd like you to meet someone that uncovered during my expedition." He gestured X to join him as he does so and everyone were in awe.

All the scientists were talking with each other as they gandered at X as, unlike most other robots, he acts more like a human and even has emotions like one. X couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed for being the center of attention while both Jerry and Sophie installed the chip into the Reploid. Jerry detaches the helmet to let Sophie insert the chip into the Reploid's brain before Jerry reattaches the helmet once she's done. After that, both assistants gave Dr. Cain a thumbs up to let him know that everything's ready.

"Now, as much as I'm sure that X is amazing, he's not the main event for today." Dr. Cain said as he gestures to the Reploid "The real main even happens to be right behind him as he's a preview of what we're about to reveal." He gestured X to stand beside him as both Jerry and Sophie rolled the Reploid into view as everyone were in awe. "Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to present you with the first step into the future of robotics. With the help of X, myself and my assistants were able to create a robot with the same qualities as a human that can not only think and act like one, but also learn and evolve from mistakes like one. I give you… the world's first ever Reploid!" He gives Jerry and Sophie the go ahead to activate the Reploid which they did by flipping the switch.

Everyone watches as the Reploid's hand started to move as he begins to stir and opens his eyes. The Reploid then manages to stand up while making sure to not fall over before looking around in a curious manner at everyone and everything around him. The scientists were amazed by the Reploid as he moves around like a human but acts in a similar fashion to a human baby that was just born. X walks over to the Reploid to help him get used to standing and even teaches him how to walk in a slow and steady pace while everyone was in awe.

"And as you can see, this Reploid is just the first step in the future of our world." Dr. Cain said with a smile. "But I believe that with X's help, I can promise that within the year, many more Reploids would be developed for different tasks and could even coexist with humans as well. That road might be difficult to take as I'm sure there will be bumps along the way, but I can assure that we can make that dream a reality. Dr. Light once had a similar dream and while that may have had some issues, I believe that it can still be achieved if we work together for a bright future." Everyone cheered as he, his assistants, X and the Reploid all bowed as this is the first step for the future that could change the lives of everyone around the world for the better.


"Not long after unveiling the Reploid, Dr. Cain held true to his words because as soon as the Reploid was shown off to the rest of his team, he brought him to the United Nations in the United States of America where he was shown off to the UN Delegates and the World Leaders where, much like before, everyone was in awe at him moving around much like a human and I can tell that Dr. Cain was proud of our accomplishment."

The scene shows Dr. Cain, X, Jerry and Sophie were standing in front of a crowd of UN Delegates and the World Leaders as they presented the Reploid to them as he does various tasks that a human would normally do. All the Delegates and World Leaders were immediately impressed by this new achievement and were discussing amongst each other.

"Though there were some concerns about the new Reploid as a majority of the Delegates were comparing him to the Robot Masters that Dr. Light created a century ago for the same reason, only for them to go berserk because of Dr. Wily's tampering. However, Dr. Cain reassured them that won't happen again as he made some precautions to not let that happen again. With their worries eased up, they gave him the go ahead to create even more Reploids to not only help out people with everyday tasks, but also as a dawn of a new era of coexistence."

After some discussing with each other, the Delegates and World Leaders all turned back to Dr. Cain's group and gave them their approval to create more Reploids to help in tasks that would be dangerous for humans. Dr. Cain thanks them for their blessings and promised them to create more Reploids before taking his leave with X, Jerry, Sophie and the Reploid.

"After returning back to the lab, Dr. Cain informed his team about receiving the approval to create more Reploids and everyone were excited to create more Reploids to make life for humans much easier and safer. Soon enough, work began on creating Reploids designed for different tasks where they can work alongside humans or handle tasks that have a high risk of accidents."

All the scientists were working around the clock in creating Reploids for different jobs around the Neo Tokyo and eventually the rest of the world. All the Reploids were given different appearances depending on the job they're designed for ranging from a police officer to a medical doctor and even a normal resident. All of which were upgraded versions of the prototype Reploid Dr. Cain created before.

"But while everyone is working hard to create Reploids that can make life easier for humans, Dr. Cain has me display some of the features that Dr. Light had given me before his death and I was more than happy to oblige. I show off some skills that were downloaded into me by panting the Mona Lisa in the same way as Leonardo Da Vinci."

X was shown painting the Mona Lisa in a way that work make even the late great Leonardo Da Vinci jealous. Dr. Cain, Jerry, Sophie and the rest of the scientists were all amazed at his skills and applauded as X bowed.

"Of course, there was also a moment where Dr. Cain and the Reploid got into their first argument with each other and hasn't spoken to each other for days. I guess even some people would tend to argue over something that seems so small. Especially when you're still getting to know each other."

Dr. Cain and the Reploid were arguing over something that seemed small at first, but it escalated to the point that they couldn't stand each other and turned away with a huff. X, Jerry and Sophie were watching them argue and they all let out a sigh. A couple days later, both soon realize that they were acting childish and apologized to each other while X, Jerry and Sophie all smiled.

"Over the course of the weeks, more and more Reploids were being built by the hundreds and sent out to perform the tasks they were designed for. This goes on until the weeks became months and eventually a year has passed where each and every county around the world was populated by both humans and Reploids."

The scientists worked diligently as our view shows a futuristic calendar counting the days as it goes into weeks, then into months and finally a full year has passed where much of the world was now populated with Reploids living alongside the humans. Many of the Reploids were no different from normal people going about their daily lives, but there were others where they worked together with humans or even handle tasks to keep human casualties to a minimum.

"Just as Dr. Cain promised, Reploids were soon populating the world alongside humans and were such a big hit. Even the children were loving the Reploids as many of them played with them."

Some of the more none working type of Reploids were seen playing with the children in the park while their parents watched. The Reploids were such a huge hit for humanity that many could now rest easy, knowing that their new friends would be right there.

"But just as a year passed after the Reploids were now living alongside humanity, I didn't expect Dr. Cain to call me to his office for a discussion. He said that it was important and that I must hear what he has to say. As I arrived in his office, Jerry and Sophie were also there to hear what Dr. Cain has to say. And what he told us was something that's about to change the world forever."

Normal POV

X arrives at Dr. Cain's office as he was called to speak with him about something important. As he enters the office, he sees Jerry and Sophie were also there standing in front of Dr. Cain's desk while they turned around to see him. Jerry and Sophie looked more or less the same from the year before, but there were some differences in their appearances. Jerry's hair was now a little longer and tied in a short ponytail, a dark blue shirt with a picture of an eagle, brown pants and sneakers. Sophie's appearance was mostly the same, but with her hair now tied in a braid and over her shoulder, her sunglasses are still resting on her head, a short-sleeved version of her shirt that still shows her midriff and now wears a leather vest, the same white pants and green boots. Dr. Cain has the biggest change as he was now wearing a blue coat with red on the collar and on the edges, a yellow sash around his waist, red and green patterns on the sleeves and white boots.

"Jerry? Sophie? You're here too?" X asked kindly. "Did Dr. Cain call you two to his office as well?"

"Yeah, he did. He said that it important that all three of us hear what he has to say." Jerry answered him with a nod. "He was telling us that his team has discovered an unknown energy signatures out in Old Shibuya. Five of them, to be precise."

"Five unknown energy signatures? In Old Shibuya?" X asked in confusion.

"Indeed, but we're not entirely sure who or what is causing it." Dr. Cain answered him as he brings up a digital map of Old Shibuya with five beeping energy signatures. "These energy signatures were detected in Old Shibuya some time ago and has us intrigued about what it could possibly be. However, I'm afraid that I won't be able to go down there and investigate."

"Why not, Dr. Cain? Is there something wrong?" X asked as he looked at him in concern.

"I wouldn't say that, but the Ambassador of Neo Hong Kong has requested me to see him in person." Dr. Cain answered him as he strokes his beard "He wants to discuss with me about the Reploid production and I have to leave for a meeting with him. So as much as I would want to investigate the ruins, I'm afraid I'll have to pass on this for an important meeting."

"So, you want us to go investigate the ruins in your place while you go to the meeting with the Ambassador?" Sophie questioned, understanding what Dr. Cain is saying.

"That's correct, Sophie. You three are to go and investigate the source of these energy signatures and find out what's causing them." Dr. Cain nods as he continued. "Also, my team shall accompany you to the ruins and assist with the investigation. Just be careful while searching the area, much of the structures might not be really stable and could collapse at any moment." The trio all nodded in response.

"You can count on us, Dr. Cain. We'll find the source of those energy signatures and figure out what's the cause of them." Jerry said, smiling with Sophie nodding in agreement while X lowered his head. The three scientists noticed this and turned to him.

"X? What's wrong? You look a little down. Is something wrong?" Sophie asked in concern.

"It's just that…I've been wondering about something ever since Dr. Light created me." X answered her as he lowered his head down more a little bit.

"And what's that? What's got you wondering?" Jerry asked in concern.

"What'll be my purpose here in the year 21XX? And will I make the right decisions?" X questioned himself as he wondered out loud "I'm worried that what if Dr. Light made a mistake and that I could bring nothing but trouble to everyone. What if my power really does bring nothing but destruction to the world and everything that Dr. Light wished for is all for naught?" Dr. Cain can tell that X was worried about his actions could bring nothing but destruction to the world or that Dr. Light made a mistake in creating him. So, the old scientist stands up from his chair and walks towards X before placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I understand that you're worried about what your purpose would be, but I can assure you that Dr. Light wouldn't make you into a killing machine." Dr. Cain told him as he reassured him with "And I'm positive that you'll find your purpose sooner or later, so you don't have to worry about it too much. Just know that Dr. Light has faith in you that you can lead our world to a bright future." X looks up at the old scientist who gives him a reassuring smile as a vision of Dr. Light with the same smile flashes before him to see that he was right.

"I believe that you're right, Dr. Cain. Dr. Light believes that can help the world and there's no way he could made a mistake of creating me." X said, smiling softly. "He believes that I can use my power for a reason that could benefit the world, but while he's also worried that this power could be misused, he still believes that I can use it to help the world." He looks at his friends that he has made so far as they all smiled at him and he smiled back. "Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Cain. It really helped in easing my concerns."

"It was my pleasure, X. I know you're worried about your potential being misused, but I'm certain that you'll make good use of it." Dr. Cain smiled as he patted X's shoulder "If you ever need a talk or words of encouragement, I'll be more than happy to oblige." The trio all nodded in agreement, "Well, I believe I kept you three here long enough. It's time for you to head for Old Shibuya to investigate those energy signatures while I take my leave for Neo Hong Kong. Report back to me once you find the source."

"Will do, Dr. Cain. We'll let you know once we find anything." Sophie gave him a thumbs up as she, Jerry and X bowed to Dr. Cain and left his office to head for Old Shibuya to investigate five unknown energy signatures while Dr. Cain turns towards the window that overlooks Neo Tokyo.

"X… I know that you'll lead the world to a bright future. I believe that you can, just as Dr. Light does." Dr. Cain said with a smile. "I just hope that you'll find your true purpose here in 21XX. Whatever or wherever your path leads you, I know that you'll make the right choice." Dr. Cain watches from his window as the trio meets up with his team before heading out to Old Shibuya to find the source of the five energy signatures.

Old Shibuya

Upon arriving at the ruins of Shibuya Station, X, Jerry, Sophie and Dr. Cain's team of researchers set up a small basecamp to document their findings of the five unknown energy signatures and figure out their location. X sends half of the researchers to scout the area while the other half stayed behind at basecamp with both Jerry and Sophie keeping an eye on the operation.

"Ok, I've sent half of the team to scout the area to see where the location of the energy signatures are." X said as he brought up a holographic map of Old Shibuya. "Once they've find the location of the source of the unknown energy signatures, they'll let us know where it is and we'll be able to find it. With any luck, we'll be able to find out who or what those energy signatures could be."

"Maybe, but there's still no telling what those energy signatures could really be." Sophie told him as she added her two cents. "For all we know, it could be just a power converter malfunctioning or some loose wires shorting out from the old buildings. I'm not going against Dr. Cain or anything, but this could all be just a wild goose chase. We don't really know what we're going to find once we locate those energy signatures."

"I'm with Sophie with this, X. Not many has been here for ages, so we don't know what's out here." Jerry agrees with a nod. "The only ones that do come here are those remembering the people that has since died from an incident that killed no more than 10% of Japan. After that, the world's been starting to get back on its feet from the incident but the scars from it are still lingering. It's a miracle that Japan's still standing after that, but I guess we're just lucky."

"An incident that killed about 10% of people in Japan? What kind of incident was it?" X asked, but just before they could answer, the computer monitors started sending a message from one of the researches scouting out the area and appeared onscreen.

"Excuse me, X? Mr. Oakland? Ms. Magellan? I think we've found the location of the energy signatures." Male Researcher 1 said as he added. "We're in front of a structure that seems to be emitting the same energy signatures we've been detecting for some time now. We need you to come to our location and see for yourselves."

"Copy that, we'll be right over soon enough." X said with a smile "Just send us your location info and we'll be there in no time." The male researcher nodded and sent them his group's location before ending the transmission. "Looks like they've found the source of the energy signatures. We better head over there and see what they've found." Jerry and Sophie nodded in agreement as they left the camp to meet up with the other researchers at the location of the energy signatures.


Upon arriving at the location of the energy signatures, the trio and the researchers were standing in front of the ruins of what seems to be a school. However, this school was much different than the other schools as there was also a strange structure within the premises that seems to resemble amor. X turns to one of the researchers and began asking them.

"Is this the place? The location where the unknown energy readings are?" X asked as the female researchers nodded.

"Yes, this is where the readings originated from. This is known as the IS Academy." Female Researcher 1 answered as she looked at the ruins "This where Dr. Cain said it would be. But I never would've thought that it'd come from this place in Old Shibuya." That made Jerry perk up when he heard the word IS as he clutched his fist, but this goes unnoticed by everyone else.

"IS Academy? What's an IS?" X asked, being clearly confused by the word IS.

"The IS stands for Infinite Stratos and they were endoskeleton armor created by a scientist named Tabane Shinonono." Female Researcher 1 answered as she explained "Long before Dr. Light became famous with the Robot Masters in 20XX, the ISes were used by women in 2035 and since then, leadership shifted control to women. However, the ISes themselves were too dangerous to be use, so rules were place on them and the IS Academy was to train girls on how to use the IS carefully."

"But if that's the case, how come this school's in ruins and what happened to the IS?" X asked her, interested in the IS. "I haven't seen any records of them or any museum displays before. So what happened to them?"

"That's because of an incident occurred with a terrorist group known as Phantom Task tried to unleash a deadly virus to wipe out almost all of Japan." Female Researcher 1 answered him sadly "So to combat the threat, the ISes were deployed to stop them from releasing the virus, but there was an accident that caused the virus to leak out and it began to spread, killing about 10% of people, including Phantom Task themselves were victims of their own weapon." All the other researchers lowered their heads in honor of those who had lost their lives from the virus while X was in shock to hear that before turning to Sophie.

"Was that the incident you were talking about, Sophie? The one where 10% of the people in Japan died?" X asked as Sophie nodded.

"That's the one, and it was something that no one would ever forget." Sophie answered him sadly. "It was so bad that people started calling it the Phantom Virus outbreak as it left no one alive in its wake. But I've heard a rumor that five people survived the virus before the government destroyed it with a vaccine, but no one has even seen any of the survivors and were thought to have died as well."

"So, what happened to the IS after the virus was finally destroyed and no more people were dying?" X asked, feeling solemn for the victims of a decade old tragedy.

"People started blaming the IS for the virus outbreak because they almost destroyed Japan." Sophie answered him as she explained again "So a ban was placed on the IS because many people feared their power and were afraid that if a second incident like the virus were to occur again or something even worse. Because of the ban, many ISes were reduced to nothing but scrap so that they couldn't be used by anyone again."

"My lord, so the ISes were banned because of the virus outbreak?" X gasped with wide eyes.

"Yeah, and since the IS were no longer being built, power was returned to the men." Sophie answered him with a small smile. "But the women were given a seat beside them as to help mend the wounds that were left behind by the incident. But I think that's enough world history, let's head inside and find those readings, shall we?" X, Jerry and the researchers all nodded in agreement as they entered the IS Academy ruins.

"Y-Yeah…" X nodded as he looked at the ruins. 'A worst even in history… I really wished I could've seen an IS in person…" X thought to himself as they all started to explore the ruins

IS Academy ruins interior

Upon entering the ruins of the IS Academy, a light drone was deployed to provide lighting in the dark corridors of the building. X, Jerry, Sophie and their team of human and Reploids explored the interior of the ruins. X was amazed at their surroundings while Sophie was searching through a digital map as it displays the layout of the ruins in search of the source of the unknown readings. Among the ruins, there were old classrooms where students would've been taught by teachers and even a ruined arena that's used for training sessions. But while everyone else were in awe at the discovery of a structure lost from time, Jerry, on the other hand, was less than amazed so as he seems to be more angry from being in the same building where girls were taught how to use an IS. Of course, this goes unnoticed by the rest of the team as they continued exploring the ruins.

"I have to say, this place is sure incredible. I had no idea this place even existed." X said, astonished by the IS Academy. "I find it hard to believe that the ISes were banned because of the actions of a terrorist group who wanted to unleash a virus. Why would this school be closed down because of the actions of this Phantom Task group?"

"I think it's also because that Phantom Task themselves uses their own ISes to fight back, so that could be part of the reason why they were banned." Sophie answered him while explaining "But while that may have played in the factor, the virus still killed a lot of people and the ISes were deemed too dangerous to be used anymore. Since then, all records of the IS or the creator herself were locked away, never to be seen again but the memories of the incident remains in people's minds." X was in shock to hear that because of the virus, the IS units were deemed to be dangerous and were destroyed after the incident. But while he wonders what could've happened if the incident never happened, a Reploid runs over to him in a excited manner.

"X! You're not gonna believe what we've found!" The Reploid said excitedly "We've found it! The source of the energy readings!"

"Really? You did? Where did you find it?" X asked, shocked by this recent fast discovery.

"We've found it in an old lab not to far from here, but we can't seem to open the door." The Reploid answered him. "We believe that the door mechanism has rusted away after years of being abandoned. So we were hoping you could help with the door."

"Sure, I believe that I can help with that." X nods in response "Just lead the way and take it over from there." The Reploid nodded as he leads X, Jerry and Sophie to the source of the energy readings, but not before X takes one last look at the IS arena and heads off.

Old Lab entrance

The Reploid leads the trio to a rusted out metal door that seems to be open, but only about halfway. The mechanisms has rotted away after years of abandonment and won't open fully, but the crack in the center shows the interior of the lad, but much of was covered by darkness with only the light coming from the drone.

"So this is it? This is where the source of the energy readings we've been detecting?" X asked as the Reploid nods. "Right, then leave this to me. Everyone stand back, I'm about to blast the door down." The other researchers all nodded and got out of the way as X raises his arm and transform it into an arm cannon and takes aim at the door while changing up his shot. With a yell, he fires a charged shot at the door and blasts it off its hinges.

Once the smoke clears, everyone enters the room as the light drone shines through the darkness and reveals five capsules and a beacon that seems to be sending a signal.

"What is this place? Where are we?" X wondered before turning his attention to one of the capsules. He walks over to the first capsule and wipes away the fogged up glass to see a 16 year old girl with long black hair tied with a green ribbon as she was sleeping while naked. He wonders who this girl was before turning his attention to a small computer that displays a name. "Houki… Shinonono…? Wait… Shinonono? That's the same last name as the creator of the IS. Could she be related to her?" X whispered to himself before he heard Jerry call out to him.

"Hey, X! Here's another one!" Jerry called out to X as he points to another girl named Cecilia Alcott. She was about the same age as Houki, but has blonde hair and a blue headband.

"And here's one more right here too." Sophie also called out as she inspected the third girl named Charolette Dunios. She was another blonde like Cecilia, only somewhat darker and is tied in a short ponytail with a pink ribbon.

Soon the rest of the team inspected the two remaining girls named Huang Lingyin and Laura Bodewing. Huang was a short girl with dark brown hair tied in pigtails with yellow ribbons while Laura was about the same height as Huang, but with silver hair and an eyepatch over her right eye. All five girls were in suspended animation sleeping, but very much alive. One of the female researchers inspects the beacon on the floor and touched it as projects a hologram of a woman about 24 years old with black hair tied in a ponytail and wore modern clothes. She also appeared to be sick as she coughs so roughly into her elbow.

"X, take a look at what I've found. I think it's a message from one of the last people that were still around from the incident." She said as everyone turned their attention to the woman.

"To anyone who has found this beacon, this is the last prerecorded messages of Chifuyu Orimura…" The woman known as Chifuyu said weakly. "My sister and the entire Phantom Task organization were killed by the very virus they've created, but it has also leaked out into Japan as the death toll is around 250 people and still counting. Myself, the staff and the other students all caught the virus and are slowly dying and I'm not sure if I can keep this up any longer." She coughs again and even lost her balance for a moment before regaining her composure. "Luckily, my five best students were somehow immune to the virus thanks to their type S blood, but they're now in a deep coma as none of the medical technologies could cure them. " She coughs again and almost lost her balance as she gets weaker. "However, there was only one way to save them and that's to put them in suspended animation and hope that a cure could be found in the future." She falls to her knees and coughs even more as she loses her strength. "Ichika, if you're alive and managed to find this recording, find Houki and the others… Goodbye, my little brother…" She coughs again as the color in her eyes started to faded away. "And Doctor, I hope your family is safe and sound… I can only hope there''s no hard feelings for this…" She soon collapsed onto the floor, passed out. However, X knew that she has died as the hologram ends.

The team were in a dead silence after seeing the last message of Chifuyu before succumbing to the virus after using the last of her strength to make a last recording to anyone who has found it. X looks over to the fives girls in their capsules with a serious expression on his face. One of the researchers walked over to him as he looked at the capsules.

"X… What should we do about those girls?" One Reploid asked in worry,

"…We'll take them back to Neo Tokyo with us and revive the five girls from their century long sleep." X told him.

"But X, are you sure that's a good idea?" A female researcher questioned "If we take them back with us and awaken them from their cryosleep, they won't know what time they're in. They'll be all confused and panicked that everyone and everything they knew are gone."

"Not to worry, I can help them get used to their new surroundings." X smiled as he gave the female researcher a thumbs up "I'll make sure they're comfortable in the year 21XX and help them settle in their new environment."

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First Arc: The Rise of Sigma

Crossovers: Million Arthurs, Koi Koi 7 and Magical Lyrical Nanoha.

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